Depraved Secret 2
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My hand holding the memory stick hovered momentarily in front of the U.S.B port of the computer. Did I want to watch what it might contain? Could I bear to watch what it might conceal? To what depths of depravity would my wife have plummeted this time, if indeed it was what I feared it to be? Nevertheless, stomach churning, I steeled myself and inserted it.
The same room – this time though, only 1 chair. Same threadbare carpet, covered once again with a clear polythene sheet. To the back of the room though, a wooden table now stood. On it was some sort of glass bowl, cans of beer, an array of penis shaped dildoes of various sizes, a knife and what looked like a coiled up leather belt.
As I looked on, a rather amateurish title scrolled vertically up the screen,’ No way to Treat a Lady,’ it read! There followed the sound of feet scuffing over the polythene, presumably from behind the camera, and then a man appeared. Not the man Alex or indeed Chas, but someone else. He looked well over 6 feet tall and had short, but clearly grey, cropped hair. Like Alex before him, his stomach was huge and was clearly visible, hanging obscenely over the waistband of his black joggers. The white stained tee-shirt which barely covered his torso, revealed a pair of gorilla like arms, muscular and covered in thick hair. On his feet was a pair of worn white trainers. Only as he moved towards the chair, did his face become clearly visible. He looked considerably older than Alex and Chas. Grey stubble covered his weather beaten, wrinkled face and as he smiled at the camera his open mouth revealed a set of teeth, yellow and stained, presumably by years of smoking. What was most striking to me though, as I sat there watching, was how much he resembled Ellen’s father. It wasn’t him of course, but the similarity, at least facially, was unmistakeable!
He sat heavily down in the chair and after some mumbled speech from behind the camera he was seen to grin lasciviously at something to the left of the lens, his eyes taking on a rather menacing look.
‘What the fuck is this?’ questioned his gruff voice, again with a clear Scottish accent, ’Get yourself over here, now!’
Shoes shuffled on the polythene and, as before, a woman’s figure appeared with her back to the camera. Of course, I immediately knew – it was Ellen!
‘Stand in front of me and then turn to face the camera!’ he ordered.
She quickly complied which allowed me to see her more clearly. She looked absolutely stunning! An elegant white dress cut to about knee length and made of some silky, expensive looking material, covered her
slim, 30 year old body. It was fitted, accentuating both her hips and her gorgeous 36C breasts. The sleeves were long and its neck open, revealing Ellen’s slender shoulders. On her legs, white stockings, probably hold ups, as no lines were visible through the dress itself. On her feet were a pair of silver, open- toed, high heeled shoes.
Her hair was tied up and her dark mascara and burgundy lipstick were a perfect compliment to her amazing clear blue eyes – the woman I loved, preparing to submit herself to….well to what?
I wasn’t going to have to wait long to find out!
‘Well, doesn’t it look elegant? Just like a Lady! But you can’t be a Lady – not in these surroundings! So what are you here for?‘ he demanded.
‘Whatever Sir wants,’ was her rather nervous response.
‘I thought so….You’re no Lady at all are you? You’re nothing but a fuckin’ Slut! That’s what I’m gonna call you and that’s how I’m gonna treat you!’
And with that he took hold of her face in his huge right hand and spat a huge gob of saliva in her face. It hit her between the eyes and ran quickly down her nose before dangling obscenely from its tip.
‘You know, Slut? I’m a fucking brutal bastard. I love using bits of fuckin’ meat like you! I’m going to degrade you totally. If you don’t do exactly what I say immediately, I’ll hit you…hard – maybe with my hand or maybe with that belt there on the table. You got that, Slut?’ he shouted.
‘Yes, Sir I do!’ was her swift, almost breathless reply.
I wasn’t sure I wanted to see any more of this, but the fact that she appeared to be a more than willing participant in it all, enabled me to continue. The man in the film did indeed look hugely menacing. He towered over Ellen and there would certainly be nothing she could do to resist, even if she wanted to.
On the screen, Ellen’s tormenter began to speak again. ‘Get down on your hands and knees and start licking my shoes!’
My wife dropped immediately and, sideways on to the camera, she stooped her head and began to lick the toe of his left trainer. As the camera had revealed earlier, his trainers were worn and very dirty with laces frayed and stained through neglect.
‘Keep your slutty ass up! Now suck the laces! Take them in your mouth and fucking make it clear you’re enjoying it!’ he ordered.
Clear moans of appreciation came from my wife’s mouth.
Ellen continued licking his trainers, responding without hesitation to his various commands. At one point he lifted up his foot and demanded that she lick the sole, and she complied eagerly. The camera caught the lascivious grin on his face as he watched her.
‘You fuckin’ worthless piece of shit!’ he sneered, ‘Stop! Crawl over to the table and bring back that thick pink dildo. Bring it back in your mouth!’
Ellen turned and made for the table and as she did, the man slapped her ass hard to send her on her way. The camera followed her as she knelt up and took the dildo in her mouth, which was difficult, as it was very thick. As she turned, it slipped from her teeth and fell to the floor.
‘You fuckin’ clumsy slut! I’m going to beat your cunt with it now. Get it back in your mouth and get over here!’ was the angry response to Ellen’s mistake.
As she returned to the man, the camera revealed that he was sat down on the edge of the chair and his left foot was now bereft of both trainer and sock. His toes were gnarled and hairy with nails yellow and uncut. His foot too looked dirty. The camera zoomed in on it as if to emphasise for any viewers, just how filthy they actually were.
‘Slut, you’re going to lick between my toes and suck on my foot until I tell you to stop. Give me the dildo!’
Ellen obeyed.
‘Back on your knees, head down, and start sucking on my big toe!’ he ordered.
Ellen set to her task and the camera stayed in close as her tongue began to lick at the yellow nail before taking the whole digit between her lips and beginning to slurp. She gagged briefly but then continued with apparent relish.
The sight was just unbelievable. An elegantly dressed female, my wife, on her knees in front of a dirty vile looking man, abasing herself totally – what drove her to do this? It was quite incomprehensible!
The man, (he still had no name) leant over her back and whipped up the hem of her white dress, revealing her stocking clad legs and tiny white g-string to my eyes. He then began smacking Ellen’s ass with the dildo. He swung it hard and bought it back down with real force. Each whack forced Ellen’s mouth further onto his toe – but she didn’t stop. After a minute or so he shouted,’ Spread your knees!’
Without hesitation Ellen obeyed and then he began to strike her between the legs. As the material of her panties was pushed closer and more snugly into her slit by each successive blow, it became clear that her cunt was becoming increasingly wet – she was turned on by his treatment! How? Why? I had no answer!
‘You like that don’t you, Slut?’
‘Mmmmm,’ was Ellen’s response.
The man then stood up and ordered my wife to open her mouth wide.
‘I’m going to put all my toes in your slutty mouth at once. I’m gonna Force your mouth wide open!’ The camera zoomed in to capture the moment in close up! Ellen’s petite mouth and beautifully decorated red lips being forced open and violated by a filthy foot, As he forced his toes in, the little toe caught on the side of her lip. She winced and he immediately slapped her ass with his huge right hand, ‘Shut the fuck up!’ he shouted.
Saliva escaped her lips, as she tried to suck and clean his toes. Clearly she was struggling though.
Now the camera zoomed out to reveal the man pulling out his flaccid cock from his trousers. It was circumcised with a huge, thickened helmet. Suddenly he began to spray a powerful stream of piss at my wife’s head and back. It splashed over her dress, staining it immediately yellow. Hell it looked strong. He varied the direction ensuring that his piss stream fell over most of Ellen’s back.
‘In 10 seconds you will lift your head and take my piss directly into your face, Slut. I’m going to start counting in my head. If you lift your head too early I’m going to beat your ass. If you lift your head too late, I’m going to piss into your open eyes.’
Ellen made no move but continued to slurp on his feet. I had no idea, watching, when the 10 seconds would be up, but eventually Ellen lifted her head and looked into the man’s face, taking his powerful stream of piss directly into her own.
‘Too early, Slut!’ he said triumphantly and he immediately cut the flow of urine.
‘Don’t fuckin’ move!’ he demanded before moving toward the table and picking up the knife and belt.
What was he going to do? Clearly he wasn’t going to hurt her. I had never seen any marks on Ellen’s body. Though on her returns from Edinburgh, she would always sleep in the spare room for a week or so. It was part of her routine for recovering from her bouts of depression. I had always gone along with it because once she returned to our marital bed, our sex life was always healthy. I didn’t see it as threatening in any way. Disappointing yes, but not threatening!.
On the screen the man was now standing over Ellen again.
‘Stand up!’ he ordered. ’I’m going to rip through your clothes now before I beat that ass hard!’
He placed the blade of the knife at the neck of Ellen’s dress and then sliced down to the hem splitting it quickly into two. He then yanked her bra cups off of her tits and cut through the strap at the back allowing her fabulous breasts to flop out.
‘Great tits. I’m going to enjoy abusing them. Now bend over at the waist and open your fuckin’ legs!’ he shouted.
He then put the blade of the knife to the gusset of her panties and pushed gently, forcing the material into her cunt a little. He shifted the blade so that the tip made a hole in the flimsy material and then, laughing, he sawed, creating a slit that revealed my wife’s wet slit to the camera lens. Finally, done with toying, he cut the panties in two and they fell to the polythene covered carpet. Ellen was now clad only in stockings and shoes. These though, he must have decided to keep on for a while, as he then said,’ Right you fuckin’ whore, I’m going to whip your ass with the belt. 20 lashes. On the floor – ass up, knees spread, head and chest down. You will thank me after each lash! Got it, Slut?’
‘Yes,Sir!’ was Ellen’s meek reply.
He wrapped the buckle around his huge fist, leaving the remainder of the leather strap hanging threateningly above Ellen’s exposed ass. He delicately drew the end of the belt across each of her peachy white globes, before lifting his arm and bringing the leather down hard onto her right cheek. Ellen visibly jumped,but remembered to count. The end of the belt had left a long red line down the back of her right thigh.
The next stroke lashed her left buttock and again he made sure that the thigh too was struck. I could see her legs and ass trembling clearly on the screen but she continued to count.
Each lash seemed to be harder and more quickly delivered As he reached the final blow, Ellens ass and the tops of her legs were covered in raised red stripes. Yet she had remained in position throughout and counted every stroke!
‘Say thankyou, Slut!’ the man commanded.
‘Thankyou, Master, for beating my ass,’ my wife obediently replied.
‘Sit up and kiss the belt. Thank it for whipping you too!’
Ellen raised herself and administered a few kisses to the dangling end of the belt before saying,’Thankyou.’

Just then, from behind the camera there came the sound of voices – male voices and quickly, from the left of the screen, appeared 4 fully dressed men – the owners of those voices. They all looked middle aged and were of various builds – 3 were white and 1 was dark skinned.
‘Ah, Gentlemen, you’re here at last. Well don’t waste time. The bowl is over there. Get your cocks out and I’ll get the slut to bring it over to you!’
All 4 immediately began to unzip and pull out their cocks whilst making crude comments about Ellen.
‘Do we get to fuck her Frank?’ asked one.
‘No, sorry, Boys. Even I don’t get to do that! You’re only here for your piss I’m afraid. Boss’ orders!’
The Boss being I assumed now, Stacey – Ellen’s best friend! She was it seemed behind all this. Did she have some hold over Ellen? What on earth was the basis of their relationship, that it oversaw what I was now witnessing on the screen in front of me?

The man, whose name I now knew was Frank, then ordered Ellen over to the table to fetch the glass bowl.
As she crawled over, the others saw her raw ass.
‘Fuck Frank you’ve given her a right beating. Looks like we were a little too late today!’ moaned the dark skinned man.
Laughing, Frank then spoke again, ‘Right, Slut you will kneel in front of each of these friends of mine and hold the bowl underneath them while they piss into it. They’ve all spent a few hours down the pub and have loads for you. If they decide to spray your face, you will not move. If they want to piss into your mouth, they can, but you are not to swallow any of it. It all goes into the bowl. You will thank them once they are finished! Got that?’
‘Yes,Sir.’ Ellen meekly replied.
The dark skinned man was first. His cock was thick and seemed partially erect. He pointed it into the bowl and began to release a powerful, dark orange stream of rank looking piss, which splashed constantly up into Ellen’s face and over her hands. Peals of laughter rang out from all the spectators.
‘Open your mouth, Slut. I want to piss in it!’ demanded the man.
Ellen opened wide and he immediately directed the powerful spray towards the back of her throat. I could hear the echo of his piss in the sound chamber of her mouth and lips.
‘Don’t you dare swallow any!’ reminded Frank.
dank orange liquid flowed from Ellen’s mouth and began quickly to fill the bowl. The man then directed his stream into Ellen’s eyes. She closed them. Frank saw this and hit her hard across the face. ‘Open your fuckin’ eyes, Slut. If my mates want to piss into your eyes, then you let them. Shut them again and I’ll get them to piss straight down your throat and choke you!’
Again the room was filled with menacing laughter. My wife, in front of my own eyes was now a plaything, no, a willing plaything, for 5 strange men. Why had she done this? What pleasure, what need did this provide?
The men constantly made filthy comments about what they would like to do with Ellen’s body and as each man took his turn to piss into the bowl, the others would slap her ass or pull her head back and spit directly into her face and, as her head returned to its place over the bowl, the saliva would drool into the rapidly growing yellow soup which filled it.
As the last man began to piss, Frank bent down and spread Ellen’s ass cheeks wide apart and said, ‘George, push the head of that pink dildo into the Slut’s ass!’
George willingly complied with the request. He placed the head at Ellen’s open hole and simply pushed hard rotating it as he did so. There was little response from Ellen only a little push outwards from her back to make it easier for him. She wanted it! The head disappeared rapidly past her sphincter but then the man stopped pushing and, in response to Frank again, he retracted the head – the last pisser had finished!
The bowl must have been very heavy by now, but Ellen still knelt dutifully holding it. Her make up was a mess and her hair soaking wet.
‘What was going to happen now?’ I thought to myself.
I didn’t have long to wait.
‘Put the bowl on the floor, Slut!’ Frank shouted.
‘What you gonna do, Frank?’ asked the dark skinned man.
‘Watch fellas!’ whereupon he placed his right hand behind my wife’s head and pushed it face first into the bowl. He held it there for a while. Ellen let him, without resistance. He then lifted her head briefly before plunging it back in again, this time for what seemed a longer period. Ellen began to wriggle and he released her once more.
‘Say thankyou, Slut!’ he ordered. Naturally Ellen obeyed, piss streaming from her hair and down her face.
‘Now watch, Boys.’ Frank continued,’ Slut, pour the whole bowl over your own head!’
Amazingly, as I watched open mouthed, my gorgeous wife lifted a bowlful of the rank piss of 4 men and proceeded to pour it over her own head. It made a huge splashing sound as it hit the polythene covering the floor.
Piss ran in rivulets down her body. Her hair was plastered to her head and the urine poured from it. She blew hard as the liquid ran into her mouth, enabling her to breathe once again.
‘Look at the fuckin’ filthy slut! Covered in piss – she loves- it don’t you, Cunt?’
Ellen replied with a sultry. ‘Yes, Sir I do!’
‘Perhaps next time you can drink it?’ he replied.
‘Next time?’ I thought. So there were even more episodes like this. No doubt tying in with every trip to Scotland – and there were so many!
No doubt there were even more on this disc? Would I have the stomach to watch them? How much more depraved would they get? Once again, I was about to find out!
Back on the screen the other men had departed leaving Ellen once again with Frank.
‘Now, Slut, I’m almost ready. Last time, I believe, it was in your hands. This time, so I’m told, it’s to be on your tits. Is that right? Tell your Uncle Frank exactly where you would like him to dump his shit. Tell the camera exactly where you want me to drop my filthy shit!’
The camera zoomed in on Ellen’s soaked face as she said. ’Please can Sir squat over my tits and cover them with your shit?’ And will Sir allow me to push my tongue into his anus to help him?
I was quite dumbstruck now! However I also felt a strange stirring in my own cock. Surely I wasn’t being turned on by this- Ellen saying these disgusting things. Ellen urging a complete (or so I presumed) stranger to defacate over her fabulous body. And yet the sound of her voice was always a turn on for me. Its huskiness was one of the first things that attracted me to her. Despite what she was asking for, I was somehow becoming aroused. But surely not by watching this man shit on her?
On screen Ellen was now lying prone in the piss covered floor, with Frank’s asshole hovering over her face. The fingers of her right hand were in her cunt massaging her clitoris. She was getting prepared to cum just as in the earlier film.
‘Right Slut – tongue in. I won’t be long now!’ whereupon Frank dropped his ass lower allowing my wife to push her tongue into his hole. She purred as she did so, her fingers working even more frantically at her clit.
This continued for a few seconds before Frank suggested that the camera zoomed in on his ass. The hole was opening now like a flower revealing to my gaze the brown mess within, which was just beginning to emerge.
‘I want to shit in her mouth!’ urged Frank to the camera or rather the person behind it. ‘
‘I’m working on it!’ came Stacey’s reply,’ but not now – we have to agree, you know that. Now stop spoiling the action and get your ass over those tits.
Frank complied shifting position and allowing the camera to zoom in even closer. His asshole was now fully distended and the emerging log had reached its widest point. Slowly, very slowly, its progress retarded no doubt by Frank’s deliberate squeezing of his sphincter, the shit log slipped out. About 6 inches had emerged before it finally broke and dropped onto Ellen’s left breast, smearing it with brown slime. I could hear moans from her throat – she was cumming! More squeezed out, this time dropping onto her right breast. Frank continued to push as looser brown shit fell onto Ellens’ chest.
Finally finished Frank stood up, leaving only Ellen, who removed her hand from her cunt and brought it up to the mess on her tits and, scooping some in her fingers, directed them back down to her cunt and began to smear it all over her lips – simultaneously it seemed bringing herself back to orgasm!
‘Filthy fuckin’ slut were the final words I heard before the film abruptly stopped. No end credits. It just finished. Finished though with a still shot of Ellen’s shit smothered tits and her face with a satisfied, contented smile on its lips.

Even more disturbing than the whole scenario I had just watched though, was the full erection that I was now sporting. I had actually enjoyed the final scene. And as I began to push my own hands into my pants preparing to masturbate, a new film began on the screen!!

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