A tough woman finds a man she can respect and immediately tries him out for size
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I was fuming when I slammed the door to the bar. The
big hairy bouncer making me leave. The skinny geek was
being held back by his friends as I exited, screaming
curses holding his bleeding head. Dork deserved getting
smacked in the head with that bottle.

“No one, but no one cops a feel off Louise Kelly Bishop
without asking!” I yelled at the bar. I started to
stomp towards my bike when I heard someone yell “Hey
wait!” I ignored it. Then a big hand was on my

With one smooth motion I grabbed that paw, stepped back
with one foot, pulled and twisted with my hips. Flannel
shirt, jeans and Redwing boots went flying to the
ground. Without a second’s hesitation I straddled his
chest, right hand gripping his throat and left hand
finger nails ready to pluck some eyeballs.

But what stopped me where those eyes. Dark blue almost
purple irises, ringed with dark eyelashes that Tammy
Faye Baker would envy. Dark thick eyebrows set off the
tan forehead topped by soft black hair. That’s all I
noticed at first. “This isn’t the skinny geek?” I
blinked in confusion. Next I noticed his big grin with
the whitest most perfect teeth I’ve ever seen. A
perpetual five o’clock shadow on a male models square

I did a double take and relaxed when in a smooth deep
voice with a hint of humor choked “You dropped these.”
He jangled the keys to my bike.

Frowning I snatched the keys. “Oh sorry,” I quipped
sarcastically. Sliding off him I noticed something of
his was rapidly growing, but didn’t let him know I
noticed. He got up rubbing his throat

“That was a pretty good move,” he chuckled. He was tall
and athletically built, a little on the slender side.

“Four brothers,” I said as if this explained

He nodded knowingly. My eyes traveling over his form,
Nice tush, I thought appreciatively. Damn, I had to
meet this guy by tossing him like a bag of shit.

He turned to leave. “Thanks,” I finally said.

He waved a “your welcome” and continued walking away.

“Hey wait!” I stopped him not thinking of what I was
doing. “Can I make up for tossing you? Want to go get
something to eat?”

He looked back, his eyes first scanning my body then
focusing right into my eyes.

Those beautiful eyes sent wonderful little shivers up
my back. “I’ll buy,” I got out in a whisper.

That white grin widened.

“Sounds good,” he smiled. “Where too.”

“I know a good place,” just follow me I said walking
over to my bike. “Kelly by the way.”

“Bob. Nice,” he said.

I turned and saw he was undressing me with his eyes. He
quickly turned his gaze on the bike as his cheeks
turned red.

He’s blushing how cute, I smiled inside.

“63 Triumph,” he pushed out, nodding his head, like one
of those spring necked statues in the rear window of
some cars.

“Thanks, I rebuilt it myself,” I winked. “It’s still a
good ride too.”

He looked back in my eyes and let a hic-laugh come up
understanding my little double entendre. Nodding he
walked to a red Heritage softtail. “You lead the way,”
he called over his shoulder straddling his bike.

We started our rides up and with a couple twists on the
throttle we roared out onto the highway. I was thinking
of where to go to impress this guy. Aw hell, I’m horny
and he’s cute, I decided. I laughed looking back at
him. But let’s play a little bit. I opened up the
throttle in glee, picking up speed.

He stayed right behind me. Even when I turned onto a
canyon road that I knew like the back of my hand. He
could handle his bike real well, I thought. I wonder if
he can handle me as well.

After about two hours of riding the little back routes,
the sun was starting to set on this warm day. So I
headed to my place. It was a nice little wooden shack
up in the hills over looking LA. It was impossible to
find without knowing where to go. I like it that way.

We finally pulled up in my yard, shutting the bikes
down. There was that odd silence after a good hard
ride. We both got off our bikes an stretched.

“Welcome to Bishops ranch,” I indicated the shack with
a wave of my hand.

Looking around he smiled, “Comfy.”

“Come on in,” I welcomed grabbing his arm. God he’s got
a lot of meat on those arms, I wondered licking my

We walked into the shack which basically had two rooms.
A front room that had the kitchen and living area. The
backroom where I had planned to get him. It had a
bathroom that I had built onto the place as it was
originally set up with an outhouse. Other than that,
was the shed where I worked and parked my bike.

I turned on the stereo and put in some Moody Blues.
Then started hauling pans out of the cupboard.

“Anything I can do?” he asked.

“Sure, go out back to the freezer and grab a couple of
steaks,” I answered pulling some spices down from the

I turned up the flame under the big iron frying pan and
slapped in some butter. He came back with a couple of
steaks which I tossed into the microwave to thaw out.
About half an hour later we both had steaming vittles
on the table.

He had lit a fire in the cobblestone fireplace and set
candles all about. PURRFECT! I thought. We began to
eat. He chewed on a morsel of the juicy steak.

“Mmmm, what kind of steak is this. Never had any like

I hesitated, “Bambi. They get that flavor from all the
sage they eat around here. I hunt.”

He didn’t react like some guys will, when they hear I
hunt. He just nodded in understanding and took another
bite. I smiled.

So we gorged ourselves, drank wine, talked and joked
for hours. He turned out to be a roaming adventurer.
Picking up odd jobs here and there. Working on oil
rigs, driving trucks, working cruise ships as a
masseuse. He offered to give me a rub down.

“I thought you’d never ask,” I breathed.

He started to unbuckle my belt as I pulled off my T-
shirt. I didn’t have a bra on (they are such a pain in
the ass) and lifted my butt so he could slip off my

“Got any baby oil?” he asked.

“Yea in the bathroom,” I said as I slipped out of my
panties and stretched out face down on the lambskin
carpet in front of the fireplace. The heat from the
fire place sending out waves of warm air was making me

I heard bare feet and looked over my shoulder. He had
stripped down to black silk boxers. Muscular legs
stretched the fabric as well as a lump growing larger
in front. I loved the way the silk showed off those
tight round buns. You could see he worked out but he
didn’t show that ripped look like those iron pumping,
steroid eating fools. He had a nice thin layer of fat
covering large muscles. Delicious, I thought
lasciviously licking my lips.

He poured a little oil in his hands then rubbed them
vigorously together. “That’s to warm up the oil a
little” he said as he lightly started rubbing the
muscles in my back and shoulders. His hands were hot.
He slowly began to make larger circles occasionally
stopping to make those little chops. He continued down
my back to my butt, thighs, calves and feet. Then he
would move slowly back up to my neck.

Now and then he would work over a particular muscle if
I winced in pain. Until it relaxed and then continue
on. He kept doing this, repeating the massage from neck
to calves over and over until I was limp. Then he said,
“Ok turn over now.”

I didn’t think I could open my eyes let alone roll
over. But he gently helped me. I felt a little exposed
but soon relaxed.

I watched that pretty boy face concentrate as he began
by rubbing my feet. He seemed as lost in my body as I
was. So I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the
sensation. Again he just worked his way slowly up to my
shoulders and back down. Working out tight knots of

When he was working on my thighs again I unconsciously
placed a finger on my clit and started to make light
circular strokes. He gently grabbed my hand stopping
me. “Allow me please, just relax,” he whispered

I sighed and lay may hands down. I felt his hot hand
cup my vulva spreading me gently by easing two fingers
where mine had just been. Making the same light
circular motion. With his other hand he cupped a breast
and just brushing my erect nipples with his soft lips
would blow his hot breath on one then the other.

He didn’t hurry through with this. He continued at the
same pace until I was tingly all over. Just as I
thought I would go nuts with this slow sexual torture
he began rubbing my clit faster until I unexpectedly
had a short hard orgasm. I gasped at the sudden
explosion. He stopped until I relaxed from it then
again began massaging me from foot to shoulder.

When I was limp again he began giving me light kisses
in the same places he had massaged. When he reached my
clit he began that light blowing, making it tingle from
his hot breath. He lowered his face until his lips
tightly attached to my lower ones. Then I felt his
darting tongue. Just quick little stabs that felt like
butterfly wings beating against my engorged clit. Wave
after wave of the most intense pleasure coursed through
me, I never came so hard or long. I was drunk from it.

I seemed to come out of it a little when I felt him
lower himself onto me. His cock was a normal size but
hard as steel. I always thought it was curious how they
could be so hard soft. Like if you had put a silk
stocking over a baseball bat. You could see it jumping
to his heartbeat. He slid smoothly easily in because I
was so wet. He slowly moved in an out.

He seemed to be relishing the feeling like a child who
slowly eats an ice cream cone. But I had a surprise for
him as I clamped down with muscles not too many women
know they even have. I had practiced allot living up in
this cottage alone. His eyes showed pleasurable
surprise. He started to pick up speed until he was
pumping like a machine.

Most men would have shot off after a few seconds but he
just kept going and going. I felt like I was being
turned inside out as I clamped down with those muscles
feeling my cunt lips being pulled in and out by his
engorged cock. We were both getting hot and sweaty but
it just seemed to turn us both on more. I dug my
fingers into that sweet tight ass and I could feel the
muscles there flexing with each thrust. Our juices
making our crotches soaked. The smell permeated the

We finally both peaked, I shuddered as he gasped. His
hot seed squirting so hard spurted out of the tight
seal we made with each other. Collapsing into each
other arms we relaxed until we breathed normally. He
stayed inside me still hard. I think we both passed out
for awhile. But I woke first.

I was surprised to find he was still hard as a rock
although he was asleep. I stared down at his tender
masculine features and felt a renewed urge. I tried to
rouse him by licking the soft inflamed head of his
cock. I tasted our juices, sticky and pungent along his
shaft. This wasn’t getting us anywhere.

I shrugged and straddled him. I let myself down slowly
on his cock. There was a little pain, as we both were
just a little dry, until the head pushed through my
soar reddened pussy lips. I watched in amazement as it
slid in pulling the edges of my cunt in.

I stared riding it slowly at first. On the down stroke
I would grind my clit into his rough pubes. Then I
would rise till the edge of his circumcised cock would
pop out, plucking the muscles making my clit vibrate.
Once I had the rythem I started going faster and faster
driving me to another orgasm. He started to move in
time with me but I could see he was still asleep. It
irritated me slightly.

So I took two fingers and rammed them up his ass. His
eyes shot open and he made a loud gasp. He started
bucking all over trying to dislodge those digits. But I
had curled my fingers so they wouldn’t slip out. It was
wild, like riding a bull. But I was firmly planted. I
finally got it timed so as I was bucked up and down my
fingers would move in and out fucking his ass.

I finally had an orgasm so hard I just sat there and
jerked and vibrated like I was being electrocuted. When
I pulled my fingers out of his ass he came in long hot
spurts. I thought for a second he was pissing in me.
Until I saw the white fluid dripping out, onto his

“My gawd where’d you learn to do that?” he asked. “It
was intense!”

“Thought it up on the spur,” I proudly replied.

Well I could go on in this vein but we continued on
through the night and the next day. I have never been
so satisfied.

Sunday night rolled around. We had taken a break from
the bedroom and done a little hunting. Now I know how
he got those muscular legs. He ran close to four hours.
But I kept up.

Back in the kitchen I was slicing up a bloody haunch of
meat to pack in the freezer. “Well Bob, too bad you had
to go!” I called out, “But I sure look forward to
having you for dinner next week.”

There was nothing but silence in answer. I smiled at
the silence.

The week flew by and Friday night I walked out of the
bar and saw a tall man. Blond with sky blue eyes
checking out my bike.

“Can I help you?” I said sharply.

He looked at me with those clear eyes appraising me.
“Just checking out this bike. Yours?”

“Yep,” I smiled.

“Maybe we could go for a ride sometime?” He suggested.

“Let’s go now. I’ve got some steaks we could cook up at
my place afterwards,” I offered.

“Sounds great,” he gave a cute little boy grin. “By the
way is that a Heritage Softail?”

“Sure is, and that isn’t the only tail that’s soft,” I

He gave a quick chuckle catching my double entendre.

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