Knocked up the saleswoman
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I was desperate to make the sale and willing to do almost
anything to close the deal. The real estate market had been in the
pits for more than a year and I was feeling the pinch. I hadn’t made
a sale in months and I knew the company was planning on cutting the
sales staff to reduce overhead. My husband, Paul, and I were too
deeply in debt for me to allow that to happen.

My name is Kate Ash and I was twenty-six years old at the time
these events took place, almost four years ago. My husband and I had
been married for three years and I was nearly three months pregnant
with our first child. Jim’s a teacher and my income was, and still
is, a necessity. We’d just bought a house ourselves and were heavily
in debt. If I lost my job we’d be ruined financially.

I’m an attractive, athletic blonde with a good figure and very
beautiful legs. I have brown eyes and freckles and I’m 5’4″ tall. I
know I’m good looking but I’ve never been vain about it. It was just
a fact of life, the result of good genes. But when things started to
go bad, I knew that my looks were one more asset that might help. So
I started wearing shorter skirts and more flattering blouses. I’m
kind of small on top, 34b, but……

Anyway, I was showing a nice colonial to a 30ish couple from
out of state, both professionals who were being transferred here by
the company that employed both of them. They were typical yuppies –
well-educated, making good salaries, and driving a Volvo. They were
living the good life and not making any excuses about it. Both of
them were rather good looking and I could tell that he was rather
stuck on himself.

The wife, who’s name was Kim, was more down-to-earth and I
found her rather likeable. She was taller than me, almost 5’10”, and
a redhead with green eyes and a slender build. She was pretty but not
vain about it. She always wore slacks or jeans but still managed to
look very stylish.

I’d shown them a dozen houses and the colonial was the only
one they liked enough to go back to for a second look. I found myself
hoping that they’d make an offer. The house was going for just over
$300,000 and my commission would go a long way toward relieving the
financial pressure. They were still undecided after their second look
and said they wanted to think things over. They gave me the number of
the hotel where they were staying and promised to call me the
following morning.

The next morning passed without a call and I had to resist a
strong urge to call them. I didn’t want to appear too anxious. Then,
about 1:00 p.m., I got a call from Kim. She said she wanted to see
the house again and asked me to pick her up. She mentioned that her
husband was out on his own and wouldn’t be coming with us. I picked
her up in front of the hotel a few minutes later. It was a hot humid
day, typical August weather around here, and she was wearing a leather
vest over sleeveless top made of white skinny-ribbed cotton, a short
leather skirt, and sandals. Her legs were bare and I felt a momentary
flash of jealousy because they were very beautiful, even more
beautiful than mine. The leather gave her an exotic look that was
slightly disturbing in ways I couldn’t define.

When she got into the car she gave me a big smile and said,
“Okay, let’s go. I’m in the mood to buy!” She settled into the seat,
turning toward me slightly after buckling her seat belt. Her skirt
rode up to show a lot of her long, firm thighs.

I was in a good mood as we drove out to the house. I had a
prospect who was in a buying mood! We chatted about politics,
schools, neighborhoods, and quite a variety of other topics. Once
inside the house, Kim wanted the full tour all over again – basement
to attic. We spent over an hour examining every room. Then we went
over the yard and the garage – 2 car, attached. Finally, we wound up
back in the kitchen. The house was empty, devoid of furniture, so I
wasn’t surprised when Kim hoisted herself onto the counter by the
sink. I picked up my briefcase and set it down on the island, then
turned to face her, leaning back against the island. “Well, what do
you think?”

She hesitated and kicked her sandals off before replying. “I
like the house. I’m prepared to sign an offer at the asking price.
And I’ll mention this – the company is making a major move into this
area. I’ll be spearheading the relocation of certain employees.” She
paused and glanced out the window before continuing. “About 50 of
them, and I’ll be in a position to recommend a real estate agency to
handle things on this end. Exclusively.”

I caught my breath. She was talking big money! “That sounds
great!” It was hard to keep the enthusiasm out of my voice.

“I’ll sign the offer now. But first I want you to do
something for me.” And she looked me right in the eye, pinning me
with those big green eyes that seemed to look right through me.

“What do you want me to do?” I was wary of some proposal for
kicking back part of my commission.

She smiled and said, “Beg.”

I guess my shock showed because I heard her chuckle as I
glanced out the window and than back at her. “I’m sorry? What did
you say?” I’d heard her, but I thought I must be mistaken.

“Beg. I want you to beg me to buy the house.”

I stared at her in shock! I’d heard right and my reaction was
confusing me – part of me was scared and appalled, but part of me was
very excited. I felt flushed, my throat constricted – like I might
cry. I wanted to tell her to go to hell, but I felt like I had when I
was a child. You know what I mean, when a parent knows you’ve done
something wrong and wants you to admit it or be punished – you know
you should admit it but some perverse part of you keeps you from doing
it. So you get punished. That’s how I felt at that moment.

I opened my mouth to speak and she waved her hand, “No, on
your knees. Get down on your knees and beg.”

I stared into her eyes as I dropped to my knees. “Please,
Kim, buy the house. Please, I’m begging. I need the sale. Please.”
I felt a strange sense of satisifaction as I knelt before her. It was
mixed with humiliation, disgust, and a huge dose of excitement.

She watched, swinging one foot idly. “Not bad, but you can do
better.” She paused for a moment, thinking. “Kiss my foot and then
beg some more.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and leaned forward. As I
kissed her foot, I wondered what my husband or my friend’s would think
if they saw me. I kissed her foot and whispered, “Please, please, buy
the house. Please, I’ll do…..anything.” I glanced up and saw the
smile of satisfaction on her face.

She snapped her fingers. “Give me the offer and I’ll sign

I jumped up and got the paperwork out of my briefcase. I put
in the asking price and the date and gave it to her to sign. She
signed and handed it back without comment and I replaced it in my
briefcase. When I turned around, she was standing close behind me.
She reached out and cupped my chin in her hand, raising my face until
I was staring right into her eyes. “You enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

I hesitated, then shook my head and whispered, “No! I didn’t,
it was humiliating!”

She chuckled, tightening her grip on my chin. “That’s why you
enjoyed it! Isn’t it? And don’t lie to me again, not now, not ever!”

I stared at her in silence for a moment, then glanced away.
“Yes, damn you! I enjoyed it. Are you satisified?” And I started to

She shook her head. “No, I’m not satisfied. Not yet. Not
for a long time.” She was still holding my chin with one hand. I
felt the other touch the front of my blouse and I realized that she
was unbuttoning it. I grabbed her wrist with both hands and held on

She leaned closer and hissed, “Drop your hands to your sides
and don’t ever raise them to me again!” I held her for a moment and
then dropped my hands to my sides. I stared at a freckle on her neck,
tears running down my cheeks, as she unbuttoned my blouse and pushed
it open.

Then she released me and stepped back. “Unhook your bra and
bare your breasts.”

I was past resisting. My bra hooked in front. I unhooked it
and opened it to expose my breasts. She smiled. “Nice! Pretty tits
and I love those big, pink nipples. Finish undressing now and then
get down on your knees.”

As I shrugged my blouse off I asked, “Why? You’re a married
woman! Why are you doing this?”

“That’s a fair question. First of all, Ken is a prop. Our
marriage is a marriage of convenience. He’s gay and so am I. Does
the term ‘leather dyke’ mean anything to you?”

I shook my head as I folded my blouse and laid it on the
counter. She smiled, “My what a sheltered life you’ve led! Well, to
make it short and simple – I’m heavily into leather – S&M – and I’m
looking for a slave. A pretty little slave like you!”

I folded my bra and put it on top of my blouse as I stepped
out of my shoes. I glanced at Kim and said, “May I ask a question?”
She nodded, so I asked. “What made you think you could enslave me?”

She shrugged. “Instinct. I sensed a strong submissive streak
in you. It seemed to me as if you were ready. And you are, aren’t
you? By the way, you should address me as Miss Kim, or ma’am.”

I was unbuttoning my skirt and I paused, “Yes, ma’am. I was
ready but I didn’t know it. I’ve felt as if something was missing and
now….” I let my voice trail off. I didn’t know how to explain how
I felt. Any words I could think of would sound trite. I slipped my
skirt off and folded it. That left me wearing white thigh highs and a
pair of thong panties.

Kim glanced at my legs and said, “Leave the stockings on.
You’ll seem more naked that if you were totally nude.”

I nodded and slipped my panties down. They joined the pile.
Then I dropped to my knees and faced my mistress. She snapped her
fingers. “Come to me on your belly. Lick my feet in submission. Beg
for slavery.”

I felt a jolt of excitement as I listened to her. Then I was
on my belly, licking her feet. “Please, ma’am, take me as your slave.
I want to be your slave. Please…. I’ll do anything! Please….”

“You are a submissive little slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Miss Kim, I’m a submissive slut. And I want to be your
slave.” I continued to lick her feet, rubbing myself against the

She let me grovel for several minutes. Then she said,
“Enough, slave! Get up.”

I got to my feet and she cupped my breasts, lifting them to
test their weight and running her thumbs over my nipples. They
immediately hardened into tight, pointed nubs. I moaned and
whispered, “Oh, God! That feels soooo good!”

She chuckled. “Enjoy it while you can! In a minute you’re
going to clasp your hands behind your neck and walk over to the
sliding glass door. You’re going to press yourself against it and
stand there while I whip your tight little ass until you can’t stand
it and wet yourself.”

I moaned. “No, please…..” But, of course, I obeyed when
she told me to take my stockings off and get into position. Totally
nude now, I clasped my hands behind my neck and walked over to the
door. I spread my legs a little more than shoulder width apart and
pressed myself against the glass. Despite the head, the glass felt
cool against my breasts, belly, and thighs. Kim took a braided
leather whip out of her purse. It was about 18″ long and had a wrist

I held my breath as she moved up behind me. “This is going to
hurt. Go ahead and scream if you want, but don’t move. It you move
I’ll make your turn around and I’ll whip your tits! I’ll stop when
you piss.”

I leaned my forehead against the glass and whispered, “Please,

She came up behind me and touched my shoulder. “I’ll give you
one chance. You can put your clothes on and leave. I’ll still buy
the house and still use you as the primary agent for relocations.”
Then she leaned and kissed me on the shoulder.

I glanced over my shoulder and our eyes met. I held her eyes
with mine for a long minute before whispering, “Whip me. Whip me now
before I change my mind. Whip me so that I know I’m a slave!”

She stepped back and I saw the motion of her arm reflected in
the glance. I tensed. The whip cut across my buttocks and I bit my
lip to keep from screaming. It burned like fire! I whimpered and the
tears started to flow. Each stroked caused me to jump and press
myself against the glass. My wet pussy smeared my juices on the clean
glass. I was sobbing aloud by the sixth stroke. I began to scream on
the next one. By the tenth I was screaming and sobbing continuously.
I begged for mercy and promised to be a good slave. She continued to
whip me with hard, even strokes that cut across my buttocks and thighs
like a hot wire. I began to dance from foot to foot, screaming and
begging. She raised her aim and the whip cut across my back. The tip
catching the side of my breast. Four or five of those were enough. I
let go and pissed, sobbing in pain and humiliation – delicious

The whipping stopped immediately. Kim waited until I was done
pissing. The she told me to turn around. She was crouching, holding
a vibrator in her right hand, the base of the vibrator braced against
her thigh. “Keep your hands clasped behind your neck and come over
here. Straddle my leg and fit yourself onto the vibrator.”

I walked over to her, leaving wet footprints on the floor, and
straddled her leg. I lowered myself and moaned as I felt the vibrator
touch my pussy lips. She had it turned on. I eased myself down onto
it and she used her free hand to play with my nipples while I fucked
myself on the vibrator. After my orgasm, she kissed me on the mouth
and told me that I was going to make a fantastic sex slave. There
were paper towels and glass cleaner in one of the cabinets. Kim told
me to clean up the mess I’d made. “But first, soak your panties in
piss and then put them in your mouth.”

I got down on my knees, sobbing, and soaked my panties in the
puddle of urine. Then I put them in my mouth. Then, totally
humiliated, I cleaned the floor on my hands and knees. Kim made me
keep the wet panties in my mouth until we left the house. Then, just
before we walked out the door, she let me take them out of my mouth.
“Stuff them in your ass.” I glanced at her and obediently lifted my
skirt and stuffed the wet panties into my ass.

As we walked down the steps, Kim asked me if there was
anything I wanted to say. I hesitated, then said, “I’m three months

She put her hand on my arm and stopped me. “Kate, are you
sure you don’t want to back out of this?”

I nodded. “I’m sure. I want to be a slave. Your slave.” I
hesitated. “Your consideration is appreciated. But I’m a slave.”

She nodded. “Yes, you are.”

We walked to my car and got in. On the way back to her office
she asked me what I was going to do about Paul. I shrugged. “Do you
want me to stay with him? Or shall I divorce him?”

“I’m amazed that your so ready to do this! Does he know
you’re pregnant?”

“No, not yet. I was going to tell him in a week or so.”

She thought it over for a moment. “Divorce him. I want you
to come and live with us. Ken will fuck you now and then if you need
cock. He likes a dose of cunt once in a while. And you have a nice
tight ass like a boy, he’ll use you there too.”

I went home and packed some clothes. I left Paul a note.
Then I drove over to the hotel where Kim and Ken were staying to begin
living as a slave. That night, while I licked pussy for the first
time, Ken fucked me in the ass. Another first. My life as a nude sex
slave was underway.

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