Tammy’s Pony (Bi Sex, Bestiality-woman/pony) part2.
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Although Tammy couldn’t hear Priscilla’s pleas, she sensed what her
friend wanted. She sucked hard, drawing pussymeat into her mouth. She
chewed Priscilla’s swollen cunt-lips and hard clit. The creamy cum
continued to flow like a bubbling stream. Priscilla snapped her head from side to side, her screams muffled. She
ground her cunt into Tammy’s face. The walls of her virgin pussy beat
rhythmically, forcing hot buttery cum from her hole. “I’m creaming!”
she squealed into the pillow. “I’m cumming!” Tammy absorbed the punishing attack. She gurgled as hot cum flooded her
mouth. Her own body felt as if it were going to explode. Priscilla’s upper body twisted one way, tits jiggling. Her lower body
twisted the opposite way. She almost wrenched herself in half. One loud
muffled gasp and she dropped back on the bed, spent, drained of every
ounce of strength. Tammy sucked the last of Priscilla’s pussy cum from her virgin cunt
hole. “Did you like that?” she panted, bringing her drenched face out
from between Priscilla’s long legs. Priscilla threw away the pillow. “I loved it, Tammy!” She caught her
breath. “I thought your mother was going to hear me.” She giggled, then
looked at Tammy and saw her flushed face covered in pussy juice. “I
really creamed you, didn’t I?” Tammy licked her lips. “Not as much as I’m gonna cream you.” She sat
up. “You ready to suck me?” Priscilla nodded. Her mouth was watering, her brown eyes still filmy
with passion. “Can I stay here on my back? I’m too weak to move.” “I’ll feed it to you,” Tammy said, excited about cumming on Priscilla’s
face. “I’ll ride your face like you rode Beauty’s back.” Priscilla lay trembling on her back. She thought of Beauty, remembered
creaming the saddle and his golden coat. Now it was her turn to be
creamed. Tammy dragged her wet sensitive pussy up Priscilla’s body, leaving a
path of warm fuck cream. She straddled Priscilla’s face, her cunt above
her mouth. “Look at it.” Priscilla did. The sight excited her. She was drooling. The scent was
overpowering, erotic, magnetic. “Let me taste you.” It was a hot
pleading whisper. “Put your finger inside me first,” Tammy said. “Feel inside.” She was
trembling, anxious for her friend to discover she wasn’t a virgin. Priscilla obeyed willingly. She brought a hand up between Tammy’s
thighs, stroked her fingers through her pussy. “Oooo, it’s hot.” “Go inside!” Priscilla did. She gasped. Her fingers plunged deep, no cherry skin to
block the way. “You’re not a virgin! Holy Christ!” Tammy jumped. Her cunt muscles clutched Priscilla’s invading fingers.
“I want you to stick your tongue real deep.” Priscilla was amazed. She explored Tammy’s pussy and worked her fingers
deep, marveling at the spongy muscles pulsing against her fingers.
“When? Who? Jesus!” She was dumbfounded. “Who busted your cherry?” “I’ll tell you later,” Tammy gasped. “Eat me now.” She twisted her
hips, freeing herself of Priscilla’s inquisitive fingers. Priscilla had one moment to take a breath. The next moment, she found
Tammy’s cunt tight against her lips. The first thing she did was
tongue-fuck her friend. Her tongue invaded the pulsing cunt hole. Twenty minutes later, two sated teenagers lay together in each other’s
arms. Their faces were sticky with each other’s cum. They were happy,
thrilled with their newly discovered pleasures. “After lunch, we’ll go in the barn and you can do all those things to
Beauty,” Tammy said. “Sure,” Priscilla giggled. “Right after you do them.” She squirmed out
of Tammy’s arms. “I’m all sticky. I’m going to take a shower.” “Me too,” Tammy said, goosing Priscilla. They both rushed to the
adjoining bathroom. Chapter 6
“What was all that noise I heard upstairs?” Tammy’s mother asked. “Nothin’, Mom,” Tammy said. She glanced at Priscilla, stifled a giggle.
“We were having a pillow fight.” Priscilla was embarrassed. “I hope we didn’t disturb you,” she said.
She didn’t return Tammy’s glance. “Not at all,” Ellen said. “I’m glad you two are getting along. It’s
going to be a nice two weeks and I’m glad Tammy has made a friend.” She
hugged her daughter, kissed her on the forehead. “I’m happy you’re
back, honey, I missed you.” Tammy’s eyes sparkled with devilment. “I missed you too, Mom. Daddy
too.” This time she couldn’t suppress the giggle. Ellen shook her head. “You two girls are silly.” She laughed, rumpled
both their heads. “I’m going into town to shop. You two can join me if
you want.” “No thanks, Mom. Priscilla and I are going to hang around here.” She
looked at Priscilla, then back at her mother. “Where’s daddy?” “He’s at Harold’s ranch picking up Diamond.” Priscilla looked at Tammy. “Who’s Diamond?” “Daddy’s horse,” Tammy said, a dreamy inflection in her voice. “He’s
even more gorgeous than Beauty.” Ellen frowned. “You’re too wrapped up in animals, Tammy.” She looked at
Priscilla. “You know, she doesn’t have a boyfriend. I’m sure you have
many.” Tammy scowled and spoke before Priscilla could answer. “Awwww, Mom. I
have plenty of time for boys when school starts.” She looked quickly at
Priscilla. Priscilla got the message. “I don’t have any boyfriends. My mother
thinks I’m too young.” “You don’t spend all your time with a pony.” She glanced over at her
daughter. “Except for Priscilla, you don’t even have any girlfriends.” Tammy’s face brightened impishly. “It’s a start.” Ellen heaved a sigh. “You’re right. I hope you can change her,
Priscilla.” She looked exasperated. “Don’t let my daughter get you
hooked on that pony.” She gave her daughter a wry smile. “I’ll be back
in a few hours.” “We’ll be good,” Tammy said, anticipating her mother’s stock
instructions each time she left her alone on the farm. “Okay,” Ellen said. “Don’t be with Beauty when your father comes home.
He’s not as understanding as I am.” “I promise,” Tammy said. She walked her mother to the back door. “See
ya!” She waved good-bye. “Balls,” Tammy groaned, spinning on her heel. “Sometimes my mother can
be a pain.” Priscilla giggled. “She’d be a bigger pain if she knew why you spent so
much time with Beauty.” “Daddy would shit bricks,” Tammy laughed. “They both think I’m shy.” “There’s nothing shy about you,” Priscilla said, looking across the
table at her new friend. “You either,” Tammy sighed. “Tell me about your father’s horse.” “There isn’t much to tell. He’s big and beautiful. A shiny black coat
and a big white diamond on his forehead.” “How about his cock. Have you seen it?” Priscilla swallowed the lump
growing in her throat. “I’ve seen it,” Tammy said. “I haven’t had the nerve to touch it.” She
winked. “Beauty is enough for me.” She gave Priscilla a challenging
stare. “You ready to go out to the barn and make it with Beauty?” “Maybe we shouldn’t. If your father comes home early, he might catch
us.” Tammy laughed. “Daddy never comes home early from Harold’s ranch. They
usually wind up playing cards all day.” Priscilla flushed. “How come his horse was over at that ranch?” As long
as they talked, Priscilla figured she didn’t have to go out to the
barn. “Diamond is a stud,” Tammy bragged. “Ed Harold has a mare he wanted
fucked.” She laughed. “A horny mare like us.” Priscilla was fascinated. “Tell me about it.” “I’ll tell you out in the barn.” She pushed herself away from the table
and stood. “Come on, chickenshit. Out to the barn.” Reluctantly, Priscilla followed her friend out of the house. She was
afraid Tammy was going to make her do the things she had promised.
Worried, she kept her pace slow. A twinge of apprehension gripped her.
At this moment she wasn’t sure if the things Tammy had told her were
true or not. She hoped they were only stories. She bit her lip, knowing
a part of her wanted them to be true. “C’mon,” Tammy called. She was standing at the open door of the barn,
impatient, horny, and anxious to see her new friend play with and,
hopefully, suck Beauty’s cock. “C’mon.” “I’m coming,” Priscilla said, keeping her pace slow. Tammy ran back to Priscilla. “C’mon, slowpoke. Beauty’s waiting.” She
pulled on her arm. “He wants his cock licked.” She laughed. In the barn, Tammy ran straight for Beauty. She hugged him tight.
“Oooo, I’ve missed you so much.” Beauty snorted and tossed his head high. His blonde mane, almost the
same shade as his young teenage mistress’ golden hair, whipped across
his long powerful neck. He snuggled his muzzle in the crook of her
neck. “I’ve missed your cock, too,” Tammy giggled, rubbing her nubile body
against her pony’s flank. “Did you miss my pussy?” Priscilla stood at the door watching them both. A tremor rumbled
excitedly in her virgin pussy. The memories of Beauty’s mouth on her
pussy came rushing back. It weakened her knees. Her nipples swelled.
She took a few steps closer. “Close the door and lock it,” Tammy said, calling back over her
shoulder. “We can’t take chances.” “Maybe we should wait,” Priscilla said. “I’ll be here for two weeks.” Tammy laughed. “She’s afraid of your cock, Beauty. Afraid to play with
it and suck it.” She rubbed her plump tits into his flank. “God, I’m
horny.” Priscilla heaved a sigh. She closed and locked the door. Fear and
excitement battled inside her. With the door closed and bolted, Tammy danced away from her pet pony.
“I’m so damn hot for your cock,” she moaned. Swaying, she peeled off
her shirt and bra. “Catch.” Priscilla did. She was mesmerized by Tammy’s large tits. Her mouth
watered in memory of how fabulous they had tasted. She waited for Tammy
to strip the rest of the way. Tammy shook her tits in front of Beauty’s face. “Did you miss my
titties?” She slapped her plump tittie meat at Beauty’s mouth. Vigorously, Beauty’s lips slobbered all over the white creamy meat of
his mistress’s jiggling tits. He nibbled, chomping noisily as Tammy
whimpered with joy. Priscilla watched. It was wonderfully exciting to see. Slowly, the
passion in her young virgin body began to erase the apprehension. She
forgot, for the moment, the promises she had made earlier. She licked
her lips, wanted Beauty to lick her tits, too. Tammy glanced over. “C’mon. Let him lick you, too.” She slapped her
tits at Beauty’s muzzle. “Ooo! Ohhh!” Her knees trembled. Priscilla swept off her blouse and bra, leaving them with Tammy’s on a
heap of dry hay. She staggered over to the gobbling pony and offered
her tits up for licking. “Me too, Beauty. Me too!” Beauty delighted in the two hot and horny children. He shook his head,
his big brown eyes gazing at both sets of white creamy tittie meat. He
slobbered and dined on both happy girls. He switched from Tammy’s big
jiggling globes to Priscilla’s small firm mounds. He soaked them both
as they squealed their pleasure. Tammy stumbled back, away from the pleasure of her pony’s rubbery wet
lips. She fell to the ground, squirmed out of her jeans and panties.
Legs spread, she writhed on the floor offering herself to Beauty. “I’m creaming! Oooo!” Priscilla’s words echoed in the barn. Beauty’s
mouth was working frantically on her small sensitive tits. She twisted
her head, saw Tammy squirming naked on the ground. “God!” “Get away,” Tammy moaned. “Get away!” She kept her legs spread, fingers
gouging at her pussy, parting the puffy folds of her velvety cunt-lips. Priscilla moved away, leaned against the wall of the pony’s stall.
“Ooo, shit!” She was entranced, brown eyes bulging as she looked at
Tammy writhing in bliss on the barn floor. Beauty, seeing his young mistress on the ground, pawed the earth,
picked up the scent of her turned-on cunt as it filled the air. He
flipped his head and stepped from his stall. “Eat me, you handsome fucker,” Tammy gurgled, spit caught in her
throat. “Eat my cunt!” Her gaze flowed over the sleek golden coat of
her pony. She spotted his cock peeking out. “Ohhh, Beauty.” Priscilla trembled. She, too, wanted to be naked. Quickly, while Beauty
slobbered his spit over Tammy’s thrashing legs, she peeled off her
jeans and panties. She dropped to the floor, crawled over to Tammy.
“Let him lick me.” “No,” Tammy moaned. She humped her pussy at Beauty’s gobbling lips.
“Noooo!” She pushed Priscilla away, knocking the virgin over. “Oooo!” Priscilla cried as she fell on her back. She struggled to get
up, caught sight of Beauty’s cock. His prick was growing long, sticking
out of its wrinkled sheath of skin. She gasped, a contraction ripping
through her virgin cunt hole. Her gaze drifted to the screaming Tammy. Tammy twisted her young naked body on the hay-strewn barn floor. Large
pulpy tits flopped like exotic jello as Tammy gasped and squealed. “Eat
me, Beauty! Eat my cunt!” Beauty gobbled up the child’s pussy. His mouth covered Tammy’s crotch.
His tongue invaded her cunt hole. His drool soaked her already-wet
pussy. Priscilla’s wide brown eyes shifted from her naked friend to Beauty’s
cock. His prick was still growing. Tammy’s yelps of joy and her
thrashing body, pink with the rush of passion that surged through her
flesh, had Priscilla’s head reeling. “His tongue is inside me!” Tammy screamed. She jabbed her cunt at the
beast’s hungry lips. “Ohhh, he’s so good!” She jerked her ass up,
twisted her hips, and ground her cunt into Beauty’s teeth. “Me next!” Priscilla gasped. She stroked her own pussy. Gobs of cunt
juice drenched her fingers. She sucked her fingers clean, then repeated
the action. The taste of her own pussy blew her mind. “No,” Tammy cried. “Nooo!” She was finding it hard to talk. Beauty’s
lips and tongue were driving her crazy. “After you suck and play with
his cock.” Priscilla gulped. She didn’t know if she had the nerve. For now, she
didn’t say a word. Maybe, she half hoped, Tammy was teasing. Tammy forgot about Priscilla. “I’m cumming!” She bucked on the floor,
hips rotating, ass in the air, pussy grinding over and over again into
her pony’s muzzle. Hot pussy cum gushed from Tammy’s cunt, flooded the animal’s mouth and
nose, then drooled over his gobbling lips. He snorted, his teeth fused
to her crotch. He snorted again. His tongue invaded her pussy. Hot
pulsing muscles tried to capture it.
Priscilla was panting. Her nipples felt as if they would burst. Seeing
Tammy have an orgasm on the pony’s muzzle turned her virgin cunt hole
to liquid fire. “He’s in me! Oooo! I’m cumming!” Tammy squirmed on her back. Eyes
bulging, she clawed the flesh of her own tits. Her fingers gouged the
pliant meat. Pain mixed with the pleasure of Beauty’s mouth and tongue. “Watch me cum!” Tammy screamed. “I’m creaming him!” She banged her
pussy into his gobbling mouth. “Aghhhhhh!” Priscilla gaped in wonder. Her own body was on fire. She wanted the
same pleasure, needed it. Her eyes popped. Beauty’s cock was fully
extended–a monstrous piece of prickmeat. She swooned, tore her gaze
away and stared at Tammy as she climaxed noisily on the ground. Tammy jammed her cunt against Beauty’s lips and teeth. “Aghhhh!” Her
head snapped from side to side. Blonde hair whipped across her reddened
face. “Beauty! Beauty!” The golden pony feasted on his mistress’s wet cum-drenched pussy. His
lips gobbled her velvety folds and hard bullet clit. His tongue wormed
deep inside the scalding hole. Hot cum clung to his tongue. He lugged
out the sticky strands as more cum flowed from the pulsing cunt walls. Tammy’s body contorted. She screamed. One devastating orgasm tore
through her pussy. She shuddered in bliss and collapsed back on the
ground. “Ah! Ahhh! Ahhhh!” she panted. Wriggling from her pony’s untiring
mouth, she crawled over to Priscilla. “God, I missed him.” “My turn?” Priscilla asked hopefully. She was on fire, needing to cum.
She glanced at Beauty’s cock, then back at Tammy as the blonde caught
her breath. “Not until you take care of him,” Tammy sighed. She looked between her
pony’s back legs. “Christ, has he got a hard-on!” Hypnotized by the pony’s prick, Priscilla nodded in agreement. “It’s so
big. I know I wasn’t dreaming before. God!” Tammy smiled hotly. “I missed his cock so bad. My poor pony has
suffered enough.” Her blue eyes glared. “You going to play with his
prick and suck him?” Priscilla wanted to, but was afraid. “You first, then maybe I’ll try
it.” “Suit yourself. If you don’t, I won’t let him lick you.” Beauty was pawing the ground, his thick tail swishing back and forth.
His balls ached. Unlike his young teenage mistress, his frustration and
passion had only been irritated by Priscilla’s passion yesterday. “Beauty’s as horny as you,” Tammy said. “You’re not fair to him.” As if he understood, Beauty whinnied and nuzzled his cold pussy-stained
muzzle against Tammy’s neck and tits. His lips soaked the child as she
stroked his hard forehead. “I’ll take care of you,” Tammy whispered. “I’ll get you off.” She
looked at Priscilla. “I didn’t think you’d lie and go back on your
promise.” Priscilla was shaking. Passion raged like a storm inside her virgin
pussy. “I’m afraid.” Tammy stopped scratching Beauty’s forehead. She squiggled down, reached
under and grasped her pony’s thick menacing cock. “Shit, there’s
nothing to be afraid of.” She stroked the pony’s prick evenly. His cock
throbbed in her hand. Priscilla watched, drooling. She wanted to touch his prick. She didn’t
want to go back on her word, even though at the time she didn’t think
she would have to do what she had promised. A game, she had thought. It
still was a game, but the rules had changed. Tammy massaged the hard pony-cock in her hand. She lay on her back,
squirmed under Beauty’s body. “I’ll take care of you, my handsome
pony.” Priscilla watched. “He’ll trample you,” she whispered as Beauty began
to move back and forth. “Be careful.” “Beauty won’t step on me,” Tammy giggled. “He’s just horny and wants to
cum.” She stroked the pony’s heavy balls. “Don’t cha, Beauty?” Beauty responded to his mistress’ gentle strokes and voice with a high-
pitched neigh. His rubbery lips rumbled. He neighed again. “See,” Tammy said. “You didn’t take care of him yesterday. He needs to
cum.” She hefted his balls in her hand. “God, they’re full!” Priscilla’s passion made her bold. “Let me touch him.” She crawled
close. Extending her arm, she reached under and touched his long sticky
cock with her hand. “Oooo, it feels hot!” “Just like your pussy,” Tammy giggled, fondling her pony’s balls. “Wait
until he creams on you. His cum is even hotter.” Priscilla’s head reeled under the erotic suggestion. “I’ll lay there.
You jerk him off, and he can cum on me. Okay?” She hoped this was
enough, hoped Tammy didn’t hold her to all that she had promised. “You said you’d suck his cock, remember?” Tammy didn’t intend to
forget. “Next time,” Priscilla said. “Okay?” She lay under the pony’s body.
“Make him cream on me, then rub his cum in my skin.” Tammy pretended to think about it. A secret smile toyed at her mouth.
“Okay, but next time, you suck him. Is that a promise?” “Yes,” Priscilla gasped, squirming on her back. “If you’re lying, you can’t stay here and be my friend.” She brought
her hand to Beauty’s cock. “Mmnnn, he’s gonna drench you.” Priscilla nodded. She was entranced with Beauty’s dick. “Make him cream
my face, too.” “Get closer to his cock,” Tammy said. With her promise to suck Beauty’s prick postponed, Priscilla relaxed
completely. She wriggled closer, Beauty’s hard prick aimed at her tits
and face. “God!” Beauty tensed, the muscles in his powerful body rippling beneath his
slick golden coat. He jabbed, stepping forward, his cock fucking
through Tammy’s tight gripping fingers. His balls, laden with pony
jizz, whacked against Tammy’s jerking fist. Priscilla’s gaze was glued to Beauty’s prick. She stared at his pisser,
shaking with the thought of what would soon be squirting onto her tits.
Her eyes leered at his balls swinging back and forth. She forgot about
her fear of being trampled each time Beauty took a step. Her passion
had wiped away all her fears but one–sucking his monstrous prick. Tammy got comfortable. She stroked his cock, her mouth hungry to eat
him, her pussy pulsing to feel the long thick cock stuffed inside. She
looked at Priscilla, angry because Priscilla had chickened out. “You
jerk him off. Feel how hard and hot it is.” Priscilla touched his cockhead. His prick was sticky. She swooned. “You
do it. Make him cum on me!” “Touch it with your lips and I will,” Tammy said, tormenting her
friend. “You said I didn’t have to,” Priscilla whined, squirming on her back. “Then rub your pussy against his cock,” Tammy said. The idea both frightened and excited Priscilla. “Okay,” she sighed. She
squirmed back a few inches. Shaking, Priscilla lifted her round tight
ass up from the ground. Balancing herself on her shoulders and the
balls of her feet, she brought her pussy to the head of his cock. Beauty whinnied. The heat of her pussy touched the tip of his prick. He
jammed forward, the blunt tip of his cock hitting her clit, missing her
cherry cunt hole. Priscilla cried, collapsed back on the ground. “Ohhh, shit, he almost
fucked me.” Tammy laughed. “I think he was trying to.” She stroked his hind leg
with one hand, his cock with the other. “You almost got a cherry, huh,
boy?” Beauty shook his head. His balls were rumbling. His tail swished, and
he slapped his front hoofs at the earth. This frightened Priscilla. “Hurry, Tammy! Hurry!” She was quivering.
The touch of Beauty’s cock against her pussy had sent tiny orgasms
through her body, light feathery orgasms that held the promise of more. Tammy jerked the pony’s cock faster. She brought her other hand from
his hind leg and began to milk his balls. “Get ready,” she whispered.
“He’s getting ready. I can feel it. Christ!” Beauty neighed, his head tossing. His big brown eyes rolled. The fire
in his balls was getting out of control. He jerked, fucking his cock
through Tammy’s jerking fist. His whinnies grew louder. His prick
swelled. His balls exploded. Priscilla’s eyes bugged out. She saw the pony’s pisser open, watched as
a thick white stream sprayed out. It was happening fast, yet in the
same instant it was as if each second were prolonged a minute. “He’s cumming!” Tammy squealed, watching the jet squirting load gush
from his cock. “He’s cumming!” Priscilla clamped her mouth tightly shut. Shaking, she took the first
spray in her face. It felt hot, sticky. A spasm ripped through her
pussy–tiny orgasms delighted the deep spongy wetness of her virgin
pussy. She swirled on a cloud of bliss as more of Beauty’s hot thick
cum splashed over her tits. “Oooo, open your mouth! Open your mouth!” Tammy was delirious. “Drink
it! Drink it!” Priscilla ignored Tammy’s squealing orders. She kept her mouth tightly
closed and her eyes wide open. Beauty fucked his cock through his mistress’ tight jerking fist. His
balls, crammed with thick bubbling cum, whacked into her hand. They
swung heavily back and forth each time her fast fingers jerked up and
down his cockshaft. He tossed his head up in the air and neighed. Priscilla’s head was reeling. She was covered with a blanket of thick
pony-cum. It seared her flesh, turned her skin to fire. She glanced
down and watched cum splash over her small tits. Her nipples swelled,
ready to burst. “Nnnnn! Nnnnn!” Sounds gurgled in her throat. Cum dribbled from her
tits, down her sides. It dripped from her face, down her neck, into her
hair. She was whitewashed in cum. “Drink it!” Tammy screamed. “Drink it!” She jerked her fist furiously
up and down the exploding cockshaft of her pet pony. “Drink it!” Priscilla shook her head, refusing to open her mouth. She was
overwhelmed. In her innocence, she couldn’t believe what was happening.
His cum wouldn’t stop squirting. “Open your mouth!” Tammy squawked. She put up her hands to block another load. Her fingers touched his
spraying tip and she quickly pulled away. Beauty jerked forward, his powerful body fucking his cock through the
tight fingers of his horny mistress. His tail slashed back and forth
and he kicked one hoof against the wall of his stall, frightening
Priscilla. One thick heavy wad hit the terror-stricken child smack in the face.
She scampered out, afraid of being trampled. The last of Beauty’s cum
ended up on the ground. A white thick glob. Tammy released her pony’s spent prick. She swiped up a dripping glob
from his pisser and sucked it off her fingers. “Don’t move,” she
gasped, wanting to lick the cum from her friend’s body. Priscilla, calm now that she was away from the climaxing pony, breathed
easier. She lay on the floor and waited, a shy smile on her face. “You
gonna rub it into my tits and make them big?” “After I lick you.” She crawled over, tits hanging, swinging heavily
beneath her. “Christ, it made me hot as hell.” Priscilla was trembling. “Me too.” She lay on her back, shivering with
joy as Tammy kneaded the hot sticky pony-cum into her skin. “Mmmm, it
feels wonderful.” Tammy scooped up one thick glob. “Here, taste it, Priscilla.” “No,” Priscilla said, turning her head away. “You’re a shit, you know that?” Tammy frowned, then licked the gob of
Beauty’s cum from her own fingers. “He tastes great.” “Some other time,” Priscilla said, not wanting to anger her friend. Tammy kneaded Priscilla’s tits and worked the sticky white cream into
each plump globe. “You always want to put things off,” Tammy said. “I
thought city girls had more nerve.” Priscilla sighed, enjoying Tammy’s hands. “Do my pussy, too.” She
spread her legs wide. Tammy worked the gooey cum into the sizzling flesh of Priscilla’s belly
and hips. She stroked her fingers up through Priscilla’s virgin pussy.
“Like that?” “Mmmmm, yes,” Priscilla moaned. She rotated her hips and lifted her ass
up from the ground. “I’m so fuckin’ hot.” Tammy grinned and looked down at Priscilla writhing in bliss. She
parted the velvety lips of Priscilla’s cunt, her fingers slipped into
the wet entrance. Cherry skin blocked further entry. “I can’t get in
your pussy. Your damn cherry is in the way.” “Who broke your cherry?” Priscilla panted. “A boy from school?” Tammy laughed. “Maybe I’ll tell you some other time. Like when you suck
Beauty.” Priscilla was shaking. “Let him eat me now.” “You wanna suck Beauty’s cock now?” She manipulated Priscilla’s hard
blood-filled clit, hoping her friend would get hot enough to do what
she wanted. Priscilla looked at her friend. “Another time, like I promised.” Tammy frowned, pinched Priscilla’s clit. “Then I won’t let him lick you
off.” Priscilla’s eyes popped. “You … you promised!” She was shaking, her
lust bubbling, ready to be ignited by Beauty’s fantastic mouth. Tammy dropped back on her haunches. “You promised a few things too,
remember?” She was getting even, enjoying herself. “You’re mean,” Priscilla said, pouting. “Just this once. I told you I’d
suck him some other time.” “Now or later. It doesn’t matter to me. When you suck him, I’ll let him
suck you.” Priscilla was shaking. “I’m so hot. Please!” Her hands roamed her body,
kneading, caressing. “Please!” “Sorry!” Tammy gloated. She stood. “We’d better get in the house and
clean up. We don’t want to get caught.” She giggled. “You’re covered
with cum.” Priscilla scrambled to her feet. Her legs were weak. She grabbed her
clothes and dressed. She ignored Tammy. Finished, she ran from the
barn. She hurried to the house and upstairs to the bathroom to shower. “We’ll get her to suck you, Beauty.” Tammy stroked his coat. “As soon
as she does, I’ll fuck you and we’ll really give our city friend
something to see.” She laughed and hurried from the barn, closing the
door behind her. Chapter 7
Tammy tossed and turned on the small cot. It had been a frightful
night. “Damn,” she muttered under her breath. She kicked off the covers. Moonlight lit up the bedroom. A quick glance
across the room told her Tammy was sleeping peacefully. She frowned and silently slipped her panties off. Deft fingers combed
through the curly brown hair of her cunt. She moaned, riding a quick
surge toward orgasm. It eluded her. “Damn,” she hissed. She climbed out of bed as quietly as possible. Having sampled the joys
of Beauty’s mouth, her fingers were no longer able to satisfy her. She
slipped her robe on and tiptoed from the room. The hall was dark and she walked carefully, feeling her way toward the
stairs. The last thing she wanted to do was wake Tammy’s parents. Her hand gripped the railing. She heaved a sigh and silently went down
the stairs and through the house to the kitchen. The moon filled the
kitchen and she quickened her pace, opening the door and stepping out
onto the back porch. She sighed once she was outside. “You can’t stop me now, Tammy,”
Priscilla said with an air of triumph. She ran quietly down the steps
and hurried across to the dark barn. Instead of opening the barn door, Priscilla slipped around to the side
to a small door that was always left unlocked. Her heart was pounding
in her chest as she opened the squeaking door and stepped inside.
Stealthily, she closed the creaking door. Immediately, she was enveloped in darkness. “Ohh, shit,” she gasped,
afraid to move. “Balls.” The horny desperate teenager racked her brain. “The lights, dammit,” she mouthed. “The lights … where are they?” She
closed her eyes and thought. A smile crossed her face. She remembered. Short careful steps carried
her along the side of the barn. Hand outstretched, she felt her way.
Her fingertips touched something. “The switch,” she gasped with
delight. She flicked it on. The barn was filled with a dim eerie glow. Priscilla blinked, then focused on the stall and Beauty. Her glance
drifted to Diamond, the giant black stallion. “God! You’re a beautiful
horse!” She walked toward Beauty, shaking. “Ooo, it’s just you and me now,” she puffed. “Tammy’s sleeping.” She
petted Beauty. Her pussy, moist and hot, sent hot flashes throughout
her body. “Oooo, get me off, so I can get to sleep.” Priscilla opened her robe, exposing hot tingling flesh. A hot shiver
trickled up her spine as Beauty’s warm wet lips slobbered over her
exposed tits. Diamond neighed and tossed his head in the air. He pawed the earth in
his stall, then backed up, his hoofs hitting against the side of his
stall. It jarred the horny child. Priscilla froze. She stepped back. “Shhhh, Diamond. Shhhh!” She was
shaking. If the horse woke everyone up … it was too terrible to even
think about. She walked over to Diamond’s stall. Compared to Beauty, Diamond was
gigantic. Priscilla stroked his head, scratched the white patch shaped like a
diamond on his forehead. “Easy, boy,” she whispered. “We don’t want to
wake everyone up.” Her gentle strokes and soft words calmed the huge black stallion. He
settled down and nuzzled his cold nose against Priscilla’s cheek. “Nice, horsy,” she sighed, wishing Mr. Hudson had left Diamond at
Harold’s ranch for an extra day. “Nice, horsy. You be quiet and let me
have fun with Beauty.” She eased away from the high-strung stallion, keeping her voice soft,
gentle. “It’s my turn to have some fun,” she said, hoping the stallion remained
still. She was halfway between stalls. She looked at both animals. “You fucked a nice pretty mare.” Her eyes shifted to Beauty. “Tammy
jerked you off and creamed me with your cum. Now it’s my turn.” She was shaking. Her legs were weak. Trembling from being denied her
pleasure this afternoon, Priscilla slipped her robe off. “Now both of you … don’t make any noise. I’ll go away as soon as I
cum.” Naked, she staggered over to the pony. A silent prayer for quiet passed
her lips as she wrapped her arms around Beauty’s neck and hugged him.
Her sensitive tits scraped against his rough coat. “Now lick my tits,” she whispered, stepping back, offering her small
firm tits to the golden pony. “Get them all wet like my pussy.” Beauty roughly mauled the child’s tits with his wet mouth. Warm slobber
coated each soft yielding mound. His cold nose snuggled between the
creamy flesh as she squeezed them together. “Ohhh! Ohhhh, Beauty!” She crumbled to the floor. Her passion was out
of control. The lust-crazed teenager spread her legs, humped her cunt
at the golden pony. “My pussy,” she moaned. “Chew me! Chew me, Beauty!”
She used her fingers, parted her cunt-lips, exposed her virgin pussy.
“Eat me!” Beauty lowered his head, snorted. The aroma of her cunt flared his
large nostrils. His ears flicked. Diamond let out a loud whinny. The child’s passion was filling the
barn, agitating the huge black stallion. “No,” Priscilla sobbed. She writhed naked on the floor. Agony filled
her. Passion drove her crazy. “No, Diamond. Be still!” She was shaking,
desperate. “Maybe I can help,” Tammy said, closing the door quietly behind her.
She stared at Priscilla. “You don’t want my parents to catch you.” Priscilla scrambled around and sat up. Her breathing was labored. “I
wouldn’t be here if you weren’t so damn mean this afternoon.” She
stared angrily at Tammy. “You should have sucked Beauty’s cock like you promised.” “I said I would later,” Priscilla pouted. “I didn’t believe you,” Tammy said matter-of-factly. She strode over to
Diamond and scratched his forehead. “Should we let Beauty lick our new
friend off?” Diamond calmed down immediately. He chomped on the apple Tammy held in
her hand. Priscilla’s eyes were glassy. She was shaking. Turning, she fell back
on the ground and spread her legs again. “Eat me,” she gasped, grateful
that Tammy was keeping the black stallion quiet. “Eat me!” Tammy gave the giant horse another apple, then hurried over to Beauty.
“No, Beauty. Leave her alone.” She caught her pony’s attention, held
his head against her as Priscilla writhed naked and frustrated on the
floor. “You’re a bitch,” Priscilla spat. “A bitch!” Tears filled her eyes and
her bottom lip quivered. “Please. I can’t sleep.” “Use your fingers,” Tammy said. “Unless you suck his cock, the only way
you can cum is with your stupid fingers.” She giggled. “Right, boy?” Beauty shook his head as if in agreement. He brought his quivering big
lips to Tammy’s face and soaked her cheek. Priscilla was out of her mind. She needed to cum. She had no choice.
“All right,” she moaned, surrendering. “I’ll suck his cock.” Tammy clapped her hands together. “You’re gonna love it, Priscilla. I
know you will.” She led her pony out of his stall. “Easy, boy,” she
puffed, keeping him calm. “Easy.” Priscilla looked at the pony. Knowing she was going to suck his cock,
made him appear larger, more formidable. She gulped back her panic. It
had to be done. If not, she knew she would go crazy. She bit her lip to keep it from quivering. “Can you have him lie on his
side?” she asked weakly. “Sure,” Tammy agreed, “why not?” She stroked Beauty, then coaxed him
down to the soft hay-strewn floor of the barn. “Easy, boy.” She said it
over and over again. The golden pony obeyed. Trusting his young mistress, he finally got on
his side, his head cradled in Tammy’s lap. “You take real good care of him, Priscilla.” Tammy stroked the pony,
keeping him calm. “I’ll hold him.” She glanced back at Diamond. The giant stallion seemed oblivious to
what was going on. He was eating hay. The apple had given him an
appetite. Priscilla was shaking. Her tits ached, the nipples sore and tender. She
touched them. There was no other way. She crawled to the calm pony. “Nice, Beauty,”
she whispered. “Keep him steady.” Her voice wavered with a tinge of
fear. “Beauty will be all right. He’ll be fine once he empties his cum in
your mouth.” Priscilla shuddered. Inching closer, she reached out and touched his
balls. “Unnnn!” Beauty slapped his tail on the ground, kicking up some dust. A weak
neigh came from his mouth and his eyes rolled up, gazed at his
mistress. “C’mon,” Tammy urged. “My poor pony is in agony.” She caressed his
thick golden mane. Priscilla shuddered, but didn’t stop. She caressed his huge balls. A
sizzling jolt shot through her virgin cunt. It was exciting,
dangerously exciting. “Christ,” Tammy groaned. “I’ll be a fuckin’ old lady by the time you
get his cock in your mouth.” She frowned. “C’mon and suck him.” Priscilla nodded. She leaned forward, her fingers curling around his
beautiful thick cock. His prick throbbed in her hand, sending hot
searing flashes up her arm. “Ooo! Ohhhh! I’m scared.” She tried to find
courage. Bolder, Priscilla stroked his hard-on. She swooned, knowing the cum
that had drenched her earlier would soon flood her mouth. Beauty was getting nervous. He began to twitch, his ears flicking and
his tail slapping the ground. Powerful muscles rippled under his shiny
golden coat. “You better suck his cock, Priscilla, before I let him up and he
attacks you.” Priscilla believed. She squiggled down on the ground and stared wide-
eyed at his bloated cock, at his open pisser. “Jesus!” She brought her
trembling lips to the tip of his cock. Beauty humped his rear. His cockhead smacked against the trembling
child’s lips. He lifted his head. Rubbery lips soaked Tammy’s face. “Easy, boy,” Tammy soothed, stroking him. Tammy’s blue eyes were
trained on Priscilla and her tongue licking the length of Beauty’s
hard, thick prick. With her first contact and Beauty’s jabbing thrust, Priscilla had
quickly changed positions. She leaned over the pony’s cock. Long
delicious swipes of her tongue along his cock sent tingling explosions
through her virgin pussy. She lifted her head. “He’s delicious.” “I know,” Tammy giggled. “I’ve sucked him too many times to count. Put
it in your mouth.” “Make sure he doesn’t rip out my throat,” Priscilla said nervously. She
opened her mouth wide and angled her head. The tip of his cock slipped
between her lips. She sucked. It was fabulous. Beauty rumbled his approval. He twitched. He sought the heated wetness
of the teenager’s mouth. “Suck him good,” Tammy sighed. Pussy juice saturated her cunt hole and
seeped out. It soaked her thighs, coated her swollen cunt-lips in a
white filmy goo. Priscilla was fast losing herself in her first act of eating pony-
prick. The taste of the pony’s cock was eroding her fear. “Don’t waste any of his cum,” Tammy gasped. She opened her robe and
rubbed her tits over Beauty’s head. “Oooo, suck him, Priscilla. Suck
his nuts dry.” Priscilla was out of her skull. She opened her mouth as far as
possible. Hard pony-cock filled her wet hungry mouth completely and
jabbed at the entrance to her throat. Tammy’s words rang in her ears.
The virgin child was reeling. The golden pony thrashed on his side. The hot mouth on his cock was
churning the cum in his balls. He whinnied, shook his head. “Easy, Beauty,” Tammy soothed. She watched in total fascination as her
city friend sucked and gobbled like a pro on Beauty’s prick. “Suck!
Suck! Suck!” Priscilla used her tongue, her lips, and her teeth. She was all over
Beauty’s prick. Scrambling into position, she grazed her lips along his
thick throbbing cockshaft. She used her teeth and nibbled, licked, then
sucked. Beauty responded. His powerful body thrashed on its side. His head
lifted, then thudded back to Tammy’s lap. The heated aroma of his
mistress’s pussy seared his brain. His cock arched and his balls
rumbled. Tammy was in awe. She had never sucked Beauty this way. She stared. She
saw his cock and saw Priscilla’s lips gliding wetly up and down the
prickshaft. “Oooo, Priscilla. He’s gonna cum! Holy Christ!” Priscilla heard the words. They were music to her ears. Soon the cum
would be squirting in her mouth and throat. The erotic image boggled
her mind. She fell back to the ground. “Suck him,” Tammy moaned. She petted the animal’s head. “Be calm, boy.
She’s gonna suck your cock and empty your nuts.” Tammy was crazed. Watching it happen for the first time had her head in
the clouds. Her pussy muscles pulsed wildly against her empty cunt
hole. Warm pussy cream oozed from the cushiony walls. With her mouth plastered against Beauty’s cockhead, Priscilla grabbed
his long thick prickshaft in both hands. She swallowed hard, her eyes
wide, her body trembling, ready for the first thick wad to splash into
her mouth. Beauty’s balls seemed as if they were heavy weights. His big brown eyes
rolled, exposing red-laced whites. His rubbery lips quivered, and his
ears flicked. “Cum, boy,” Tammy whispered. Her voice was husky. Her tits were in
pain. Her pussy was an empty aching void. Gushing fuck cream flowed
from her cunt hole. Her head was spinning. She needed to be fucked. Priscilla jerked his long cockshaft, sucked his prick’s bloated tip.
She whipped her tongue over his pisser. Her own body was caught in the
same storm that gripped the pony’s balls. Beauty humped forward, fucking his prick into the child’s mouth. His
cock stretched her throat. His cock fucked deeper into her gullet. Priscilla gagged, her brown eyes bulging. She choked again, but never
relinquished her hold on his prickshaft. She used her teeth, her
tongue. Her hands flew up and down his cockshaft. She needed his cum to
quell the raging fires in her virgin pussy. “Ohhh! Ohhh!” Tammy squealed. “He’s gonna … gonna cum!” She was
delirious. Her voice cracked. She held Beauty’s head tight. “Cream her!
Cream her face!” Beauty whinnied, his big glassy eyes floating in and out of sight. He
couldn’t get traction. He twisted on his side. His ass humped forward,
his balls slapping against the hands that were jacking him off. Priscilla felt the swelling in his cockshaft. Her hands squeezed. She
drew her cheeks in, sucking deeply. The suction reached into his huge
cum-stuffed balls. Beauty’s balls exploded. A thick white river of pony-cum squirted like
a jet stream through his throbbing cock and out his pisser. He jerked
and twisted on his side. His cock jabbed, cum squirting out with each
mighty lunge. Priscilla took the first thick gob, swallowing it easily after it
splashed against the back of her throat. At first startled, she
accepted it, greedy for more. “Oooo! He’s cumming! He’s cumming!” Tammy stared like a wild eyed
demon. She swallowed hard, imagining the hot delicious cum filling her
mouth. “Suck him, Priscilla. Suck every drop!” Priscilla’s hands flew up and down his cockshaft. Her mouth sucked. She
released one hand, milked his heavy churning nuts. Cum gushed into her
mouth. It oozed down her throat, quickly followed by more. Beauty lunged, whinnied. His tail became a whip, slashing over his
jerking rump. His brown eyes seemed to pop from their sockets. The
child’s mouth was sucking hard enough to pull his balls up through his
exploding cock. “Cum! Cum! Cum!” Tammy chanted hysterically. She was shaking, holding
Beauty and creaming her own cunt. She stared at Beauty’s cock fucking
into Priscilla’s mouth. “Cum, Beauty! Drown her!” The gushing river of hot pony jizz never stopped spurting from his
pisser. Cum flooded the sucking teenager’s mouth, swelled her cheeks,
spurted down her gullet, and still more came. Hot thick sticky white
wads of jism oozed from her clinging lips, flowed from her nose. Tammy was entranced. “Don’t waste it,” she screamed hysterically.
“Don’t waste it.” Priscilla was doing everything she could to savor and drink every drop
of the delicious cum. She let it flow into her mouth and throat,
swallowing when possible. She pressed her face forward, letting his
cock fuck deeper into her gullet. Beauty tried to scramble to his feet, but the hot gulping mouth on his
cock and his mistress’s tight grip on his neck kept him on his side.
Muscles rippled beneath his skin. He jabbed hard, fucking the child’s
throat. Each thrust sent another glob of cum into her mouth. Priscilla’s hands mauled his thick prick and balls. She clamped her
lips tight. She was losing too much cum. She sucked and heard the pony
neigh. She felt a certain amount of power. Grating teeth gnawed his
cockshaft. Her tongue whipped his prick violently. Her hands squeezed
tight like a virgin cunt. One hard destructive lunge fucked the entire length of Beauty’s cock
into Priscilla’s throat. His balls whacked her chin. Hot cum spurted
directly into her belly. He jerked, pulled away, spraying her red face
with the last glistening glob of cum. Priscilla gasped, eyes blinking as the cum splashed over her. “Oooo!”
she moaned. She rolled away as the pony staggered quickly to his feet. Tammy quickly scrambled over to Priscilla. She plastered her mouth to
hers, sucked, then licked her face clean. “I told you,” she panted.
“He’s delicious, huh?” Numb, Priscilla smiled dreamily. “I can’t wait until I do it again,”
she gasped. “Wouldn’t you rather have him fuck you?” Tammy whispered, trembling in
the raging storm of her own lust. Priscilla blinked, not actually sure she had heard right. “Fuck him?”
She was still coming down from the dizzy heights. “How do you think I lost my cherry, dummy?” Tammy giggled. “Beauty’s
been fucking me for a year.” It boggled Priscilla’s mind. “Jesus!” Tammy stood up. She swayed, drunk with passion. Having seen Priscilla
suck Beauty gave her the courage she had lacked in the past. “I haven’t
been fucked since I left here to go the city and stay with your folks.
I’m going crazy.” Tammy had made up her mind. It was time to take on Diamond. “I’m gonna get fucked.” Chapter 8
Cum dripped from Priscilla’s lips. “How?” she gasped. “I just sucked
him dry.” She was bewildered. “Diamond,” Tammy said proudly, a hint of terror in her voice. “I’ll
fuck Diamond.” Priscilla’s mouth dropped in awe. “God! You can’t fuck Diamond. He’ll
… he’ll kill you.” She gulped back a lump of fear. “I’ve wanted to fuck him for along time,” Tammy admitted. “I keep
thinking about all the mares he’s fucked with his gorgeous cock. Now, I
want it.” “Jesus, you’re crazy as hell.” “Not crazy,” Tammy giggled. “Hot for a fuck. Like you were hot to cum.” Priscilla rocked on the ground, her round tight ass squirming in the
hay. “Shit, I forgot all about getting licked off.” Tammy smiled dreamily. “When you suck a cock, getting licked off loses
its importance. You should be getting fucked instead of just having
Beauty lick you off. Grow up.” Priscilla thought about it. “I’ll watch you first.” “Once you see me riding Diamond’s cock, you’ll change your mind,” Tammy
said with assurance. She spun on her heel and strode boldly over to Diamond’s stall. “You
ready for me, fucker?” Diamond tossed his head in the air, his dark eyes flashing. He pawed
the earth, snorting. His dark nostrils smelled the passion that reeked
heavily in the barn. Tammy shuddered and stepped back. “God, is he ready.” She turned to
Priscilla. “C’mon over and watch me tame this fucker.” Priscilla staggered to her feet. Slowly, she walked to the stall where
Diamond was acting up. Her brown eyes glowed. “You better be careful.” “If I was careful,” Tammy said, “I would still be a virgin like you.”
She looked at the huge black horse. “Right, Diamond?” The beast exuded sexual power. He snorted, flicked his black glossy
mane over his thick-muscled neck. His powerful chest pressed against
the gate that kept him in his stall. “See, he wants me as bad as I want him,” Tammy said. Priscilla looked at them both and believed the girl. A tremor swept
through her virgin cunt. She leaned against Beauty’s stall. “God, it
makes me cream thinking about it.” “Then think about having Beauty take your cherry. It beats hell out of
getting licked.” Tammy looked at Priscilla. “Beauty wants to thank
you.” The golden pony nuzzled against Priscilla. His cold nose touched her
hot sizzling tit. He was sated, his big brown eyes dulled, heavy with
sleep. The child had sucked him blind. “Oooo, Beauty,” Priscilla giggled. His cold nose sent shivers down her
hot fiery body. It was a gnawing reminder that she had not yet cum. She
gulped. Tammy read her mind. “After I fuck this beautiful beast, I’ll suck you
off.” Priscilla nodded. “I think after watching you get fucked, sucking won’t
be enough.” “It’ll help you sleep until tomorrow. Then you can take Beauty and tame
him.” Priscilla stroked the pony’s forehead. “Nice pony wanna break my
cherry?” She giggled, her eyes focused hotly on the giant horse. Tammy turned her attention to the stallion. “You ready?” She peeled off
her robe, let it drop to the floor. “I’m going to make you cry like a
baby.” Priscilla gasped, her hot gaze floating hotly over Tammy’s long elegant
body. “God!” She scratched Beauty’s forehead. “Your mistress has got
some big tits.” “You will, too, now that you’re rubbing pony-cum into them,” Tammy
giggled. She faced the horse like a naked sacrifice to the giant
animal. “Make him cry uncle,” Priscilla said, her own pussy churning out warm
pussy cream. “I want you right down there with me,” Tammy said, “watching every jab
of his cock.” She rubbed her tits, cupped them, offered them up to the
giant stallion. Diamond nuzzled the fleshy meat of Tammy’s tits. Wet drool soaked the
pliant globes of ripe teenage tittie meat. His big active lips covered
the flesh, nibbled the swollen nipples, chomped on the bullet tips. Tammy tossed her head back. Her creamy complexion was flushed with
passion. “Ooo, suck ’em, my handsome stud. Suck me!” Priscilla was amazed. It was so erotic watching. “Let him fuck you,”
she gasped impatiently. Tammy laughed, a deep throaty laugh coated with the raging lust that
surged through her young oversexed body. “First, my tits,” she moaned.
“Then my pussy. When I’m soaked in his spit, then he can fuck me.” Tammy pressed herself against the horse’s hard muzzle. “You don’t get
tits like this, with a mare,” she laughed. She shook them lewdly,
smacking the sensitive tit meat against his lips. “Oohhhh, Christ!” A hot bolt of passion ripped through her gut. Knowing
she was at last going to fuck Diamond weakened her knees. “Oh shit,
Priscilla. I’m creaming my fuckin’ hole!” Tammy staggered away from the mighty horse. She trembled and opened his
stall. “C’mon, fucker. Come on out and get it.” She stepped back, then
danced lewdly in the center of the barn as Diamond stepped from his
stall. Priscilla’s eyes popped. The horse was a monster. He looked so big
standing in front of the naked blonde. “Ohhh, shit,” she mumbled under
her breath. She adored the beast. She caught a glimpse of his swinging
balls and cock sheath. A lump clogged her throat. Tammy bent over and presented the stallion with the twin cheeks of her
beautiful ass. “Lick it, fucker. It’s nice and hot for your mouth.” She
wriggled her hips, taunting the horse with her creamy white ass. Diamond stepped forward and nudged the jiggling cheeks of Tammy’s ass
with his cold nose. He snorted. The scent of the teenager’s cunt was
devastating. He nudged her again, this time harder.
“Ayyiee!” Tammy fell forward. “Ayyiee!” She was sprawled out on a pile
of thick hay, ass up, tits crushed in the hay. Her pussy and ass crack
were vulnerable to the giant horse and his gobbling mouth. Diamond’s tail swished over his shiny black rump. He dropped his head,
nibbled with obvious pleasure between the cheeks of Tammy’s beautiful
ass. His lips touched her inflamed pussy. The horse, for the first
time, tasted hot buttery pussy cream. He flipped his head up and gave a
loud whinny. “He loves my cunt,” Tammy squealed. “I knew the fucker would. A regular
cunt man.” Diamond chomped, pushed her forward again into the hay. Fuck juice
flowed into his nose. He snorted. Tammy laughed and jammed her ass back in the horse’s muzzle. “Eat me,
Diamond! Slobber me with your Goddamn fuckin’ spit!” She was out of her
mind, delirious. “Look at that,” Priscilla gasped, talking to Beauty as if he
understood. “Look at him eat her cunt!” She rubbed one small tit into
Beauty’s soft satiny lips. “Mmmmm!” Tammy flipped over on her back. With long slender legs spread and big
pulpy tits flopping as she squirmed, Tammy raised her legs in the air.
“Eat me, fucker! Chew me and I’ll fuck you blind!” She was showing off
and loving it. It added to her own lust. Priscilla eased Beauty out of the stall. She stroked him, never taking
her gaze off Tammy and the gorgeous horse. “I’m gonna cum too,” she
whispered. “I’m gonna cream you.” From glassy eyes, Tammy saw Priscilla climb up on Beauty’s back. “No!”
she screamed. “Watch Diamond fuck me!” She ground her cunt into the
horse’s muzzle. “Oooo, Christ, Priscilla. Get over here!” Priscilla fell from the pony’s back. Trembling, she forgot about Beauty
and crawled over to Tammy. Her body was aching. Her cunt was a scalding
mass of bubbling pussy cream. “God,” Tammy moaned. “His fuckin’ tongue is up my hole.” She clamped
her legs to the horse’s head and recklessly ground her cunt against his
teeth and lips. Diamond flipped his head and tossed the child aside. He neighed,
agitated by the child’s lust. His coal-black eyes glowed as he swung
his head from side to side. Tammy rolled over, hay clinging to her sweaty flesh. “Jesus, he’s going
to be fantastic.” Her blue eyes were glowing with the same fire that
burned in Diamond’s eyes. “Maybe you should wait,” Priscilla said, her voice shaky. Inwardly, she
hoped Tammy wouldn’t wait. She wanted to witness the huge horse fucking
her friend. “Oh, no!” Tammy gasped, hauling herself to her feet. “I’m fucking him
tonight.” She grabbed a small bench and carried it over to Diamond.
“Nice horse.” She eased the bench under him, positioning it in place. Diamond calmed down. Tammy’s voice soothed him. He twisted his head and
nuzzled the child’s tits. “No more tits, Diamond,” Tammy giggled. “It’s time I got to know your
cock.” She stroked his powerful flank. “Keep him calm, Priscilla.” Numb with passion, Priscilla nodded. She scratched Diamond on the
forehead. “Nice horse.” Her voice cracked. Touching the giant horse
made her cream. “Be still, Diamond.” “Not too still,” Tammy joked. “I don’t wanna fuck a dead piece of horse
cock.” She adjusted herself on the bench. Her blue eyes stared in
wonder at the giant nut-sac and thick sheath that housed Diamond’s
cock. “Oohhh, shit, is this gonna be great.” Diamond accepted Priscilla’s nervous attempts to placate him. He
remained still, enjoying Priscilla’s soft gentle voice and stroking
hand. “Mmmmm,” Tammy sighed. She wriggled down, arching her back. The horse’s
thick cock sheath and balls rested on her tits. “Oooo, I’m creaming!” Diamond responded to Tammy’s squeals. His muscled body quivered and his
tail slapped back and forth. “Keep your voice down,” Priscilla gasped. “Diamond’s getting nervous.” Tammy moaned softly. She stroked the horse’s cock sheath, exposing hard
thick cockmeat. She gulped. He looked twice as big as Beauty. “He’s a
fuckin’ giant,” Tammy whispered. Her blue eyes bulging, she worked the thick cock sheath back and forth,
her fingers turning Diamond’s cock into a long steel beam. “Oooo, it’s
beautiful! Oooo!” Hot shivers raced down her spine. Beauty, sensing the passion in the air, walked over and nudged
Priscilla’s ass. He tried burrowing his muzzle between the virgin’s
tight ass cheeks. “Not now,” Priscilla gasped. The contact sent tremors of joy through
the narrow canal of her wet pussy. “Tomorrow will be your turn.” Tammy inched down under the giant horse. The bloated thick cock was
near her hungry mouth. “Put Beauty in his stall,” she panted. “Then
come back and watch.” Priscilla obeyed, worried about leaving Diamond unattended. Quickly she
put Beauty in his stall and locked the gate. She was back in seconds,
ready to calm the sleek black stallion. “Come down here and look at his prick!” Tammy gasped in awe. “Hurry!” Priscilla dropped to her knees. She didn’t believe the size of the
giant piece of cockmeat. “Jesus!” Her nipples seemed to burst, and she
fell back on her ass. Tammy giggled. “Watch.” She wriggled close and slapped her tongue over
the exposed head of Diamond’s cock. With her mouth opened as far as
possible, she took his prick between her lips and sucked. As Priscilla moaned in astonishment, Diamond pawed the earth with his
powerful hoofs. His long blue-black tail swished nervously over his
rump. His huge body tensed, his balls rumbling with the thick white-hot
cum that swelled them. “Jesus!” Priscilla squealed, getting up again. She crawled over. “Put
his cock in you. Fuck him, Tammy, before he goes crazy.” Tammy popped her mouth off his thick prick. “I was thinking the same
thing,” she sighed. “Shit, he’s even more delicious than Beauty.” “Don’t let Beauty hear you say that,” Priscilla said. Tammy was too engrossed in Diamond’s cock to answer. She eased back,
dragged his wet sticky piece of thick-muscled cockmeat down her body. A
quivering gasp came from her open mouth as Diamond’s prickhead lay
against the soft blonde mound of her pussy. Priscilla’s mouth watered. She wanted to suck the horse, drink his cum.
“Let me put it in you,” she whispered. “Okay?” “Go ahead,” Tammy said. She was shaking. “I’m soaked with juice and his
spit. His cock will go in nice and easy.” She kept her legs spread
wide. Tammy brought her hands to the horse’s smooth glossy coat. She stroked
his belly gently, keeping the powerful animal as calm as possible. “You ready for some good pussy?” she said. She wriggled her hips.
“Stick it in me, Priscilla.” Diamond jerked forward, dragging his cock over Tammy’s belly. He
stepped back, then jerked, fucking the blunt thick head of his cock
against her pussy. “Hurry, Priscilla. He’s getting horny.” She was trembling with a
mixture of lust and fright. His cock was monstrous. “Hurry!” Priscilla grabbed the huge thick shaft of Diamond’s cock and aimed his
prick at the blonde’s seeping pussy. Diamond did the rest. “Ooooo!” Tammy squealed. “Oooo! He’s … in me! Aghhhh! His cock is so
big!” Diamond lunged forward. The momentum had fucked his cock into the
child’s hot pussy. The thickness of his prickshaft stretched the spongy
walls of her bubbling cunt to the limit. “Jesus,” Priscilla sighed in awe. Her brown eyes popped as Diamond’s
cock fucked into her friend’s hot buttery twat. Diamond’s head swung up. His mane swished back and forth, falling over
his glowing coal-black eyes. The heat from the teenager’s tight-
gripping cunt made his powerful body tense. Hot cunt cream on his
buried cockshaft caused the muscles to ripple under his slick black
coat. His cock thickened. Tammy thrashed on the bench, her young lithe body impaled on Diamond’s
gigantic cock. “Aghhhh!” she screamed. “He’s ripping me apart! Oh, I
love it! Aghhhh!” Priscilla watched, entranced by what she was seeing. In her innocence,
she never would have believed that such a thick piece of cockmeat would
have fit into Tammy’s pussy. “Fuck her, Diamond,” Priscilla whispered,
her voice coated with lust. “He is! He is!” Tammy was delighted with Diamond’s cock as he fucked
deeper and deeper into her cunt. Expertly, Tammy worked her cunt up and down the length of the horse’s
thick glistening cock. This was the best fuck yet. Foam spilled out of
her pussy and spilled onto the horse’s balls. The creamy ooze greased
the horse’s giant prick as he fucked her. Priscilla’s trembling hands reached out and touched the horse’s cock.
She gasped. Diamond’s prick was hot and wet. Her fingers touched the
velvety folds of Tammy’s cunt. “How deep is he, Tammy?” Priscilla asked
dreamily. Tammy looked at her with glassy blue eyes. “He’s up in my fuckin’
throat!” She ignored Priscilla’s questioning stare and concentrated on
the wonderful sensations that were bombarding her. Diamond was fucking
her senseless. He was definitely better than her pony, Beauty. Diamond
was more powerful, less restrained, his cock larger. Diamond fucked deep into Tammy’s bubbling pussy. The powerful thrust
drove Tammy back along the bench. He fucked again, driving her further
along the bench. His cock pounded, swelling inside her sticky hot hole. Tammy struggled to keep herself from falling off the bench. More
powerful than Beauty, Diamond kept lunging at her, and she loved it.
Tammy rocked, her hips churning. She rammed her clit into the horse,
her cunt filling with horse-cock. She felt the whack of his cum-bloated
balls each time she rammed into him. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Tammy screamed. With her legs held high, she kicked
her heels into the black stallion, urging him on. She clawed her own
body with her nails. Fine red lines decorated the creamy soft skin of
her tits. Priscilla’s eyes widened. “Does it hurt, Tammy!” Too busy enjoying the pleasure of the horse’s fucking cock, Tammy
continued to ignore her friend. Her nails now began to rake the horse’s
flanks, scratching the tough skin. Diamond, his balls rumbling, went berserk. Fast humping jabs and
hammering jerks drove the whimpering teenager wild. Each horrendous new
jab became more ferocious than the last. Relentlessly, the horse fucked
forward, immersing his cock in Tammy’s pool of frothy cunt juice. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” Tammy wailed deliriously, her pussy crammed full of
horse-cock. The bench tottered beneath her quaking body. The horse was
giving her the best fuck she ever had, until his power-ridden jabs
finally knocked her off the bench. Priscilla was frightened half to death. The high-strung horse was
dragging the screaming teenager around the earthen floor of the barn.
She gasped, “Are you all right, Tammy? Are you okay?” Tammy was too busy enjoying the hard thrusts of Diamond’s cock to
answer her friend. Her slim legs, used to riding, held onto Diamond.
She accepted the punishing blows, enjoyed the fuck of her young life. Half dragging, half carrying the squealing teenager, Diamond lunged.
His prick exploded. Wads of horse-cum squirted out his pulsing prick,
flooding Tammy’s tight pussy. “He’s cumming! He’s cumming!” Tammy screamed, overwhelmed. She ground
her clit into Diamond, the coarse friction triggering her own orgasm.
She quickly joined the horse in bliss. “I’m cumming, too!” Tammy screamed to her friend. “I’m cummin’ on
Diamond’s cock!” Priscilla watched the mighty stallion fuck her naked friend. She
thought about tomorrow when Beauty would be fucking her virgin pussy.
It made her head spin. Her brown eyes turned glassy as they focused on
the huge horse and the naked teenager beneath him. Tammy thrashed like a wildcat. Her sweaty body twisted and turned. Her
arms clutched the horse. Her legs held his in a death grip. Completely
off the floor, her body wrenched as the horse’s cock fucked her pussy.
Gurgling screams escaped her drooling mouth when his cock fucked
dangerously deep. Diamond swirled his head in the air, his black shiny mane swishing over
his thick muscled neck. He lunged. His spewing cock-cum overflowed the
teenager’s pussy. It dribbled down her jiggling ass and dripped into a
puddle on the floor. His coal-black eyes glowed. Hard driving slams
squirted more cum into her gulping hot cunt hole. “I’m drowning!” Tammy screamed. Her pussy flowed with a soupy mixture.
Her muscles worked overtime, draining his heavy balls. Diamond lunged again and again, his balls turning to empty shells.
Pawing the earth, he twisted his powerful body, shaking the whimpering
child loose. Falling to the ground, Tammy let out a scream. She twisted in agonizing
torment, skittering down from the best fuck of her life. She rolled out
from under the horse and crawled over to her friend. “How was it?” Priscilla asked. She was dying to know all the details. “Fabulous! You’ll learn all about it tomorrow when Beauty breaks your
cherry.” A half hour later, after Tammy sucked Priscilla off like she had
promised, the two teenagers put on their robes and went back to the
house. Once they were safely in bed, both teenagers slipped easily into
a deep sleep. Chapter 9
The two teenagers bounded down the stairs. Both were excited. Today was
special. It was cherry-breaking day. “Hi, Mom!” Tammy shouted with enthusiasm, dashing into the kitchen. Her
bright face was beaming. “Good morning, Mrs. Hudson,” Priscilla said, taking a seat at the
table. Her face was bright, the edges etched with a tinge of
apprehension. Ellen Hudson looked at the two children. “It looks as if you two have
made up.” She smiled at them both. “I’m glad.” “It was a silly fight,” Tammy said. She winked at Priscilla. “Wasn’t
it?” Priscilla giggled, cheeks flushing pink. Memories of last night at
dinner and not talking with Tammy, then the entire evening sitting
alone in the bedroom flashed through her mind. “It was a silly
argument.” “We settled it in the middle of the night,” Tammy said. “Right,
Priscilla?” Priscilla’s cheeks turned from pink to red. She avoided Tammy’s horny
gaze. “Talking about last night,” Ellen Hudson said. “Did you hear any noise
coming from the barn?” Tammy’s face froze in a picture of horror. Priscilla choked on her
orange juice. Neither girl trusted herself to look at the other. Ellen went on, not noticing the sudden change in her daughter and
Priscilla. “Your father thought something was the matter with Diamond.
He got up and was going to investigate, but the noise stopped.” This time the teenagers looked at each other. Each was in a state of
panic. Each one was afraid to speak. Ellen laughed. “I told him it was silly to get up.” Tammy heaved a sigh of relief. She found her voice. “I didn’t hear
anything. Did you, Priscilla?” Priscilla shook her head. She didn’t trust herself to speak. She drank
more orange juice. “You know how horny Diamond gets, Mom,” Tammy giggled. Tammy became
bold. “There’s no mares around here for him.” Ellen gave her daughter a scowl. “You shouldn’t talk like that.” “Awww, Mom. Priscilla knows all about the birds and the bees.” She
laughed. “Don’t be a prude. Diamond is a horny horse.” Ellen turned and went to the refrigerator, ignoring her daughter. Tammy looked at Priscilla. “Did your mother tell you the facts of
life?” Priscilla’s eyes questioned her friend. They asked if she were going
crazy. Ellen saw Priscilla’s embarrassment. “Sometimes, Tammy …” She shook
her head. “I’m going over to Martha’s this morning. Take care of things
around here.” “Sure, Mom.” She tilted her head, accepted the peck on the cheek from
her mother. “Priscilla and I will do the dishes. Then we’ll go and
check on horny.” She giggled. Ellen swatted her daughter’s head playfully. “Kids. I don’t know why I
ever had you.” “I know why,” Tammy laughed, enjoying the game. “See you, Mom.” “You kids be good. Bye, Priscilla.” She looked at her daughter. “I’m
not talking to you.” She smiled and left. “God.” Priscilla gasped, once the front door closed and they were
alone. “I thought your mother would get mad.” “Shit no,” Tammy said. “Mom’s okay. I like teasing.” “For a second I wasn’t sure.” Priscilla calmed down for a moment,
forgetting the significance of this special day. “My mother would get
mad.” “I’m country, you’re city. Sex is more open out here. I mean, hell, I
know Diamond is a fucking stud.” Priscilla laughed. “I know.” She flicked her tongue over her lips.
“You’re the mare he fucked last night.” “Mmmm, last night,” Tammy purred. “Now I know why Daddy gets paid when
Diamond fucks a mare. He’s fabulous.” She closed her eyes, reliving the
delicious memory of Diamond’s fantastic cock. A shadow spread over Priscilla’s face. “Your father would have beat
your ass black and blue if he had come out to the barn last night.” Tammy giggled lewdly. “Maybe not.” She paused, thinking about it.
“Maybe he would have wanted to fuck me.” It was an exciting, forbidden
thought. “Oooo!” Priscilla was shocked. “He would have beat you and told my
father. My father would have beat me, and we’d never have fun again.” “Maybe your father would have fucked you,” Tammy said, enjoying
herself, giving full vent to her fantasies and imagination. “The four
of us could have a ball together.” Priscilla’s cheeks flared red. Tammy noticed. “So you’ve thought about fucking your father, too, huh?”
She got up and strutted lewdly around the kitchen. “I think about it
sometimes when Beauty is shoving his cock up inside me.” Priscilla watched her more daring friend. “I don’t think your mother
would approve.” “I don’t either.” She laughed, then peeled off her top. “Mom would shit
red, white and blue if she knew the things I thought about, let alone
all the things I do. She’s so modest.” Priscilla looked hard, creamed her panties as she ogled Tammy’s large
ripe tits. “Boy I hope my tits get big, damn it.” “Keep rubbing in Beauty’s cum.” Her face brightened. “Speaking of
Beauty, isn’t it time we went out to the barn and served my pony some
cherry pussy?” “I almost forgot,” she said. “Don’t bullshit me, Priscilla,” Tammy said, playing with her plump
tits. “I’ll bet you’re creaming right now for his cock.” “I am,” Priscilla admitted. “But I’m afraid too.” Tammy bounced over and grabbed Priscilla’s hand. “Just remember what I
told you. Stay relaxed and the pain will disappear in a flash.” She
tugged. “C’mon.” “Aren’t you going to put on your top?” “Not today,” Tammy squealed in joy. “Today is special, and I’m going
out naked. How about you?” “Not me,” Priscilla said. “Losing my cherry is special enough for me.” Tammy peeled off her jeans and panties. “I’m ready.” She ran to the
screen door and looked out. “Hurry up.” Priscilla followed her naked friend out onto the back porch. “You’re
crazy. Just like your mother says.” Tammy ran down the steps, tits bouncing, ass jiggling. She stood in the
center of the yard, legs spread, hands on hips. “You can’t do this in
the city.” A flick of her shoulders and her tits shook. “Quit gawking
at my tits and c’mon.” Priscilla hurried down the steps as Tammy ran across the yard to the
barn. Priscilla ogled her friend’s ass, long legs, and gleaming blonde
hair. “I’d like to try it sometime,” she said to herself. She went into
the barn. A shudder swept through her. Tammy closed the barn door and locked it. “Maybe I should keep it
open,” she said. “If my father comes home, he can fuck me while Beauty
gives you a jump.” “That would be super!” Priscilla responded. She went over to the small
door at the side of the barn and slipped the bolt into place. “I don’t
want to get caught.” Last night’s close call weighed heavy on
Priscilla’s mind. Tammy danced around, then climbed onto the side of Beauty’s stall. “You
ready for some cherry?” She sat on the leather saddle, the same one
Priscilla had creamed two days ago in her first bold sexual experiment. Priscilla’s legs felt weak. She walked toward Beauty, feeling like she
was being sacrificed. “I’m scared.” Tammy laughed. “I was, too, last night. You saw how much fun I had.” “I know,” Priscilla said. She petted Beauty’s forehead. “You be gentle
with me.” “Not too gentle,” Tammy said. “It takes all the fun out of it.” She
squirmed in the saddle. Priscilla, her hands trembling, opened the gate. “C’mon, Beauty.” She
led the beautiful pony out to the center of the barn. She stroked his
neck and combed her fingers through his thick golden mane. For the first time, she noticed Diamond’s stall was empty. “Where’s
Diamond?” “With my father. He’s lining up another mare for him. I hope I didn’t
drain his nuts too much last night.” She tossed her head back and
laughed. Priscilla ignored her friend. She rubbed Beauty’s smooth golden coat.
It helped her relax. “I’m not like your mistress,” she said. “My pussy
isn’t the damned Holland Tunnel.” Tammy laughed. “You’ll be stretched nice and wide before the morning’s
over.” She lifted her bare ass up off the saddle. “You’ll be able to do
this.” Tammy lowered her body, plunging her cunt down on the hard
leather saddle horn. “Unnnn! Christ! It’s almost as good as a cock.” Priscilla’s eyes popped. She drooled as she stared at Tammy. “Ooo!
Oooo!” She leaned against Beauty for support. “Unnn!” Tammy gurgled. She whipped her hips around and gouged the hard
saddle horn into her pussy. Her dazed blue eyes stared down at
Priscilla. “Getting hot?” Priscilla nodded, knowing the what Tammy was doing to the saddle horn
was what she would be doing to Beauty’s cock. “You’ll be able to
tongue-fuck me soon,” she whispered huskily. “Get undressed,” Tammy moaned, creaming all over the leather saddle.
“Ride my pony. Show him city girls know how to fuck.” “Maybe watching me strip will get him hot,” Priscilla said, backing
away from the animal. “Try it and see,” Tammy urged. “I know it’ll get me hot.” Priscilla closed her eyes and conjured up an image of Beauty’s cock.
With it vivid in her mind, she slipped her blouse off, letting it fall
to the earth. “Damn,” Tammy mumbled. Her eyes followed Priscilla’s every move. As
Priscilla slipped sensuously out of her jeans, Tammy’s cunt pushed
madly against the hard leather horn. “Ummmm, give him a whiff of your
pussy.” Priscilla was excited. She turned around, presented her pantie-clad ass
to the golden pony. “Maybe he’ll pull down my panties.” Tammy was delirious. She was grinding and twisting her pussy on the
saddle horn. “He’ll rip them off you. I’ve tried it.” Priscilla wriggled her ass back into Beauty’s muzzle, mashed her ass
cheeks into his lips. “Chew me, Beauty. Chew my panties.” She swung her
tits. “Oooo, shit! I’m soaked.” Beauty picked up the pungent scent of Priscilla’s virgin cunt. He
snorted through his lips. Warm pony drool soaked the cotton panties
through to Priscilla’s ass cheeks, matching the stained juicy crotch. “Take ’em off me!” Priscilla screamed. She jabbed back, agitating the
pony. Beauty flipped his head. He whinnied and soaked her skin in spit as he
latched his teeth on her panties. Caught, he twisted his head. The thin
cotton material ripped. “Oooooh!” Priscilla squealed, wiggling and pulling away. She spun
around, laughed at Beauty as he held her panties in his mouth. “Nice
horny pony.” Beauty dropped the panties and stepped toward the naked virgin. His wet
snout nuzzled between her silky smooth thighs. “Oh! Ooo! Ummmmm!” Priscilla purred. She scratched his head, then
spread her legs and jammed her pussy on his hard muzzle. “Unnn!
Beauty!” The pony lifted his head. He banged his muzzle into her cunt. The quick
sudden move knocked Priscilla back. He neighed as if laughing. “Ayieee!” she squealed in pleasure. She spread her legs wide, offered
the pony a meal of virgin cuntmeat. “Eat me. It’ll be the last time you
have cherry for breakfast.” Beauty buried his snout between her
inviting legs and gobbled voraciously on the juicy gash of her virgin
pussy. His rubbery lips latched onto the hard pulsing clit. His tongue
invaded the entrance, then scooped up warm oozing pussy-cream. Priscilla went crazy. She slammed her cunt into his muzzle. “Aghhhh!”
Thrashing on the hay, she climbed towards an explosive orgasm. “Oooo!
Unnnnn!” Brown eyes bulged wide. “No.” Tammy screamed. “Don’t cum on his mouth. Fuck him!” She too was
climbing steadily towards her orgasm. The saddle horn was doing its
job. Her pussy had soaked it three times. Blinking herself out of a drunken stupor, Priscilla squiggled away. She
climbed back into the hay. “Fuck me, Beauty. Come give me your cock.” Beauty stepped forward, his huge cock swaying under his belly. The
teenager’s scent and wild gyrations had turned his balls into fiery
weights and his cock in to cast iron. His brown soulful eyes glowed
with the animal passion the child had stirred in him. Priscilla saw his long thick cock. “Ooooo!” She swooned, almost
fainting. “Jesus! It’s so big!” She shoved hay under her ass, building the pile higher, angling her
pussy for the pony’s cock. “Come, Beauty. Fuck me! Make me happy!” She
twisted her hips, exposed her cunt. “Fuck me!” Tammy fell from the saddle. She crawled over, out of her mind with
lust, her eyes glowing like sapphires. She reached them, slapped
Beauty’s rump. “Give it to her, Beauty. Make the hot little bitch a
woman.” Beauty neighed, then fucked forward. His thick cock jabbed Priscilla
between her thighs. The hard tip whacked her crotch, mashed her clit,
but didn’t find her virgin cunt hole. “Ahhhh!” Priscilla cried. Lights flashed behind her fluttering eyelids.
“He busted my fucking clit!” She squirmed, angled her cunt. She was
trembling, waiting for the next assault. Tammy reached under, gripping Beauty’s cock. She aimed it. “Here he
comes!” With his cock in Tammy’s tight fist and Priscilla’s squealing
high-pitched voice echoing in his skull, Beauty jabbed again. With
Tammy’s help, he found what he was seeking–Priscilla’s virgin pussy. “Ayyieeee!” The shrill cry of pain filled the barn. “Ayieeee!” Her
cherry had been ripped to shreds with the first thrust. She bucked,
impaled on Beauty’s long cock. “Yeahhhh!” Tammy’s eyes popped. She watched Beauty stab hard, plunge
deep, fuck his cock inside her friend’s virgin cunt hole up to his
balls. She held his balls. “Fuck her! Fuck her!” Pain seared through Priscilla’s pussy like hot fire. Beauty’s cock
stretched her virgin cunt hole. “He’s ripping me open! It burns!
Owwwww!” Beauty lunged again, fucking his prick into her syrupy pussy. His prick
swelled. The heat on his cockshaft was tremendous. Hot spongy cunt muscles stretched to accommodate the giant invader. The
pussy muscles closed quickly around his cockshaft. “I … can’t take … it!” Priscilla screamed. Priscilla beat her tiny fists against the pony’s flanks. She twisted
her hips, but, instead of freeing herself, her frantic efforts only
caused Beauty’s cock to fuck deeper. “Aghhhh! Stop him! Stop him!” “Relax,” Tammy whispered huskily. Her blue eyes watched the fucking
thrusts of Beauty’s cock. “Relax and enjoy!” She held the pony’s balls.
“He’ll give you pleasure if you let him.” Priscilla heard, wanted to believe. She bit her lip, gasped air into
her lungs. She blinked and looked at Tammy’s flushed face. “It hurts.” Beauty didn’t care. He fucked hard, driving the wild teenager back into
the hay. He flipped his tail, swished it over Tammy’s face. His head
swung, then he tossed it high, neighing as he fucked. Hard slow
torturous thrusts. Priscilla, having accepted Tammy’s advice, began to reap the rewards of
her first fuck. “Yessss,” she hissed, finding the pleasure inside her
cock-stuffed pussy quickly erasing the pain. “Oooo, yesss!” Priscilla swirled up on a cloud of joy she never knew existed. She
began to fuck back at the animal. She used her cunt muscles, instinctively milking his cock. Hips
lunging, ass rotating, she wiped away the last of the pain and was
enveloped immediately in a cocoon of pleasurable warmth. “Oooo, I’m in
heaven.” So was Beauty. Hot cunt cream greased his way. Frenzied muscles of
spongy heat manipulated his fucking cockshaft. He whinnied loud and
clear. His balls were swelling, aching to empty their heavy load. Tammy moaned, looking at her friend. “He’s getting ready. He’s gonna
cream you good and proper.” One hand left the pony’s balls, the other
smoothed down his rump. “Drown her, Beauty.” Priscilla only heard the words in the back of her mind. They sounded
fuzzy. She was drunk with lust. Her body, every muscle, worked in fluid
harmony to extract every ounce of pleasure from her first fuck. “I love
it! Oooo! I’m getting close! Gonna …” “Yessss!” Tammy moaned. “Cum! Cum! Cream his fuckin’ cock!” Priscilla lunged at the pony, fucking the hot sticky channel of her
pussy along his bloated shaft. “Oooo, it feels so wonderful!” Her
beating fists now caressed the animal. “Fuck me! Beauty! Fuck me!” Beauty pawed the hay, his cock fucking into the child’s vat of soupy
pussy juice. His balls rumbled. He whinnied. He was getting ready. Priscilla worked her hips in a tight arc. Her eyes glowed and her body
was flushed pink with passion. She lifted her ass high, twisting her
clit into the animal’s cock. “Cum,” Tammy screeched. “Cream him!” She squeezed his balls, turning
the pony into a frenzied beast. Beauty snapped his head around. The action dragged the impaled teenager
through the hay. He nipped Tammy, knocking her over. Tammy released the pony’s balls. She crawled behind his hind legs and
gaped in awe. Her eyes were fixed on Beauty’s hulking cock jammed deep
in Priscilla’s pussy. Tammy drooled and licked her lips, her blue eyes
watching the oozing fuck juice seep from Priscilla’s pussy, down the
crack of her ass. “Holy shit!” “Jesus Christ!” Priscilla screamed, twisting and churning on the pony’s
cock. She was stuffed to the hilt. Her entire pussy was crammed full of
pony-cock. Beauty’s balls rumbled. Swinging back and forth, the whacked
into Priscilla’s juice-stained ass cheeks. His prick swelled inside her
tight gripping pussy. He was ready to cum. Priscilla clawed the pony’s
flanks. Her legs came up, clung to his rump. Her pussy was stretched
beyond its limit, and she knew that the pony was about to blast. Sweet
memories of the taste of his cum flooded her mind as cum would soon
flood her cunt. Beauty’s prick exploded inside her like a ruptured fireplug. He jabbed
forward, splitting her cunt wide, twisting her in the hay. “He’s cumming!” Priscilla screamed. “He’s cumming in me!” The first
thick wad splashed into her cunt, and Priscilla went wild. Against the
pulsing beats of Priscilla’s cunt, Beauty’s cock erupted again and
again. Thick wads of pony jizz squirted out his pisser. The hot cum
drenched her cunt. More gooey cum churned inside his heavy balls, ready
to be unloaded. Priscilla humped his prick maniacally. The hot pony-cum gushing into
her pussy had triggered her own climax. “I’m cumming!” she wailed. “I’m
cumming with the pony!” Wide-eyed, Tammy watched. She had fucked Beauty many times, and now she
was able to witness the salacious sight at last. She wondered
momentarily if she was even half as beautiful as her friend, wondered
if she provided such an erotic vision herself. She watched Priscilla’s
pussy overflow–pussy-cream mixed with pony-cum. Watched the creamy
mixture of pussy-juice and pony-cum flow down the crack of Priscilla’s
bottom and puddle under her buttocks. Tammy’s own pussy reacted. She
creamed against an empty channel. Floundering in the hay, Priscilla fucked the pony-cock. Her tits
swelled. Her entire body trembled and shook. “I’m cumming … I’m
cumming!” she screamed wildly. She ground her clit into the pony, and
more orgasms seized her. The pony became an enraged beast. He jerked forward, his strength
carrying Priscilla with him. As boiling cum spurted from his prick, he
shifted backwards, sideways, bringing the impaled child with him. He
tossed his head high in the air and screeched a noisy sound. Priscilla’s screams fought with the pony’s whinnies. Her orgasms were
draining her young nubile body as they encompassed her. Her limp arms
flailed. Her legs unlocked, releasing the pony’s rump. Priscilla was now at the complete mercy of the wild animal. Violent
contortions racked her body. One hard fuck sent her deep into the hay,
and her body twisted convulsively. “Oh, God in heaven!” The pony fucked hard and fast. The savage pace was relentless. The
stiff point of his cock reached the hot depths of Priscilla’s pussy. He
was wedged in tight. His cum continued to spray. The teenager rose higher and higher into her orgasm. She could feel the
long hard cock piercing the caldron of her juicy hole. The pony stuffed her; she bathed him. His cock fucked deep; her cunt
muscles milked every delicious inch. The last jolt of Beauty’s jerking body freed his cock. His prick
drooped, having been spent. The final pearly drops of cum dribbled down
Priscilla’s leg. The pony backed away, sated and tired. An hour later, after Tammy had cleaned Priscilla with her mouth, the
two teenagers sat on the front porch of the farmhouse. They discussed
their sexual plans for the remainder of their two weeks together.

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