The Spanish Lady
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The wild strike at the airport has ruined the day for many people, and my return trip home has now been postponed until tomorrow.

Thanks to Google, I was able to find a hotel that fits the budget of a junior forensic accountant.

The hotel is a time capsule that was first opened during the ‘Roaring Twenties’ when the hip Charleston in the ‘speak-easies’ kept things going.

Booking a room with the hard of hearing clerk, who is as old as Methuselah, is an exercise in patience and the art of negotiating, but luckily it is the persistent who wins.

Euphoric because of my victory, I pull the suitcase into the elevator without paying attention to who is in the lift.

I press the button on the control panel to go to my floor. The elevator doors close with a scraping sound and after a hesitation the elevator starts to move with ominous noises.

The elevator creaks in all its joints and I get the feeling that it is about to quit. My nerves are put to the test by this relic of a lift.

I can hardly curb the swelling panic feelings and the prospect of a nasty fate that apparently awaits me.

The lift takes it a step further and regularly alternates the moaning with an icy sound and violent vibration.

I turn my attention back to the worn control panel and force myself to keep a close eye on the slowly rotating pointer, which indicates the floor number.

A scent of perfume penetrates my consciousness. I am amazed at how erotically I react to this fragrance that will forever be associated with a kiss from my past that I will never forget.

I slowly turn to find the source of the fragrance. A beautiful woman who is chic and clothed in a dress, which emphasises her waist and décolleté, looks at me with sensual eyes.

The Spanish beauty introduces herself as Sofia Perez.

The elevator jerks violently and then it is suddenly silent and we hang motionless above the abyss.

The lighting goes out. It is as if the Gods want us to meet in the final moment of our earthly existence.

An emergency light switches on and illuminates the lift. The lift creates an atmosphere that we know from the blood-curdling horror movies.

It is always the harbinger of a murderous mother who will soon crawl out of his vault to carry out his satanic plan. Sofia slowly walks towards me with a glance that runs down my spine.

The clammy hands and palpitations have nothing to do with the fear I just felt, but have everything to do with Sofia. She is so close to me that I can almost feel the warmth of her body.

Is she secret with the lurid psychopathic traits? With all my senses sharp, I wait with closed eyes for the denouement.
Sofia does nothing and I eagerly take the initiative with a kiss.

We spin around and lose ourselves, but the lift protests vehemently against this intimate performance and suddenly starts moving again with a violent shock and a shrill sound.

We are almost losing our balance and we are forced to break the tight knot to regain our balance. As soon as we have found our feet again, we grab each other for a passionate kiss.

We look deeply into each other’s eyes, explore each other’s bodies and regularly pause between kisses. Suddenly it is dead silent when the elevator stops again.

What would that damn lift have in store for us now? The elevator doors open silently. Sofia storms out of the elevator. With the suitcase in my wake, I give chase.

We quickly walk through the dimly lit corridor. Sofia turns left into another corridor and then right again. It is as if we are fleeing from danger in a maze of corridors.

She finally stops in front of a door. The card is inserted and the door opens. She leaves the door open and I follow her a few moments later.

The door hits the lock with a bang. She sits on the bed and looks at me with those beautiful olive-coloured eyes that are fixed on me.

The beautifully made-up kiss-me-mouth partly open by the excitement. The erotic tension drives my heartbeat and a warm glow starts to spread in my body.

We are both nervous about the unknown and do not dare to take the initiative. The antique alarm clock teases the seconds with hard taps. We look at each other and hope that the other dares to do something.

While I am considering my options, my fingers are already impatiently going to the zipper and all buttons to quickly rid myself of all clothing.

It’s a bold action because I don’t know anything about her life at all. Maybe she is in a relationship… I hide my faltering confidence by looking at her as challenging as possible.

Sofia gives a sweet smile and the glint in her eyes betrays that she apparently appreciates my ‘cow by the horns’ approach.

Her eyes slide over my body and eventually fixate on my most intimate spot. All I want is to kiss Sofia while I get rid of all the clothes on her.

My whole body vibrates so violently with all the emotions that I am forced to slowly walk towards her. She crosses my plan and suddenly pushes her hand between my legs when I am right in front of her.

A shudder runs through my body. Her fingers go straight for their target and she spoils all my most intimate spots with her sleek beautifully manicured fingers. She knows exactly how to stir my whole body in no time.

There is no foreplay and it is as if she has sensed that I do not feel like it either. The creative play of her fingers increases the pressure in my abdomen rapidly.

Sofia is in control and she decides to let me float in the bubbling ancient soup of my emotions. Her hands grab my hips so she can manoeuvre me into position to explore all my most intimate spots with her tongue.

My hands are looking for support to help the limp legs to stand. She licks my clit with her tongue as a treat and then starts sucking hard and fast.

It is a wonderful feeling and I thoroughly enjoy her touch. Her fingers fill me again and her thumb takes care of my clit. I gasp for breath as my muscles relax for a moment after each wave of pure pleasure.

Suddenly the built-up tension discharges so much that I lose control of my body. She takes care of me and I lie half on her. Slowly I regain control of my body.

I whisper sweet words in her ear. Sofia presses me tightly against her and gives a kiss that can match the first epic kiss in the elevator. She then breaks the warm embrace and crawls out from under me.

She scrambles to her feet and takes off her clothes in a way that shows every striptease dancer green with envy. Her naked body and that dangerous shimmer in her eyes send a wonderful shiver down my spine.

Sofia has luscious sensual curves and she knows how to use them to get my heart racing. My whole body starts to glow with longing for her again.

She enjoys my shameless lust for her. She caresses my thighs and spontaneously I give her access to all the goodies I can offer her. She pushes her clit against my clit.

Our bodies are entangled. We look deep into each other’s eyes while our bodies in a delicious cadence of movement chase our lust relentlessly.

The lust resonates between our bodies and chases foamy waves of intense pure pleasure through our bodies. Gasping and puffing we have to take a break regularly to catch our breath.

During these breaks we kiss and caress each other’s bodies. Our fierce lovemaking is a titanic battle, because we both want the other to come first.

The excitement is so intense that she quickly comes panting and puffing and dragging me and making me scream.

In each other’s arms we slowly recover from our wonderful lovemaking. We are both tired and face each other dreamily.

We doze off in each other’s arms.

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