Avery and her Boss
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Good old Pocatello, Idaho is where I was born and raised. Pocatello, like every city in Idaho, was very small and very sheltered, so when my 18th birthday came around, I was ready to venture off somewhere new. I didn’t have aspirations to be an actress or a dancer or anything like that. I just wanted to live where there was actual civilization and shit to do. Exactly one week after I turned 18, I packed up most of everything I owned, threw it in my 1994 Chevy Blazer and hit the road.

I wound up in California, working only as a receptionist for an independently owned soft porn company. The idea of being a porn star was simply disgusting to me. I hadn’t watched much porn in my days, just the HBO after-hour specials at friends’ houses after parties, but all the women looked trashy and used. They had to wear loads of make-up on their 36-year-old faces to hide the years of drug abuse on their bodies and to make them look decent enough to fuck. Their tits were sagging, their asses had cellulite, and I could never understand why the male porn star was moaning so loud, as their pussies couldn’t possibly be tight anymore. Not that the males had much to offer, either. No, I wasn’t looking to get into the industry, I just needed a part-time job to help pay the rent.

Manny, the owner and top photographer, often made sexual innuendos towards me, but I didn’t mind. Mostly, they were just funny, like walking around behind the desk & handing me folders that he held below his stomach, usually giving me a nice view of his hard cock straining against his pants. To appease him, I’d smile & lick my lips, and he’d smile & walk away, knowing it was just innocent flirting. Another time, I was walking into his office just as he was walking out. We got sort of jammed in the door frame and he pressed against me hard. I could feel my tits being squished against his chest and the strong smell of his expensive cologne even lingered on my body hours after. I’m sure it was intentional, but I didn’t care. Although Manny was old enough to be my daddy, he didn’t look a day over 28, and I started to grow feelings for him.

One morning, while trying to impress Manny sexually, which I knew would have to be a huge task since he had seen it all, I wore a short, fanned out, white cotton skirt with a tight pink tank top. The tank top was made of wife-beater material, very flexible & transparent, and I didn’t bother to wear a bra, making it very easy to notice my ever hard nipples poking through. I looked in the mirror, proud of what I looked like: I’m 5’8″, about 125lbs, have long legs with small feet, a flat stomach with a fairy belly ring & large C cups. I’ve got dark brown hair, emerald green eyes & lips that might even be a little too plump, but my best feature is my ass. I spend atleast 2 hours a day sculpting my ass so it looks it’s best in tight, low rider hip hugger jeans. “I hope he likes it,” I thought, as I applied lipgloss to my pudgy lips.

That afternoon, Manny addressed all clientel over the intercom. “Hi Everybody, this is your boss. If anyone is interested in doing a scene with Gabriella or with Jackson, this is your chance. I’m looking for medium cocks and tits, and I want it all amateur. If you’re not the description, don’t waste my time. Report to my office if you’re interested.” Before I had a chance to think about what had just happened—-my boss had just asked his own staff members to participate in a porno. Was this legal? Did people do this? Had any of my coworkers been in films before? Was he talking to me… ?—-the phone rang.

“Fan See Films, this is Avery speaking, how may I please your call request?”

“Sound sexier. Make your voice a little more throaty when you answer the phone. Make the caller think you’re actually going to pleasure them in some way.”

“Uhm… Manny?”

“Yes, dear?”

“Oh. er, um.. I wasn’t sure if that was you or not,” I answered, trying to sound sexy.

“Mhm, it’s me. Sorry to disappoint you,” he said, flirtaciously.

“Oh, no! No, you didn’t disappoint me, at ALL! Uhm.. I was just wondering, er.. what you were saying over the intercom. I didn’t hear it, like, all of it.” I stumbled, trying to say something.

Manny laughed his sexy laugh. I hadn’t been working for him for long, but I knew the differences between his laughs. One was a bored laugh, the kind he used when he wasn’t amused & wanted to excuse himself, another was his real laugh, the laugh that showed all of his perfect teeth. But he had another laugh, a sexy laugh, an indicator that he was getting turned on & wanted to hear more.

“I’m looking for a fresh face, and I need it right now. The male position has already been filled, just as I figured it would be. Poor Eric is a married man, but no guy can resist Gabriella. Her legs for days and fat tits could make a dead man get hard.” More sexual laughter. “Avery, why do you ask?”

He had turned this around. He was the one who had called me, and I still wasn’t sure what his reasons were, but here I was, being forced to answer questions that I was only partially curious about.

“I was just wondering, that’s all. So, why did you call?”

“Come into my office. No, wait, go to Room C, the photography studio. I’d like to have a few words with you there.”

“M-Manny, I’m not in trouble or anything, right?” I asked, scared shitless.

Manny laughed his calm, soothing, sexual laugh. “Don’t worry, Avery. Even if you are, you’ll enjoy your punishment. I promise.”

I laughed nervously, then asked, “Uhm, what?” but he had already hung up. My punishment? For what? I would enjoy it? I felt like running, like leaving my job and never coming back. I had never been in Room C before. In fact, I had only been in the lobby, the back office, and Manny’s office. I had never even seen the second floor. I was scared of what would take place in that room, and scared of my “punishment.” Maybe my outfit was a little too much, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, maybe I should just go and see what’s up.

I walked slowly to the studio. In the hallway were people leaving for lunch, people coming back from their lunch, people searching frantically for some lost somebody, half naked girls asking where make-up was, half naked men waiting to have their chests shaved & bronzed with spray-on tanning solution, and a few girls playing with the cock of a fully nude male who looked old enough to be their father, grandfather even. They continued to stroke his dick as I walked by, even though he kept pushing on their shoulders for them to get on their knees. Two girls who were fully nude looked like they were being interviewed by a couple college students when one girl asked her friend to hold her leg up. While her legs were spread, she used her fingers to stretch open her pussy and show the college boys her new clit ring.

I finally reached the room and felt the eyes of everyone in the hallway staring at me as I walked in.

Inside the studio was dark, I couldn’t see anything except a little 7 by 7 foot area that was being lit by a single spotlight. There was a background drape hung up, and it was pure white, as was the flooring. A pink box sat in the middle of the area. I walked closer, through the dark, trying not to trip over anything. It appeared I was alone. I sat down on the pink box, looking away from the spotlight, trying to make out objects in the dark. There were chairs, stands, cameras, back drops, props, a bed, and some painful sex toys hanging from the ceiling. I waited. I tapped my foot against the floor. I bit my lip in anxiety. I pretended I was a super model, being photographed for a million dollar cover shoot. I tussled my hair, pouted my thick lips, stared into one of the cameras. I sat with my feet on the floor, my legs spread apart & my skirt high on my thighs, arching my back so my tits strained harder against my tank top, licking my licks and arching my feet up on my toes when the camera flashed.

I didn’t know what to do. Had someone taken the picture? Was there a timer set? Was I alone? I sat still & closed my legs firmly. “Manny?” I called out loudly. “Yes, Avery dear. But please, don’t stop. The camera loves you & you love it, don’t you? Keep working, baby. Show me what you can do.” I was floored. He actually thought I looked good, and I was just goofing around. “Manny, I don’t really know how to do this, this is my first time and–” he interrupted me. “Avery, baby, I don’t want to hear you, unless it’s subtle moans escaping from those gorgeous lips. I want to SEE you. Show me everything you’ll allow me to see. Move that box and pull that futon closer to you. Lay on it, and make love to me from that side of the lens. Can do you that, baby?”

I felt a rush run through my body and stop in the center of my chest, burning through me. This was amazing. I had never had someone take so much interest in me, and this was my boss, the King of the soft porn industry, and he wanted to see what I had. I wasn’t in my 30’s (or 20’s), my tits were full and perky, and my pussy had only been used once. If he thought I had something special, then I must, because he would know. I pulled the futon over and layed down on the soft white, sparkly feather cushion top. “That’s right, dear, get comfortable and lay back. OOoo, that’s a girl. You look beautiful. I love what you’re wearing today; did you wear that for me? It looks amazing on your tight skin. Whatever you’re doing with your tits, just stop. Pull down that V-neck and show me just the top of your right breast. Good, baby. Now pull that skirt up. I want to see your thighs. Beautiful. Now let me see between them, face me a little. Ooo, no underwear. I’m liking what I see. Very well kept, baby. Spread your legs a little more, let me see the pink area between those fleshy lips. Good, Avery. Tilt your head back. Oh, your nipples are getting hard & I see a glazed area on your pussy. Are you getting wet, Avery dear? Don’t stop, keep it up. Get wet for me, I want to see what you look like all wet. OOo, spreading your legs wider for me, I see. I like it, I like it. Hold your thighs apart with your hands and bite your lower lip. Ohh God, you’re sending me over the edge here.”

I modeled for him for about an hour until my cunt was dripping & I was ready for whatever was next. If this is how you get started into porn, then I was happy to continue. Everything felt so lusty, so dirty, so good. I wanted more, I wanted to show more, I wanted to be with someone and show what I could do. I wanted to have sex–no, I wanted to FUCK. Fuck someone hard and fast. Fuck Manny.

“Avery, baby, I’m so hard I’m about to explode. Would you mind if we continued this in 5 minutes after I fix myself?” I nodded. “Yes, I would mind.” He came out from behind the camera, looking at me with questioning eyes. “I’m sorry, dear,” he said, “I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” I patted the futon next to me, wanting him to sit down. He did. “You didn’t offend me, Manny, you disappointed me.” I mimicked his sexual laugh. He stared at me, the bulge in his pants too big to hide, and he didn’t care. He was probably proud. “You got me hot, Manny, and now you have to cool me down.” His sexual laugh escaped his gorgeous lips. “Do you want to fuck me, Avery? Do you want to screw your boss? You know I’m a married man. I only take the pictures, I don’t pose for them.” I smiled, standing up slowly. “I don’t care who’s man you are when you’re at home. Right now, you should be mine. And you’re not going to pose, Manny, because there will be no standing still. You just made my cunt drip for an hour.. are you going to finish the job, or should I go to the Filming Studio?”

I was now standing between Manny’s legs, looking down at him, smiling with deviousness in my eyes. He slid his hands up the back of my thighs, slowly and tenderly. All of a sudden, his hands wrapped around and spread my legs, forcefully & hard. My wide open thighs rested on his legs and we listened as my went cunt dripped onto the linoleum floor. Manny spread his legs, which spread mine even further, and ran his hands up my legs again, under my skirt and onto my inner thighs. I stared at him, knowing that I was not the one in control after all. He was. He knew what he was doing all along.

Slowly, he pressed his finger against my swollen clit, touching it only with the tip of his fingernail, flicking it, slowly, then faster. I sighed loudly, then held my breath. Clit stimulation always feels better if you hold your breath. I heard myself get wetter, the faster “blop, blop” on the floor. Manny was now using just his fingertip, rubbing directly on the bud of my clit, massaging the little button, looking into my face with devious intention that turned me on even more. “You like that, don’t you? Did you really think I wouldn’t finish the job? Do you really think that now that I have you, I’m going to just let you walk out of that door? No way, baby. We’re just getting started.” He pushed hard on my clit, rubbing his fingertip the length of my slit, feeling the folds and layers of skin that surrounded my little hole. He put two fingers just inside the entrance of my pussy so that I could barely feel they were there. Slowly.. he separated his fingers, stretching my pussy gently, causing me to moan without even thinking.

“You’re just what I ordered, Avery. Someone with full tits who still had enough innocence to be called an amatuer. How many times have you been fucked? Twice?”

His fingers dug deeper into the depths of my cunt, and I struggled for a moment to answer him.

“Yes.. er.. mmm, no. Once. Only once, and it wasn’t–ahhh.. Mmm, it wasn’t that good.”

Again, Manny’s sexual laugh roared through my ears and created goosebumps across my arms, stomach & thighs. He relaxed his hands & layed back on the futon, staring at me while he unbuttoned his shirt. I smiled at him, using my heavy eyelashes and thick lips as props for his sexual game. As soon as his shirt was completely unbuttoned, I leaned forward, sliding my hands up his smooth, muscular chest. But Manny never took his eyes off mine. I bent down slowly, my legs still stretched far apart by the force of his thighs, and placed the tip of my tongue just above his bellybutton. The smile faded & his face became very serious. I continued with my tongue, gliding it up his chest towards his collar bone, now not letting my own eyes fall from his.

“Avery.. you probably won’t believe this, but it’s been such a long time since I’ve been with a woman. My wife, I’m sure, has been with a few other men just this past week, which leaves her dry for any of me. And despite my position here in this industry, I never persue my clients. Never. There’s something about you, though.. something so pure & untouched, yet so dirty and sexual. You’ve got natural beauty, and the fact that only one man has ever had you, is, well.. perfect…” He continued talking, but I wasn’t listening. I didn’t give a flying fuck about how sentimental he was trying to make this out to be. I didn’t want romance, I wanted sex. I needed it.

“Manny, I don’t fucking care who your wife is fucking. All I care about is fucking you. Right now. Or finding someone else to get the job done.”

With that said, he started unzipping his pants while I sucked on his neck. I wanted to leave a mark, a hickey, something to show his wife that he could get fucked, too. I kept sucking, harder, swirling my tongue over his warm neck, moaning softly, until I felt the tip of his dick touch every so gently the slit of my pussy. While my pussy melted onto his cock, my wetness lubricating the both of us, my entire body froze. I felt Manny’s hands slide up my back, onto my shoulders, pulling me closer to him, pulling my pussy closer to his hard dick.

He grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head as I sat up, feeling his cock dig against my slit, wanting to go inside. Manny sat up, pressed his chest against my bare tits, squishing them against me, and slid his hands up my thighs, onto my ass, squeezing it tightly, separating the cheeks and pulling me closer. I arched my back. It was slightly painful but felt so good at the same time. Since my pussy was so tight, I reached down with my hand and guided his cock head into my cunt. I sat down slowly, staring at Manny, feeling pain in my groin as he pushed a few inches into my slobbery twat.

Manny moaned, tilted his head back and pushed his hips up against me as he held onto my hips and pulled me closer. “Ahhhh!!” I moaned. It hurt like hell at first, but then felt incredible. “Fuck, Avery, your pussy is so tight. It’s never felt this good before. How fucking wet do you get?” I couldn’t answer him, I was too mesmorized with how his fat cock felt deep inside my stomach. I started grinding on him, grinding my pussy lips against his balls, raising up until just the head of cock was in my vice-gripped cunt and then slamming myself back down. “FUCK!” he moaned and I moaned louder, practically yelling in his ear. “Ohhhh God, oh GOD!!” He started fucking back, grinding his hips in unison with me, and I could hear the sloppy sounds of his huge meat entering my wet hole. He kept squeezing my ass and releasing it, separating the cheeks and then pushing them together, holding onto my hips and helping me rise up and pulling me back down, hard. My clit pressed against his pelvic bones and I couldn’t take it anymore, I was about to explode. “Ohhhh FUCK!! I’m gonna cum, Avery, let me cum in you, FUCK!! Ohhh god!!” I begged him to cum, to cum inside me and fill me with his hot, sticky cum, and while he cummed, I wanted him to picture his wife, watching us.. watching him cum into an 18 year old, tight pussy. That’s all I had to say. “Oh, oh, OH!!” I moaned, I felt my body go tense and I shook with a powerful orgasm as I felt my cunt warm with the massive amount of juice he let go inside of me, squirting me over and over again. My pussy was so tight around his cock, none of the juice drained out.. until he pulled his cock out of me.

We lay there for a minute, recollecting ourselves. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was like I was possessed with lust and acted in a way I never would have acted before. I looked at Manny, scared of what his reaction might be. But all he said was, “Damn!! We have to do that again.”

From then on, I’ve been fucking my boss, but only at work, never on my own time. Everyone knows about it, too, since I have a problem with being quiet and most of our fucking happens in his office. I’ll have to write about the time his wife caught us. But don’t worry, I’m not a home-wrecker. They’re still together.

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