The Cleaning Lady
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“Oh that feels good.” Steve Fox said to
himself as he stroked his hard cock.
Normally, sitting in the large boardroom of
the brokerage house where he worked was the last
place he would’ve considered masturbating. If things
had gone the way he’d originally planned, the 19
year old mailroom clerk would’ve instead been up in
the main conference room pounding the hell out of
his new girlfriend Tammy.
He’d planned tonight’s encounter for weeks.
The 34th floor conference room, which as a
mailclerk he had the keys, was a great place to take
a date. It had four oversized couches and a giant
room length window that faced New York Harbor.
On a Friday night like tonight, even the cleaning
crew was gone by nine.
Everything was ready, he had his tape player
with the right music. Wine and munches chilled and
heated up in the kitchenette. It sure beat checking
into a cheap motel.
No girl he had ever brought up there had
failed to put out. Tammy would’ve been no
exception. The only flaw in his plan was that
unknown to him, Tammy’s best friend was Rhonda
Jo Zuckerman. And Rhonda had been Steve’s guest
two months before.
How was he to know that Rhonda and
Tammy would have lunch together this afternoon.
Or that Tammy would mention her date that
evening. So much for a night of passion.
When Tammy hadn’t shown up at 09:30 like
she promised, Steve called her house. He was not so
politely told that she had no wish to become another
notch on his couch.
Which brought him to his current plight.
Still horny and with no place to go, Steve had
remember old man Fergeson’s dirty book collection
hidden in the bottom draw of his desk. He was
always forgetting to lock the desk and tonight
proved no exception. It wasn’t long before he had a
major league hard on.
Soon with only the gentle hum of the sign
line still showing the closing prices of various stocks
for company, Steve leaned back in Fergeson’s
oversized padded chair and began to flip thought the
old man’s latest acquisition of teen age nudes from
“Damn this stuff is hot!” Steve said as he
looked at one particular big breasted blonde who
couldn’t have been more than 16.
Finishing the book of underage beauties,
Steve quickly reached into the draw for another.
This one was better than the first, consisting of
dozens of graphic color photos of various sexual
acts. Couples, threesomes, and even lesbians in
action. Steve wondered of he could get away with
taking this book home with him.
By the time Steve unzipped his pants and let
his cock burst free, he was sure that it was going to
explode with the slightest touch. Gently he began to
stroke it, closing his eyes and imagining himself in
the magazine spread out on the desk.
“Oh Baby, yes….” He murmured as he ran
his closed fist up and down his engorged cock.
The blonde haired boy could feel the coming
explosion building in his balls. He slowed down his
motions, wanting to savor every moment. A small
drop of precum covered his cockhead, a harbinger of
what was to come.
Wanting to see the photos one more time,
Steve spun around in the chair and opened his eyes.

“Holy Shit!” Steve cried out as he jumped
up in the chair, dropping his cock.
Standing at the edge of the desk was one of
the cleaning ladies. Steve had seen her on many late
nights, pushing her cleaning cart from office to
office. But he had always ignored her, he didn’t
even know her name.
Her name was Elisabeth Drechsler. Although
she looked much older, she was only 37 years old.
Born in what was once East Germany, she had come
to this country three years ago. A stocky, heavyset
woman who wore her brown hair pulled back in a
bun, she had been cleaning officers for all of those
three years.
Steve sat there unmoving. How long had she
been standing there? Was there anyway he could
explain this? Would she report him?
As those questions flashed through his mind,
Steve looked down and noticed that the wastepaper
baskets hadn’t been emptied. She was running real
late tonight.
The clock on the wall ticked onward as the
two of them stood like statues. Steve was afraid to
say anything. He was hoping that she would just
turn and leave.
It was then that the young man realized that
she wasn’t staring at him per se, she was totally
riveted at the sight of his now shrinking cock.

If Steve had been totally shocked by the
sudden appearance of the cleaning woman, what she
did next was enough to give him heart failure.
Stepping closer to him, still not saying a word,
Elisabeth reached over and took his now withered
cock in her hand. Gently, she began to stroke it,
bringing it back to life.
Looking up at her, Steve saw a wide smile
on her face. Despite her appearance, her touch
actually felt pretty nice. As nice in fact as that of any
of his girlfriends. It wasn’t long before he was once
again hard as a rock.
While the woman played with his cock,
Steve took a long look at her face. She was a lot
younger than he’d realized, probably younger than
his own mother. The gray that streaked her hair and
the lines in her face were the result of a life a lot
harder than Steve could imagine.
“My name is Steve.” He said as he shifted
uneasily in his seat, wondering what she would do
“Lisa” She replied in a heavily accented
“That feels nice.” He said for lack of
anything else to say, wondering how much English
she really understood.
“Nice.” She repeated as she continued to
stroke his cock.
The mailclerk laughed to himself as he
thought about the situation. He gets stood up by his
girlfriend and winds up getting jerked off by one of
the cleaning women. All in all, it could be worse.
She was doing a great job of it. He leaned back and
closed his eyes, blotting out everything but her
gentle caress.
The twin shocks of the last ten minutes were
nothing compared to the one that Steve now got as
Elisabeth bent over and took his swollen cock into
her mouth.
A sudden warm wetness engulfed his cock,
causing Steve’s eyes to spring open. To his
astonishment, Elisabeth had taken him whole and
was now sucking it with vigor. Steve felt the
sensation of her sucking down to his toes. It didn’t
take long before he knew he was going to burst.
He was so close it hurt. The older woman
clamped her fingers around the base of his cock,
preventing him from ejaculating. Every lick of her
tongue, every time she mouth him whole, caused
Steve to feel like he was going to explode. But it
was such a wonderful feeling.
Finally he knew that he wouldn’t be able to
hold back much longer. He wondered what her
reaction to a mouth full of cum would be. Because if
she kept going like she was, that was exactly what
she was going to get.
Elisabeth felt the tensing of his young body
and knew from experience that he was about ready
to climax. She let him slip from her mouth and
quickly pulled him from his chair.
“Quickly.” She said in the same heavily
accented English.
Leaning over the desk and pulling up the
back of her dress, she gave no doubt as to what she
wanted. Without thinking about it, Steve pulled
aside her plain white panties and plunged his cock
right on it.
“God she’s tight!” Steve thought as he felt
the walls of her pussy wrap around his manhood.
The tightness eased a little after a few
minutes of pumping as she became more and more
lubricated. Yet even then, she was still what Steve
and his friends would call a first class fuck. She was
really getting into it, meeting each of his thrusts with
one of her own.
When at first he’d grabbed her waist to keep
a good grip on her, Lisa had lifted his hands and
placed them atop her massive breasts. She wore no
bra and invited him to play with her nipples through
the uniform.
Their copulation didn’t last very long as
Steve exploded with a vengeance, sending his hot
seed into her. The climax had been more intense
than it have ever been with any of his girlfriends.
Even more than the one he’s had with the hooker his
brother had set him up with on his 18th birthday.
The sensation had left his legs wobbly. Who
wouldn’t believed this cleaning lady could’ve brought
such a response.
Steve continued to pump away long after his
balls had been emptied, until his cock began to
soften. He knew she hadn’t climaxed, and strangely
enough for the first time he could remember, he
actually cared about that
Taking a step back away from her, Steve
watched as Elisabeth lifted herself off the desk and
straightened out her dress. He couldn’t tell anything
from the expression on her face. She reached out
and cradled his now shriveled organ, covered with a
messy mix of juices. Producing a paper towel from
her apron, she wiped him clean.
Then, without comment, the cleaning woman
emptied the wastepaper basket and just pushed her
cart down the aisle. Leaving behind a greatly
bewildered young man.

Steve waited until she was off the floor
before he left. It was going to take him some time to
sort out what had happened. If nothing else, he was
no longer going to make a value judgment about a
person simply based on how they looked.

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