Sex At the Conference
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With her buttocks resting on her calves, she kneels in
the center of the hotel room; alone or not, she doesn’t
know. She can only feel the cool air blowing from the air
conditioner. Plugs stop her ears, and he has glued skin-
toned patches over her eyes. She appears eyeless because
of carefully applied make-up blending the patches into her

Behind her back, her hands loosely grasp the opposite
arm just above the elbow. Soft rope, dyed black, covers
the entire length of her forearms, coiled into a seamless
wrap. From the center of her joined arms, two strands of
rope run down in a braid to her ankles. They are tied to
the black bindings holding her ankles together.

She has on a pair of high-heeled shoes, also black, with
straps and buckles, and a pair of black satin panties. She
wears no collar (he hasn’t that right), but he has placed a
simple gold chain around her neck. A small, pendant dangles
between her upright bosom. Matching earrings hang from
each ear, the stones catching the light.

No warning heralds the gentle hand that cups her chin in
its palm and lifts her face. The back of a second hand
strokes her cheek. Her mind races as she tries to guess
who may be touching her. She silently waits, having been
instructed not to speak.

“Yes, she is attractive,” she hears, his voice enters
her ears as if from both nowhere and everywhere at once.

After a short pause, she hears, “No, she can’t. Nor can
she hear you. She has earplugs in, modified hearing aids
actually. I’m wearing a mike across my throat so she can
hear me, but nothing else.”

The hands leave her face, but she holds her head in the
position they leave it. She feels the stranger placing the
palm of his hands to the back of her head. Without
warning, the stranger withdraws his touch.

“Hands behind your back,” he tells the stranger. “She
does all the work.”

She feels soft skin against her lips and opens her
mouth. The stranger’s erect penis slides inside. She holds
it there for a moment. Savoring the feeling of the head in
her mouth, she lets out a soft moan around it. It feels so
different than either her lover’s or her husband’s. After
the sound has passed, she runs her tongue over and around
the glans.

The stranger twitches inside her mouth, and she bobs her
head back and forth as her mind struggles with her task:
what does this stranger want? What effect is she making on
him? Is he close?

She has no clue. She varies her motion and changes her
rhythm at random intervals with a trust that her efforts
bring him pleasure. It takes long though, and her jaws
begin to tire. When she starts to feel as if she can do no
more, the penis begins to twitch and to spasm.

She sucks onto it, drawing in the offering he pours into
her mouth. She holds it there. When the stranger
withdraws, she moves her face where she thinks he can see
it. She opens her mouth to show him what he has given her.
Then, she swallows and smiles her best smile at him.

After a moment, his voice breaks the silence “I’m glad
you enjoyed it. Will you be at the reception?”

There is a pause while the stranger gives an answer that
she cannot hear. “Very good. Have a good evening.”

After a moment of time she cannot judge, the plugs are
pulled from her ears; she can hear again but remains blind.
He pushes her down to the floor gently so a cheek rests on
the floor. He pulls the crotch of her panties from over
her sex.

She is very wet and with only the slightest of
difficulties, he enters her. She gasps as he begins to
slowly slide inside of her. Neither of them lasts long,
and with a hard thrust, he shoots into her as her inner
muscles grip at his shaft.

He undoes her bindings and kneads her stiff muscles to
help the circulation return to her body. Together, they
shower and clean the evidences of the afternoon’s passion
from their bodies. They dress and leave the room hand in
hand. He steals a kiss after the elevator doors close.

They are still holding hands when they enter the hall
set aside for the opening night’s reception. As he speaks
with his colleagues, she looks into the face of each man,
watching for any sign from whomever she had spent the
afternoon and wonders to herself which, if any, of them it
may be.

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