Cum control
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Life is tough as a high school boy, especially when you fall into the geek or nerd category. No, I wasn’t some 300 pound, thick glasses wearing, heavy breathing troll of a nerd. I was a skinny 150 pound, average height of 5’10”, average looks kid. I got lumped into the nerd category though early because I loved history, math, and enjoyed the latest Marvel movies. It also didn’t help that I was pretty pale and I always had my brown hair cut short. My name was Andy, which also didn’t help since most people in movies with that name aren’t exactly the action hero. I had a girlfriend for a short time, until her family moved away in the 9th grade. Either way, I was finishing high school a virgin, having only ever kissed two women, my mother obviously and my girlfriend once.

So where this story begins is the start of May in my senior year of high school. I was debating between going to college after school or joining my uncle’s company as an engineering intern. I was already 18, already had all my credits for the year and they had even offered to hand me my diploma, but I enjoyed going to my classes. It also didn’t hurt that most classes my assigned seat has a perfect view of some of the hottest girls in my class. I didn’t stand a chance with any of them, but it doesn’t hurt to look at the menu right? Being a “nerd” doesn’t make you immune to sexual desires, infact the lack of release makes them stronger.

This particular day I was sitting in my first period calculus class. I was staring at the board when my teacher, Mr. Anderson, called me up to finish a problem a few other students had tried and failed at. I hated this as it only pointed out that I was a nerd and not a popular or desireable person.

“Andy, can you come up and finish this? I know you are our strongest student at finding derivatives.” he said with slight disappointment.

“Sure thing Mr. Anderson.” I said as I got up and started walking to the whiteboard.

It didn’t take me long, on the way up I already had it all figured out. I wrote down the solution, set the marker down on the tray, and headed back to my desk. Where it gets interesting is on the way back I noticed Danni, one of the hotter girls in my class in my opinion, sitting with her legs spread just a bit. Her plaid skirt was just short enough, and her legs spread just enough, that I swear I caught a quick glance of her white lacey panties. I tried to quickly look away, but was drawn back in by the fact she was sucking on her pen and I could see the saliva coating it.

At this point she noticed my gaze and gave me a look that, if any could, would kill. She took the pen out of her mouth, and some saliva dribbled onto her top, and she whispered “quick looking at me geek.”

Danni was also 18, but she actually had to finish out her classes as she spent way too much time skipping class. Some said that when she skipped class she was going to have sex behind the gym with her boyfriend, who had graduated a couple years ago. She had hated me for years, always making fun of me and pointing out how repulsive I was. Honestly this only made me think about her more, about humiliating her in many ways. I had already started formulating a plan, but was waiting for the end of the year.

Most nights I ended up searching for pornstars that look like Danni, and masturbating furiously to them. If I were to compare her, I’d say she was like a young Lauren Phillips. Some guys idea of a goddess, with wide hips that swayed and tits that were just a bit more than a handful. She had beautiful pale skin and amazing long red hair. Her blue eyes had a trait to them where you feel like you could drown in them, whether that be a good thing or a bad thing.

As you can imagine, I had to quickly get to my seat at this point as Private Johnson was starting to wake up. Thankfully there was plenty of time in class left for me to calm down, but my brain had other plans. My mind kept drifting back to how she was holding her pen, and how wet from her saliva it was. How her red hair would look cascading over her pale tits. I must have been staring, because the next thing I knew she had turned around and was giving me a death glare.

“Whats your problem? I can feel you staring at me fuckface.” she said loud enough for the whole class to hear.

Suddenly everyone was staring at me and laughing. From the back of the class I heard one of the jocks yell “hes just horny Danni, leave him be”. This comment made her look go from angry to disgusted and revolted. The bell rang, and I got up to head to my locker.

On the way out the door, I heard her say behind me “I don’t know why nerds think its okay to look at me like that. They know they’ll never have a chance with me, especially ones like him. Its so creepy.”

This put me into a rage, and this is where I decided to put my plan in motion. I had been thinking for a long time about a way to get revenge that would satisfy me, but wouldn’t risk getting me in trouble and risking my future. Everyday after second period we had a 30 minute break for students to use the bathroom, get a snack, or whatever else. I had been watching from afar for months, getting an idea of Danni’s patterns. Everyday she would go to her locker, grab her lip balm, and rub it all around her lips delicately. It made those red lips glisten against her pale white skin. Then, after she had done about 6 circles with that, she would grab her hand lotion jar, and scoop out a bit with her fingers. She would rub it in all over her hands, and if there was excess she’d rub it all up her arms. Everyday she would do this like clockwork with no exceptions. After that, she would head to her third period history class we shared.

My plan was simple. All I had to do, was during my free study hall second period, I would sneak over to Danni’s locker. From there I’d grab her lip balm and her lotion jar, and sneak off to the restroom. There was no rush, her locker wasn’t far from mine, the bathroom was just around the corner, there was usually nobody there during that time, and I had an hour. Once I got in the bathroom, I went into the big handicap stall at the end, opened up her lip balm egg and her lotion jar, and I would begin masturbating over them. I figured I’d make her rub my cum into her lips and hands. She likely wouldn’t notice, and even if she did there would be no proof, but I would know and that alone would give me enough revenge and masturbation fuel to last a lifetime.

I had rehearsed this a couple of times throughout the year, coming to the bathroom during my free hour and masturbating. Never once did I fail to cum quickly, and it certainly didn’t look like today was going to be that day. I didn’t even need to have any porn open on my phone, all I had to think about was the sights she’d given me today. Her legs spread just enough for me to see those lacey panties, the way she was sucking on that pen and slobbering all over it. It didn’t take me much imagination to swap out the pen for my penis. I imagined her slobbering all over my cock. Her red hair getting wet from all her slobber dripping onto it as it lay atop her tits. With all that it only took about a dozen strokes, and I was creaming all over the lotion jar and the lip balm egg.

I made sure I took some pictures, for my own pleasure later. I quickly cleaned them up with some toilet paper, shook them off gently to remove the excess, and then dabbed more off with the toilet paper. I closed them up, and headed back to put them in her locker. Now all I had to do was sit back and enjoy.

The rest of that hour passed pretty quickly, and I soon saw her walking down the hallway towards me. Shockingly none of her friends were with her, which would hopefully allow me an even better view.

Danni got to her locker, opened the door, and pulled out her lip balm egg. Time seemed to slow down as she opened it up, and put it up to her lips. Something changed though as she ran it around her lips in a circle. Her motions looked oddly more hasty and less seductive and methodical like they had always been. After her usual 6 circles, she quickly closed it up and fumbled for her hand lotion. She opened that up like someone opening a pickle jar, rough and needy. She scooped out a good dollop, and her motions became even more erratic after she started rubbing that in. I almost wondered if my plan was blown, as she closed that up, turned to look at me, and started quickly walking towards me.

Fear hit, thinking she had smelled the cum and deduced the likely culprit. Something seemed off in her movements and her facial expression. Instead of looking angry or disgusted, like she normally did, her eyes looked softer and her look more determined. The next thing that happened caught me entirely by surprise. As soon as she got to me, she pulled me in and started kissing me. Her lips were so soft on mine, but I felt how strong they could be in how she was seemingly trying to suck my own lips off my face. After each suckle of my lips, her tongue would dart in and lap at them, and then she’d dive back in for another suck of my bottom lip. I was too shocked and unprepared to take advantage of the situation, and unfortunately as fast as this all had happened it was over. Danni suddenly stopped, backed up from me, and said “OMG why are you staring at me like that you creep!”

I watched as she walked away to the next class. It was as if nothing had happened, as if it was all in my head or was a hole in time. The rest of the day happened like nothing had happened between us. The next day, I waited and watched the same way I had, but nothing happened. Nobody mentioned it and she had gone back to acting the same way towards me that she always had. I felt like I had the biggest case of blue balls imaginable on the planet. I had to try this again, and see if maybe it was just something I imagined, or if she had really done this.

On Wednesday morning, two days after the initial kiss, I found myself once again in the bathroom. Jerking off furiously to Danni’s lip balm egg and lotion jar. I used that kiss as my masturbation fuel. I imagined what I would do if it happened again. How I’d let my hands defile her, and take full advantage of the opportunity. I imagined pushing her up against the locker, lifting her skirt up, dropping my pants, and grinding my cock against her pussy. I imagined fucking her right then and there, letting her take my virginity, and loosing a gallon of cum up into her. At the thought of this, my cock exploded all over its target. Once again, I cleaned it up and put it back precisely where I found it.

This time the wait seemed to last forever. I saw her go to her locker, like she always did, open the door, and pull out her lip balm egg. This time, she was acting even more feverishly when putting it on, not even making it the full 6 circles before she put it back, grabbed for her lotion, and started furiously rubbing it in. She then turned to me, and almost ran to me, and pulled me in for another kiss. This time I was ready and I was able to let my hands explore her ass and her lower back.

Unfortunately just like the first time, it ended almost as quickly as it started. Danni pulled herself away from me, said “leave me alone creep” and she darted off to her next class.

Two times was the charm for me to know that there was something up. My scientific brain now had enough to know that the common denominator was my semen touching her skin. I don’t know how this is possible, but I wasn’t about to let the experiment end here. I went to my third period class, and I immediately told my teacher I wasn’t feeling well, and I headed out to plan. At this point my brain wasn’t going to let me be patient. I started plotting how to push the experiment further. I started thinking about other ways I could get my cum to make contact with her, maybe even have her ingest it, and thats when it hit me like lightning. Danni had a water bottle in her locker. She never took it with her to class, but she usually drank from it between classes.

I knew if I was going to do this, I had to try and get as much as I could so it wouldn’t be so deluded that the affect would be minimal. I saved up my cum for over a week, and it was finally time to set my plan in motion. I waited until the middle of the second to last period, because I knew Danni had a study hall last period and she always came and got a drink before hand. I went straight to her locker, grabbed her water bottle, and headed to my usual spot. I jacked off furiously, and honestly it didn’t take more than a few strokes for my blue balls to explode. I had her bottle lined up with the end of my cock, and I came what felt like a gallon into it. Now I made sure to top it off, put it back, and wait.

Danni came walking up to her locker with her two bestfriends. I thought for sure that would ruin my plan.

She opened up the water bottle, took a drink, and said “Hey girls, mind meeting me at class. I have to use the restroom.”

They started walking back the other way, but Danni locked eyes with me and came quickly walking up to me. I started to pucker up, thinking a kiss was her goal, but no she grabbed me by the hand and drug me the other way to the bathroom.

She pulled me straight in, past all the other stalls, to the handicap stall I had just masturbated in. From there she pushed me backwards onto the seat, and immediately got to work undoing my belt. She fumbled with it for a moment, but when she got it undone she grabbed both sides of my pants and underwear and ripped them down in one swift motion. My already hard cock, which I neglected to mention was a modest 6 inches typically, was now a raging purple 7 inch thick monster as it sprung out and smacked her right across the face. She didn’t even hesitate at that and immediately took my cock in her mouth and began slobbering and bobbing up and down. I felt her tongue swirling my cock like a lollipop. My balls felt soaked from all her saliva as she drooled down my cock with each pump.

“Fuck this is so good Danni!!” I said, thoroughly enjoying my first ever blowjob.

Right after I said that, I could feel the churning in my balls. I was about to cum. I felt my balls tighted up, and at the moment she suddenly stopped and pulled her head back up off my cock. The look on Danni’s face, as she stared down at my cock with her mouth open, was of pure disgust.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” she yelled as she quickly looked up to see who it was she was sucking on. “OMG GROSS!!!” she said as she started to push herself up to get up. It was clear the effects of my semen had worn off, like it had before, and she had reverted to her usual self.

My inner aggression and sexual frustration took over in that moment. I reached up, grabbed her by her striking red hair, and pulled her head back down onto my cock. I shoved my hips up into her face, burying my cock balls deep in her mouth. Danni gagged and that was all it took to send me over the edge. My cock began spewing load after load of cum down her throat. No sooner had it hit her mouth, though, and her demeanor went from fighting me to get off to trying to suck my cock off my body. I felt her tongue return to massaging my cock, and her throat swallowing each time I shot another spurt.

Finally after I felt my spasms subside, I let go of her hair, and she pulled off my cock gasping for air. She looked up at me with those seductive blue eyes, her mascara running a bit, licked her lips, and started to get up. This time, it wasn’t to run away, it was to straddle the toilet. She reached between her legs, lifted her skirt, and pulled her panties to the side. Her beautiful perfectly shaven pussy lips were mere inches from my face. They were glistening with the natural lubricant of her wet pussy. I didn’t get long to look at it though, as she quickly lowered her self down onto my cock, and began bouncing up and down, moaning like a bitch in heat.

Her beautiful tits were in my face, bouncing up and down with the rhythm of her fucking me. Sadly they were caged by her white button up blouse, but I knew how to remedy that as I ripped it clean open so the could bounce freely. Danni never wore a bra, which left little to be imaged in class. I devoured her left breast, circling her erect nipples and small areolas with my tongue. She moaned a little as I bit in a little bit, marking my territory. I then moved over to her right nipple, and did the same there, slobbering on it and nibbling on her nipple.

I was about this time that my balls were once again beginning to boil. I know I had been saving my cum up for over a week, but I never expected to cum 3 times in such a short span. Maybe this was another part of my new found power? Either way, right as I was about to cum her movements started to slow down. I looked up from her tits to see the look on her face shifting from seductive to angry. This caused my balls to cool down as fear hit me. I realized that I didn’t want her to stop, I wanted to cum in her and see this through. Right as the last bit of seductiveness faded, I reached around and grabbed her tight to keep her from jumping off. I used all the energy I could muster and I slid us off the toilet and onto the floor with her underneath me.


I put my hand up to cover her mouth, and I said “Bitch you deserve this for treating me like you have for years. Besides, this was your doing, you jumped on me.”

I then began fucking her, and her sobs only made me more excited. I thought about all the times she and others had called me disgusting, and now I was fucking her. My cock slapping in and out of her pussy, her tits still bouncing, as my forceful thrusts were slowly sliding us across the floor.

Finally I felt my balls begin to boil again, I was about to cum and I was going to cum balls deep in Danni. I let go of her mouth, used both hands to steady myself and push off the floor, and I shoved balls deep into her. I could feel her at this moment try to wriggle herself off me and free, but by this point we’d slid up against the wall so she was only helping me to get deeper.

I came so hard I almost blacked out. After the first volley of cum left my cock, I saw the look on her face change back instantly to seductive, and she bit her lip hard. I felt Danni’s tight pussy clamp down hard on my cock and begin milking me. She wrapped her legs around my waist, holding me in, as I emptied the biggest load of my life deep into her cervix.

Danni pulled me in for a kiss, and we made out for what seemed like hours on that cold bathroom floor. Finally, I heard the bell ring signalling the end of the school day. I got up, pulled my clothes back on, and darted home.

It’ll be interesting to see if the effect fades now that I’ve filled her full of my cum…

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