Random internet encounter is more than expected
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It had been a long time since I had the house to myself on a Saturday without the possibility of someone coming home soon. My wife had left the night before for a “girl’s weekend” out of town and she wouldn’t be back until later in the day on Sunday.

I woke up on Saturday morning and made my coffee and breakfast. I turned on the computer and fooled around on Facebook for awhile, checked out some sports scores, and read a few articles of interest, but eventually my mind turned to something the internet does so well – porn!

I went to a few of my favorite sites – one with videos, one with pictures and one with stories – and opened them all in different tabs of my browser. I totally immersed myself in porn and flipped between the sites. Most of the times that I jerked off anymore were quickies in the shower just to get it done before my wife asked what was taking so long in the bathroom. But today was going to be different. I went and got some lube and was going to jerk gently and take my time really enjoying myself.

I had been jerking off for quite some time and lust was definitely taking over me. I had watched clip after clip and picture after picture of sexy women giving guys blowjobs. My wife refused to suck my dick claiming she had a horrible gag reflex. I loved my wife, but a blowjob was one of the things I missed most.

I remembered that long ago I had signed up for one of those web sites that claim you can find sex partners living in the area. I found the site and logged on; my profile was still there! I began sifting through the profiles of women who were “online.” I knew it was wrong, but lust had consumed me and I wanted a blowjob! I sent out several messages to the women who were online and that I found attractive, but of course none of them responded. I remembered why I had stopped visiting the site in the first place – the women did not seem to be real.

I was just about to give up and sign off the site and go finish jerking off when suddenly an icon popped up. I had a message! Finally, one of these women was responding to my request and I was going to get blown!

I clicked on the icon and waited for the message to load. Once it did, I was surprised and disappointed. The message was from a man.

“Hello,” the message began. “My name is Tom. I know I’m probably not who you were hoping to hear from, but if you would like to get off by something other than your hand, I’d be willing to help. I know the women on here don’t respond often. Anyway, I promise you will enjoy yourself if you just give me a chance. We will only do what you want to do. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Normally I would have simply deleted any such request, but I was beyond horny. I desperately wanted a blowjob. Obviously, I thought to myself, I would prefer that blowjob be from a woman, but no woman has accepted my request and here is this person willing to do it. A mouth is a mouth, right? I was trying to talk myself into this.

I decided to reply simply and see if he was serious.

“I have never been with a man,” I wrote. “What do you want to do?”

A few minutes later I got a reply.

“I am up for anything. I’m new to this, too, but willing to do whatever you want. Jerk, suck, whatever.”

It’s now the moment of truth. Do I end this chat and go finish my business, or do I get some help? I am so horny that my cock answers for my brain. I reply to the email, give the man my address, tell him to pull into the garage, close the door and come into the house.

I then went upstairs and put on some loose clothes, went back to the living room and waited nervously for my guest to arrive. About 20 minutes later and still no one had come to my house. Partly relieved, I wondered if maybe he had chickened out. Then, I heard a car door close from inside my garage, the garage door close and the door to my house open and close. I heard the footsteps come up the stairs and then a man appeared in my living room.

“Hi, I’m Tom,” he introduced himself. “Do you still want to do this?”

“Um, yeah, I think so,” I replied meekly.

“Good, I brought a bi video for us to watch. I thought seeing men fool around while still being able to see a woman might help. Wanna put it in the player?”

Without saying a word I got up, took the movie and bent down to start the movie. When I stood up and turned around, he was already naked, sitting on the couch stroking himself. I took off my clothes and sat down, too.

We sat next to each other watching the movie and rubbing our own cocks. The movie was pretty good. A blonde with nice tits was sucking one guy while another guy sat in a chair in the corner and watched. As I looked at the TV in front of me, I could feel Tom watching me run my hand up and down my cock. Finally, I looked over and watched him stroke, too. His cock was pretty much the same size as my own. We’re both around 6″ cut and about 2″ thick.

Finally, Tom broke the silence. “Want me to rub that for you?”

I didn’t reply verbally, I just removed my hand from my member. He reached over and wrapped his hand around my shaft while still rubbing his own. He stroked up and down my shaft. He would use his thumb to rub my head, rubbing the pre-cum around. My eyes moved back and forth between each of our crotches. I finally stopped watching my own cock getting stroked and watched Tom jerk himself off.

“You can touch it if you want.”

I hesitated for just a second before I slowly extended my arm and grabbed his cock. For the first time ever I was touching a cock other than my own.

“You ok?” he asked. This guy sure was being understanding about my nervousness.

“Yes, I like the way it feels,” I responded. “Does it feel good for you?”

“Oh, yes it does.”

We jerked each other for a few minutes. Since I had been jerking earlier, I was quickly approaching my climax.

“Oh, god, that feels so good. I’m going to blow soon if you keep that up.”

“We have plenty of time, right?” he asked. “I mean, we can play longer than one cum, right?”

“Uh huh. I don’t have any other plans today.”

“Then cum. I want to see it shoot.”

He gripped my dick a little tighter and stroked me for all I was worth. He was pumping me fast, using my pre-cum as lube, until I hit the point of no return. I shot my load straight in the air with most of it landing back on my dick and Tom’s hand; the rest on the couch and carpet. He kept stroking me, coaxing more cum out of my cock and onto the back of his hand. Even when I finished cumming he didn’t take his hand off my cock.

“That was great,” I said. “Want me to finish you off now?” I started stroking him faster.

“I do,” he answered, “but I want to get off that way.”

He nodded toward the TV. I had gotten so caught up that I forgot there was porn on. I looked over and saw one guy kneeling in front of the other sucking him off.

“I don’t know if I can do that,” I responded.

“Oh, sure you can,” he said. “I bet you’ll love it!”

He stood up from the couch and took a step back.

“Come on now, on your knees.”

Reluctantly, I slid off the couch and knelt before him. I looked up at him and his eyes were filled with lust.

“Suck it,” he commanded. “You know you want to suck my cock.”

I licked my lips, leaned forward and took his head in my mouth. As I moved my head forward and took Tom into my mouth, I was struck by just how soft a hard on could be. I felt his shaft manipulate in my mouth as I continued to pull back and push forward, taking a little more of his cock in my mouth with each pass.

Tom reached one hand behind my head and grabbed a little bit of my short hair. He started moving his hips forward to meet my strokes.

“That’s it you cocksucker. Take my cock in your mouth. Fuck yeah, you’re pretty good for a first time cocksucker. Yeah, you’re gonna deep throat this cock nicely.”

As I moved forward to take the next stroke of his cock in my mouth, he pushed forward with his hips. His dick pushed into my throat, nearly choking me. He held me down, his dick in my throat, until I nearly couldn’t breathe. He finally let me pull off and I took my mouth off his cock, though his hand was still on the back of my head.

“I told you that you’d be able to deep throat me. That was nice! Hey, have you ever tasted your own cum?”

I said that I had not. He moved his hand that had jerked me off, the hand I came all over, in front of my face. My load was still there.

“Taste it,” he demanded. “Clean your cum off my hand.”

I leaned in a bit and licked the entire thick load off his hand and swallowed. As soon as I finished swallowing, he pushed his dick back in my mouth. He put his other hand around the back of my head and started fucking my face. Tom was pushing his cock into my throat with each thrust, gagging me.

“Oh, yeah, I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed. “Take my load you little cocksucker. Uuuhhh. There you go. Uh. Take it. Uh. Swallow it all.”

His cock spurt load after load of cum into my mouth. It was thick, creamy, salty and I swallowed it all.

“You like that cock sucker?”

I couldn’t lie. “I loved it Tom. I want more.”

“Yeah you loved it. Look, you’re hard again.”

I was. My cock was pointing straight out.

“Can we move this upstairs?”

We went to the bedroom, leaving the porn playing downstairs. Tom told me to get on my back and pull my knees to my chest. I hesitated and gave him a puzzled look.

“Relax,” he said, “I’m not going to fuck your ass.”

He got onto the bed and slithered up me like I would do if I were going to eat out my wife. I felt his tongue flick out against my ass. He flicked my whole with the tip a few more times and then moved up to get his full tongue pressed on my ass. He was rimming me and it felt fantastic!

I hadn’t been rimmed in ages, not since my first serious girlfriend in college. I had rimmed nearly all of my girlfriends since – I loved eating their asses, in fact – but they wouldn’t return the favor.

Tom, however, was a master at it. He was so sloppy, getting my whole soaked. I opened up to him and he was able to slide the tip of his tongue into my whole. He stroked my cock while he did so. After about five minutes, he stopped.

“That felt great!” I complimented him. “Want me to return the favor?”

“Actually, there was something else I wanted to do. Could I rub my cock through your ass crack and shoot on your back? I’ve always wanted to do that and no one will let me.”

“I’m not sure if I’m ready for something like that,” I said.

“I’ll just rub in the crack. I promise I won’t penetrate you.”

“OK,” I said. “As long as that’s it.”

I got onto my hands and knees and lowered my head to the bed to expose my ass a little more. I felt Tom pour some lube into my crack and then I felt his hands on my hips and his hard cock in my crack. It felt great as his cock sawed through my crack. He would pull back until the tip of his cock was at my whole, then would push forward and up so that he wouldn’t penetrate me.

“That feels good. Thanks for letting me do this,” he said. “Can you lay on your stomach? I think your cheeks will get around my cock better that way.”

I laid down and Tom pushed my legs together. He began stroking through my crack again and he was right, my butt held his dick better and tighter in this position.

“Oh, that’s it! That’s how it feels really good!”

I think Tom was enjoying this position both because my crack swallowed his cock a little better, but also because he felt more dominant. I could feel him resting his weight on my body as he humped me. A few thrusts later and I felt him stop on his pull back with his cock head touching my hole.

Tom leaned forward and licked my ear and then whispered in it.

“Don’t ever believe a man with a cock wants to just slide it through your crack and not fuck you. How dumb are you?”

Before I could comprehend what he had said, I felt a searing pain as Tom’s cock penetrated my virgin ass. I tried to squirm, but it was no use with all of Tom’s weight holding me down.

“Oww, fuck!” I yelled. “You promised!”

“Don’t you worry, I have a feeling about you. You’re going to love this in a minute!”

Tom reached under my body and found my cock as he kept working his way into me.

“Look at that,” he said, “you’re still hard. I told you that you’d like this!”

With that, he pushed the rest of his length into me and I could feel his pubes on my cheeks.

The burning sensation in my ass was more than I could have imagined. My asshole was on fire! Tom at least seemed conscious of how this felt. He left the full length inside me and slowly rocked his hips into me, only moving a little bit of his cock in and out of me. As he did this for a few minutes, the burning thankfully subsided.

Tom again whispered in my ear. “I left it in deep to open you up more than if it was shallow. In about a minute you should be used to the size and we’ll really get going.”

About a minute later I felt his hand move off of cock and felt his dick slowly slide out of my ass. He pulled out until just the tip was left. I then heard the snap of a bottle top and felt the cool of more lube being dripped onto my ass. Thank God he was using more lube!

I heard the bottle close and then heard Tom’s voice again. “Now the fun begins!”

Tom placed his hands on the sides of my arms as if he was getting into a push up position and then he pushed half his length into me. He started moving faster than he had before; not “slamming” into me, mind you, but faster nonetheless.

“Oh you’re so tight! Your ass is making me feel so good. Does my cock feel good in your ass? I bet you’re starting to like it by now”

I hated to admit it, but he was right. Once the burning had stopped I did enjoy it. I could feel the veins on his cock sliding across my hole. I could feel the tip of his cock push against my prostate. And my cock sliding against my sheets felt good, too.

“Uh huh,” I muttered. His cock pulled out until just the head was left inside.

“What was that?” he asked. “What did you say?” He pushed the full length back into me.

“I like it. It feels good now,” I admitted.

“You like what? What feels good?” He kept sliding in and out of my ass.

“I like you fucking me! You’re cock feels good in my ass!”

“Then I think you should watch it now.”

Tom pulled out of my ass and told me to turn onto my back. This was my chance. I could fight back now. I could end this!

Instead, I rolled onto my back. I wanted to feel more.

Tom picked up my legs and I helped him turn them up to my chest. My legs spread open and my hips lifted my ass up for easier access. I have had my wife in this very position in this very bed many times before as I prepared to push my own cock into her; now I waited to feel a dick slide into my body.

I stared down my body, past my own dick and watched Tom line his shaft up, felt his spongy head press against my loosened hole and push easily into my ass.

I gasped, “Oh God!”

It felt so good. I looked up at Tom and saw him smile. I then returned my eyes to watching this man fuck my ass.

He was on his shins in front of me and grabbed my ankles for leverage. Tom began sawing in and out of my body. He was now fucking me even harder than before. He moved his shaft almost fully in and out of me with each stroke. My cock was bouncing up and down and slapping against my stomach.

Tom’s cock felt huge inside of my virgin ass and I felt so full. It felt so good!

“Look at you. You’re enjoying this, you little slut!” Tom mocked. “I knew you’d love this.”

“I do! I love this! Your cock feels so good inside of me!”

“So, are we going to do this again?” he asked.

“Fuck yes!” I screamed. “I need you to fuck me more than this!”

“Good. I can’t wait. I’m going to cum soon. I’m going to cum deep inside your ass.”

“No!” I begged. “Don’t cum inside me. You can shoot it on my face and in my mouth.”

“It wasn’t a request,” Tom informed me. “I’m going to breed your virgin ass.”

Tom moved his right hand from my ankle and reached down to jerk me off while he kept fucking me. The feel of his cock in my ass and hand on my dick was so good. I felt my orgasm building fast.

“I’m going to cum,” I told him.

And I did! He stroked me a couple more times and my cock exploded. Tom kept fucking me – hard – and kept stroking me and I kept cumming all over my stomach and chest. Some even landed on my face.

My ass clamping down on his cock much have been too much for Tom as I felt his warm cum fill my hole.

“Fuck yeah,” he said. “I’m cumming in your fucking ass! Take my load you little bitch!”

As much as I hadn’t wanted him to cum inside me, like everything else, it felt so good. Tom stayed there a few minutes as hid cock deflated before taking it out.

“I didn’t want to pull the cum out with me,” he explained. “I want to still feel it inside you when I fuck you again.”

“What? I thought you meant let’s do this again another time?”

“Fuck no!” he said. “I’m fucking you again as soon as I can get hard again.”

“But my wife could be home soon.”

“Then you had better get me hard quickly because I’m not leaving until I shoot another load in your ass.”

Tom moved up my body and put his flaccid cock in my face. I opened up and took him in my mouth trying to get him hard again…

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