Cuckold Island

The breeze that came in from the Atlantic ocean did not do much to quell the baking sun on the beach of Marabogo. The small island was located approximately one hundred miles from the coast of Namibia, Africa. John Morton and Henry Larsen sat on the beach in their sunbathing chairs looking at all the […]

Amy always gets her man

Amy was getting her ass fucked. Hard. She buried her head in her pillow and muffled a scream. She wished it didn’t feel this good. She wanted to hate it. She wanted to despise every part of sex that night. Because she despised the man who was doing it to her. But she had become […]

The Hitchiker fucked me

My name is Ashley and it all started when i tried to run away from home. I was angry at my parents and hitchhiked all the way down the US. One night i was waiting for another ride when a car came passing by. The driver was a middle aged man in his 40s or […]

A wife keeps up with her husband’s fantasies

I was in what sociologists would call an “at risk” group. You’ve read the same stories I have and know the type: long dirty blond, some would say red hair, great figure, married to a sweet guy who makes plenty of money, two children in preschool. I was ‘ well a lady never tells her […]

The first of my collection

It started at the barbecue. Leslie and Andy had invited a group of friends one Sunday afternoon to celebrate Andy’s birthday. Annette who was married to Jim had brought some sausages and a couple of bottles of wine. Leslie had taken them from her but had seemed to have let her fingers linger on her […]