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Amy had just started her junior year in High School. Although most people thought she was pretty or cute, she was so shy that she hardly had friends and hadn’t really gone on dates that were one on one; they were usually with a few kids together.

As the school year started Amy was in gym class with both juniors and seniors. After the third class Sue had noticed the shy girl and wondered if she had just identified her newest submissive slave. Although this behavior isn’t usually seen in high school, Sue had already developed into a dominant lesbian. Last year’s submissive was older than Sue and had graduated. It had been weeks since Sue was serviced the way she wanted to be, and taking a shot at Amy was now very important to her.

At the end of the next gym class Sue walked up to Amy at her locker and started to talk with her. She was just talking about general stuff and the girls were soon walking back to the classrooms. Sue asked Amy if she wanted to come over to her house after school and study together and “hang out.” Although the hanging out part made Amy nervous, the studying part was fine with her. So she agreed.

The afternoon went quickly and before she knew it Amy was meeting up with Sue by her car. Amy didn’t have her own car and liked the idea that she might have a friend that had one.

The two girls got to studying and then Sue asked “Amy, are you good with researching stuff on the Internet?” Amy replied “Yea, I do it all the time.” Sue made a joke about her response and Amy was blushing and trying to reword that “I mean I am on the Internet a lot..” But Sue just kept ribbing her.

When that embarrassing moment was done with Sue asked “Well can you research something for me on the PC, I suck at finding stuff?” Amy said “sure.”

“Well my sociology class is discussing personality traits and my topic is… (she looked on a piece of paper like she didn’t remember) the ‘Submissive Female.’ Do you think you can find stuff and like just give me an overview of what it is all about?” Amy knew nothing about the subject so she closed her own book and asked “do you want me to do it now, I am just about done with my own work?” Sue told her yes and Amy jumped onto the PC.

Sue let the girl get going and then asked “Do you want something to eat- I could go fix us something to snack on while you are checking shit out?” Amy told her “sure” and Sue took off. She only did this so Amy couldn’t turn to her and ask her a question on the behavior like “are you sure this is what you mean there is wild stuff out here” and would have to read more instead of stopping.

By the time Sue came back into the room Amy had a half page of notes. Sue put down a plate of PB&J sandwiches made into little squares, and a couple of sodas. “Take a break, have you found out anything yet?”

Amy took a bite and said “yea, I don’t know how you are going to use too much of this in school though?” “Why?” asked Sue.

“Well” Amy began “There is this whole dominant and submissive behavior out there, it is like you have to have them both for the relationships to work.” Sue tried to give her best questioning look.

Amy shrugged her shoulders and continued “it’s like one of the people enjoys bossing the other person and the other one enjoys being bossed around and gets satisfaction pleasing the other. Does that make any sense to you?”

Sue looked at her and asked “You mean like a boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Amy replied “well it seems to work in all combinations; dominant and submissive guys and girls, guys and guys and girls and girls.”

“Wow” remarked Sue. “So like what would you be if you were one?”

“That’s easy” said Amy “I never knew it, but I think I might be what your subject is all about?”

Sue shifted on the floor and looked right in Amy’s eyes and asked “I don’t know what you mean tell me?”

“Well, I have always been really shy, but I seem to come out of it a little when something tells me to do something and then I enjoy what I am doing.” Sue looked at her questioning again. Amy continued “I don’t how to describe it, but I like doing stuff for other people. Um… for instance we were just sitting here studying and it was just OK, but when you asked me to do something for you, I got excited, because I wanted to do something for you- does that make any sense?”

“I think so” replied Sue “But does that mean for it to work for both of us, that I would have to enjoy asking you for stuff?” Amy looked back down at her notes and said “no, not ask me, you would enjoy telling me what to do and watching me do it because you asked.”

“So” Sue began “If instead of going downstairs and making these sandwiches I had said “Amy go down stairs and make us some PB&J, I would enjoy the power of making you do it, and you would enjoy making them because you felt like um… happy to make them for me?”

“I’m pretty sure that is basically it- let me check out some other sites?’ Amy said.

Sue said in a little more commanding voice “You do that Amy, and find out more about like what we were just talking about, how it work with two girls like us?”

Amy didn’t seem to react to the change in her voice, but she didn’t reply either, she just went back to the PC. Meanwhile Sue went back to her math homework.

Every so often Sue looked up at her PC screen and finally saw some graphics she liked. She waited a few minutes and then said “hey what’s that on the screen?” she got up and stood near her new friend.

Embarrassed, Amy looked at Sue and replied “there seems to be a lot about sex on this subject, a lot of lesbian stuff actually.”

Sue took this opening “wow cool, have you ever kissed another girl?” she asked. “The truth” she added in a more stick tone.

“No, I haven’t even made out much with a boy either.” Amy replied.

“I think we should try.” Sue stated.

Amy looked at her not knowing what to say. So Sue continued “here stand up.” Amy did.

Sue took Amy’s hands and put them around her waist. She then took her own hands and put them around Amy’s neck and looked the girl in her eyes. She then leaned forward and kissed Amy on the lips and then pulled back and looked her in the eyes again and said “That was kind of nice don’t you think?”

Amy replied “I guess.”

Sue said “you’re right that wasn’t very romantic, let me try that again and open your mouth this time.”

This time Sue went in and kissed her on the lips and slowly opened her mouth and started to slide her tongue into the other girl’s mouth. She could feel Amy starting to pull away, but used her hands on Amy’s neck and head and pulled her in tight. She really started to kiss the younger girl deeply and Amy surrendered herself and accepted the other girl’s tongue and tight embrace.

The kiss lasted a few minutes and Amy pulled away from her lips and dropped her arms. Sue looked at her and said “I really enjoyed that one more than the first one, did you?”

Amy nodded her head and almost sheepishly replied “I did like it, maybe too much, I was thinking about what I had read and maybe it’s not that I am shy – but submissive?”

Sue looked at the girl still in her arms and said “put your arms back around me” Amy did. “Is the thought of being submissive and not shy upsetting to you?”

Amy looked back at her friend square in the eyes and said “no, I don’t know if there is that much difference between the two, what I am questioning is why I really enjoyed kissing another girl?”

Sue smiled and leaned back in and started to kiss the other girl. Amy did not resist and after a couple minutes of this kiss Sue moved her hand between the two of them and squeezed the breast she had found.

Amy moaned and Sue continued to squeeze and eventually took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger and squeezed. She felt Amy’s legs weaken as she heard an even stronger moan into her mouth. She had the innocent girl on fire and played with her a little longer and then broke the kiss and took a step back.

“Wow that was nice, I really enjoyed that” said Sue “you are really turned on aren’t you?”

Amy just nodded. Sue stated “I like verbal responses. You are turned on aren’t you?”

“I think so” squeaked Amy.

Sue’s voice changed back to sweet and she said “Well, there is one way to find out, take your jeans off and let’s see.” Amy looked at her with disbelieve, but the way Sue was looking at her, almost like a teacher telling her to come up to the board and waiting because she was taking too long, made her not question the request and she slid her jeans off and onto the floor.

Sue’s sweetness disappeared again, as the girl was showing total submissive tendencies taking off her jeans without question. When her jeans were off Sue looked at her and almost scolded “now I’m not going to be able to tell with your panties on am I?”

Amy’s eyes widened and at the same time she felt body get even more turned on, she didn’t know what was happening to her, but she liked it. Without asking anything she took off her panties.

“Spread your legs so I can see if your pussy is wet.” Sue commanded.

Amy opened her legs and at the same time said “I have never let anyone see my vagina before.”

Sue looked at her and said “It’s a pussy, it’s called a pussy, unless you’re my mother. So say that sentence again.”

Amy looked down between her legs and said “I have never shown anyone my pussy before.”

Sue looked her and smiled. She walked closer to the girl and put her hand between the other girl’s legs and then ran a figure between her labia. She looked down at Amy and said “yep, you are wet and turned on.”

Amy smiled back at her and as she did Sue pushed her middle finger inside the wet pussy. Sue looked at her and said “my god you are tight, don’t you stick things in here?”

Amy couldn’t believe how great the finger felt inside her, it was even better than the feeling of her nipple being squeezed. But she had to answer Sue.

“No, I haven’t put things inside me.” Amy said as she felt herself opening her legs.

Sue shoved a finger in deep and hit her hymen and had a mean look on her face- and said “inside what?”

“Inside my pussy” Amy shouted quickly.

Sue commented “No, I haven’t put things in my pussy. Who??”

Amy was totally confused. She thought about what she had read, she read something about the submissive referring to the dominant one using other terms. “Ma’am??” she said questioning.

“I am not my fucking mother” Sue said and took her finger out and started slapping Amy’s pussy. Although it felt really good, Amy knew she said something wrong.

“Look you little submissive lesbian, I am too young for the whole Mistress, madam or ma’am thing. To show your respect you call me Miss Susan when we are alone or others can’t hear us like walking down the street. In front of others you call me Sue and you act normal, you understand that?” Sue commanded.

“I understand” Amy replied. Sue reached up and with both hand grabbed Amy’s nipples through her light top and squeezed, hard. “I don’t think you do?” she barked. Amy tried again and said “I understand Miss Susan.”

Sue changed her tone and actions and went back to fingering Amy, and the girl couldn’t believe how great she was feeling inside.

Sue stated “you know Amy, this is not the way it supposed to work, you should be giving me pleasure, and I am fingering you. So it is time I stop and you do something better than just fingering for me, and if you do a good job I will finish what I started, do you understand?

Amy just looked at her. Obviously if this girl didn’t even masturbate she was not going to come up with the answer to the riddle that was so obvious the typical teen. Amy replied “Miss Susan, I know I am supposed to get my pleasure out of pleasuring you, and I really like that idea and it makes me tingly to think about that. But I don’t know what you just asked me? Could you just tell me as I want to make you feel good like you were just doing to me.” And without even being asked the younger girl looked down and didn’t make eye contact with Sue. She probably didn’t read that, it came naturally and Sue got even more excited about her choice in girls.

“OK Amy, take my skirt off.” Sue demanded. Amy did.
“Now take my thong off.” Amy did and her eyes bulged when she saw her first bold pussy.

“Amy?” Sue asked

“Yes Miss Susan?” she replied.

“Do you ever wear skirts to school?” Sue asked.

“Sometimes, I do. My mom would like it if I did so more often.” She replied.

“Well Amy, I want you to wear skirts to school too. I want you to wear skirts, with no panties and I want that pussy shaved clean at all times, do you understand?”

Amy Replied “Yes Miss Susan, but I may have to buy some new clothes I don’t have too many skirts.”

“Fine, we will do that after school tomorrow.” Sue stated and then said “Ok, enough of that – lie on my bed, wait, actually take your top and bra off so you are naked and then lie on my bed.”

“Sure thing Miss Susan” was the response and Amy shed her clothes and got up on the bed.

Once Amy was on the bed, Sue got up on the bed and played with the girl’s now exposed tits. They were probably just barely a C cup, and the nipples were rock hard and adorable. Sue noted that this girl should not be wearing a bra and wouldn’t be after today.

Sue moved up the bed and kissed her new little submissive slut and liked that the girl did not try to put her tongue into her mouth and just let her dominate her.

Sue had enough of that and then got up on her knees and straddled Amy’s face. “Ok you little slut, lick my pussy lips.” Amy had never even thought of doing anything like this, even 10 minutes ago, but she did as ordered and couldn’t believe that she actually liked being called a slut.

Sue directed the rookie on licking, kissing and sucking on her pussy lips. The she said “Ok slut, enough with the outside put your tongue inside my pussy and explore every inch of my cunt.”
Amy did as told and was really enjoying the taste of her new friend. “ No not friend” she thought,” she’s my girlfriend or I guess I am her girlfriend. And I can’t believe she used the “c” word. No Amy not the ‘c’ word, it’s her cunt and pussy.” Amy couldn’t believe all that was going through her mind as she drove her tongue deep inside of Miss Susan.

Meanwhile Sue was totally being turned on. She grabbed the girl’s hands and placed them on her tits and Amy picked up the hint and started to feel her up as she licked and sucked as much girl fluid as she could from Sue.

Sue was on the edge so she reached behind herself and located Amy’s hot pussy and drove a finger into the girl. As Sue got closer and closer, she fingered Amy harder and harder. Amy was lifting her butt off the bed to get as much as the finger inside her as she could. Sue felt this and slid another finger into the really tight virgin hole. Sue couldn’t take it anymore and started to cum. Her fluid ran out of her almost as if she were peeing into the girl’s mouth, and she grinded hard against Amy’s lips as she continued to cum.

Amy was now cumming as well as she was making Miss Susan feel great. The two girls were cumming and making enough noise that had the house not been empty, people would have been running into the room to see what was wrong.

Both girls creamed until they were spent and Sue finally rolled off of Amy. She then kissed the girl hard and took in the taste of herself on the other girl’s lips.

“You can kiss me back” Miss Susan said “Just when told to you understand, like now when I want to taste my own pussy.” Amy did as ordered and then Sue realized why she had come so hard.
She pulled her head back and ordered Amy “stick your tongue out.” Amy did and Sue saw the longest tongue she had seen on another girl. “OMG Amy, you were born to be a lesbian, holy shit, what a tongue.”

‘Yep, I got it from my dad” she casually answered.

Smack. Sue slapped one of Amy’s tits. “Don’t forget who you are with, ever.”

“Yes Miss Susan I am so sorry, I just meant that.” Amy started and smack-

Her other tit got hit. “Did I ask you for an explanation?” Sue barked.

“No Miss Susan, my fault, I’m just… I mean– No Miss Susan!” Amy responded.

Sue leaned in again and took that long tongue into her mouth and started thinking how great it was going to feel up her ass someday.

The two girls got up. Sue had Amy get a towel and clean her up. She told Amy she could clean her own body when she got home. She then gave her the rest of her instructions:

“Ok Amy, I was very nice to you today as I wanted to break you in. But again, I am interested in a submissive girlfriend who takes care of me first. I mean school work first; I don’t want you fucking up in school and your parents freaking out—but after that – I come first and “cum” first.”

I want you to go home and read up on being a submissive to me. I am not into all the paddles and bondage and stuff, I am into the way you act and the way you please me sexually. I will slap and spank you and pull on your nipples and clit- but that’s about it- but you learn how to be submissive to my needs. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Susan.” Amy replied.

“Ok, I want you to go home and shave that pussy. Tomorrow I want you to wear the shortest skirt you own with no panties, and now that I have seen your tits, I don’t want to see a bra on you either. We will go shopping after school and get you clothes I want to see you wear. Do you understand?”

“Yes I do Miss Susan.” Amy again replied as she stood there with her hands behind her back and looking towards the ground.

“One more thing. I know you never masturbated, but now I know you will want to. You can, but not without permission. So when you get done shaving and your pussy is yearning for something inside it- you must text me for permission before doing so. Understand and agree?”

Again she replied “Yes Miss Susan.”

“Ok then, grab your books and I will take you home.”

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