Pleasure and desire pulsated throughout her body
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She’d had a good night’s sleep and was now awakening. Drifting, alone with
her dream, slowly reaching consciousness once more. She smiled as her dream
faded and reality started to return.

`I wonder what will happen today. Hopefully I won’t be rushed off my feet at
work,’ she thought to herself as she snuggled into her pillow again.

Her peace was suddenly shattered `Damn! The alarm clock hasn’t gone off!’
She looked at the clock with bewilderment. `I’m late!’ Shooting out of bed,
she grabbed her clothes and rushed into her bathroom. As she started to
splatter water on her face, it suddenly dawned to her that it was Saturday!
Saturday, she could spend the whole day in bed if she wanted to.

It had been a strange week. Her boyfriend had said that he was going to be
working away from home for a few months. Oh, there was the phone and other
ways to stay in contact with him but that wasn’t the same. He might forget
her or even worse, find someone else. The evenings were going to be
unbearably quiet now. You could only watch so much television and quite
honestly, the programmes just lately hadn’t done much to inspire her.

Maybe she should take up a hobby. She wasn’t really someone who could do
that though as she got bored with things very quickly. Evening classes
didn’t even sound scintillating. No, she was going to have to find some
other way of using up her time.

She dried her face and went into the kitchen to make herself a drink which
she decided to take back to bed. `I’ve got a whole weekend ahead of me, with
nothing much to do.’ On the way back to her bedroom, she paused by the front
door to pick up the mail, which the postman had delivered earlier that

She noticed a blue envelope with familiar writing on it. Resisting the
temptation to read it there and then, she went back to bed, pulled the
covers over herself and took a sip from her mug of coffee before putting it
down on the bedside cabinet. Placing the other mail to one side, she tore
open the blue envelope.

`It’s from him! I know it!’

Her heart leapt. Her loneliness and coffee forgotten – she lay back against
her pillow and began to read.

`The loving words – the sexy phrases – made her miss him even more. At the
same time though, they seemed to comfort her and bring him closer to her.
She giggled at his jokes and chuckled at his spelling mistakes.

`Oh my love, I miss you,’ she thought to herself, `My perfect guy – if only
you were here.’

She re-read his letter. She imagined him lying beside her, stroking his body
as he kissed her. Her aching slowly got worse. She wanted to feel his
touch. Those gentle strokes along her body, touching her in her most
intimate spots which only he knew. She sighed. There was only one thing she
could do.

She reached for her vibrator from the bedside cabinet. She ran it along her
body, lightly stroking her naked flesh, before letting it settle on her
breasts. She traced the vibrator around her nipples – enjoying the tingling
sensation – as they began to harden. She pinched her nipples gently with her
fingers and was amazed to find how much bigger and harder they had become.

Reminiscing about her lover, she moved the vibrator down her silky skin, and
paused at her tummy button briefly before continuing. She ran it over her
thighs before parting her legs. The vibrator stimulated her lips. Her juices
began to flow. She murmured to herself, “Take your time, make it last.”
Another voice nagged inside her, “But it’s been so long.”

Reaching for her duo-balls, she pushed one inside her, coating it with her
juice. When she felt it was in place, she slid the other one in and started
to rock her hips. Her muscles clenched the balls as she felt their rhythmic

She reached for her vibrator again and began to run it along her slit –
pausing as she reached her clit, which was now beginning to swell. Her
wetness increased. Her muscles tightened and then relaxed before clenching
the balls again. She moaned with pleasure. Her movements increased as she
felt the butterflies flutter deep inside her.

Without further hesitation, she stroked her clit with her vibrator. She
groaned. Her muscles spasmed. The balls bounced. She felt her climax rising
from deep depths. Pleasure and desire pulsated throughout her body. She lost
all control as it peaked.

Finally rolling over, she kissed her letter, knowing the sender would have
enjoyed it just as much as her. More importantly, she knew how she was going
to spend her time.

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