A 30-year-old divorced woman ventures out to a local Honky-Tonk
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One night when I was living in an apartment in Mobile,
in my early 30’s, I decided I wanted to go out. I
didn’t want to go by myself so I called Rose and Betty
and got them to go with me.

We went to get a bite to eat at what used to be the
Fisherman. That was before they closed the restaurant
and turned it into Neon lap dance. After dinner I
really wasn’t ready to go home so I asked if they
wanted to go to a bar. Rose didn’t so she went home.

Betty really didn’t want to but she wasn’t about to let
me go by myself. So we went to Boots. I told her we
wouldn’t stay out long. It was wall to wall people so
we had to stand around awhile before we found a little
table. Luckily it was by the dance floor. There was no
use waiting for a waitress to come by so I went to the
bar and got us a drink. I think I rubbed up against
every man I passed.

I got back to the table and after sipping on the drink
for awhile, a man asked me to dance. We danced a couple
of times but he was drunk and just not my type. Some
men asked Betty to dance but she wouldn’t. You won’t
hardly ever see Betty on the dance floor.

Maybe a slow dance now and then but that’s about it.

Anyway, I had finished that drink and went back to the
bar for another. Before I could finish that one, the
waitress came over with two more, one for me and one
for Betty. She said a man had bought them for us but
she couldn’t tell us who.

Well, the night was looking good and I was having a
good time. While I was on the dance floor, Betty had
gone to the bathroom and wouldn’t you know it, we lost
our table. But it was starting to get late and the
place was beginning to thin a little bit so we were
able to find two bar stools open. So we planted
ourselves there and I continued to drink. Betty was
drinking coke. I was drinking Bacardi and 7up.

As we sat there we got into a conversation with a
couple of cowboys who was standing right behind us. One
was dark haired and one looked to be sandy blonde
underneath that cowboy hat. I immediately started
flirting with the blonde and the more I flirted, the
more he flirted and the more Betty became protective.

She was always the one to take care of me like that.
She was only going to let it go so far. Every time he
would kiss me, Betty would have some cute little
comment. I had already been rubbing my hands all over
his chest but when I started getting a little lower,
Betty decided it was time for me to leave. The cowboy
said he would take me home if Betty was ready to go but
she was going to have no part of that. So he walked us
out to the car and I gave him a long good night kiss
and we left. Betty drove us back to the apartment and
made sure I was in ok and then she went home.

As soon as she drove away, I got my keys and back to
the bar I went. By the time I got back, the bar had
really thinned out and I wasn’t sure if he would still
be there. But there he was, still standing at the bar
looking like he was lost. I walked right up to him,
gave him a kiss, and said�.are you ready to go cowboy.
He was grinning from ear to ear.

He sat his beer on the bar, told his buddy he was gone
and out we went.

We walked me to my car and then got in his and followed
me back to my apartment. We walked in and immediately
started kissing in the living room. I started
unbuttoning his shirt and clothes began flying.
Everything came off but the hat. I took his hand and
led him down the hall to the bedroom. We got on the bed
and I let him take the lead. He was sucking my tits and
fingering my pussy. Then he went down to get a little
taste. But he wanted his dick in my pussy. And that’s
where it went.

After a while he raised up and rolled over on his back.
I sucked on his cock for a little while before I
climbed up. I rode him for a little while and decided I
wanted to show him something he may not have seen
before. I knew his experience was limited because he
was so young. So, without raising up off his cock, I
slowly turned around backwards and started fucking him.
I thought he was going to go nuts. He started moaning
and making all kinds of sexual sounds. I could tell he
had never had it that way before. That just made me
fuck him even more.

He started telling me he was going to come. My pussy
was getting tighter and tighter. The cum was running
out everywhere. I had my hands between his knees and
his ankles and just kept pumping up and down and back
and forth. He came so hard, his legs and feet stiffened
and his toes curled under.

I lay there for a minute and then rolled off to get a
towel. He grabbed me and told me that was the best he
had ever had. He wanted to know when he could see me
again but I told him that I couldn’t…it had to be a
one time thing.

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