No women who said no was ever punished, no women, who said yes, was ever rewarded
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Walter owned a hotel, a Grand Hotel.
He was actually a minority stockholder, but his business
partners were interested in money, not hotels.
As long as profits remained adequate. It was his hotel.

It was a miracle, Walter had never been busted for
sexual harassment. He regularly fucked the majority of his female
Perhaps he had escaped because it was not sexual harassment.
The propositions were genteel, easy to decline.
No women who said no was ever punished, no women, who said yes, was ever
Walter viewed his Grand Hotel, as someone might view a privately owned
singles bar.
His wife of forty years, tolerated his behavior knowing the type of man
he was before marring him.
Walter was well into his 80s, and she loved him deeply.
He maintained a youthful vigor, that was powered by sexual energy.

Walter had been aware of Kathy, almost from the first moment a shy,
gangling, sixteen-year-old
crept into his piano bar.
Any other piano bar in the nation would have politely excluded her.
Walter ran this place, a little of his soul had soaked into the carpets
and furniture, a part of his soul was inside every employee.

Walter might be a textbook sex maniac, but it was not stupid. He
realized his weakness
had the power to destroy him, to take his beloved Hotel away from him.

He participated in Linnie’s great lie, he made sure he was overheard saying
“Any young lady, that tall, must be at least 23.”

He watched in quiet appreciation, as the young duckling, grew into a
graceful swan.

He shared House Dicks, empathic ability to ignore the great lie.
He watched as House Dick helped her celebrate her eighteenth birthday.

There was not another hotel in the nation that would not have given the
man his termination papers.

Walter watched it all with enjoyment, 80-year-old men of necessity must
enjoy sex, as an observer.
He was content to let House Dick act as his surrogate.

There were practical matters as well.
He could march into the piano bar, the Bartender would not object.
He could sit at her table, she would agree to the liaison.
Not because he had the power to force her.
Walter felt he understood the young lady.
Some people could not be bought.
He had spent almost 70 years, attempting to understand women.
The young lady in the piano bar was looking for love, not sex.
His worn-out old body, would not revolt her.
She would open her arms to his offer of love.

It was more than mere luck, that kept Walter from harassment lawsuits.
He did not harass women.
To sit at the Kathy’s table would be harassment.

But when the entire guard force began sharing her affections, something
clearly had to be done.
Were these simple men actually stupid enough to believe he did not notice.
Cuckold in his own hotel!

Kathy had been a nodding acquaintance of Walters for years.
All regulars knew the owner by sight.
It startled her the first time, he used her name.
How could he know? Kathy was always cautious careful not to offend,
realizing fully,
she would be expelled immediately if anyone ever suspected.

As he obviously enjoyed her company, he began lingering for longer moments,
during their chance encounters. Kathy was not genetically equipped
to deliberately offend anyone.
Kathy did not take note, however, the chance encounters increased in
Walter was always there accidentally, any time Kathy had crossed, the
elegant lobby.
Walter took secret pleasure, in the subtle Oriental torture.
Some out-of-town business schmuck was trembling in his room waiting for
Kathy’s arrival,
while he delayed her in the grand lobby.
He had long ago, developed the ability to spot them as they scurried
across his lobby.
He had three minutes to maneuver into possession before Kathy, would
emerge from the piano bar.

They had lunch.
They had dinner.
They had sex, no, that’s wrong, they made love.

Walter was a tiny sparrow of a man, slightly bent with age.
His ability to judge the character of women, was not imagined.
Kathy did not seem even to notice, what other women would label
The painful truth was, all men were inadequate for Kathy, just as he was
inadequate for all women.
All of this was irrelevant, love was what they were both searching for.

Observers from a distance, and there were many, saw a first-class gold
digger, striking a mining claim.

Those who knew Walter well, and there were many, saw the truth before
Walter did.
He had fallen in love.
His wife was the only other woman he had ever loved.
His love for Kathy did not diminish his love for his wife, in any way,
it added to it.
He loved them both, and on a certain level of the universe, accessible
only to women,
they both knew it.

They made love in the penthouse suite, Walter was businessman enough, to
make sure there were
never scheduling conflicts with visiting dignitaries.
He would shamelessly march up to the main desk asking for the enormous,
antique, mechanical key
needed to open the massive solid wall nut double doors.

Walter did not monopolize Kathy’s time, that would have been sexual
harassment, besides
he loved watching Kathy, crossing his lobby with more grace than any
overpaid runway model.
Once she realized she was not speaking past, deceiving an old man, there
was a subtle change to her stride.
Nothing offensive mind you, nothing in poor taste.
It added to the prestige of the Grand Hotel that it was home to women,
who could walk like Kathy did.

Walter made up for any possible physical limitations, in other ways.
He had a genuine, black leather doctors bag, and he made house calls.
He had the most incredible things in his doctors bag.
Something new, different every week.
If some item could not be folded into a doctors bag he had a golf bag,
with wheels.

Kathy had heard her mother used the term Foley catheter,
Kathy had no idea! clearly, there were things her mother was withholding
from her.

Walter was slowly, patiently showing Kathy, a world she did not even
dream existed.

After about a year or so, Kathy arrived on time to find Walter was not
there, a muffled voice
through the door instructed her to get in bed with out him.
Kathy was naked, between the sheets in a moment.

Kathy thought her heart would stop. Walter dear lovely Walter had gone
blind, he was wearing
welders goggles, holding onto the handle of a seeing eye dog.
“Go find her boy.” he instructed the animal, as they wobbled across the
room, sitting down
on the bed.

“Kathy, where are you, oh!, there you are.”
Kathy had crawled across the enormous bed, hugging him, he felt her damp
wetting the back of his shirt.

“I am afraid our sex life is over, as I related to things visually..”
Kathy had never considered the issue of, how do blind people relate
How can you be a “tits and ass” man if you can’t see tits and ass?

“Walter is there anything I can do?”
“No, it’s hopeless.”
“Walter nothings ever hopeless.”
“You are a proper young lady, there are things that no civilized man
could ever ask of you.”
“Don’t be silly, Walter, what sort of things have we been doing for the
last year?”
“Well, alright as long as you never tell anyone as long as I live.”
“Of course, Walter, you have my word.” (she kept her word)
“What can I do.”
“Well you can tell me what you are doing as you do it.”
“Where is your doctors bag?”
“Kathy. I can’t find things like that anymore.”
“Oh, Walter!”
“Yes, I can only find things my dog is trained to find.”
“I will miss him greatly, I wish we could have had more time together.”
“Your dog is dying?”
“Oh yes, I’m surprised more people don’t speak about it, perhaps because
it is so painful.”
“Oh yes, they have no sexual outlet, their prostate slowly fills, and
“Oh Walter, isn’t there any way?”
“Well, some incredibly lucky dogs, have a sighted person, who cares enough.”
“I don’t understand?”
“They are animals, they cannot masturbate, they can only have sex.”
“Tell me what I must do.”
“Kathy, my lovely Kathy, how could I possibly possess such knowledge.”
“It is you who must tell me.”
“Well, he seems friendly enough.”
“Of course, there is no such thing as a vicious seeing-eye dog.”
“Let him smell you.”
Kathy misunderstood
“Oh, oh!, he licked me! He is still licking me!”
“Good, encourage him!”
moans and groans
“Are you all right Kathy? He is not hurting you?”
” mm mm, no, he is, uah, he is not hurting me.”
“I am so glad. Does he have an erection?”
Pause, sound of shuffling
“mm, no he does not seem to.”
“ugh, too bad, I had hoped we could save him.”
“But don’t bitch.. , er female dogs, manage.”
“They have a unique pheromone, there is no hope.”
“There is always hope.”
“How I could possibly suggest.”
“You must reach down with your hand.”
“It’s bright red, is that normal?”
“I have no way of knowing, it’s hard to remember red.”
“Okay, he seems ready enough now, what do I do?”
“You must give him an orgasm.”
“Well, if I get on my hands and knees?”
“Kathy, you know, I cannot ask you to do this.”
“Okay, he is on top of me, he is starting to…”
“Oh! Oh!, my god!”
“Kathy are you all right?”
“Kathy, speak to me!”
“He is large! He is holding me.”
“Kathy. I can’t see!!”
“He is fucking me from behind!”
“Fucking me rapidly, he is starting to….”
“Oh, oh, too much!”
“Too much?”
“Yes! He is swelling terribly inside me!”
“Are you enjoying it, I will die if I have forced you to ….”
“Please tell me you are enjoying it!”
“Yes, I am enjoying it, his front paws are scratching me.”
“His huge swelling, was painful, but it’s okay now.”
Kathy forgot Walter for a while, his obvious instruction
that she should enjoy herself was a sure sign of his love for her.
She was so glad she had been able to talk him into this.
The poor dog would have died without her insistence!

Kathy gave an enormous seagull squawk, as she felt the huge red canine
being pulled out of her. She and the animal were no longer welded together.
She looked over her shoulder it was Walter, he had lost his welding
goggles, sporting his best erection,
mounting her from behind taking the animals place.

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