Fuck her like she’s never been fucked before
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The room was quite spartan – white, painted walls dotted here and there with a few old picture frames, a frosted glass window and, strangely, what appeared to be some sort of clear polythene sheeting, covering an old worn carpet. Lastly, 2 worn looking armchairs were just visible to the right and left of the scene that was revealing itself to my puzzled gaze.
‘What is this?’ I thought to myself. I didn’t recognise the room. It certainly wasn’t a video I could recall taking!
The disc had been in a blank box; on it, just a date in black permanent marker, ’12.03.02’. I’d found it earlier, hidden amongst some old clothes of Ellen’s at the back of a drawer in the unit in our spare bedroom, whilst preparing to redecorate. It would still be there, if I hadn’t been forced to empty said drawer in order to make that particular item of furniture easier, because lighter, to move. The redecoration was going to be a surprise for Ellen, my wife of 10 years, when she returned from the week’s break with her friend Stacey, who lived in Edinburgh. I had been promising to do it for ages, and now, to show just how much I appreciated her and missed her when she was away; I had determined to do it. However, upon discovering the aforementioned D.V.D. and with curiosity, aroused, I resolved to pause for just a few minutes to see what exactly was on it.
The scene remained undisturbed for about half a minute and I was just about to ‘fast forward’, when a tall, muscular man, holding a can of beer, stepped into the shot, wearing just a pair of somewhat stained underpants. He was heavily tattooed, with a huge satanic like figure covering his exposed back. As he moved, his feet stuck to the sheeting causing it to lift slightly with every step.
He was closely followed by a second man, this one older and slightly shorter but vastly overweight and hirsute. He too was clad in only underpants and his belly flopped obscenely over the waistband. His legs were thick, like tree trunks and as he moved to sit on the left hand armchair, he turned to reveal a ruddy cheeked, unshaven and particularly oily skinned face. His hair too, what little there was of it, was lank and greasy.
The first man then followed suit and sat in the other chair, revealing more of himself to the camera. Short cropped hair topped his chiselled face, which had a long scar running from just below his left eye down to his upper lip. As he settled into his chair, his left hand disappeared into his pants and he began to squeeze and stroke his already hardening cock.
‘What the fuck is this?’ I said to myself, whereupon, quite inexplicably, my mind returned to that date written on the case.
We had been married for just over a year then, and, as I remember, Ellen had been a little depressed, putting a temporary stop to what had been, up to then, a healthy sex life. Then too, she had spent a few days away with Stacey and on her return, after a week, she was back to her normal self…..
My reverie was interrupted by a gruff Scottish voice emanating from the screen saying,’ How old is she?’
It was the younger man from the video and as he finished speaking, he burped loudly and took another swig of beer.
‘Early thirties,’ was the response,’ It’s her first time though, so we probably can’t go too far today.’
‘Pity-but I s’pose we don’t wantae put her off. Slightly older than usual too, what’s the story, Chas?’ replied the first man.
‘No script – play it by ear!’ was the response.
‘Oh, I like that I’m really in the mood today. Wouldnae care if I didn’t get paid. Maybe see just how far we can take her. What d’ya say?’
‘Aye maybe, but the finish is in her hands….Ah here she is, Alex my man,’ and both men then turned towards the camera as a female figure appeared centre screen, with her back to the camera.
Chas, aggressively, was first to speak, ’Get over here, between our chairs and face the window. Don’t you dare look at us. Keep your fuckin’ head down!’
Her response was immediate and as she moved, both men began to squeeze their cocks through the fabric of their pants. When she reached the spot identified by the older man, her full figure could be seen. She was wearing a black dress cut just above the knee with a low cut back. Black stockings covered her shapely legs. Clearly they were stockings because the outline of the belt could be seen. Her hair was blonde and it must have been just over shoulder length, though it was hard to be certain as it was tied up neatly, revealing the sexiest of slender necks. On her feet was a pair of stiletto heeled shoes. This woman, whoever she was, was dressed for an elegant evening out, not a night in this rather seedy room.
‘Don’t you fuckin’ move a muscle or speak a fuckin’ word unless we tell you – got that?’ This time it was Alex.
‘Yes, Sir!’ was the obedient and somehow familiar sounding response. It was Ellen’s voice surely? My heart leapt into my throat!
‘Bend over at the waist and spread your legs. Keep your arms out in front of you!’ was the next order and once again the woman complied immediately.
‘But that couldn’t be Ellen,’ I thought seeking to compose myself, ‘she has much darker hair.’ My mind was a whirl of confusion and I decided to rewind back to the first appearance of the woman and study her more closely.
It seemed impossible, yet though the hips were more slender, the legs, waist and ass could certainly be hers. And that neck! Surely that was the same sexy, pale neck I had been kissing for the last 10 years? There was only one way to confirm my ever worsening fears. I had to watch more. With growing trepidation, I pressed play once again!
…..‘That’s it,Slut!’ sneered Alex, as, rising from his chair, he stepped towards the woman and, beer can in hand, began to pour the remaining contents over her head. There was a splutter as the woman sought to get her breath and clear the liquid from her nose, and the sound of splashing as some of the beer hit the polythene sheet. Both men laughed. Chas now straightened his left leg and pushed his foot up between her legs.
‘Hmmm a g-string, and, if I’m not mistaken, you’re already wet. You fuckin’ slut! Can’t wait for us to get going eh?’ he sneered. ‘Well, you don’t have to. Alex get the scissors from the table!’
This he did, leaving the shot only briefly, before returning with a pair of what looked like dress-making scissors. The camera zoomed in and, grinning lasciviously, he opened and shut them a few times making them click menacingly. Chas then stood up and moved to the woman’s left saying, ‘Straighten up, then turn and show your slutty face to the camera!’
As she did this, what little hope I had that I was wrong evaporated. It was my wife’s face. Younger of course – but hers nevertheless! I retched as my stomach revolted at the scene, and the realisation that my wife, the woman I loved, had been unfaithful – and in a most unbelievable way! Though to what lengths she had gone, I didn’t yet know. Indeed at that point I wasn’t prepared to bear witness to any more – and stopped the movie.
I sat for a long time. Confusion and chaos inside my head. What the fuck had she done? This was 10 years ago! How was it that I had no inkling?
I cried. I surged through emotions never before experienced – rage, betrayal, despair! We had enjoyed, for the most part, a very good sex life. Yes…….there had been occasions when her passion waned, of course there was – and these had…..I froze – unwilling to accept fully the realisation that was now dawning on me! These occasions had actually been quite regular. Ellen’s ‘depressions’ had actually recurred about 3 times every year. And 3 times every year she would spend a few days, sometimes even up to a week, with her greatest friend – Stacey! Crushed, I left the house and walked, hoping to gather further my thoughts!

The fresh air didn’t help – though what I expected it to do, I wasn’t sure. When I finally returned home some hours later, I was still unresolved as to what I was going to do! Was what had yet to unfold on that movie a one-off? Or was it the first of many? Had there been any before 2002? I needed her here, now! I needed to confront her! I wanted to hit her! If she had been here I probably would have! What the fuck was I going to do? There seemed no answer to my turmoil!
It was in this disturbed state of mind that I returned to our bedroom and sat on our bed, staring at the blank T.V. screen. Could I bear to watch the rest? Watch 2 strange men do…well, do what with… or should that be to, her? For, though Alex and Chas were clearly in charge on screen, the conversation before Jackie’s appearance certainly suggested that she was a willing play thing. How could she have allowed herself to be degraded like this? What had possessed her?
I pressed play once again…..
As I watched, Alex took her chin roughly and lifted her face, make up now smudged by the beer, to look straight at the camera. He squeezed and through gritted teeth snarled,’ I hope you’ve got something else to wear after we’ve finished, ‘cos we’re going to cut your clothes off now.’
With that the camera zoomed out to capture the action.
‘P’raps we should cut her hair off first, Chas. Whadd’ya think?’ and as he said it, Alex ran the blades of the scissors through Ellen’s hair. Her knees visibly weakened and she made as if to say something, yet didn’t.
The younger man then slipped the scissors down to the hem of her dress and began quickly to cut upwards. Soon her little panties, flat belly and black bra were exposed to view. Alex then cut through the straps, causing the material to fall to the floor.
‘My turn now!’ said Chas and taking the scissors, he slipped the blades underneath the left strap of her bra and snipped. This he repeated with the right strap and then, reaching around her back, he cut again and like her dress, the bra was gone!
‘Lovely tits!’ whispered Chas and simultaneously he teased her nipples with the tip of the blades. Ellen stopped breathing!
‘Panties next I think,’ continued Chas and then ‘snip, snip’ they too were gone, leaving her standing there only in stockings and shoes. Chas’ huge hand headed straight to her exposed cunt and he pushed 4 fingers roughly into her, making her squeal.
‘Shut the fuck up you slut!’ shouted Alex and as he said it he hit her hard on the ass! He hit her 4 times- each one harder than the last. The camera showed clearly the tears welling up in Jackie’s eyes – yet she stayed silent as ordered.
Chas now took the scissors and ran the opened scissor blades down each leg, tearing through the stockings. Up he came again and cut through the suspender belt. Finally, he bent down, cut through the straps of Ellen’s shoes and pulled them off. My wife was now completely naked in front of the brutal gaze of a camera and 2 rough, hard looking men.
With shock, I then became aware that my cock was hardening – I was becoming aroused by what I was watching. I wanted them to hurt her, degrade her too, just as by doing this, she was hurting and degrading me!
…….Alex spoke next, ‘On your knees, Slut!’ and without waiting, he pushed her down. ‘Look up!’ he continued.
Ellen obeyed, looking up at the 2 men wide-eyed. What followed saw Chas, grab her hair and pull her head right back, before releasing a long string of saliva directly towards my wife’s face. It dangled momentarily before pooling on her nose and running down her right cheek. Alex followed suit but his was spat violently into her eyes, which shut momentarily.
‘Don’t you dare shut your fuckin’ eyes! Open them and keep ‘em open!’
This she did. The 2 men followed up with 3 or 4 more mouthfuls of spit covering most of her face!
‘What a fuckin’ worthless piece of shit you are!’ Alex shouted at her. ‘You like having our spit all over your face don’t you?’ There was a pause,’ Well don’t you?’
‘Yes, Sir.’ and as she spoke, some of their mingled saliva oozed into her mouth.
‘Finger yourself you fucking whore!’ Chas this time, helping to maintain the tirade of verbal abuse. ’Finger yourself but don’t you dare cum!’
‘No, Slut…..not until we tell you! Chas I think I want to piss on her now. She can eat your asshole while I do!’ sneered Alex….
Now I knew the reason for the polythene sheeting!
…..Chas took Ellen by the neck and turned her side on to the camera, but not before giving 6 hard slaps to her tits.
‘Keep fuckin’ fingering yourself and don’t stop!’ ordered Alex.
Chas then pulled down his pants, bent slightly and then pushed his flabby ass into my wife’s face.’ Lick every fuckin’ bit of it and get your tongue inside!’ She plunged her tongue straight into his hole and to help her, he opened his cheeks wide. I could hear her practically purring as she slurped…she looked and sounded like she was enjoying this! She continued to rub her cunt too.
Alex now moved into position behind her and pulled out a semi erect cock from his pants. Pointing it at the back of Jackie’s head, he quickly began to spray a stream of rancid looking orange piss in short bursts all over her hair. The strong liquid ran in rivulets down her back before disappearing into the cleft between her ass cheeks. He stopped and commanded Ellen to stop.
‘Chas, sit on the chair. The slut can kneel between your legs and carry on. I want to piss all over her cunt!’
Positions were changed and as Chas sat and pulled back his legs, the camera zoomed in close to reveal fully his filthy looking distended asshole, dripping with Ellen’s saliva. With the camera so close it was easy too see the lust in my wife’s eyes.
‘Right, Slut – get your fuckin’ tongue in there and keep playing with your own cunt!’ ordered Alex, and to help, he pushed her head into Chas’ ass.
Then he told her to lower her back and push her own ass and cunt out, which she quickly did. He began again to spray, first her asshole and then her cunt with his orange piss. The camera captured clearly how each powerful spray opened the lips of her cunt. She continued to moan – enjoying, it seemed, this demeaning treatment to the full!
‘Chas, fart in the cunts face!’ urged Alex. There quickly followed an audible and long drawn out fart. As it sounded, there was an increased rubbing of Ellen’s cunt and an equally audible groan of pleasure from her lips.
‘I’m gonna be ready soon, Alex!’ grinned Chas.
‘Me too!’ replied Alex.
Ready for what? I wondered as I watched – now transfixed it seemed – at the sight of Ellen submitting to such degradation….
……On the screen, Alex finished pissing on Ellen and wiped the head of his cock in her hair. The polythene beneath her was covered in piss as, by now, was Ellen’s entire bottom half.
Chas now grabbed Ellen’s head and ordered her to lie down on her back on the piss covered polythene.
‘Keep fingering yourself, Slut! That’s it! Can you feel Alex’ piss all over your back and legs? You’re like a pig in shit aren’t you?’
‘Yes, Sir I am!’ was the almost breathless reply.
‘Right, now you’re gonna eat Alex’ asshole as he squats over your fuckin’ slutty face. I am going to piss all over your tits. When we’ve finished, your whole body will stink of our piss and we’ll send you back without washing. Every man you walk past will be able to smell our piss on you and they’ll know exactly what you are! ’ With that Alex straddled Ellen’s prone body and, having already taken off his pants, he pulled his cheeks wide apart and lowered his ass onto her face. As Ellen began to eat and suck on his hole, he started to rub his cock hard. Chas then, cock semi-erect stood over Ellen and began, like Alex earlier, to spray, in short powerful bursts, strong yellow piss over her tits. Much of it bounced off and it could be clearly heard splashing onto the polythene.
This continued for about a minute before Chas spoke again, ‘Pull your cunt open I want to piss all over it. In fact I want to piss in it! Do it….. now!’
Ellen stopped fingering herself and pulled at her lips. Chas moved closer and continued to piss in short bursts. Although her lips were forced open even more with each burst it wasn’t clear if any piss did get in. The sight though was so degrading! So filthy!
Chas’ stream of piss gradually started to wane and as it poured down her cunt and pubic hair it pooled in a large puddle beneath her. The smell must have been terrible and so strong was the urine of both men, that her skin must have been smarting and burning. Ellen though, seemed to show no discomfort, and all the time she had continued eating Alex’ asshole.
Chas then disappeared from view and as he did so, Alex lifted himself a little and ordered Ellen to stick out her tongue. The camera zoomed in closely. Alex then barked ‘Keep that tongue out!’ He then proceeded to lift his bulky frame up and down whilst allowing the camera to show Ellen’s tongue disappearing and re-appearing from inside his now very distended hole. She almost purred as he continued for a minute or so. All the while she fingered her cunt frantically. Finally, with the return of the younger Chas, Alex stood up and moved to the side.
‘You haven’t cum yet, Bitch have you?’ Chas demanded.
‘No, Sir!’ Ellen replied.
‘But you’re ready to now I’m sure!’ he continued, ‘Well Slut it’s almost time. Get up!’
Ellen obeyed and watched, wide – eyed, as Chas produced a large dildo with a suckered end. He then dipped the sucker into the pool of piss and, finding a dry patch of the polythene cover, stuck it firmly in place. I noticed that the camera had to re-adjust its focus, as, momentarily, the picture blurred.
‘Now, Slut get that whole thing in your cunt and start fucking it hard!’
Ellen moved to straddle the dildo. Both men watched lustfully as she lowered herself towards it. She opened her lips with the fingers of her left hand, grasped the dildo with her right hand and it then began to disappear into her wet cunt. The head was soon out of view and with just a few more up and down thrusts, she was sitting down on the full length and moaning….
She wasn’t it seemed going to fuck the men. She was staying faithful…at least in some form. Why the fuck then was she doing this at all? They had slapped her, spat on her, verbally abused her and pissed on her. Why not let them fuck her. What difference would it make. She couldn’t be more degraded could she?
My final question was soon answered….
Back on the screen Ellen was ordered by Chas to stop pumping herself on the dildo.
He then shouted, ‘Cup your hands together and hold them out in front of you!’
She complied. Alex, now completely naked, squatted his sweaty ass over her hands and –unbelievably to my watching eyes – began to push out a thick turd into Ellen’s waiting hands. It emerged slowly and the camera captured every moment in close up. There were audible farting noises as it continued to slide out, dark brown with strings of white mucus clinging to it. Ellen’s face wasn’t visible. What expression would it have shown?
Her hands remained steady as the shit finally exceeded it’s thickest part and curled itself into my wife’s hands. Alex’ asshole was seen to retract momentarily before another turd emerged and dropped into Ellen’s hands.
The camera zoomed out to show my wife sitting motionless on the dildo with both arms outstretched and an expression, not of revulsion but pleasure. She was gazing, with lust in her eyes, at the shit which filled her hands.
Chas now took off his pants and he too squatted his asshole over Ellen’s hands. ‘More coming,Slut! Don’t drop any or you can eat it!’ he goaded.
Fuck yourself hard and make yourself cum as you watch me shit into your hands.’
Ellen began to plunge herself onto the dildo and this time the camera captured the whole scene as Chas pushed out his shit. The first turd splattered, spraying itself over Ellen’s arms and as it did so, she began to cum, pumping herself faster and moaning in obvious ecstasy. Soon her hands were overflowing with the shit of both men. Naturally she wasn’t able to hold it all and some fell to the polythene below. Chas stood upright and told her to keep fucking herself.
‘Sniff our shit you fuckin’ slut and make yourself cum again – it’ll make it easier next time!’
‘Next time?’ I panicked, ‘Next time?’
On screen Ellen pulled her hands towards her face and sniffed deeply urged on now by both men. She evidently began to cum again too.
Was this possible? What the fuck was wrong with her? How could she do this? Any of this?
…’Why don’t you try kissing it you filthy fuckin’ slut? Go on kiss our shit! You know you want to…
Alex’ urging though was interrupted by a female voice – Stacey’s I immediately realised, which said, ‘That’s enough for now!’ Whereupon the film stopped.
I sat stunned for a long time. What could I do now. The woman I loved was not who I thought she was. What drove her to do this to me…to herself? How many times had she done this? How many?
That man Chas had said ‘Next time.’ Were there more films? Were there more films in our house? If there were, I needed to see them. I didn’t want to watch them…but I had to!
I charged into the spare room and began to empty every drawer onto the floor. Clothes and more clothes- but nothing else!
I returned to our bedroom and rifled through everything of hers. Nothing in the drawers. Nothing in her wardrobes! Finally, I grabbed one of her jewellery boxes, emptied it onto the bed… and out dropped an unfamiliar looking memory stick!

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