Same Time Next Year
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Ten years ago, I had just been promoted to vice president
of marketing for the company I work for, and I interviewed
several women for my executive secretary position. I was 42 and
an eager beaver. Lucinda Queensolver was 27 at the time and was
a 5 year clerical employee who had just gotten her short-hand
certificate. She displayed it proudly, and her fresh manner and
enthusiasm got her the job. She asked me to call her “Cinda”,
and the two of us took on a tremendous amount of work that first
year. Within a few months, we soon became a good work team.

At the end of that first year, Cinda and her husband got
pregnant, and toward the end of our second year together, she
took a four month maternity leave to be with her new daughter. I
realized while she was gone that I missed her both as a person
and as a valuable co-worker. I missed her smile and cheerful
greetings. I missed her encouragement and common sense when
problems arose. I missed seeing her trim body, her great legs
and ass. Even without cleavage, I realized that I was sexually
attracted to her.

When Cinda returned to work, my fantasies began. Each
morning we would go through the mail and the day’s assignments
together, and I found myself prolonging these meetings. My eyes
often strayed involuntarily to the top button of her blouse,
hoping to get a glimpse of the small rounded breasts that
motherhood had given her. As she walked out of my office each
morning, my eyes measured every curve of her muscular legs and
backside. If Cinda noticed, she never mentioned it. She and her
husband were busy with their daughter.

Cinda gave me no provocation, and I was happily married.
Nothing was said, but my fantasies continued. I imagined her
nude with me in my office. I imagined her sitting on my lap
during dictation. I manufactured opportunities to lean over her
desk to supposedly look at reports or letters. Once I glimpsed
the edge of one brown areola as she bent over to make an erasure.
That image was burned into my memory and fueled my fantasies for
months. If her areolae were brown, what did her nipples look
like? What did that say about her genitals? What color was her
pubic hair? Did Cinda have a lot of pubic hair? I thought that
she probably did have a lot of pubic hair because she had so much
wavy hair on her head. My imagination just ran wild like that
for days.

I would get outrageous erections in the office, but I never
said a word. I usually wore bikini briefs which bound my
genitals in a cup, and my pleated trousers hid all but the
biggest hard-ons. There were no sex jokes or hints between us. I
made none, and Cinda certainly didn’t. I did not pat or hug her.
Cinda was always very proper and professional and gave me no
signal that she wanted anything more than a good job and a good
working environment.

As the months went by without me making any passes at Cinda,
my fantasies became less frequent but did not diminish
altogether. I still had occasional dreams of a hot affair with
Cinda, or her face appeared to me while I was having sex with
Ann. I still gazed fondly at her rounded calves and ass if she
was walking in front of me. Our work friendship became closer
and closer – but there was nothing beyond that.

And that was a good thing because office rumors were
demoralizing and were quick to start. Both of us needed to be
discreet because we worked in a fishbowl. Office affairs were
usually poisonous to the work atmosphere – even if both parties
were single. And so, our professional life went on as usual for
the next several years.


Then, about two years ago, I received word that I was going
to be put in charge of our company’s primary research and product
development facility in the North Carolina mountains. My new
office would be in Raleigh, and the company was paying all moving
and relocation expenses – including the purchase of my Richmond
home at the current market price. Ann was excited about moving to
the more “genteel” Southern atmosphere of Raleigh, and also
about the prospect of creating a new home. My two sons weren’t
opposed since they had already moved out and were living away
from home at different colleges. However, Cinda, was
tremendously upset at our upcoming separation. We would only be
a few hundred miles apart, but we would be in different States –
different worlds. We both were upset, but there wasn’t anything
either of us could do.

Cinda’s 11 year old marriage had gotten pretty rocky during
the past several months. Her husband, Don, had a drinking
problem and got drunk on most weekends. He wasn’t abusive. He
just wasn’t there for her, and Cinda thought that her daughter
was beginning to notice ‘daddy’s problem’. I had never met
Cinda’s daughter, but I had seen tons of shapshots and felt like
I knew her very well. Her name was Julie, and she and Cinda were
very close – practically best friends. Don and Cinda tried
counselling, but Don didn’t believe in it and wanted to quit
going. He didn’t feel that he had a problem or that they needed
a counselor. Cinda was considering moving out with her daughter
if Don didn’t get help with his drinking problem.

Cinda had been talking to me more and more about her
problems at home, and I didn’t discourage her. I just couldn’t
be her counselor. I would listen sympathetically and worry that
there wasn’t much I could do. And so the impending break-up of
Cinda’s ‘work marriage’ came at the same time as her real
marriage was falling apart. It was a difficult time for Cinda.

About a month before my job change, I began to notice subtle
changes in Cinda’s attitude toward me. She was friendlier than
ever. She seemed to be the one who was prolonging our morning
meetings – often bringing up topics unrelated to work or the
day’s assignments. Cinda had always been attractive as hell, but
she seemed to be spending even more effort on her appearance.
She wore new clothes, shorter skirts, more form-fitting blouses.
She was often touching me in harmless ways – my shoulder or arm.

Cinda’s attentions flattered me. I couldn’t help but notice
them, and they stirred me up, but I didn’t know what to do.
Should I even mention them to her? I was still in love with my
wife, Ann, and wasn’t looking for another relationship – even
though I was sexually very attracted to Cinda. And I realized
now that Cinda was completely aware of my attraction. I also
realized that I was going to miss Cinda desperately.

It was about one year ago that Cinda and I were talking in
my Richmond office long after our morning business had been
finished. It was the week before I was scheduled to leave for
Raleigh. The top two buttons of her blouse were open, and her
skirt was as short as it could be without exposing her panties
every time she crossed her legs. My eyes were drawn repeatedly
to her chest and crotch as if by magnets. Cinda couldn’t help
but notice my behavior. I was embarrassed but couldn’t stop

“I’m really going to miss working with you, Tom. It’s been
over nine years (over ten years now) that we’ve been a team.
It’ll be hard adjusting to a new boss.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I replied. “I’m going to be
lost without your help, Cinda. I’ve gotten so used to working
with you that working with anyone else will be very strange. I’m
not happy about it.”

“Well, we’ll still be friends, and maybe we can get together
for lunch once in a while,” Cinda said. She put on a brave smile
for me, but her eyes were full of tears.

“Let’s go out this Friday for a long lunch. I’ll have all
of my stuff wrapped up by then. Where do you want to go to eat?”

Cinda paused for a moment, and then said, “The Garden Room
is nice and quiet. We could take our time there.”

“You mean the restaurant on the ground floor of the downtown
Holiday Inn? Sounds good to me. OK, and don’t plan on coming
back to the office. I’ll give you the afternoon off, and you can
start your weekend early. Consider it my last official act as
your boss.”

Friday arrived, and lunch was special. We both enjoyed
ourselves. Since we weren’t returning to work, we allowed
ourselves a couple glasses of wine with our meal. As we relaxed
after eating, still sipping our wine, Cinda looked up at me from
her wine glass and gave me a shy smile.

“We’ve become very good friends over the years, Tom. This
is hard to say . . . . . but I’ve been wondering lately if we’d
ever be more than friends.”

After a few awkward seconds of silence, I said, “Cinda, I’ve
been attracted to you for years, but it never seemed like the
right thing.”

“Yeah, Tom, I’ve seen the way you look at me sometimes. I
have to admit that your looks have made me feel good, but I’ve
never wanted to do anything about it either. Somehow, though,
things are different now.”

“You mean because we won’t be working together?”

“Yes, that’s part of it, but another part of it is that Don
and I are just not very close anymore. I don’t know what will
happen, but I doubt that we will get back together. I need
someone in my life. I know you love your wife, Tom, but maybe
you could love me too.”

“Cinda, I have very strong feelings for you too, but . . .”

“What do you think we ought to do with this?” Cinda opened
her purse and showed me a Holiday Inn Guest folder containing a
couple of those credit card type room keys. “I wanted to make
this a special lunch, Tom. Just for old times’ sake. No
strings. What do you say?”

I blushed a deep crimson and smiled and said, “Let’s go!
What are we waiting for?” That was a year ago, and we started
something more significant than either of us anticipated at the

I paid the bill and left a tip, and we walked together to
the elevators – trying not to look too conspicuous. But we were
both giggling by the time I pushed the elevator call button. I
knew that I was about to step into one of my longtime fantasies
about Cinda. I couldn’t believe this was happening, and there
was a certain air of unreality – or hyper reality – about every
sight and sound going on around us. We were totally wrapped up
in one another.

The room was on the second from the top floor, and the hotel
hallway was deserted when we got off the elevator. As I fumbled
with the damn card key, trying to get a green light from the door
handle, Cinda hugged my arm and slowly rubbed her body against
me. She wasn’t helping my concentration or my coordination. I
had the card in upside-down. Just as I removed and re-inserted
the card key, Cinda slid her hand down over my crotch and cupped
my erection – I got a green light!

The room was dark when we entered, and it got darker when
the hallway door closed behind us. The heavy drapes were closed.
Before I could flip on a light, Cinda was in my arms, and we were
kissing. It was strange to kiss her on the lips for the first
time when we had known each other so well for nine years. With
our lips together, Cinda molded her body to mine. I parted my
lips slightly and touched her full lips with the tip of my
tongue. Hers parted just a fraction of an inch, and my tongue
slipped into her mouth. In an instant, our tongues were all over
each other and created a sloppy playground. I could feel a drop
of our mixed saliva running down my chin. I ignored it and moved
my hands to grasp Cinda’s firm buttocks.

No words were spoken – just grunts and moans and more
desperate kisses as we undressed each other in the dim light. I
think both of us were afraid that words might break the magic
spell both of us were under. We were awkward with each other’s
clothing, but we were effective. I enjoyed unzipping Cinda’s
skirt and slipping it over her ass so that it dropped onto the
carpet. Then I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her panties
and slid them down. Cinda followed my lead and did my pants
first too. Both of us stepped out of our pants and underwear at
the same time and tentatively touched each other’s bare genitals.
The shock of really touching each other’s nude intimate flesh
stunned us into a kind of slow motion exploration for a moment.
Then we fell together again in a passionate embrace.

We were both naked from the waist down, and my erection was
bobbing up and down in Cinda’s pubic hair. We kissed again, and
I reached for the buttons on Cinda’s blouse. I was eager to feel
those tiny breasts. Cinda tugged my tie loose and pulled it out
of my collar without breaking our kiss. She was unbuttoning my
shirt as I reached around behind her to unclasp her bra. I
shrugged out of my shirt sleeves, and immediately hugged Cinda
with one arm while I palmed one of her breasts with the other.
Her breast was so small that I could feel her ribs through it,
but her dark pink nipple was huge and poked the middle of my
palm. Her nipple must have been fully erect because it looked
like it was about to burst. I bent down and took it between my
lips. Cinda cradled my head to her chest. “Oh yes, Tom!” she
breathed as I licked and sucked that tremendous nipple.

The only clothing we still wore was socks and hose, and
we fell together on the king size bed to get our feet naked too.
We didn’t bother to pull down the bedspread. I knelt between
Cinda’s legs and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her sex
slit. She was very wet and cooed with pleasure at the intimate
touch of our genitals. My cockhead nudged apart Cinda’s inner
labia and lodged in the entrance to her vagina. I leaned into
her just enough to completely plug her hole with my cock. I
didn’t go in any further and bent down to take one of her nipples
in my mouth. I rolled it between thumb and forefinger. I
pinched it lightly. “Oh yes, do it more,” moaned Cinda.

With one inch of my cock buried in Cinda’s cunt and the rest
of my swollen shaft waiting to be invited in, I kissed her lips
as she put both hands on my butt cheeks. She squeezed my ass and
pulled me slowly into her. Two gentle thrusts had me buried to
the hilt in my lovely Cinda.

Now that we were completely connected, I paused in her and
did not thrust for a moment. My eyes were adjusting to the dim
light in the hotel room, and I looked down at Cinda. She opened
her brown eyes and smiled up at me, and then she kissed me again
to seal our union. “I’ve been wanting to do this for years,” I
confessed to her as our lips parted.

I’ve been wanting you to do this to me for years too,” Cinda
mumbled into the side of my neck. “I started thinking about
kissing you just after I returned to work from maternity leave.
That was seven years ago! I missed you a lot those 4 months.
And I was so guilt ridden about it. I felt like such a terrible
person to be having those thoughts about you.”

“I’d be embarrassed to admit to you some of the wild things
that I’ve been thinking about doing with you,” I said.

“You can tell me later. Come on, move in me. I want you
now,” Cinda urged. I felt her vagina clasp my cock like a soft
fist. I lifted up on my elbows and knees and pulled out of her
about halfway and immediately missed the touch of her warm,
muscular, petite body. I sank back into Cinda and wrapped my
arms around her with my hands on her butt. We rocked gently back
and forth. My hips began to thrust involuntarily, and my cock
was sliding in and out of her. She squeezed my cock with her
cunt on each downthrust. Our hips established a rhythm, and the
sex dance began for us in earnest. My cock was huge and already
throbbing. I knew I was close.

“Come on, Tom. Do it. I want to feel you squirt in me,”
commanded my lover. Those words in my ear and the hot, wet clasp
of her vagina pulled my unwillingly over the edge, and I started
to feel the spasms start – the spasms that accompanied spurts of
semen splashing deep into Cinda’s body. Cinda laughed as I came
– rubbing my lower back as my heart raced against her chest. She
almost seemed to be trying to pull every drop of cum out of me.
A thin sheen of sweat had suddenly covered my body. I nuzzled
the fine hairs at the base of her neck. I breathed in the smell
of her skin.

“God, Cinda, that has been building for 9 years! But you
didn’t cum with me,” I said. “I feel greedy.”

“I loved the feel of you in me,” Cinda murmured. “It wasn’t
an orgasm, but I loved being so close to you. There will be time
for me. It’s just so wonderful that we’re together like this.”

I shifted over to lay on my side and smiled down at my new
lover. Cinda smiled back, and no words were spoken as we drank
each other in with our eyes. Cinda did indeed have a lot of
reddish brown pubic hair, as I had imagined all these years. It
was coarse and thick and curly and covered her pubic mound from
one thigh to the other. A finer pubic hair formed little curls
on her thighs and extended along her belly up to her navel. My
softened cock was laying on her thigh, and a drop of semen
dribbled out of the tip onto her thigh – forming a fluid bridge
with her body. I covered Cinda’s cunt with my hand and savored
the wet warmth that poured out between her still swollen labia.

As I held her genitals with one hand, I leaned over Cinda on
the opposite elbow and began slowly to explore with my eyes and
lips this new body that I had so often imagined but had never
before seen. I kissed her prominent collar bones and then the
crease that led to her armpit. Cinda lifted her arm to open
herself to me, and I parted my lips and licked and sucked on her
underarm. She was wet with perspiration, and the astringent
flavor of her deodorant lingered faintly. But the main taste and
smell were of her, and I revelled in them. As I buried my mouth
and nose in her armpit, Cinda giggled and clamped her arm down on
my face – trapping me there momentarily.

Cinda had freckles on her chest, but none on her small
breasts. The tan line from a conservative bikini was visible
around her breasts. The skin of her breasts was pure white –
almost an ivory – and the brown color of her areolae was a
distinct contrast. Her areolae were about an inch and a half in
diameter and slightly oval. Her nipples were amazingly full –
even when soft, like now. They were brown and stood up from the
bumpy skin of her areolae about three quarters of an inch. I
licked one with the tip of my tongue and then the other. Now
both nipples and areolae were wet with my saliva. My attentions
and the chilly air-conditioned hotel room air caused her wet
areolae to contract and her nipples to swell. I sucked one
nipple into my mouth and flicked the swollen nubbin with the tip
of my tongue. Now both of Cinda’s large nipples were standing
erect on those crinkled brown, oval platforms, and her erect
grape shaped nipples had taken on a dark pink tone.

Cinda had been smiling up at me during my exploration. Now,
she looked down at my cock shyly and then back up at my face.
She put her hands on my chest and rubbed lightly back and forth –
feeling my skin and nipples and extending her fingertips in to
tickle the hair in my armpits. Then her hands roamed over my
belly and paused just below my navel. Looking down at my groin,
she reached one hand between my legs and cupped my balls. The
intimacy of her touch surprised and delighted me.

“It felt like you squirted a lot of stuff in me,” Cinda
broke the silence.

“It felt the same way to me. There must have been at least
six or seven spurts,” I answered. “I know because the pleasure
is intense each time I do a spurt. And that was a terrific

“Is there any left?” Cinda giggled.

I could feel my cock already lengthening as it lay on her
thigh. “Oh I definitely think so,” I chuckled.

“Let’s get under a sheet. I want to snuggle. It’s cold out
here,” Cinda said as she shifted onto her side and embraced me.

I hugged her and ran my hands up and down her back from her
knees to her shoulder blades, pausing to feel her buttocks and
rest my fingertips on the crack between her upper thighs where I
could feel just a hint of her coarse pubic curls.

“That tickles!” Cinda laughed and pulled me over on top of
her. “Come on, let’s get under the covers.” We rolled off the
bed together, threw the bedspread on the floor, and dived under
the covers scattering pillows in all directions. Both of us were
laughing and wrestling like teenagers.

I was on top of her now in the missionary position, and
Cinda asked, “Can we do it again? I really want you.”

My cock was only semi-hard, but I got between her legs and
began to stroke her labia with the cockhead. She was wet and
slippery, and my penis slid easily all the way into her vagina
like a snake returning to a familiar nest. Initially our wet
genitals felt clammy together, but our tight union soon made
both of us hot.

“Wait for me. I’m going to do it this time,” Cinda said.

Having just had a mind shattering orgasm twenty minutes ago,
I knew that I could last a long time. I began to slide in and
out of her and tried to match Cinda’s rhythm. Her breathing was
shallow and sharp as I could feel her stomach muscles tense and
then tense again. She grabbed my ass and hooked her heels behind
my knees. Her cunt was wide open and sucking on my cock like an
insatiable mouth.

Cinda’s throat was make noises I had never heard from her
before. “Unh-hunh! . . . unh-hunh! . . . . unh-hunh! . . .
unh-hunh! . . . ,” Cinda grunted in a rhythm as she worked her
lower body up against my groin in a twisting motion, and as I
moved with her. Her grunts became louder and louder. I wondered
if there were people in the next room. Cinda was oblivious to
anything except her pleasure. Her crotch moved more demandingly
under me and swallowed my cock on each thrust like hungry
nursing infant.

God, she was loud! “Unh! . . . Unh! . . . Unh! . . . Unh! .
. . Uuunnnnnnnhhhhhh! That’s it! It’s coming. Now! Now!
Now!” Cinda’s hips spasmed several times in succession, and her
hands clasped my butt cheeks like claws. Her passion ignited my
own, and my semen ran into her again like a river as her body
still quaked with the strength of her orgasm.


We slept in each other’s arms for about an hour and awoke in
surprise that our common dream was real and that we really were
lovers now. We had opened the door to sex, and the sex was very
good. But neither of us wanted to ruin our friendship or our
lives with a messy affair – an affair with lots of secret sex,
but full of ongoing lies to our loved ones. Naked beside each
other, and glowing with our newfound joy, Cinda and I talked for
a long time about what was going to happen in our lives in the

We left the hotel room about 5 pm, walking hand in hand like
honeymooners. And, in a way we were. We had agreed to embark on
a strange new relationship. We knew that we couldn’t continue
seeing each other, but we definitely would return to this hotel
for another “special lunch” at the same time next year.

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