Next door swingers
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The next day was Saturday and in the morning Lauren and Jim hardly talked to each other. Lauren spent most of the day shopping downtown, and then late in the afternoon she returned home and she and Jim were alone in the living room.
“Too many people downtown,” Lauren said with a shrug. “I hate crowds.”
Jim watched her as she puttered around the living room while he sat there watching a ballgame on TV. He told himself she was damn attractive. He kept his eyes on her ass as it bounced around under her fitted silk skin. He told himself any man would be proud to have her for a wife. She was a woman with a tight cunt and firm tits and the way she took care of her body she would probably stay that way until she was sixty.
In the meantime Lauren was aware of the way Jim was looking at her tits and ass. She gave her shoulders a little shake to get her tits moving. She found it amusing to tease him, and now she deliberately remained in the living room rather than go upstairs. She was still feeling the affects of the party last night and now she was thinking of sex again.
Jim felt a tingle in his crotch. He could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Lauren looked at him. “Are you okay?”
She stood there with her hands on her hips, her tits standing straight out and her nipples showing through her thin blouse.
Jim shrugged. “Sure I’m okay.”
“You look tired out.”
Jim’s lips curled in a smile. “I’m not too tired for a piece of ass.”
Lauren groaned. “I haven’t been home all day and I’ve got things to do!”
“You can do them later.”
“We ought to talk about last night.”
“Not now. Right now I’m in the mood for something else.”
Lauren sighed. “All right. Let me get some ice for the bar.”
He watched her ass as she walked into the kitchen to get some ice from the ice machine. He remembered her last night with her ass up in the air as he was fucking her from behind. He felt his cock twitch as he thought about it. Then he thought about her and Charlie Reed and he was irritated again. He was angry at the way she’d responded to Charlie. But he realized maybe it wasn’t Lauren’s fault. The orgy had been his idea, not Lauren’s. Jim thought about how things had changed for them now. After the orgy last night, no one could say the Hansens were that ordinary any more. He wondered how many other neighbors in Parkview Terrace were as wild as the Hansens and Reeds. He thought of Pat Reed again, Pat and her dark-haired pussy.
Now Lauren was back with the ice and she asked him what he was smiling at. “You look like you’re having a good time.”
She made two highballs at the bar, and then she brought them over and she sat down next to him on the sofa.
Jim picked up his drink, sipped it and grunted. “If you really want to know, was thinking of Pat’s pussy.”
Lauren groaned. “I guess I asked for that.”
“My pleasure.”
“If you’re trying to make me jealous, you’re doing a good job of it.”
Jim sneered at her. “And what about you and Charlie? You sure had a good time when he was going down on you. Christ, I bet they could hear you a block away.”
Lauren shivered. “He’s good at that.”
“And I’m not, huh?”
“You don’t like it much. It’s no good for a woman if the man doesn’t like doing it. Anyway, the party last night was your idea, so stop laying it on me.”
“As long as you had a good time.”
“I had a marvelous time.”
Her thigh pressing against Jim’s leg, she talked about how much she’d enjoyed the party last night.
Jim sipped his drink and mused about bow strange it was about Lauren. First he had trouble persuading her to swing, and now she seemed so happy with it.
Lauren looked at him again. “Me you sure you’re feeling all right?”
“I’m fine.”
“You hardly talked to me this morning before I left the house.”
“I’m okay. Maybe I’ve been working too hard at the office.”
He refused to admit to her how irritated he was about her and Charlie. He wouldn’t let her know that he was jealous. He felt hostile toward her because she seemed to like what had happened last night more than he did. Once again he mused how ironic it was. He was the one who had pushed her into the whole thing.
Lauren sensed that Jim was in a bad mood. She sipped her drink and decided she wouldn’t mind getting high now. She liked the reined feeling she got from alcohol.
Then suddenly she felt guilty about what she had done with Charlie last night. She’d been so wanton with him. And with Pat right there on the next bed.
But then Lauren was amused at herself for being a fool. Pat certainly didn’t feel guilty about anything. Lauren reminded herself how exciting it was to have Pat and Jim watching her and Charlie when Charlie turned the lights on.
Jim was looking at Lauren now, looking at her wet lips and thinking about how she’d sucked Charlie’s cock. Her face was so pretty, so fresh and clean-looking. Once again he realized how beautiful she was. He gazed at her heaving tits. He could see her nipples pressing against the thin silk of her blouse. She was wearing a short skirt and the way she had it pulled up he could see most of her thighs. He wondered what color panties she was wearing under the skirt. He was getting turned on as he thought about the fucking that had gone on last night.
Now Jim put his drink on the coffee table and he reached down to unzip his fly and get his cock out.
Lauren giggled. “I see a banana.”
He took one of her hands and pulled it over to press it against his cock. “That’s your favorite fruit, isn’t it?”
Lauren quivered. She could feel the heat of his cock under her fingers as she curled her hand around his cockshaft. “Mmmmm, that’s nice!”
Jim leaned against her and kissed her cheek. “Say hello to it.”
She did what he wanted. She liked handling his cock. Or any cock for that matter. She always liked it when she was a girl in high school. In those days she was too afraid to do much, but she always liked to play with a bay’s cock and jerk him off if he would let her.
Lauren’s hand gripped Jim’s hard prick now. She squeezed and stroked it with her fingers. Fondling a cock always turned her on. She liked to look at crotches of men to guess what they had. She liked to look at them and imagine she had the man’s cock in her hand or mouth.
She pulled Jim’s cock farther out of his pants. She could feel his cock throbbing in her hand. His cockhead was so fat and beautiful. Her mouth watered as she ran her fingers up and down his cockshaft, teasing his prick, tugging his foreskin down and then pulling it up to cover his knob again.
Then finally she bent her head to his lap. She fluttered her tongue over his cockhead, around the rim and then down his cockshaft and then up to his pisshole again.
Jim watched as her head began to bob up and down. She had his balls out now. She squeezed his balls as she played with his foreskin.
Then she closed her lips over his knob and started sucking it. He groaned as he felt the heat of her mouth wrap around his cockhead.
For a tune he did nothing. He was content to have her suck his cock. He thought about letting her suck him off to a finish. He wished now that he’d made Pat suck him off and take his load. Pat had such a sexy mouth. Then he remembered what Lauren looked like with Charlie’s cock in her mouth. He became irritated again.
Leaning over Lauren now, he slipped one arm around her shoulders. He cupped her right tit and began massaging her nipple until he felt it get hard. Then he dropped his other hand into her lap, slipped it under her short skirt to find her pussy.
He massaged her cunt through her pantyhose. She squirmed around, spreading her legs to give his hand more room. He found her clit and rubbed it with a fingertip.
Lauren groaned around his cock. She ran her hand up and down his prick as she teased his pisshole with her tongue.
Jim was amused. She was always hot when she had a cock in her mouth. He remembered all the times he’d made her come with his fingers while she had his cock in her mouth. He wanted her to come now. He had something working in his mind and he wanted her to come first.
Lauren moaned again around his cock as Jim put more pressure on her clit. Then she pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at him. “You could go down on me.”
Jim snickered. “Oh yeah?”
“Please, honey.”
She scrambled to get her pantyhose off while she was still lying there with her head in his lap. She made him stretch out on his back on the sofa. She wanted to get her pussy over his face. She wanted a sixty-nine right there in the living room.
Jim was amused. He didn’t mind the idea of sucking her pussy now. He remembered how much he’d liked doing it to Pat last night. He grabbed Lauren’s asscheeks with his hands, pulled her cunt down until he had her sitting on his face. He nuzzled her hot cunt, moving his nose back and forth in her wet gash. Her pussy was gamey after a long day downtown, the smell a mix of cuntjuice and sweat and a hint of piss. He found her clit with his tongue and started lapping it.
Lauren swayed her body, her hot mouth attacking his cock. She felt herself coming as he sucked her cunt. Being over him like this excited her. She was sure her pussy was dripping on his face and thinking about that turned her on.
Jim was turned on too. He fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. He remembered the way Charlie had done it last night when she was bent over him. Jim slurped up the warm cuntjuice flowing out of Lauren’s pussy. He burrowed his nose deeper inside her cunt.
Jim was amused because they hadn’t sucked each other like this in a long time. Maybe the orgy with the Reeds would turn out to be good for them after all.
Now he gripped Lauren’s clit between his teeth and nibbled at it. He dipped his fingers inside her cunthole to get them wet. Then he put his plan in motion. He moved his fingers slowly up and down her asscrack until he found her asshole.
He wet her shitter with the tip of one of his fingers, rubbing her asshole gently until it was moist and open.
Then he moved his mouth from her gash to her asscrack. He dipped his tongue inside the tight elastic ring of her asshole.
He wondered if Lauren was surprised at what he was doing. He’d never done this to her before. The idea had come to him this morning when he woke up and started thinking about how he’d sucked Pat’s cunt last night.
He was enjoying it now, enjoying the way she squirmed as he drilled his tongue in her ass.
Lauren had come while he’d sucked her clit and she was still feeling the climax. Far a moment she didn’t understand where Jim’s tongue was, only that it was gone from her clit. She tried to get his mouth back to her cunt by squirming around, but he held her in place and kept his tongue in her ass.
Then Lauren finally understood what she was feeling and she groaned in response.
She loved it. She was surprised because he’d never done it before and she didn’t think he had it in him. She was also a little afraid that he might want to put his cock where his tongue was. She certainly didn’t want his cock up her ass.
She tried to pull away again, but Jim held onto her. He slithered his tongue in and out of her ass. He told himself she could struggle all day, he was going to get what he wanted from her.
He dipped his fingers in her cunt again, brought them out dripping wet with her cuntjuice. Then he carefully pushed his fingers one after the other inside her asshole and twisted them around.
Lauren squirmed as she tried to free herself. But Jim kept holding her tightly, holding her a prisoner with his arms.
Then suddenly he let her go and she pulled herself to her knees.
This was what he wanted. He slipped out from under her and quickly maneuvered himself behind her ass. His hands reached out to grab her waist. Her position was perfect for what he wanted. The sight of her bent over like that made his pulse race. She looked so beautiful with her skirt tucked up around her waist and the white moons of her ass completely exposed. She had her blouse and bra pulled up to her neck and her tits hung down heavy and firm looking, her nipples erect.
The checks of her ass seemed to call to him. He pulled her asscheeks apart to get a better look at her asshole. He shifted forward, poised his dripping cock on her shitter. His cock was drenched with her saliva and expected no trouble going in. His balls surged with anticipation.
As she suddenly felt Jim’s cock touching her asshole, it dawned on Lauren what was about to happen to her.
Panic raced through her. She tried to pull away, but his hands dug into her waist as he tightened his grip on her body.
She cried out. “Jim let me go! You know I won’t do it!”
“Shut up,” Jim said with a growl.
He pushed his cock against her tight asshole.
“Jim, stop it!”
Her pleading only increased his excitement and anticipation. He chuckled as he looked down at her puckered asshole. Then he pushed forward, lodged his cock against her shitter and forced it inside her ass.
Her asshole held for a moment, but then it popped open as his swollen cock rammed inside.
Lauren screamed.
The pain was unbelievable. Every nerve in her body seemed tortured. Her ass felt like it was being ravaged by an electric iron. Her asshole seemed to be splitting apart as his cock forced its way up her shitter. For a brief moment, she thought she was going to faint.
Jim felt as if the knob of his cock was caught in a vise. He leaned forward, jabbing with his hips to sink his cock even farther inside her hot ass.
With each thrust, he sank another inch farther up her ass.
Her resistance only increased his excitement. Lauren groaned. The pain raged out of control throughout her entire body. Her asshole burned as his cockshaft plunged up her shit tube. She tried to free herself again, dropping down on the sofa, but Jim followed her and kept her impaled by his cock.
Jim jabbed and thrust at her ass. Then he managed to get one of the small sofa pillows under her belly to raise her ass a bit.
Now he had her ass in perfect position.
Lauren felt his final thrust push the full length of his cock inside her ass.
She felt his cock bush scraping against her asscheeks.
She felt his heavy balls bouncing against her cunt.
She moaned and bit her lips as he continued fucking her.
Jim gazed down at the base of his cock pressing against her stretched asshole. He had all of his cock inside her ass now and he felt her shitter begin to open up. Her ass was still tight, like a hot glove around his cock. But he could move in and out with more freedom and his pleasure was intense.
He told himself it was a good lesson for her. He gripped her waist with his hands and began fucking her ass in earnest.
He felt his balls rub against her wet cunt at the end of each thrust. He grunted as he fucked her ass. He craned his neck to watch his cockshaft sliding in and out of her gaping asshole. He could see traces of blood and streaks of brown on his cockshaft and it made him wild with lust.
Now Lauren was surprised as the pain suddenly vanished. At the moment she was certain she couldn’t bear any more, the pain was suddenly gone.
Now it was the humiliation that made her desperate. Being fucked like a dog, fucked up the ass like a helpless dog.
How could Jim do this to her? How could he treat her like a dog?
But something was happening to her body now. At first it was just a tingling sensation. Then it grew. Her cunt itched and her nipples popped out. A fire began in her crotch. She was getting hot from the assfucking.
She didn’t understand it. She was beginning to enjoy what Jim was doing to her. Did she really like being fucked in the ass?
Then she screamed out in protest. “No, I don’t want it!”
She refused to go on with it. She could feel her cunt responding but she didn’t want it. She hung there on the verge of a climax, and then finally she went over and she made it. A wild overwhelming orgasm. Even her nipples seemed to explode. Her asshole rhythmically contracted around Jim’s sliding cock. She felt as though her body was coming apart.
Jim could feel her ass gripping his cock and he understood she might be having an orgasm. The idea excited him. Then her ass began milking his cock and now he was sure she was making it.
His balls ached, and in a moment he groaned and began shooting off.
Lauren gasped when she felt his hot jism spurting inside her ass. She had another climax and she hated herself for it.
Jim speared her ass with his prick. He was relaxed on top of her now. He couldn’t remember ever coming so hard. He felt completely drained.
Lauren moved and managed to pull herself out from under his. His cock slid out of her ass with an audible slurping sound. She shuddered as the noise reminded her of what he’d done to her.
“Oh, you bastard,” she said.
He grabbed her arm and yanked her to a sitting position on the floor beside the sofa.
“We’re not through yet,” he said.
“Let me go!”
He jerked her around to get her face in his crotch. “Eat my cock!”
“Go to hell!”
But he made her do it. She finally started sucking his cock to get it clean.
Jim watched her. He was pleased. He thought she always looked so lovely with a cock in her mouth.
Lauren sucked and slurped over his spent prick, and soon she was moaning around it as she realized with dismay she was getting turned on again.
I hate him, she thought. I really do hate him.

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