Fingers were up her ass
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After allowing ruthie to get some water and rest a bit, I replaced her
gag, and led her over to the wire cage, intending to use it as a “holding
pen” while I readied the next “attraction.” The cage was basically a box
on legs with a crosspiece at the top..although the legs were at an angle.
The entire contraption was about 10″ deep, and was formed of a
criss-crossing of steel wire. There were cutouts at the top of the box
for the head, two in front for the breasts, and where the legs joined the
box, for the obvious. The wire crosspiece at the top of the box held the
arms outstretched. There were cutouts at the ends for the hands to stick
through. The back of the box was hinged on the left side, and opened as a
single piece. I opened it, stepped behind ruthie and uncuffed her hands,
and then forced her into the wire cage, closing the back behind her.
There she was, blindfolded, held completely immobile by the cage
surrounding her limbs, legs, and torso, and with her pussy and breasts
completely exposed through the cutouts. She was totally helpless and very
vulnerable once again.

“She is yours to play with. Don’t whip her or fuck her, but you can
stimulate her any other way you wish until I return,” I told the
gathering. I heard a moan escape ruthie’s lips…not knowing where I was
going or when I would return.

I actually went to arrange a private room the way I wanted it…..making
sure it had the double bench with the upright poles at the bottom, and the
head strap at the top. I looked out of the room from time to time as I
arranged things. ruthie was getting a lot of attention. Fingers were
everywhere….flicking and stroking her clit, running up and down her very
wet pussy. Fingers were up her ass, others were tickling her unmercifully
through the wire, and lips were hungrily sucking her nipples. Her
armpits, ribs, pussy, and breasts were very accessible for such torment!!
She was absolutely immobile, and could do nothing except let each shock
wave after shock wave of sensation hit her brain like a freight train!!!
The only part of her she could move was her head, and it was shaking
furiously. Only unintelligible moans, shrieks, yelps, and muffled
attempts at language escaped from behind her very effective gag.

Finally I had everything ready, and released ruthie from the wire cage,
recuffed her hands behind her, and led her slowly to the private room by
her leash. I shoved her into the room, and closed the door behind me as a
signal to the crowd that, for the moment at least, this was to be private.
I removed her gag.

“Are you excited?” I asked

“Oh, GOD! Yes Sir, I am,” she replied.

“Do you want to be fucked now?”

“Oh, Yes, PLEASE!!”

“Then turn around and give me your hands,” I told her.

ruthie turned around, and I uncuffed her hands. I gently laid her down on
her back on the top part of the double bench. It was generously padded.
I recuffed her hands to a ring on either side of the lower bench which was
about 18″ below the one on which ruthie lay, and it stuck out about 8″
beyond the one on which ruthie lay.

I then drew up her legs to the upright poles at the base. The poles were
angles out and back slightly, so that when her ankles were fixed to the
top of the poles, her legs were well back, and widely spread. She was
familiar with the position by now…but the embarrassment of having her
pussy so widely splayed and exposed never left her. She was wet again at
just the thought of how she looked to me. Her nipples hardened noticeably
once again in anticipation. Now there remained only one more thing to do.
The bench was short enough so that it did not support her head. There
was an angled piece at the top of the bench that hung down 90 degrees to
the bench, and had a strap attached. I bent ruthie’s head back, and
strapped the strap around her forehead, fixing her head so that she had to
look back behind her to the wall, which was about three feet away. It was
very uncomfortable, but not injurious. Then I started stroking her clit
and slit, inserting one finger of the other hand into her asshole
again….toying with her as I bent over and started sucking her nipples
one at a time. Soon, almost immediately, she was breathing hard again,
and begging me to fuck her. Then I stopped.

ruthie heard the door open, and, after only hearing muffled discussions
for a few moments, she heard others enter the room. I had chosen two
other men to come into the room who were willing to help me with this
final torment for the night. We all three stripped naked. All of us were
well endowed, and rock hard by now. One man laid down on the bench below
ruthie, and the other positioned himself at the head of the bench.

“ruthie, I am going to fuck you now, but you will not be fucked by just
me… will have all your holes filled at once, and you must make us
all come. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Master,” she said meekly, wiggling her hips in anticipation of what
was to come. I spread her pussy juices liberally around her asshole, and
she felt the head of the lower man’s cock pressing against her tiny
sphincter, slowly dilating it to its maximum just before sliding up inside
her to the hilt, and then slowly back to the head, and in again…..he had
started a slow fucking in and out of her bowels. At the same time, she
felt the man near her head nudge her lips, and she opened to take him in
her mouth, wrapping her lips around the shaft as is slowly worked its way
down her throat, and back out again….slowly fucking her mouth.

“Use your tongue also, ruthie, and if you bite him, I’ll use the whip on
your tits until we all three come!!”

I continued to stroke her clit and suck her tits as I let the two men have
her for a few moments until she was well worked up. Then I positioned
myself at the entrance to her pussy, and rammed home to the hilt with one
sudden forceful stroke!! ruthie came unglued!! All of us started fucking
her three holes really hard, scarcely giving her time to get her breath
between strokes. The man on the lower bench and I alternated rhythms….I
would go deeply inside, as he would withdraw…and vice-versa. The man at
the top kept his own rhythm, but was basically the same as mine. Soon
the man on the bottom began to spurt into her bowels, and the man at the
top shot his load down her throat, causing her to cough a bit. I
continued to ram her pussy, as I felt the climax rising in my own
loins…and sensed the same in ruthie. By now, she was ramming her pussy
onto my cock as fast and hard as she could to match my strokes, and a
massive climax hit us both at the same time. As it hit, I continued to
ram deep and hold it there as she shuddered against my pubic bone,
grinding her clit into the hard surface, and moving my pelvis around to
intensify the sensations crashing into her mind from the tiny nubbin.
ruthie had two more intense climaxes before everyone withdrew. Cum was
oozing from all three orifices.

I thanked the men, giving them towels and allowing them to clean and
redress themselves before they left the room. I cleaned myself and
redressed. Then I released ruthie from the bench, and held her and kissed
her deeply.

“Was it worth it to you?” I asked.

“Oh, GOD YES!” she replied.

“Here,” I said, handing her a wet and a dry towel. “Clean up and wait
here. I’ll be right back.”

I went out into the great room and gathered up ruthie’s things into a bag.
I returned to the private room and recuffed her hands behind her and led
her out by her leash, still totally naked and blindfolded. The patrons of
the club clapped in approval as I picked up the bag, and headed toward the
exit. ruthie realized where we were going, and began to resist being
taken out naked.

“NOooooo!! Don’t take me outside naked!!! Let me get dressed first!!”

I slapped her ass, and said, “FOLLOW ME!!”

She did not resist again. I led her outside totally naked into the cool
night air and darkness of the parking lot, unlocked the car, and had her
get in and lie down on the back seat. I put the seat belt over her and
clipped it, and drove back towards the hotel. Before arriving, I pulled
over into a vacant lot, sat ruthie up, removed her blindfold, collar, and
leash, and placed a cape around her that buttoned all the way up in front.

We pulled into the parking garage, got out, and let the valet park the
car. Once in the elevator, I unbuttoned the cape all the way down the
front except for the top button. When she walked, it gaped open. The
doors opened on our floor, and she followed me into the room unnoticed.
It would be another night sleeping cuffed beside me.

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