Dirty Shorts – Marilee and Cecilia
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My wife, Jeanne, was as good a wife as a man could
hope for. We fell in love with each other in high
school and were married when we graduated college. We
had two kids, a boy and a girl. Together, we raised
them to adulthood. Now both are married with families
of their own.

My son lives in Colorado, my daughter in California.
We stay in touch and get together for a few days every
year. This year’s get together was not a happy one.
Jeanne died of a cancer that was discovered too late.
We were just about to celebrate our fifty-fifth
birthdays. Our birthdays are just a week apart. Jeanne
was the oldest.

We had a lot of life insurance on each other. Each of
my kids and I shared the three million dollar benefit
with some of Jeanne’s favorite charities. I was
devastated by my loss and retired as a vice-president
of the company I worked for since graduation.

Both kids wanted me to sell the house and move in with
them. But I refused. All I really have left of Jeanne
is our home where I intend to spend the rest of my

After two weeks of mutual comfort, the kids returned
to their homes. I would have felt very lonely except
for the Thompsons. Henry and Michelle moved next door
the year before. They were so young, in the mid-
twenties I guessed.

They were very kind to me, frequently inviting me for
supper and to come over to watch sports or a movie on
their large screen TV; especially on weekends. During
the summer we went over to each other’s place for
barbecues or went to our favorite park for a picnic.

Jeanne and I had learned that they both came from the
South and had similar feelings of loneliness of living
far from their families. We became each other’s
family. They became even more like family after
Jeanne’s parting.

Henry was a handsome guy and very ambitions.
Personally I thought he worked too hard, with many
late hours and consequently frequently left his young
wife alone. She and I became good friends since we
both were two lonely souls that desired companionship.

Marilee was a bit of a flirty type and quite lovely to
look at; with long wavy blonde hair down to the middle
of her back, with green, almond shaped eyes and a
large mouth. Mind you, I did not say she had a big
mouth, but a sensuous mouth with full lips.

She also had a nice willowy figure, with the breasts
of a young teenager. I don’t suppose she was over five
foot four in her bare feet. She was very easy on the
eyes. I wasn’t interested in making her, but felt
about her as I did as my own daughter before she moved

Marilee was sweet and caring. She always tried to be
helpful and she usually succeeded in a graceful way.
Last spring we began to help each other work in our
gardens. She had a lot to learn about northern

When the weather was chill, she always made us a cup
of tea. As the weather warmed into the summer and the
gardens only required a little bit of care, we would
sit in my screened back porch and drink iced tea or
lemonade that she made from scratch. She brought over
a pitcher almost every day. I supplied the little
cakes and cookies.

Recently she began to ask me questions about my two
kids. “Were they smart?”

I smiled as a memory rolled through my brain and said,
“Yes, I think they were. They both earned scholarships
and always made the dean’s list. How about you? Were
you smart in school?

She shook her head and her hair swirled about her
face. “Not exactly, I barely made it through high
school. I liked taking French and Literature classes,
but was terrible in Math and Science. Did they get
into much trouble?”

I laughed and said, “Just the usual stuff that kids
do. Jeanne fussed with Eileen when Eileen could wear
makeup. Jeanne said when she had to wait until sixteen
and Eileen wanted to wear lipstick when she was
thirteen. It was a constant battle for about three
months. They finally agreed Eileen could wear lipstick
if she had a date with a boy after she turned fourteen
and full makeup when she was sixteen. We grounded her
for a month when we learned she went to Make Out Point
when she was only fifteen. Oh, and she had one hair
pulling fight when she was a junior. What about you,
did you get into much trouble?”

“Mother always said I was a handful, but I only got
into trouble twice. I was caught when I shoplifted on
a dare. Father was really angry. I couldn’t sit down
for a week. The other time was when I came home from
school and had no panties on. I was spanked every
night for the next three nights and grounded for
weeks. Did you spank your children when they were

“No, Jeanne and I agreed that groundings and loss of
privileges worked well enough.”

When she went home, I wondered about that
conversation. The next day she came over and we had a
late breakfast in my screened in porch. I’m still not
sure how the conversation got to where it did. She
told me that Henry spanked her if she did something
that he didn’t appreciate.

I commiserated with her and said that must have been
embarrassing. She said in return, “Not really, I guess
I deserved it. I can be quite naughty at times. When
I’m real bad, he makes me go into the yard and cut a

Then she dropped the bomb on me. She pulled up her
skirt and bent over to show me the marks on her ass. I
didn’t know what to say or do. In my stupefaction I
asked, “Where are your panties?”

“I’m not allowed to wear any the next day when I get
the switch.”

“But that’s horrible. It is abusive. You could have
your husband arrested.”

“Oh, I never would do that. He punishes me because he
loves me and I love him. Do you know that I would love
you as if you were my father? If I was naughty, you
could spank me. It would make me feel better if you

I spilled my coffee on hearing that. I didn’t know
what to say or do, so I changed the topic and talked
about her vegetable garden. After a while she went
home. I wished Jeanne was here. She would have known
what to do.


I didn’t see Marilee the next two days and I felt
relieved although was uncertain as to why I should.
But my relief didn’t last long. Monday she came over
wearing a cute costume. When I saw her coming I
guessed she was going to a party later and wanted to
show it to me. It was a sexy schoolgirl uniform.

It consisted of a white front button blouse with a
small royal blue tie, a red plain mini skirt that
barely covered her privates, traditional plain white
knee high socks and non-traditional high heels. I
admired the outfit before I notice the unhappy face
she wore. Concerned, I asked, “Marilee, what is the

“Oh, Daddy, I was really naughty in school today. I’m
sorry, but I guess you must give me a good spanking.”

I lurched in my chair and said, “What?” I realized
that wasn’t the most brilliant utterance. I’d come to
notice she’d call me Daddy at times and I also
recalled her conversation a couple of days earlier. I
decided this must be some kind of weird age play she
wanted. “Okay, you know what to do.”

She nodded, reached under the tiny skirt and pulled
her white panties down to her knees, tucked the back
on her skirt into her waistband and lay across my
knees. I playfully slapped her cute ass cheeks a
couple of times. “No Daddy, spank me hard like you
always do.”

I wondered about that. Did Henry spank her or did her
father spank her. I did as she asked and gave her a
good, firm spanking. Soon she began to cry, “I’m sorry
Daddy. I promise to be good. Oh, Daddy, it hurts. She
also began to alternately kick up her legs while her
hands tightly gripped my ankles.

I watched as her nearly white cheeks turned pink, then
rose and finally deep red. I paused and rested my hand
on each cheek. She skin was burning. I stopped and
said, “There, I hope you learned your lesson. Now go
stand in the corner until I say otherwise.”

She promptly went to the corner, put her nose against
the wall corner joints and put her hands behind her
back. Her skirt was still tucked up and her ass was
bright red. I went to the bathroom medicine cabinet
and grabbed a tube of first aid cream. After letting
her stand for forty-five minutes, I said, “Alright,
come over here.”

I sat down and motioned her to lie over my knees and I
swore I saw her smile. As gentle as I could, I applied
the cr�me to her cheeks and helped her stand up. With
a smile of my own and maintaining the role, I said,
“There. I hope you appreciate that I did that in hopes
you will behave. What do you have to say for

“I promise to be your good girl, Daddy.”

Then she had another surprise for me. She fell to her
knees, undid my jeans and fished out my cock. It was
more than half hard. Before I could think of what to
say, she had her lips around my cock and began to suck
like it was a candy cane.

It didn’t take long for me to get a woody. Not that I
would know what a professional might do, but she
sucked me the way I think a pro would. I got the best
orgasm since the last time Jeanne and I had sex.

She swallowed it all, nearly two years’ worth, without
losing a drop. She sucked me dry before she licked me
clean. I was thinking it was a good thing I showered
that morning.

However, she wasn’t finished. She kept licking,
stroking and sucking me until I was nearly hard again.
Then she got off her knees, went to bend over the
kitchen table. She turned her head to look back at me
and said, “I’m ready to be fucked Daddy, nice and wet
for you.”

I figured in for a dime, go in for a dollar. I got
behind her, dropped my pants and founded her opening.
I slid right in because of her lubrication. She wasn’t
exactly tight as a virgin, but she wasn’t especially
loose either. She was as good a fuck as she was a

Her vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched on my
cock. I was balls deep in her when I pushed in. She
wiggled her hips and made little noises. I kept
humping her and went a bit faster every couple of
humps. I wasn’t going to cum too quickly after that

I hopefully waited for her to cum. I managed to hold
out because it didn’t take her very long. It was a
noisy orgasm and she had a couple of more before I
loosed my load in her womb. Then I realized I went

She was busy using a couple of fingers to clean up by
excess. She licked her fingers clean while happily
grinning at me. When done she kissed my cheek and
said, “Thank you so much, Daddy. You really know how
to punish your little girl. I have to go now.”

She blew me a kiss and went out the door. I couldn’t
think of a thing to say. I must have stood there for
five or six minutes before I cleaned myself in the
bathroom. Made myself a cup of strong tea and drank it
while I sat in the porch and listened to the birds


She came over the next day in her normal clothes. She
told me she had an IUD. Then she told me that her
actual father used to treat her in that manner so
often that she came to like it and begged me to do it
whenever she needed it. I agreed, what the hay, she
was a terrific cocksucker and a great lay.

I soon learned she was even better on the sofa, floor
or my bed. She came over about once a week in her
costume, but I fucked her once or twice a week without
the role play. I began to really enjoy my retirement.

A couple of months later, my pleasure was doubled. She
brought a friend over who came from the same neck of
the woods down south that Marilee came from. Her name
was Cecilia. She was bit meatier than Marilee, had
long black hair and large, luminous black eyes and
full lips.

Cecilia sometimes came over alone in costume for the
same full treatment of spanking, blow job and a good
fucking. She was every bit as good as Marilee. On a
few occasions they came together. Together they wore
me out completely but happily.

Another difference was that Cecilia would act like she
was fourteen or fifteen when in costume. I didn’t
care. She was a cute teenager. Between the two gals, I
had a great sex four or five times a week, but never
on the weekend. I just hoped that their husbands
didn’t get a transfer before my cock began to fail.

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