Wife and Buddy part 1.
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It was Memorial Day weekend and we were headed to our friends – Davis and Tonya’s lake house (or should I say mansion). There were four married couples and several single friends invited for the long weekend.

Everyone was excited to escape the city and enjoy the next three days on the lake boating, fishing, jet skiing, and drinking a lot of alcohol. All the guests arrived early Saturday morning, went to their rooms to settle and unpack. My wife and I were on the second floor and shared a jack & jill bathroom with my friend Anthony. We didn’t mind sharing, but it did make me think of the time about three months ago when Anthony came over to the house and we all got so drunk. That was the night the me, my wife and Anthony had too much to drink, got naked and “played” around a little. It didn’t go too far that night. To make a long story short, she exposed herself, and masturbated while Anthony and I jerked off watching her. We were all hot into it, and came together. Since that night, there was nothing to hide and sharing a bathroom was no big deal.

After we unpacked and changed into our swimming suits, we walk down to the lake. We spent the day at the dock on the water swimming or skiing.

As the night rolled on the crowd started to thin as people started to go to bed. Finally it was down to me, my wife, Anthony and a girl named Jennifer. Anthony and Jennifer were both single and had been flirting all night. We were playing music and dancing around when someone suggested another round of shots. Not wanting to be a downer, we all agreed to one more. Jennifer had been drinking pretty heavily all day. The shot must have pushed her over the edge. A few minutes later she said her good nights and headed off to her room. Anthony had invested too much time during the day flirting with her that he did not want to lose the opportunity to possibly get some. He look at me, gave me a light punch in the shoulder, winked and said “I better make sure she gets to her room safely”. My wife and I smiled knowing it was more than likely a done deal since they were both so into each other. We were not ready for bed, so we poured another drank and sat down on the deck over looking the lake enjoying the night.

A few minutes later, he returned saying “it was a no go, all he got was a good night kiss”. He was a little frustrated saying he was going through a “dry spell” and needed a release. Jokingly I said “my wife will show you a little skin like the last time we were together. Maybe that will give you some relief”. He looked at me and said “that was one of the hottest things I have ever done”. He told us he had jacked off several times since just thinking about that night. “Every time I think about it, I pop a boner”. He then grabbed his bulging cock through his swimming trunks and shook it showing us he was getting hard. Jennifer really got me going tonight. It was obvious by the wet spot of pre-cum that had soaked through his trunks. I haven’t cum in about two weeks. My nuts are going to explode. He looked at me and said “you may have been joking just then when you mentioned repeating what we did that one night, but I would be totally into a repeat if it’s okay with you and your wife”. In my head I was thinking the exact same thing. I knew my wife enjoyed the last time. We had been drinking all day, so I figured why not see if she would be up to it. I pulled her closer and gave her a big sloppy kiss. She still had on her two piece bathing suit so I rubbed her ass, then grabbed her tits. I asked her if he was ready for a repeat. She said “it was getting late, almost 2:00 am and we should all be going to bed”. I was surprised with what she said “BUT, it looks like our friend really could use our help, so for his sake, sure!” Anthony and I both high fived and said “fuck yea!” I told her to get the show going and she pulled away from my hold and stood in front of us. We sat back in the lounge chairs. She started rubbing her tits through her top. Then she leaned over and asked Anthony to unclasp her top. I knew she was toying with him. She did not reveal her tits the last time, so this would be a new treat for him. After he unhooked it, she stepped back and took it off slowly revealing her tits and erect nipples. She gave them a squeeze between for fingers then started circling them softy. We sat back and enjoyed the show. She lowered her head, stuck her tongue out and began sucking her left nipple. I thought to myself, wow, she really does get off on showing her hot body off in front of us. I knew it made her feel sexy, confident and a turn on the have two grown men working themselves up by watching her. About that time Anthony stood up and said “My dick is going to rip a hole in my trunks if I don’t get out of them soon”. Just like that, he untied the string and stepped out of them. I was ready to free my raging boner too, so off they went on the deck. Now Anthony and I were both entirely naked. We looked at my wife and both made the motion that she needed to join us and get completely naked by remove the bottom of her bathing suite too. She knew it was time for the reveal. She slowing began pushing them down until they were down around her ankles. She stepped out of the and stood up straight reveal her beautiful, hairy mound. You could see the shape of her pussy lips slightly visible hanging below her hairy snatch. I still wanted them to know I was in control and told her to turn around and show her ass. She happily did so and even took it a step further by leaning over and spreading her ass cheeks giving us a perfect view of her butthole and cunt. We had already been working our cocks watching her play with her tits, but now we kicked it into a higher gear and began really pumping. She was enjoying the show, watching us men jacking our cocks to her hot body. She sat back in the chair across from us, raised her legs up and spread her cunt open for us to see. She began rubbing her clit and fingering her cunt hole. She was really working it when she removed her fingers from her pussy and inserted one into her tight asshole.

After a few minutes, I asked her to give me a hand, a “hand job” that is. She agreed and knelt down beside my lounge chair, took my cock in her hand and started stroking. Man, she was really working me good. Anthony looked over and saw her technique and said “I wish I had a woman around to take care of me like that”. My wife said, “maybe Jennifer will feel better tomorrow and help you out”. He said, “maybe tomorrow, but that’s then not now”. I knew where this was going, so I said, “Babe, you have already touched it before, you even jacked him off to make him hard, why not give him a couple of strokes tonight?” Anthony said he was so close to cumming that it would not take him long. She looked over and asked if it and “okay”. I simply said, “I am fine with it and for her to do whatever she wanted, she had my permission”. I then suggested a double hand job so no one would be left out. At that time she moved from my side to between our two lounge chairs. She put her right hand around my cock and started stroking again. She then slowly reach out and wrapped her left hand around Anthony’s cock. This was it. We were going from playing around, poking and lightly touching to actually giving another man beside her husband a full on hand job. The up and down motion started slowing at first. We both threw our heads back, took deep breaths and started to enjoy the pleasure we were receiving from her. There was also another aspect to this whole situation. The fact that we were house guest in this great lake house with ten other people. We were all buck naked on the back deck and my wife was giving a double hand job. What if someone would walk out on us? We would be completely busted because there would be no way to hide. I guess it only added to the excitement of doing something taboo. Things really started going. I was leaking pre-cum like crazy, so much she could practically use it as lube. I looked over at her stroking Anthony’s big dong. He had a huge vein running along the side that was pulsating as she stroked him. She worked in an upward motion and rotated her fingers around his dick head. She squeezed the tip and he delivered a dab of pre-cum. She was doing a great job of giving us both attention. As she worked his shaft, she massaged my my hairy nuts, rolling them in her fingers, squeezing and pulling on them. This was turning out to not be a quick jerk which was fine with us. Things had been going on for several minutes. I was watching her tits shake as she jerked on our cocks. I reached out and started playing with them. Anthony watched as I rubbed her nipples. He probably wanted to reach out and play with them too. But he was very respectful and did not want to cross any line unless he knew I was cool with it. I knew I was getting close and did nothing to stop it. I let out a moan and told her I was cumming. She shifted her focus on me as the cum exploded out of my cock covering my stomach and chest. I laid there exhausted, breathing heavily from the intense nut I just shot. I looked over to continue watching the show. Anthony began to tense up, close his eyes and roll his head back. He looked back down at her directly in her eyes and said “I’m cumming”. Just as the last word left his mouth his balls tightened and he starting shooting rope after rope of thick creamy cum. He was right when he said he hadn’t come in a while. He must have shot six, seven or even eight big wads of come. It was all over his chest, one shot even landed in his beard. The last amounts to release from his shaft just bubbled out and ran along the shaft coating her hand still grasping his pulsating cock. He let out a loud yell and said “fuck, that was good”. So loud we thought that might wake the others. So we gathered our clothes and quickly ran inside.

The next day…to be continued here..

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