My Step-Brother The Sleepjerker
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Back when I was teen old my older brother had
gotten injured pretty badly during a football game.

He was in the hospital for awhile because he had brain
swelling and a back injury. When he came home my mom
cared for him mostly until she began working full time
and I had to take over for her.

It was SO annoying always having to bring him his food
and make him take his medications.

I like never got to hang out with my friends any more.
I know he was my bro and all and I loved him but I
really missed having a life of my own. My brother was
pretty drugged up most of the time and slept a lot. He
had to stay in bed and he would get kind of stinky and
his clothes would need to be changed. My dad did the
stuff that involved getting my brother naked. It made
sense because of gender. That would have just been too
weird to have to do for him myself.

I know that I wouldn’t want my brother seeing my naked
tits or pussy. The drugs made Jeff dream a lot and he
would get pretty vivid and talk in his sleep sometimes.
A lot of the time I just chilled in his room with him
and watched TV. He wasn’t much company because he slept
a lot.

In the summertime when it got hotter outside my dad
just left Jeff naked in his bed with a sheet on so he
wouldn’t get too hot and sweat. Every now and then when
I came into the room I could see him scratching his
balls in his sleep.

One time I could swear he was masturbating under the
sheet when I came in. It totally grossed me out but he
was awake and seen me walk in with his food. We didn’t
say anything about it. I just put the food in there and
left. I seen he had a big boner under the sheet. Boys
are boys, and I know it was totally normal so whatever.

That is until one night when I was watching my show in
his room I heard him moan and I glanced over and seen
his hand moving under his sheet again. He was asleep
and must’ve been dreaming about something hot and heavy
because it really looked like he was jacking off. I
didn’t know too much about how boys did it, but the
sheet moved up and down like

I had heard boys do. I wasn’t sure what to do and just
figured he’d stop on his own. I went back to watching
my show and Jeff continued to moan a bit. I was getting
kind of embarrassed. This was awkward to be in the same
room as my bro jacking himself off. I turned to glance
at him again.

I was thinking about waking him up so he’d stop. I
turned up the TV louder so that maybe he’d realize I
was in the room.

He was doing it faster now and he grunted a bit more.
As I watched the sheet bounce, he reached down with his
free hand and moved the sheet off his body.

Now his naked body was completely exposed. Whoa it was
strange to see his exposed dick for the first time. His
penis was really stiff and long.

I never thought his dick would be that fricking big! I
started to giggle, I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stop
watching either. As gross as it was my curiosity was
stronger. His fist was moving on his dick and I could
see his balls bounce and move along. His dick looked
really wet looking like he had pissed himself a bit. I
couldn’t believe Jeff was beating his meat right here
in front of me. I heard my mom walk down the hallway
outside the bedroom door.

Holy shit, I though. What am I going to say if she
comes in? I quickly turned away from Jeff and watched
the TV screen like I didn’t even know he was doing his
dirty jerk. I heard my mom go back downstairs and I
glanced back at Jeff’s hard dick again. His fist was
still moving up and down, up and down, up and down. His
big boner looked heavy and bobbed with his motions. I
wondered if I should leave. I wasn’t sure when he’d
stop and wake up and I totally didn’t want to be in the
room when he woke up. Then the funniest thing happened!
He started grunting, “Oh yeah! Ohhhh!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. His legs started to push
about and his toes started to curl up. I had to put my
hands over my mouth to keep from waking him up I was
laughing so hard! I watched his dick really start to
twitch hard as his hand jacked harder and then it
happened. His dick just kind of blasted several long
streams of white up into the air. I was horrified! It
is was Jeff’s orgasm happening and I couldn’t look away
either. His dick just spit out several gobs of his
stuff out all over his belly.

There was a lot of it and it looked like white snot. He
seemed to relax afterwards and his dick got really
small but looked really sticky. His slime was still all
over him. I decided to put the sheet back over and him
and leave.

It wasn’t too long after that happened that another
time while I was watching TV and Jeff was asleep he
started jacking off again. I ignored it until he moved
the sheet off of his body again. It was so fricking
weird that he masturbated in his sleep, I thought. I
watched my show until I heard him really start to grunt
heavy and glanced back over at his dick to see it spit
out all the white cream again. I had to snicker when I
seen it. The stuff made a big mess across his belly
again and I immediately left the room.

I wasn’t sure if my brother knew I ever seen his dick
before but I’m sure he was aware that he jacked off in
his sleep because somehow he’d clean up his mess later.
One day when we were arguing over something I told him
that he’s a pervert and shouldn’t jack off in front of
me. He thought I was just being mean and didn’t believe
that ever happened. I told him that he did it in his
sleep and that he’d even move the sheet away just
before all the white stuff would shoot. I told him it
was really sick.

He was really mad at me for a few days after that and
he never did it again.

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