We become swingers 2.
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I couldn’t move for a moment as I looked up at Peter.
(By the way, Peter looks just like Chuck Norris to me,
except his hair is a reddish-blonde color and he’s
much younger. He even wears a closely cropped beard
just like Norris.) Then I realized that I had my boy-
friend’s erect cock in my hand and that I was kneeling
in front of him, *and Peter was looking at me doing
it*! My face went scarlet and I jumped up and grabbed
my robe again. Jeff pulled his pants up and I could see he was embar-
rassed too. But he didn’t say anything, he just handed
Peter the phone. “Hey Carmen, you were right about Kristen! She was
already making it up to Jeff!” He looked at me and said, “Carmen was telling Jeff
that you would probably do something nice for him. And
that he owed her one. But how nice I could only have
guessed.” He was beaming at me, as I stood mortified
and speechless. Then Jeff said, “It does sound interesting. Carmen
makes the whole thing sound rather appealing. Kristen,
I’d be willing to try it if you are, sweetheart.” I couldn’t help it, I just stood there in silent shock,
wondering what Carmen had been saying to him to get
Jeff to even consider swapping. Did he know what he
was saying? I could understand him wanting Carmen,
men are like that, and I accept that, but what I
couldn’t understand was that he wouldn’t mind me doing
it with Peter. All of a sudden, I didn’t think swinging was all that
sexy any more. I was afraid that things had progressed
beyond my understanding and I had no idea what to say
or do. I just stood there trembling in confusion. Then Carmen was at the door. Without a word, she walked
over to Jeff, but as she passed me she gently pulled
the robe that I was clasping to my chest out of my
grip, trailing it behind her, then dropping it to the
floor as she stood close up to Jeff. I stood there self-conscious as Peter eyed me from the
doorway. Brazenly, Carmen popped the one fastened button on
Jeff’s jeans and lowered her whole body to a kneeling
position as she pulled his pants down. I watched fas-
cinated as Jeff’s wonderful manly cock bounced out
into the open again. I had a twinge of shocked
jealousy when Carmen immediately went down on him. But my jealously quickly gave way to amazement as I
watched her take his whole length into her throat. She
was bobbing her head forward and backward faster than
I’d imagined possible. I have never been able to take
Jeff’s whole length into my mouth, and was fascinated
by Carmen’s technique. I knew that I would have to get
her to tell me how she did that. Jeff stood there in the middle of the room with his
pants down around his ankles, his head bent back, eyes
closed, groaning… as Carmen worked on him. It was
obvious to me that Jeff wasn’t going to protest. I
still was confused, I didn’t think that I wanted to
have sex with Peter, but how could I refuse? Then Carmen stopped bobbing her head over Jeff’s cock.
Quickly she stood up and led him over to the bed. Jeff
looked like a naughty little boy as he shuffled over to
the bed with his pants down around his ankles. She asked Jeff to sit down then she pulled his pants
off, and then she removed his shirt, rubbing the palms
of her hands along his smooth chest muscles. I could
tell that Carmen was impressed with Jeff’s body. For some reason I looked over at Peter. (I had seen
Peter and Carmen’s swinger profile with picture of
them making it doggy style on the Internet, and he
was no slouch even at 36.) But I couldn’t help com-
paring his body with Jeff’s 27 year-old perfect one. I’m so used to Jeff’s body, and feel comfortable doing
anything I want to with it. But here was a strange man,
standing close to me with the obvious intention of
fucking me as soon as I would let him. And even though
he wasn’t as handsome as Jeff, the thought of having
sex with him excited me intensely. I wondered what he’d
be like, how he’d feel in me. I was frightened again at that thought. Did I want to
go through with this? Then I realized that Carmen was
calling my name. “Kristen, come here please.” Looking at them; Jeff sprawled on the bed with Carmen’s
completely naked body straddling his left thigh, I did-
n’t know what to do. I was still in shock at what was
happening, so I just followed Carmen’s instructions and
went over to them. Carmen took my hand and pulled me down on the other
side of Jeff’s body. He was still laying back with his
eyes closed. I could see Carmen’s saliva glistening on
the skin of his rigid cock. I wondered for a moment how
he’d held out for so long under this intense stimula-
tion. Maybe he was as nervous as I was, or maybe he’d
been jerking himself off all week while he was away.
(What a waste!) Carmen’s voice brought me back to the real world as
she asked. “What did you think about my technique,
Kristen?” “I kept wondering how you could take him so deeply.
I couldn’t take that much in a million years,” I an-
swered, feeling very intimidated. “Watch closely and I’ll show you.” She bent over Jeff again and effortlessly took his
erect cock to the hilt, then began to pump him in and
out with apparent ease, making him groan again, thrash-
ing his head from side-to- side in ecstasy. I was majorly turned-on watching my running partner
and current best girlfriend sucking on my boyfriend’s
big cock. Almost without thinking I asked, “Teach me, please…” Carmen pulled her mouth off Jeff’s now raging hardon
with a wet popping sound sending it slapping against
his belly. Licking her lips Carmen said. “The trick
is to start slowly, pushing the head against the back
of you throat a little more each time. And try to keep
your mouth and throat in straight alignment so his
penis can slip through into your throat. Believe me,
once you get used to it, it’s easy! I was just about to try that when Peter gently pushed
me to one side and knelt between Jeff’s open legs.
Carmen said, “Watch this and you’ll see exactly what
I mean.” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing… I had never
even in my wildest dreams imagined something like this
happening! Peter took Jeff’s cock in his hand and fed
it into his mouth. I watched in fascinated horror as
my boyfriend’s cock disappeared to the hilt between
Peter’s lips. I was still sputtering when he, just
like Carmen, began to pump Jeff’s cock in and out of
his throat. Peter bobbed his head faster and faster over Jeff’s
cock; Jeff lay on the bed thrashing more and more as
he began to reach his edge. I just lay there watching,
not quite believing that this was happening. What would Jeff say when he found out that it wasn’t
Carmen sucking on his dick, but Peter instead? God, I
was really nervous now watching as Jeff began to moan
that he was coming. Then he looked at his bj companion.
(Jeff likes to watch as he comes, and habits are hard
to break.) I thought he would explode a blood vessel. One moment
he was thrashing around thinking how sexy it was going
to be to watch Carmen eat his sperm, then the next he
was coming into a man’s mouth. His face went bright
red, but he couldn’t help himself; he was coming and
couldn’t stop. Also Peter knew what he was doing, and
milked my boyfriend of every last drop before letting
his orgasm stop. It seemed like everything was super-quiet for a moment.
All I could hear was Jeff’s ragged breathing. Then
Carmen took something slimy looking and slipped it over
Jeff’s cock and climbed up on top of him. I don’t think he could have stopped her if he’d wanted
to, but I would have if she hadn’t used protection. (I
found out later that the slimy looking thing she had
put on Jeff was what is called “Lamb’s Skin” an intes-
tine or something like that from a sheep. The advantage
of it is that it doesn’t bind-up like a regular rubber.
Neither partner can even feel that it’s there. I never
knew something like that existed.) Carmen wasted no time in fumbling around, she simply
positioned Jeff’s cock at her opening and sank down on
him and began to ride him slowly, as I watched. Then I felt Peter’s hand on my leg. I rolled over to
see him standing over me. He had stripped and was look-
ing at me with lust in his eyes. They seemed so deep
and sensitive, like the eyes of some all-knowing being.
I was so horny now that I wished Jeff could take me. I looked over at Jeff and he was reaching up to take
Carmen’s breasts into his hands, squeezing them. I
could tell he wasn’t even aware of Peter and me. I had
a momentary pang of jealousy again at the thought of
the pleasure Carmen was having with my man. Then I looked back at Peter and realized that this was
it. Either I stopped things now, or I didn’t. As if in slow-motion, I watched Peter pull out another
one of those slimy things and drape it loosely over his
rather interesting erection. I noticed just before he
covered it that his cockhead was unusually large. I
mean like twice the size I’m used to. The length and
girth were normal enough, but that cockhead was
interesting. I wished that I had more time in inspect
it, but knew that he was ready. Looking at Peter’s unusual cock I began to imagine what
it would feel like. I noticed his tight stomach and
knotted thighs, and wondered how his body would feel
against mine. I was horny and wanted to have Peter fuck
me. I remember that I was surprised by that thought. So I ended up lying beside my boyfriend Jeff on the
bed getting fucked by my neighbor Peter while his wife
Carmen was riding Jeff for all she was worth! It seemed almost funny to me as Peter moved up between
my legs. Here I am, a very careful person in real life.
I take superb care of my body, and have always been an
assertive individual, and here I am letting Carmen fuck
my boyfriend right in front of me, and I am about to be
mounted by her husband! It was just like she and Peter
had wanted, just like they had planned. It was hyster-
ical. I was hysterical; I couldn’t move as that fat-headed
cock moved between my legs. I looked down at our bodies
to see what he was doing. I could feel his cock press-
ing against my opening, but at that angle, I couldn’t
actually see him doing it. Then all of a sudden, I felt him push into me. That
big cockhead rippled down into me. I could actually
feel it passing along the interior walls of my vaginal
canal. It was strange, and stimulating. Then he was
pulling back out, and whoosh, back in again. I felt
the same rippling effect as he plunged deeply into me. Then he was humping away at me, and that big fat cock-
head was making me crazy. It itched itches I didn’t
even know I had. I’ve never felt a cock like that be-
fore and it was wonderful! Peter plunged into me with
abandon, and soon I was thrusting back at him like a
banshee, my legs wrapped tightly around his heaving
bottom. We were growling and groaning, whimpering and screaming
as we thrust at each other. Finally, I felt Peter shove
himself as deeply as he could into me, and that huge
cockhead of his expanded and contracted as he pumped
his hot sperm into me. I could feel it expand and con-
tract with each gush, and it felt wonderful. In fact, it felt so good that I couldn’t hold out any
longer and I came on his rigid pole in gasping spasms
that made my whole body shiver. I knew what I must
look like, but my body kept jerking out of control
under his as I wantonly called out his name, “Fuck me
Peter! Come in me Peter! God, I love you Peter…” (I
blush at those words now, and plan to make it up to
Jeff *very* soon.) Even in the middle of my wild
orgasm, I realized that I had lost control, and looked
over at Jeff and Carmen. Carmen was in no pain, she was riding Jeff’s cock like
a cowgirl at a rodeo, Jeff was looking over at me as I
came on Peter’s cock. His blue eyes looked darker than
I remembered them, he looked at me with a strange ex-
pression, then as my spasms began to slow, Jeff’s eyes
became unfocused and his handsome face screwed up; I
could tell he was emptying himself into my friend. Later, I found out that Carmen had already come, but
was enjoying bringing Jeff off a second time, and was
more than willing to do it again if we would let her.
I thanked her, but declined the offer. I felt that
some repair to our relationship was in order, and
after saying good night and bundling our sex partners
out the door, I turned back to my lover expecting him
to rebuke me. But Jeffrey surprised me again. He said with real enthusiasm, “Baby, you looked so hot
with Peter making you crazy, you could have brought me
off if I’d just been laying there! I just couldn’t be-
lieve how sex-crazed you were!” I looked at Jeff’s handsome Nordic features and smiled
weakly back at him. “Sweety, I’m a little embarrassed
by this whole thing, I still can’t believe we did it.” “Yeah, I know what you mean Kristen, but you have to
admit it was some great sex. And I for one, wouldn’t
mind doing it again!” -=*=- “Men! Here I am shaken and unsure, and Jeff’s already
talking about doing it again. Can’t live with them,
can’t live without them!” -=*=- Speaking of men! I want to give my most heart-felt
thanks to Professor “Stephen” – for without his expert
proofing, this story would be less than it is.

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