Nicolette’s experiment
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Nicolette was excited to finally be developing the physical side of her PHD thesis. She laid on the mattress in her studio apartment and slowly rubbed her clit. Academic successes always got her in the mood, and this was her biggest yet. She’d had the idea for her thesis since her undergraduate in Biomedical Engineering and now she finally had the funding to get started. She took hold of her small dildo and began working it into her wet pussy. The funding was less than she’d asked for, but based on her initial results, her advisor was willing to release full funding and pay for test subjects. As she imagined taking her experiment to its final steps she began to quiver and silently came. Nicolette laid there panting and drifted off to sleep.

The next day Nicolette had a light day and by noon she was in the Engineering School’s machine shop. She waited for the technician to be wrapped up with two undergraduates. Nicolette stood there at her petite 5’2”. She’d worn jeans and sneakers since those were required in the machine shop. As Chuck finished talking to two freshman engineering students he noticed Nicolette standing in the shop’s doorway. He’d seen the little cutie before but didn’t think he’d ever interacted with her. He tried not to stare or anything but he was pretty sure this girl had relatively huge knockers. You couldn’t tell from her beat up sweatshirt but Chuck was pretty sure.

Chuck walked up to her and noticed that she was older than he had originally thought, “Anything I can do for you, ma’am?”

Nicolette smiled and stuck out her hand, “Hi I’m Nicolette, but you can call me Ann. I have an experiment that I need to build for my PHD and was told I could build it here.”

Chuck took her hand and shook it, “I’m Chuck. Most PHD candidates just give me the plans and a cost code and I take care of it from there. You can just email them to the machine shop address.”

Nicolette looked at her toes, “I don’t have the budget to have the project built. I have the plans right here, and I was hoping you could teach me how to use the equipment.”

Chuck had been through this before and knew that she was probably telling the truth. The shop was fairly busy so Chuck decided it’d be best if she came back later, “I tell you what, if you come back at four I can walk you through the machines and get you headed in the right direction.” He took the plans and sent her on her way.

Nicolette was still so excited that she almost ran back to her lab. She’d work on the experiment’s frame in the shop, but the literal guts of the experiment would be made in her lab. Nicolette’s PHD was in obstentricical engineering specifically looking at the addition of lubricants to aid in the birthing process. When she got to her lab she immediately began work on an artificial womb and vagina. She knew where all the chemicals she needed to make the membranes were and now she could confidently sign them out.

The idea was that different types of lubricants may aid in the birthing process and she was going to test pulling a variety of wooden eggs through a cervix and vagina and test if and by how much the lubricants reduced the required force. Nicolette got to work and by three thirty had two sets of guts curing.

Chuck had reviewed the plans and was at first surprised by what he saw. He then looked up this Nicolette on the school website and received confirmation that she was actually building a frame to hold a fake pussy and she was going to pull things out of it. Chuck switched to his phone and looked for her social media accounts. It didn’t take much digging to find her. She kept a pretty clean social media presence but he found one picture of her and a friend in their swimsuits that got Chuck’s blood pumping. The sweatshirt might hide her tits but this photo did not. Chuck reasoned they could be more than DDs but with her otherwise small frame she looked like she was about to tip over.

Nicolette walked into the machine shop and saw Chuck at his desk. As she approached him he put his phone down quickly and started clicking furiously on his computer. Nicolette assumed he’d been watching porn, she tried to peek at his crotch, and sure enough he had an erection. Chuck pulled out Nicolette’s plan and launched right into it, “Hey Ann, this really isn’t too big of a build, and since it looks like you’re putting together the important parts I think I could knock these out between other projects. Should have the frames done in a couple days.”

Nicolette could have kissed him on the spot. She’d scheduled herself three weeks to have the experiments ready, if she worked through the weekend she might be ready to test on Monday. Smiling Nicolette responded, “Thank you so much you have no idea how much this means to me.” Chuck got up to shake her hand again and Nicolette went in for a hug, purposefully pressing her chest against him and making sure his hard cock pressed against his stomach.

Nicolette had never used her body to get anything from a professor before, but she felt like this guy had earned something special. She released him and walked out. She was getting horny again but knew she should keep working on her experiment. There’d be plenty of time to get off before bed.

After a couple of days Nicolette swung back by the machine shop to check in on Chuck. He had the frames ready to go. They were two, two foot cubes made from strut, with a ring suspended vertically slightly off center. Nicolette inspected it and was pleased that it’d be perfect. She didn’t quite have enough space in her lab for these just yet though. “Hey Chuck, these look great! Mounting rings and everything, I can’t wait to hook it all up.”

Chuck was pleased to see the girl again. She wasn’t really a girl, at 24, but compared to his 45 she seemed young. He smiled at her trying to put out of mind how badly he wanted to fuck this little brunette. “Yeah, it should all be there. Where is your lab? I can bring these wherever you need ‘em.”

Nicolette frowned slightly and Chuck could tell she was going to ask for another favor. He’d do it though, whatever she wanted he’d probably do at this point. Nicolette finally piped up, “My lab is really cluttered right now with the molds and such for the wombs, is there a free desk down here that I can situate them at?”

This wasn’t really too big an ask. The machine shop was in the building’s basement and Chuck had a couple storage rooms assigned to him. He thought for a second on which would be best. “I think I can figure something out. I have a work bench in room B11 that I could mount these to, that way you could keep using your lab to make the, the other bits.”

Nicolette beamed at him again, she checked to make sure the room was empty and gave him another sensual hug. Chuck closed his arms around her this time and she felt his dick get hard. She’d never understood how a woman could use her body to get things, and not feel gross afterwards, but this felt different. At least that is how she was justifying it. They eventually released and Nicolette thanked him as she left. As she got to the door she remembered something, “Oh, here, let me write down my number. Once the frames are up I’d love to try them out.”

Chuck took her number and waved her out. When he was pretty sure she was down the corridor he locked the machine shop door and went to his desk. He had Nicolette’s swimsuit picture saved to his phone and within seconds he was rock hard and beating it to that young cute thing.

The next day was Friday and Nicolette didn’t have any classes. She’d finished the first two mock wombs and had tossed them when the next pair was complete. She already had the third set curing but these two should be perfect. She looked at the modeled vaginas, the front lips themselves were taken from a mold Nicolette made from her own sex. The molds didn’t really capture how cute she thought her cun was, and honestly nobody would really believe these silicon messes were modeled from a real pussy.

She jumped when her phone chimed. It was Chuck, “Securing the frames now, should be ready for use in twenty.”

In ten minutes Nicolette was knocking on the door to B11. Chuck let Nicolette in and without a word she got to work on the frame that had already been secured. Chuck went to work on the other frame. Every other time Nicolette had come down she’d planned on wearing clothes that covered herself up, since today she was coming from the lab upstairs she was casually wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off her beautiful breasts. Chuck did his best to focus on his task and finished right before Nicolette was ready to mount her second womb. He stepped back and let her get to work.

When she was done she stepped back and noticed Chuck had just been watching her. She gave him a big smile and took out her laptop. She pulled a string through each of the vaginas and wombs and hooked them up to tension meters on one side and 4 inch diameter wooden eggs on the other. Nicolette hooked the other end of the tension meters to a sting and small motor. After setting up the meters and her laptop, Chuck could see two graphs on her screen. Nicolette turned on the two motors and they began buzzing and Chuck could see the data reflected on the screens.

The eggs were pulled to the fake cervixes and after a couple minutes the motors burned out. Nicolette was crushed. She was at the brink of tears when Chuck finally said something, “That’s no biggy, probably should have told you that was a bad idea anyways, it’d be better to use a counterweight than those little motors. Give me a sec.”

He was back in a flash and handed Nicolette a brass set of weights as he jerry rigged a basket hanging down the side of the desk. In minutes Nicolette was collecting data again. She added weight bit by bit until the eggs pulled through. The tension meter showed a clean graph and Nicolette was in a trance. They kept this up for another couple hours till the artificial cervix just completely gave out.

Chuck was exhausted but Nicolette was ecstatic. She wanted to run home and process the data she’d collected. She turned to Chuck to thank him and saw how tucker out he was. He had been helpful throughout the process and Nicolette figured she owed him big. She walked over to the chair he was in. Before Chuck had realized what she was doing she was so close he couldn’t stand up without pushing her. He was about to speak when she dropped to her knees.

She maintained eye contact as she undid his belt and fly. She reached up and pulled his jeans down. Chuck trembled as she wrapped a hand around his cock. He wasn’t massive or anything but he felt like a god seeing her little hands wrapped around his shaft and her big green eyes staring up at him. He was so fixated on her eyes he didn’t see her stick out her tongue. The sensation of her warm wet lick running up his length caused him to gasp.

Nicolette hadn’t had too many relationships in college, but due to her painfully tight pussy she had perfected sucking dick. Chuck had clearly not seen this coming and his dick was musky and unkempt, but he’d helped her so much she didn’t let any of this phase her. She placed the head of his cock in her mouth and began working it down her throat. She didn’t get why she could take a cock in her mouth no problem, but her vagina was just too tight. As she began deep throating her mind wondered to how she could use her experiments to help loosen her up a bit. Before she knew it Chuck cried out, “Can I cum on your tits?!”

Nicolette pulled her mouth off his cock and stripped off her top and bra. Chuck wasn’t the first guy to ask this, and although Nicolette was embarrassed both by the size and sagginess of her tits, guys didn’t seem to care. She began popping the tip of Chuck’s cock in and out of her mouth till she felt him seize up. She pointed the dick at her neck and tits and kept stroking it. Chuck gripped the chair as he came on the young girl.

When he was done, Nicolette stood up and wiped his cum off her tits and deposited it in her mouth. She swallowed it all down and put her shirt and bra back on. She smiled at Chuck, “I’m going to take this data and start analyzing it, but I’ll let you know when I do my next round of testing.” She grabbed her bag and left.

Chuck was in a daze all weekend, when Monday rolled around he was surprised to get a text from Nicolette, “Hey, B11 at 4” Chuck felt his cock twitch. The day crawled past but at four he headed to the storage room and unlocked it. He’d barely stepped inside when Nicolette called out to him, “Hey can I get a hand?” She was down the hall pushing a cart with several silicon models on it. Chuck moved to help her and soon Nicolette was hard at work setting up the new wombs. Monday went a lot like Friday, even culminating the same way. Chuck was ecstatic when Nicolette said “See you tomorrow.”

Nicolette returned to her apartment and began compiling the data. After an hour she knew she needed to cum. She’d planned out her experiment ages ago and already had the next phase ready. If the silicon and wooden eggs provided valuable data then she was going to move to the real thing, inserting small rigid balloons into women’s cervixes, inflating them, and then pulling them out. She already had the balloons purchased with the money she saved on the testing frame. It could be inflated up to four inches in diameter, but Nicolette was only planning to go to an inch and a half for her experiments, no need to rip apart people’s cervixes.

Nicolette inserted one of them into her wet pussy and using a bicycle pump pumped it as much as she could without being in pain. She was wincing a little but as she laid back down on her vibrator and continued working her pussy relaxed and soon she was enjoying the full feeling. She kept working till she was close to climaxing. Barely able to control herself Nicolette reached down and pumped the balloon up a little more. It hurt but she went until she came. As she came down she slowly pulled the balloon from her cunt embarrassed that it’d hardly reached an inch and a half in diameter. In a bit of a daze Nicolette forced the balloon back into her and went to sleep.

The rest of the week flew by. Nicolette continued working with Chuck in the evenings, and making sure he received his payment, during the day she’d work on her data, getting it ready for submission to her advisor. By the end of Thursday they’d completed all of Nicolette’s planned testing. While blowing Chuck she came up with an idea that might sway her advisor into giving her more funding right off the bat.

After swallowing Chuck’s load Nicolette hurried home to make sure everything was ready. As she assembled what would be needed for her last experiment she began getting aroused. She still had her balloon in her pussy and was up to a whopping two and a half inches. Nicolette knew this wasn’t much, but it wasn’t painful anymore and she knew she could take a cock. She let a little air out of the balloon and began pumping it in and out of her cunt. She walked through the next day’s activities as she applied her vibrator to her clit.

Four o’clock couldn’t come soon enough for Nicolette. She had a bag filled with everything she’d need Chuck to use. When the two of them were finally alone in the storage room Nicolette explained what she was planning, “I want to try something different tonight, I want to try the real experiment on me.”

It took a second for Chuck to put together what she meant. Before he could respond Nicolette had already begun stripping. Chuck’s mouth was wide open as he stared at Nicolette’s body. From the stomach down she looked untouched and nubile, her pussy was completely bald and no visible labia. It looked so inviting. From her tits up though she was completely woman, he got a good look at her large areolas and tiny nipples. She had a determined look on her face that showed her age. She cleared her throat, “I’ll need you to open me up a little with the speculum and then apply this ointment to my cervix. After an hour I should be ready for the test. You’ll insert the balloons, inflate till you hear a click, and you’ll pull it out and we’ll log the data.”

Chuck agreed to help and Nicolette got up on the work bench between her two frames. She used the frames as stirrups and exposed her sex to Chuck. Chuck applied a little lube to the speculum. He approached the cutest pussy he’d ever seen. He spread her lips and regretted that this was how he was interacting with her. He pushed the speculum in, eliciting a yelp from Nicolette as the cold steel touched her delicates. Soon he had her propped open and with the help of a flashlight could see her cervix.

Chuck had fucked many women in his lifetime but he’d never actually seen the little bulb with a hole in it. The ointment smelt like a cleaning agent, but Chuck dipped a finger into it and then slathered it around Nicolette’s cervix. “Is that good? It looks like it’s covered.”

Nicolette was feeling a relaxing tingling sensation in an area of her vagina she didn’t know could feel. She looked up at him from between her legs, “Yeah, that should be good, now we just wait an hour.”

Chuck pulled the speculum from her and her pussy relaxed back to its adorable state. An hour was a long time and Chuck was pretty damn hard. He’d never asked a woman this but he knew this was no ordinary situation, “Can I jack off while we wait? I’m having trouble concentrating while looking at your pussy.”

Nicolette was surprised that she blushed. She realized she could have explained things a little better and felt bad that he felt like he’d have to beat himself off, “You can if you want, but give my pussy a minute or two to relax and I can come down and suck your cock instead.” Nicolette wasn’t sure that she’d ever said pussy or cock to a guy she was sexually intimate with.

Chuck nodded and just kinda stood around until Nicolette started to dismount the table. Chuck moved forward and just picked her up and set her on the ground. Nicolette had realized he was larger than her, most guys were, but she hadn’t noticed how strong Chuck was. She silently undressed him and to her surprise he had pretty big arms and although no six pack, still a toned stomach. Nicolette looked up at him, “If you lay on the floor we could sixty nine.”

Chuck was on the ground in an instant. Nicolette came around and straddled his chest. With her head at his cock her pussy was too far away from him to reach, he did have an amazing view though. As she lowered her head down she felt his rough hands grip her sagging tits. She felt Chuck’s strength again as he squeezed her tits as hard. If she didn’t have a cock in her mouth she would have cried out despite her arousal. His hands were calloused and beat up from working in the machine shop all day, and Nicolette felt tens of pricks across her soft melons. As Nicolette drove Chuck’s dick down her throat, Chuck picked up on her rhythm and was soon squeezing and pulling her down by her tits in time.

Nicolette almost wept with her sexual frustration. If she had any stimulation on her clit she’d be coming. Chuck pulled hard and Nicolette collapsed a bit spreading her legs further apart and landing her wet cunt on his chest. Nicolette lit up when she felt something to rub against. Chuck marveled as the little pussy grinded against his chest, inches from his face. Between her beautiful pussy, soft mouth, and juicy tits Chuck was at his end and was soon cumming down Nicolette’s throat. As Nicolette swallowed she rubbed harder until she was cumming too. They laid on the ground for a minute before Nicolette got up and started setting up the tension meter and balloons.

Her phone alarm went off and Nicolette got back on the table and spread her legs. Chuck didn’t need lube for the speculum since she was still dripping wet. Chuck could swear that Nicolette’s cervix was larger than an hour ago, and he was a little less worried about forcing something up there. Nicolette walked him through the process and soon she felt the tip of the balloon press against her tiny hole. She grimaced as Chuck forced the device into her womb and was relieved when he finally stopped pushing.

The pumping sensation was completely different from when she’d done it to her vagina. She was close to crying out when she heard the click, signifying that the balloon was an inch and a half in diameter. Chuck stopped pumping and attached the tension meter. With a nod from Nicolette he began applying load. It took almost twice as much weight to pull the balloon out and seeing as this was an unlubricated attempt Nicolette was in much more pain than she anticipated.

They got clean data though and Nicolette mentally prepared for the next round. She’d planned the proof of concept to be two control pulls, then four lubed pulls but by the time the balloon was pulled through her a third time she was about beat. It was the first lubed round and that helped a lot, but even Chuck noticed her cervix was remaining more and more open with each round. After the fourth pull of the planned six Nicolette called it quits. She handed Chuck her phone and asked for some pictures before he removed the speculum. Nicolette almost cried when she saw how beat up her hole looked.

Chuck got her back off the table and they started cleaning up. Chuck reached for his boxers but was stopped by Nicolette. She guided him back to the floor till he was laying on his back facing up. Nicolette grabbed one of the lubricant bottles and applied a couple drops to Chuck’s cock. She mounted him and began rubbing his shaft against her lips. Chuck loved the feeling and he was hard almost instantly. He reached up and began massaging her big saggy breast.

Chuck was a little gentler this time since he was worried about what she’d just put herself through. This is why he was surprised when she lifted herself up and guided Chuck’s erection into her sopping wet pussy. She lowered herself down, inch by inch and Chuck reveled in the feeling of her cunt. She was tight but so wet that he slid right in. He realized that if he hadn’t already cum that night he’d have lost it by now. She somehow still looked so young and innocent as she bounced up and down on his cock.

After a little thought and a lot of horniness, Chuck decided that she was ready for a bit of roughness. He adjusted his grip on her tits so his thumbs wrapped underneath them and the rest of his fingers were visible to both of them. He then pushed the two breasts together and squeezed hard. Nicolette let out a moan as she stared at her flesh popping out between Chuck’s fingers.

He pulled them down towards his face forcing Nicolette to lean way forward. This had the added benefit of putting much of her weight onto her pelvis and clit. She focused on the pleasant rubbing as Chuck began sucking on her tiny nipples. Nipple play had never done much for her, but she loved how rough he was being overall. There was one minor issue though, in this new position Nicolette could feel his cock brushing against her cervix with each thrust. It was a new experience and wasn’t completely unpleasant for her. As she focused on the slight burning sensation and the amazing feeling of her clit rubbing up against Chuck she began to cum. She let out a couple of cries and went limp.

Chuck stopped squeezing her tits and took ahold of her. She just smiled and looked at him but didn’t move. Chuck was itching to get off and saw this as his best opportunity to really fuck this girl. He rolled over so Nicolette was now against the floor. He pinned back her legs and almost laughed at how saggy and flat her tits now looked, still massive but deflated. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her and jammed it back in. Nicolette let out a moan as Chuck began pounding into her little frame.

Nicolette had been sexually active since high school but this was the first time she really felt like she was being fucked. Penetrative sex was too painful up until this last week, and now she was relishing in the feeling of this man putting everything he had into her. Chuck only lasted a couple of minutes before he pulled out and sprayed his load on her tits again. Nicolette smiled as she pulled her tits to her mouth and licked them clean.

Chuck dismounted and they both got dressed. Nicolette was at the door when she turned back to Chuck, “Well I think this concludes my proof of concept, if I get approval from my advisor I’ll be running this same experiment on multiple subjects. I’ll probably need a hand with all that.”

Chuck couldn’t believe his luck, “Whatever you need, I’m sure I can lend a hand.” She smiled again and left.

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