Month: July 2023

A Weekend with my kinky Nieces
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This is a work of fiction only. The
author has a very active imagination and has used that
to create this work.

I work in security systems for major hotel chains.
I’ve never been married, but had my share of dates
over the years. I just never found one I truly wanted.
I had been raised with two younger sisters …

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A woman can’t help her Orgasms when she feels a strangers cum
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Early next morning I woke and stretched feeling my morning erection surrounded by something warm, I was still in Sue’s bum and seemed to be stuck as everything had dried up.

As I tried to pull out Sue woke with a start and winced waking Kathy up so I just stayed still.
Kathy Said “why don’t you two go have …

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The Widow’s Pink Panties
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Linda’s eyes were half closed, her enticing mouth was open and her hands were pulling on my thighs.
This widow woman was experiencing a feeling she’d never had before.
My dick was at least two inches longer than Joe’s had been, and half an inch thicker…
Ol’ Fat Boy was driving her into ecstasy.

I was mesmerized just watching her …

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A strange thing happens at this parlor that Mandy will love for a life time
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Jessie went into the massage parlor in hopes of getting a few kinks worked out of a very tired body. She had been by this place several times but was afraid to go in not because she didn’t want another person touching her body, she liked that, but because of what her body looked like without clothes on. But today …

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THE BOSS’S SLUT – Bitches In Heat
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It was clear to me just how much Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn discussed things related to me the very next weekend when I was once again invited to share an intimate weekend with them at their estate.

I arrived well after Mr. Woodburn, wanting to finish up some office issues so the weekend could be relaxing. Arriving by taxi, I …

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After that summer encounter
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That night, Mary, Jean and I slept well. Though we were still horny,
between fucking and eating each others cunts, we were exhausted (and

The next day was Saturday (a free day, no planned events). We woke up,
showered and started to get dressed. Still feeling horny, we decided to
wear our shortest and tightest white shorts and our …

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Candy the teen whore fucked again
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When he called, he sounded a bit nervous, “Well, I called to see if you
were interested in…..uhhh……maybe sometime this weekend…..”
I cut in and said “Doug, I’d love to! How about I come down Friday night
after work and we’ll take it from t here”.

Again stopping at the McDonalds, I changed into one of those one piece knit…

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