First time filmed
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Several years ago we lived in a Mobil home park and the next door neighbors were three guys going to the local collage. One of them seem to go out of his way to speak to me whenever he seen me and we soon became friends and then lovers. I spent 2-3 afternoons a week with him in my bed. At the time I was in my early 40’s and he was 20 and I loved having such a young lover who seemed to not be able to get enough of me. After several weeks he ask me about my husband and I told him that he knew I was fucking him and was ok with it. He ask me many questions about our open relationship and I answered them all for him. He wanted to know if hubby had ever been present when I fucked someone else and I told him that he had and had even taken pictures for us. He wanted to know if I had ever been filmed and I told him we didn’t have a video camera but had talked about getting one. He said he had one and wondered if hubby would be willing to film us together. I said I was sure he would, but why did he want us filmed. He said he wanted to show his roommates how hot I was. He convinced me that it would really be hot to have them see me getting fucked and I agreed to do it.
We set it up for the following Sat. night. When he got here he showed hubby how to work his camera and for the next several hours he used me and enjoyed me like never before. I have to admitt that knowing he was going to show the film to his roommates really turned me on. I wanted to put on a good show for them and have them see what a slut I was.
After we were through he promise to make a copy for hubby and then went home. I couldn’t wait to find out what his roommates thought of our film and a couple of days later I ask him and he said they hadn’t seen it yet, but ask me to come over and watch it with him. I went to his tralier and he got me a drink then set up the video for us to watch. He had a 42″ TV and said it would be just like being at the movies. He told me to get comfortable and helped me remove my shorts so I was just in my blouse and panties then he started the movie. It was hot watching and hearing us as we made out and undressed each other. He kept asking me what I thought, if I thought his roommmates would like it and I told him I was sure they would and about that time they both walked in. I didn’t know what to do but he invited them to watch with us and they sat down to watch. Erik kept playing with me and soon had my blouse undone and was playing with my tits as they watched him fucking me on TV. I loved hearing their comments and was getting soaking wet. I looked at the TV just in time to see Erik pull his cock out of my pussy and shove it into my mouth and unload his cum. I heard one of them say, “Look at how she swallows his cum”! I looked over at them and they both had thier cocks out stroking them. I turned to Erik and said, “I want fucked”!
He told me to stand up and when I did he removed my blouse and my panties so I was completely naked. They all threw the cusions from the couch on the floor and Erik laid me on them. He spread my legs wide and shoved his cock deep inside of me. As he did this both of his roommates were giving me their cocks to suck. I had a cock in each hand and was licking and sucking both of them as Erik fucked me, making me cum several times. I had never had three guys at the same time before and here I was with three guys all 20 years younger then me and I wanted nothing more than to be their slut and please them all. I could hear Erik and I fucking on the TV as they all took turns with me. I had never been so hot before and I spent all afternoon with them. Each one filled me with cum twice and I sucked both roommmates off and swallowed their cum as they watched me. At one point I was sucking all three of them at the same time and I loved it. I promised to come back many more times and me their slut.

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