Quick and Dirty
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Michelle is a natural blonde. Beautiful, long curly hair. I had seen
her naked for years, usually during bath time when we were growing up. She
got shy about being nude around me not long after she turned ten.

Her shy period didn’t last that long. After a year of not seeing her
little hairless slit, I found out what it felt like, when we started
playing with each other’s bodies. It was just a matter of time before
things went further.

She tiptoed into my bedroom one night, after she made sure our parents
had gone to sleep. ‘Chelle was wearing a thin little Hello Kitty t-shirt,
and the tiniest pair of pink panties she had. She climbed on my bed and
straddled me, pulling off her t-shirt. She thrust out her little A-cups,
waiting for my hands to touch them.

I massaged them for only a moment, enough to feel her baby nipples start
to harden. Then I trailed my fingers down to her waist, where her tiny
pink panties were waiting. This was what I really wanted. I gently pulled
her undies down around her butt as best as I could, and instantly reached
for her little slot. Michelle’s little snatch smelled light; it sort of
reminded me of fresh-cut cucumbers, with just a tiny hint of pee.

“Mmm, Evan, feels so good,” she moaned as I rubbed her clit. I could
feel the new little crop of fine hair on her mound. I rolled her over on
her back and finished removing her panties. She pinched her tiny pink
nipples as I got between her spread legs. She knew what was going to
happen now, since I knew her school friends had introduced her to porn
videos. I had peeked into her room from time to time while she was
watching some; I knew my little ‘Chelle was fascinated by creampie vids.

I rubbed my dick along her slit. Dry on the outside, but so wet when I
spread her lips apart. “Ooohh, mmm, ohgod.” Michelle’s body twiched hard
with anticipation. She raised her legs up high, letting me know what she

The head of my cock found its rightful place at the opening of her
vulva. I pushed in, loving the sound of her squeal with pain and pleasure
as I popped her cherry and started pistoning in and out of her sweet,
slippery hole.

My sis begged me to go slow, adjusting to my cock in her, slick with her
virgin blood. After a few minutes, she got into it. Slow at first; I was
amazed at how enthusiastic she was. “Mmm, Evan, cum in me,” Michelle
begged me, staring at me with her pale blue eyes. ‘Chelle’s raw,
already-tight vagina closed around me as I started thrusting. I couldn’t
deny her request.

“Hahh, hah – mmmGOD, ahahahh, hah, hah,” my sister gasped as I
plunged my cock into her deepest recesses. The scent of our sex was
strong; it was definitely not as fresh and clean as I remembered us
smelling before.

“Like it, ‘Chelle? OOHHHhh, ohmygod, sis,” I moaned as I admired the
sight of my dick dissappearing inside her tight cunt.

“Oh God, Evan – haahaahh, mmmyeah. I love it!” Michelle pulled on her
thick blonde hair. I started pumping into her harder. Our slick,
squishing, slapping fuck sounds were loud; I’m surprised our parents didn’t
hear it.

‘Chelle slapped the soles of her feet on the back of my shins as she
came, arching her back. Her little heaven convulsed, and I rammed my dick
home hard, balls deep. So fucking amazing; my spurts of jizz filled her up
in my final, shallow thrusts. She wrapped her skinny legs around my waist;
I sunk into her a little deeper, and I could feel our combined wetness
sliding around my cock.

“AHH! AH AH AH AH! Ohhhhhh my fuckin’ GOD, Evan,” Michelle gasped as
she shuddered with another orgasm. THAT should’ve woken up mommy and
daddy, but it didn’t happen, thank god.

I inhaled the scent of our fucking as I finished shooting my load inside
her tiny pussy. Combined with the fresh scent of the fabric softener our
mom used on everything, the light, cucumber-y smell of ‘Chelle’s
vagina and the musk of everything else, the room was filled
with a memorable scent. Yes, I could tell every distinct smell apart; it’s
a blessing and a curse. That’s for another time. Anyway…

I rolled back over so she was on top of me again, my softening wet rod
easily slipping out of her. My baby sis covered my face with long, soft
kisses, her blonde curls spilling around my head. We cuddled together and
eventually fell asleep. She managed to wake up and go back to her room
before the sun came up, so our parents didn’t catch us.

This was only the start of our nights together. After that, we fucked
any chance we got, eventually in every room of the house. It always ended
with my cum in or on her.

Two years after our first time, ‘Chelle finally hit the fertility
lottery, so to speak. As you might expect, I got her pregnant without
knowing it. The conception actually might have happened in our parents’
bed while they were out to dinner. We were fucking so often, it was hard
to say. Around that time, I was getting ready to go to college.

She had our girl she named Sarah, after our mother.
Michelle refused to tell who the father was. Sarah looked a lot like
Michelle, but If anyone looked close enough, you could see she had my eyes
and smile.

Dad kicked ‘Chelle out of the house and disowned her. I was nineteen at
the time, in the state University. I secretly supported my girls with odd
jobs until I could get a decent, steady job. Michelle and Sarah lived with
friends in my new town until I could get us a place of our own. Mom would
also help us when she could, sneaking around dad’s attention. I wonder if
mom would’ve helped if she knew I was the father of her granddaughter.
Meanwhile, Michelle and I got together for sex any chance we could; she was
now on the pill.

Now I’m twenty-one, Michelle is 20 and pregnant with our second
baby – another girl, we just found out. We’ve since moved to another

I have no desire to have sex with my daughters; just my sister. ‘Chelle
is the love of my life. We’re a happy, healthy family, living far away
from our old home. We just don’t tell anyone how old Michelle is, or that
we’re a brother and sister pair who fuck a lot. To the rest of the world,
we’re just ordinary people.

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