For the Love of My Lady
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Aev and Elloniel reached the lake, the warm water heated the air around them making it very cozy standing in the open air. Taking Elloniel’s pack and blade he placed them under a tree with his own away from the shore before stepping back to her. He took her hand in his own and kissed them both looking into her silver mirror eyes.

Elloniel looked up at him, her eyes shining liquid silver, giving off the glow of happiness he had come to know so well. “I love you, Aev,” she whispered, as though afraid her own words would break the magic of this moment

“I love you too Elloniel.” Aev replied just as softly before lowering his lips to meet hers, kissing her crimson lips with loving passion. Wrapping his arms around her, he held the elfin princess to his body feeling her curves against him. His kiss became harder as passion started to rise in his body.

Her breath catching in her throat at his kiss, Elloniel warmed to him and she opened her mouth to receive him. Their tongues dancing together, she allowed him to explore her mouth as she wrapped her arms behind his neck. Lacing her fingers through his hair, she played with the dark locks of silken magnificence. Desire welled up in her and her body heat began to rise once more.

Aev’s hands roamed her back, before sliding up between them. Nimble fingers started to undo her tunic as he continued their kiss, long deep and passionate. His desire rose with hers with each passing moment like uncontrolled fire, blazing through his veins.

Her body alive with sensation, Elloniel responded by sliding her hands down his back and up under his tunic. As he undid the front of her clothing she raked his back softly, feeling the ripple of muscle under his skin. On impulse, she grabbed his right hand and kissed the palm, then guided his hand toward her breasts, which were now partially exposed to open air. Here eyes aglow with desire as he came in contact with her flesh, and she shivered. The memory of their recent coupling still blazing in her mind, she wanted more. Like a drug of fire in her soul, she wanted to be consumed by him and lose herself in the flames.

Aev slid her tunic off her shoulders letting it fall to the soft grass. He broke from the kiss momentarily and looked into her eyes. Kissing her forehead, then her nose, he worked down her neck and across her collar bones before coming back to her breasts, kissing the creamy mounds of flesh one at a time, his fiery lips blazing a trail across her skin.

Her breasts taught with desire, Elloniel moaned softly as his kisses teased her, setting her ablaze. Down to the core of her inner being, she could feel his touch, and the cool breeze that blew through the trees, coupled with the warm sun only heightened her passion as he drew his mark on her soul once more. Clasping his hair, she willed him to explore further.

Aev’s fingers traced over her stomach, while his mouth attended to her breasts, his hot tongue flicking at her nipples. His fingers slipped into her leggings finding her femininity, exploring and reacquainting themselves with an old friend.

Gasping at the sensations now racing through her, Elloniel’s body betrayed her desire. Wriggling under his touch she moved with his fingers, allowing her body to open in response to the fire he was building inside her.

Aev slipped her leggings off her hips, letting them slide down her shapely legs. His fingers went back to teasing her inner thighs, slowly rising up to find her slit. Finding their prize, he teased her lips with his fingers, exploring, probing until they found her opening. He slipped two fingers in and swirled slightly, before curling and tickling her from inside.

Elloniel cried out, the sensation between her thighs driving her deeper into desire. Her knees grew weak and she spread her legs, bracing them against the threads of her leggings that now lay around her knees, caught by her boots. The restraint only added to her passion, and her femininity grew moist rapidly with her need. Grabbing the edge of his tunic, she pulled it off him, over his head. The momentary interruption of her pleasure only heightened her lust for him.

While his fingers worked inside her, Aev’s thumb continued to explore. It found her clit and started to tease, circling it and flicking it lightly, continuing to stoke the fires of passion that already blazed like an inferno. Kissing down her stomach, he went down on his knees and nuzzled at her sex, inhaling her intoxicating scent. The hot moist tongue that had explored her mouth and teased her breasts was now going to work on her womanhood.

Grasping his hair, Elloniel pulled him closer, her breath coming in short gasps. Her soft cries filled the silence of the glade and echoed off the water like music from the skies. Holding him, she raised up on her toes, trying to meet his tongue and let it explore all of her. Desperation hit her as her passion threatened to peak, and she begged him for release.

Aev’s fingers worked faster thrusting and curling while his tongue worked her clit, teasing more of her juices free. With lightning-like flicks, he attacked her clit, driving her higher on the wings of passion.

Her knees threatening to buckle, Elloniel clung to him, her body beyond her control. From the core of her passion, the pulsing started to rise until it spread through her entire body and exploded in a moment of ecstasy. “Aev! Aev!” Almost convulsing with the force of her peaking, she screamed his name as he drove her over the edge.

Aev lapped at her slit like a hungry kitten, tasting her release. Slowly he brought her down letting her relax a little and catch her breath again as he rose up off his knees. He held her lightly until she recovered enough to stand on her own.
Shaking from the fire that raced though her, Elloniel held on to him, wrapped in his embrace. Her eyes turning upward, her lips parted for a kiss. Slipping her hands down between them, she slid into his own leggings to stroke the hard length of him, pleasuring him as they stood locked in their embrace.

Aev moaned as she stroked his hardness, looking into her mirror like eyes, showing his love and passion for his new bride. He kissed her again as she continued to stroke the length of his hardness.

Elloniel slowly slid from his embrace and went to her knees. Pulling his boots from him, she removed his leggings completely, so that he stood before her naked… her Adonis. Then she took his manhood in her hands and tormented him with soft slow caresses. She watched his face as she touched him, amazed at what the sensations of her touch were doing to him. Then as she saw its effect, she lowered her head and put her lips to his hardness, alternately kissing and licking its length, reveling in her new-found power.

Aev’s head rocked back and his breath caught in his throat as Elloniel tended to his manhood, soft moans escaped past his lips as he felt the warmth of her tongue and lips caressed his length. His manhood twitched and quivered with the sensation of her loving mouth attending it.

Elloniel continued to torment him, wanting to bring him over the edge. She took the full length of him into her mouth, gently sliding off it again to stimulate his desire. As she slowly moved back and forth, her left hand slipped beneath his length to cup and caress the jewels that hung there, teasing him further with their exploration.

Aev moaned again, over and over as Elloniel took his length into her mouth. His jewels tingled as she tickled them, teasing him like he did to her. “Elloniel, yes!” He breathed as she continued to tease in effort to please him.

Her own passion rising at his cry, she moved faster now, a steady rhythm that drew him to climax. She tormented him without mercy, the desire to please him pulling him to the brink.

Aev felt the passion in his loins reach boiling point, and he continued to call Elloniel’s name, like a prayer chant rising in crescendo as his passions reached their peak. His jewels tightened and his hardness throbbed as Elloniel brought him to release.

Drinking down the thick fluid that poured from him, Elloniel reveled in the knowledge that she had given him such ecstasy. Carefully removing her boot and leggings, she stood back up, as naked as he. Taking him by the hand she led him to the water’s edge.

Hand in hand they slipped into the warm cleansing water. He faced her once again, smiling in love, whispering words of love into her mind.

Gently she bathed him from head to toe, running her hands over him and caressing him as she went. Paying careful attention to his member, she coaxed it back to its full hardness. “Melnâ, you are órenya… my heart.” Pressing her body against his, she kissed him. “I am yours forever.”

Aev returned the favor as he washed Elloniel. His nimble fingers massaged her breasts softly, pinching and tweaking at her nipples. His hands worked back down her stomach washing her tenderly before his fingers slipped between her thighs stoking the fires in her loins. When he finished his washing he responded to her words. “Death shall not part us, we are one mind, heart and soul, and we are one entity, now and forever.”

Responding to his touch, Elloniel pulled him down into the water, moving to lay on the edge of the shore where just the rivulets of the water’s edge washed over them. Moving under him, Elloniel felt his weight across her, the heat from his body warming her as the cool water lapped in little rivulets around them. “Then love me again, my prince…” she whispered softly, desire rippling through her voice and making it hoarse with passion.

Aev’s hardness rubbed against her womanhood as he nodded. “Yes my princess, for all of time.” He whispered back. His member found her secret tunnel, sliding in slowly, and letting her savor the feeling of him inside her. Holding his position once fully in, he kissed her softly and started to thrust, long slow strokes, working in and out of her velvet interior.

Raising her knees up, she welcomed him, arching her back to allow him deeper access. Her breath coming in ragged gasps, she rose to meet him, soft cries filling the air. “Aev, my love! Oh, Aev! I am yours!” She raked her nails down his back, wrapping her arms around his waist and guiding him. Her passion tormenting her, his slow teasing drove her nearly to a frenzy.

Aev growled passionately at the feeling of her nails raking down his back, and he responded by biting gently at her ear tip. As he felt her knees rise and her arms wrap around his waist, his thrusts picked up speed, penetrating deep into her womanhood, thrusting long and hard to raise her fires.

Elloniel’s cries of passion filled the air. She moved with him, her back gracefully rising and falling as she rose to meet each new thrust. Holding tightly to him, she breathed out her love for him as she kissed the curves of his neck, and gave him gentle little bites as her inner fire rose toward its peak.

Aev continued to thrust, whispering her name with each stroke his manhood took inside her, filling her with his girth. He moaned in response to her gentle nibbling on his neck and shoulders. His own fires built once more, his loins burned with unreleased passion waiting to escape. He could feel her unseen muscles clench and tighten around his member trying to milk him of his passion, driving him on harder with each stroke.

Passion burning far beyond her control, Elloniel tossed her head from side to side as she screamed out his name. Arching her back, she held herself up, allowing him to plunder her darkest secrets and send her over the edge. Uncontrolled quivering and convulsing welled up and exploded as she climaxed, his name on her lips and her eyes riveted on his face.

Aev joined her in her pinnacle, the two clinging to each other while the sweat ran from them to join the water that washed around them. As the two spiraled down together, Aev lay down with her and curled her in his arms. Lying beneath the sun as the water lapped gently at their bodies, the warmth of the day lulled him into sleep.

Elloniel kissed his cheek and smiled, content to lay in his arms in the aftermath of their joining. “Sleep well, my prince. I will be here when you wake.” Lying silently there, secluded by the trees, time seemed to stand still as the scene of the two lovers lost in each other remained the secret of the glade.

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