We become swingers 1.
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Its been about two months since Carmen and Peter
moved into the apartment behind mine in the big old
Victorian mansion on Rose Lane. Jeff and I became
friends with this older couple and I immediately
appropriated Carmen as my running partner. I had been
looking for a running companion for some time and
Carmen fit the bill perfectly. And through our many
conversations while jogging down the back roads we
became as close as sisters. But after Carmen talked me into a little exhibition
sex-capade with Jeff; letting her and Peter watch us
while we made love; without Jeff’s knowledge, I kind
of pulled away from my new neighbors a little bit.
Although Jeff took it pretty well, in the stark light
of day I was embarrassed by what we had done, and it
took a while before I could face Carmen and Peter
again. But since Carmen was my running partner, and we run
together every evening when I’m at home alone without
Jeff, it didn’t take me too long to get comfortable
around her again. We didn’t talk about any sexually-
related stuff, and I was beginning to push the peeping
incident into the back of my mind as just one of those
things… Well looking back, after last night, I know better now. You see, I have a very “experimental” outlook on life.
I also have a very active imagination, and that
includes things sexual. I guess that the unusual and
kinky excites me more than it does most women. Its
always been that way for me, for as far back as I can
remember. The good part about it is that all of my
boyfriends really liked that about me. The bad part
is that sometimes I get talked into things that other
women would scoff at and walk away from. This story is about something that took place last
night. I’m still a little shaken by the whole thing
but thought I’d write about it while everything is
still fresh in my memory. (Kind of a therapeutical
thing I guess.) -=*=- The topic of sex came back up last night. It was
almost dark by the time Carmen and I had finished our
ten mile run and where doing our “cooling off” exer-
cises in the front yard. She asked if she could use
the computer and do a little cruising on the swinger
sites. Well, I have to admit that I enjoy looking at all the
different kinks that these swinger-types advertise,
and besides I didn’t want to offend Carmen by playing
the prude. So I said that we could for an hour or so,
but that Jeff was coming over at eight o’clock. Jeff
and I had been apart all week, and I had special plans
for him that evening. We hurried up to my apartment and Carmen turned on my
computer, while I went into take a quick shower. I was
soaping up when the bathroom door opened and Carmen
popped her head into the room, “Hey Krissy, how about
you and Jeff have dinner with Peter and me tonight?” I opened the shower door slightly and looked out; I
was going to tell Carmen that Jeff and I were planning
on having dinner at Raffia’s Place in town this evening. My answer choked in my throat. She was standing there
completely naked. I finally gained control of my voice
and asked, “Carmen, what are you up to out there
anyway?” “Oh nothing, I just thought we could take a shower
together, so we’d have more time at the keyboard.”
Having said that she walked into the bathroom and
opened the shower door and stepped into the tub next
to me. I was embarrassed being in such a strange situation
with her. Yes, I know that we’d just had sex with
each other not two weeks before, but I hadn’t
planned on making it a regular habit. I was still a
little freaked from my last experience and began to
protest, when Carmen placed her index finger to my
lips, saying “shush” at the same time. I looked into
her beautiful eyes, (Carmen looks very much like a
young Lauren Bacall. No, really she really does)
and I could tell that I was succumbing to her demands
on me again. It’s funny, only a moment before I was busily washing
my body, thinking about nothing in particular, and now
I was standing open to my friend with my knees tremb-
ling waiting for her to do whatever she wanted to me. As I watched the water running down her perfect
breasts, I thought, “life’s strange” then all I could
think about was the feel of her lips wrapped around
my left nipple as she sucked it in to her wonderfully
warm moist mouth. God, it felt good! The water was cascading down on us both now, and
Carmen’s auburn hair was completely soaked as she bent
over my breasts. I remember thinking that I didn’t
want to get my hair wet, or I wouldn’t be able to go
out to the movies with Jeff later. It was almost like Carmen could read my mind, because
she twisted us in a circular motion into the full
spray of the shower head, pressing me against the
wall; I could feel the jet of water raining down on
me as my hair quickly became plastered to my head. Now completely soaked, I couldn’t help myself… I
began to feel the heat in me building, an excitement
that I usually only experience with Jeff when we make
love. I hadn’t planned this, but the contact with this
beautiful older woman was making me crazy. Then Carmen began to press down on my shoulders with
her hands. I didn’t know what she wanted me to do, so
I resisted her until she told me to “sit.” (My shower
is one of those inserts that has a built-in tub, with
surround. This model has a seat formed at the back
inside corner.) So, not knowing what else to do, I let her force me
into a sitting position in front of her. My face was
now parallel to her wet pussy. I could see rivulets of
water running down her flat stomach, beading up on her
furry little strip of trimmed pubic hair. Was she try-
ing to get me to do something to her? Did I want to do
anything to her? I was confused, but I had to admit
that the dewy little strip of trimmed pubic hair
looked very sexy. Carmen’s pussy disappeared from my view and was re-
placed by her lovely face. She had now knelt in front
of me, pushing my legs wide apart, and I could feel
the water raining down on us as if we were in a summer
storm. I looked on, as this beautiful woman bent her head
down between my legs. I jumped as I felt her hot
tongue tickling my clit. I was amazed that she could
home in without any preamble, right to my pleasure
nub. It was so fantastic! I have never had any personal experience like that be-
fore. Carmen knew exactly how to excite my body, every
move she made with her tongue shot me higher than the
moment before. I could feel her tongue playing over my
clit one moment, then delve between my pussy lips to
wiggle inside me. She was wonderful! In the moment before my orgasm began I realized that
she had played my body like an instrument. I had no
control over the sensations she had brought on me,
and my face flushed as I realized that she was bring-
ing me higher that even sex with Jeff ever had. I laid back against the wall, quietly moaning, unable
to stop myself from coming. The water was beating down
on my swollen nipples, and battering my contracting
stomach muscles as I came on Carmen’s tongue. Within a few moments the pleasure was so intense that
I began to beg Carmen to stop. But she wouldn’t, she
kept up her tongue-torture as I squirmed around trying
to escape the intense pleasure she was giving me. Finally I slipped off the shower seat onto the floor
of the stall, having the effect of pulling Carmen’s
mouth away from my throbbing clit. I was breathing so
hard, that when she brought her mouth to mine, I had
to pull away from her or smother. I rolled into a
fetal position on the shower floor, instinctively
covering my crotch so she couldn’t do anything else
to me. I needed time to recover. Carmen reached up and turned off the shower, then lay
next to me on the shower stall floor. “Krissy, I don’t
think I’ve ever seen anyone come so hard before, you
were beautiful.” She hugged me to her but I still
couldn’t speak, so we laid there for a few minutes
in silence. After a time, I finally began to move. I wanted to get
away from Carmen. I felt like she was trying to
turn me into a lesbian or something. I had liked our
sex too much, she had been in complete control of my
body and soul, and that bothered me. No, it frightened
me! “Carmen, we have to get dressed! Jeff will be here
soon, and I don’t want him to see us like this!” I hoped that she would accept that, and maybe even
leave for her own apartment. But she could read me
like a book. She knew that I was uncomfortable with
the thoughts she had helped put into my mind. “Krissy, don’t feel bad about what we just did. It’s
called swinging. It doesn’t mean that you’re queer,
its something that just about everybody who swings
does. You’re a natural, you know. You should try the
full blown deal, you’d love it, and so would Jeff,
I’m sure of it. “I was disappointed when you patched the peep hole we
made, and I’ve been so frustrated being around you and
Jeff all the time, when I just know that you guys
would make perfect partners. And yes, I know that you
have thought about it, and rejected the idea because
Peter and I have had so many lovers. But I tell you
we are perfectly safe. With AIDS tests and condoms,
its safer than dating.” I was staring at her perfect breasts with those large
erect, dusky colored nipples, as she urgently explained
that I wasn’t queer, and that the swinger life-style
was as natural and easy as a walk in the park, when
Jeff walked in! “Shit!” I mumbled under my breath as I saw my man
standing in the doorway wide-eyed, with his mouth
wide open as he stared at us in disbelief. There we were, naked, sitting on my bed with Carmen’s
arm around my shoulders, and the palm of her hand
making little circles on my stomach. I gasped and jumped up, trying to cover myself. But Carmen just sat there and leaned back with the
palms of her hands supporting her body from behind.
I was grabbing my robe as I turned to see her smiling
up at Jeff, slowly spreading her legs to him. For a moment, I was angry with her. How dare she flirt
with my boyfriend! Then in an instant I realized that
she was just doing what she’d done hundreds of times
before. Carmen wanted to have sex with Jeff, and she
wanted to line me up for her husband. The thought ex-
cited me, even against my will. At that moment I knew
I should say something to stop this but I didn’t. I stood frozen, as I watched the scene before me. My
handsome man standing there, long blonde curls resting
on his broad shoulders, standing there quietly looking
at Carmen. And Carmen sitting in front of him, her
strong tanned legs spread wide, showing him her per-
fectly trimmed snatch; her bright pink pussy lips
slightly open, exposing her core, her clit distended
with obvious excitement. I held my breath for what
seemed forever, waiting to see what would happen next.

I didn’t have to wait long. To my surprise, Carmen got up off the bed and began to
dress. But she was putting on a show for Jeff even now.
I could see that he was bulging his pants, and so could
Carmen. It was so erotic to watch my man watching her.
I was lost in my own excitement, still standing naked
just out of Jeff’s line of sight. As Carmen slipped on her T-shirt she said, “Jeff, I
hope you liked the show. I was asking Krissy to join
Peter and I tonight for a little safe swinger-style
sex. I’d really love to fuck you Jeff, and I mean
that.” Carmen walked close by Jeff, stopping long enough to
brush his crotch with her hand, then came over to me.
Jeff swung around and saw that I was still naked, hold-
ing my robe in my hands. Carmen stopped in front of me for a moment and said
in a low voice, “Think about it Kristen. I really need
some excitement, I’m going crazy in this little vil-
lage, and I promise it will be safe.” With that said, Carmen leaned in close to me, pushing
be back against the wall and began a long deep french
kiss, she made me part my lips, and sucked my tongue
into her mouth. She quickly had me panting for breath,
then she winked at Jeff and walked out of the room. -=*=- “I can’t believe it Kristen! “You mean to tell me that you two just had sex? And
that you’ve done it before with her!? “I mean, come on baby, what am I suppose to think!?
Did you like it?” Jeff had that whining twang to his
voice that I knew he used when we were going to have
an argument. This time, I couldn’t blame him. This whole thing was
my fault, helped greatly by Carmen seducing me. I had
made Jeff feel less manly, made him wonder about my
sexuality. Tearfully I apologized, “Jeffy I’m so sorry, it’s just
that Carmen is so much more experienced than me, and
she just seems to take control of the situation. “You know me! I’m always the one making things happen,
its just that around her… I just can’t seem to help
myself.” I felt terrible, like I had betrayed him, cheated on
him. But my apologies were cut short when the phone rang
and Jeff picked up the cordless receiver. “Hello?” He stood there listening as I watched him. He’d been
away for almost a week, working for the state parks
department this time. He had been out in the sun and
weather and looked as dark as an Indian in the room’s
soft light. His brilliant blue eyes were looking at me
as I stood naked before him. The thought suddenly occurred to me that if we made
love it would make him feel better and less threatened
by what he had just witnessed. He hadn’t said a word,
he was just listening to the person at the other end.
I thought that “why not” get things going while he was
unable to say anything to me. I dropped my robe and padded over to him and took hold
of his belt buckle. He looked into my eyes and I just
wanted to melt into him. I could smell that “man smell”
he had when he’d worked all day outside. (He hadn’t
even stopped by his own place first.) I quickly undid
his buckle and opened the fly of his Levi’s. Jeff was pretending to ignore me as he listened to the
person talking at the other end. I was wondering a lit-
tle why he hadn’t said anything, but with a quick tug
on his pants I was distracted by his beautiful cock
bouncing around in front of me. (Jeff never wears
underwear, which I encourage.) I know that I have described his handsome tool in
another story, but he is so well endowed that I just
have to take a moment to describe it. No its not 15
inches long nor is it like a baseball bat. Our
measurements make it just at 5-1/4 inches long and 5
inches in circumference when fully erect. This is, in
my opinion “the” perfect size. But what makes Jeff’s
cock so beautiful is the color and texture of the skin.
His cock looks so strong and powerful it makes me
weak-kneed when I think about it at oddest times, like
when I’m grocery shopping or worse, at the gynecol-
ogist. (ahem… sorry about that, didn’t mean to get
so carried away.) So at any rate there I am with my hand on Jeff’s
beautiful cock, and I know what I’m going to do. Nor-
mally I wait until after we shower, but I thought that
in this case a little emergency blowjob was needed. Knowing that he would taste a little gamy, but still
loving the feel of his cock on my tongue, I knelt in
front of him. Looking up into his face like a suppli-
cant at a religious shrine, I brought the head of his
cock to my lips in a whisper of a kiss. But just then there was a noise behind us and I looked
around with my heart in my throat. It was Peter!

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