Kelly the cocksucker and our intermixed love juices
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I met Kelly, in of all places, an overgrown
churchyard. I had been roped into helping out with a ground-
clearance scheme, to get this neglected churchyard back into
some sort of reasonable condition. There were quite a number
of helpers, including several whom I knew.

I noticed this girl in her twenties, attractive,
slim but by no means skinny, about 5′ 2″, with dark curly hair
just short of shoulder-length. The sort of girl I would
definitely look twice at. I think she stood out because she
seemed to laugh a lot and was clearly enjoying herself.
Almost involuntarily, I seemed to gravitate towards her, until
I found myself working alongside. I wasn’t the only one,
however; my good fried Niall seemingly had the same idea, and
the three of us worked side by side.

She had sparkling, dark-green eyes and a mischievous
smile, and as she realised that she had two male co-workers,
one on each side, she began to flirt, keeping her options open
as to which would receive the bigger come-on. This was in
spite of both of us being fifteen or twenty years older. I
still don’t know who “won” the contest.

When the afternoon drew to a close, most of us
retired to a local pub, including Kelly and Niall. We chatted
and she flirted and eventually I discovered that she was new
to the area and had rented a room from Jean, a friend of mine.
It was Jean that who had persuaded me to join in with the
ground clearance. Jean only lived about half a mile away and
so naturally I explained to Kelly where I lived, and with a
twinkle in her eye she promised she would drop in on me
sometime. I wondered if it was an idle promise.

A few days later I met Jean at the pub and in the
course of conversation, I mentioned to her that I was quite
taken with Kelly. Jean looked at me in a rather surprised
manner and said, “You know that she’s gay, don’t you?”

I was stunned. “But she flirted outrageously with
both me and Niall,” I replied.

“Well,” she said, “I can tell you that she is having
a relationship with my other girl lodger, Bee. I know,
because I caught them both at it.” I was really taken aback
as well as being disappointed, and I thought that would be the
end of it. In fact, that was only the beginning.

One evening a few days later, there was a ring at the
door and there was Kelly. “You’re not busy, are you?” she

“No, come on in,” I replied. I think my enthusiasm
may have been somewhat muted, as by this time I had been made
aware that she was gay. She was sort of off-limits, now that
I knew her sexual inclinations.

“Coffee? Or something stronger?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t mind some gin if you’ve got some,” she
answered. I made the drinks, passed one to her and sat on
the sofa opposite. I forget the words of the conversation,
but it quickly became flirtatious again and I felt myself
succumbing to her coquettish approach. My perplexity grew,
as I could only interpret her manner as a come-on.

Eventually she said she had to go, and taking my
courage in my hand, I asked if she would like to go out for a
drink sometime.

She responded warmly and said, “Just give me a ring
at Jean’s when you’re free.” I promised I would, and a few
days later we went out for a drink. When we got back to
where she lived, she pressed herself close and we kissed.
Deeply, a complete tongues down the throat job.

Compared to the way she had been behaving towards
me, I found it very difficult to reconcile what I had been
told about her, which coming from Jean was on very good
authority. A few days passed and late one evening she again
called round. It was obvious that she had already had a couple
of drinks. I gave her another, and we chatted. Then we
talked some more, and eventually she told me that she was bi.
She liked men, but she also liked women. She couldn’t really
understand why she was drawn to both sexes, she hated to think
of herself as being lesbian, but she did like girls, and
adding that she was no virgin, enjoyed men, too.

After that I saw a good deal of her, and we would
frequently talk late into the night, often about her sexuality
and her inward struggle with what she was or was not. I tried
to convince her that she didn’t need to give herself a label,
she could be and do what she wanted; she didn’t have to
compartmentalise herself. If one day she liked men, and the
next women, she shouldn’t worry about it. These discussions
were always serious and sometimes she would even cry. We
became close friends and I knew she trusted me and what I was
trying to tell her. From time to time we would affectionately
kiss and cuddle, but not much more.

She was by no means usually introspective, and
especially when other people were around, she would continue
being flirtatious. In fact, on occasions her flirting would
progress from the verbal to the physical. For instance,
there might be several friends at my place after the pub had
closed, and I would go into the kitchen to make coffee. She
would then come out, ostensibly to help me, but more often
than not she would stand next to me, with kitchen door open
and our backs clearly visible to any one in the sitting room.
She would then run her hand up my thigh or on my crotch, and
all the while she would just treat me to that mischievous
smile of hers. Through clenched teeth I would hiss, “Kelly!
Stop it”, and do my best to remove her hand. I just wished
that she would do it when no one was around, but she never
did. Over time, we did become a little more intimate, up to
the point of my feeling her breasts through her clothes, but
although we didn’t progress beyond that stage, I always
thought that it might be an eventual possibility.

# # #

I had other gay friends, but I had never discussed
their sexuality in anything like such a profound and personal
way. I could tell you that I was totally dispassionate about
the whole business, but that would not be entirely true. I
was sincere and very much wanted to help her discover herself,
but I was more than fascinated, I was definitely turned on by
the thought of her with another girl, especially as it was
someone whom I knew vaguely, and who was also very attractive.
My mind would go into overdrive when I thought about them
together and making love. Ever since that time I have found
the thought of two women making out to be a huge turn-on.
It’s a strange thing, so many men finding the thought of two
women together highly erotic, but generally not two men

# # #

One evening I got a phone call from her. She was a
freelance private nurse and was working nights looking after
an old, bedridden man. She suggested that I might like to go
and keep her company for a couple of hours, as her duties were
very boring since her patient was asleep most of the time.
The house was not far away, and I duly went round. She was
sitting on the settee in the living room, and she patted the
seat next to her and bade me sit down.

She started the familiar flirting and we began
kissing. Her nurse’s uniform was a dress that buttoned up at
the front; it didn’t take long before she and I were
tonguing each other, and this time I soon had my hand inside
her dress, feeling her breasts. They were not particularly
large, but enough to get my hand round and to send the blood
racing to my crotch. Things seemed to be different on this
occasion, for she placed her hand on my thigh and started to
slide it up the inside of my leg. Emboldened by her
initiative, I put my hand on her knee and under her skirt, and
slid my hand up the inside of her thigh. To my delight I
found that she was wearing stockings, so my hand soon arrived
at the cool, soft flesh above her stocking tops.

The first time a new girl friend touches your cock,
even through your trousers, is always something special. It
carries with it a massive, high-voltage charge. Soon she was
squeezing my prick and balls through my trousers, and offering
no resistance to my upward-moving hand. I was having
difficulty concentrating on what I was doing. My senses were
being dominated by her rubbing and gently kneading my
genitals. Somehow, my fingertips continued their upward path
between her parted thighs, until finally they reached the edge
of her panties. I ran my fingers around the elasticated sides
and then onto the centre of the gusset. I could feel how
moist it was, and as it was like that on the outside, I knew
that it was likely be sopping wet on the inside.

My fingers pulled aside the elastic and headed for the
Promised Land. I could feel that the lips were swollen and,
as I suspected, they were very wet. They continued their
journey until they reached the desired objective. My fingers
were well lubricated with her juices, and first one, then
another sank deeply into her. They explored her love
tunnel, and I started to pump them slowly in and out. My
thumb started to work its way up to the front of the valley,
and it soon found the little nub it was searching for.
Carefully, and with lots of juice to smooth its actions, I
began to circle it gently.

I was conscious that my cock was very hard and that
Kelly, through the material of my trousers, was using her
fingernail to scratch its head, sending electric sensations
pulsating though my body. As I continued pumping my fingers
inside her I very soon heard her catch her breath and I became
aware that her chest was beginning to heave. In next to no
time she suddenly went rigid, clamped her thighs around my
fingers, let out a muffled cry and shuddered to a climax. I
was amazed at how quickly she had arrived at her orgasm, by
far the quickest I had ever experienced.

As soon as she had recovered, she went back to the
exquisite scratching the underside of my prick. She seemed to
know exactly the best spot to produce the greatest sensations.
The act of her coming had moved me towards my own climax and a
second or two later I had come into my pants and lay back
panting. Wow, what a fantastic feeling. We kissed and in a
very matter of fact way she asked, ” Did you like that?”

“Oh, it was incredible,” I replied. “You didn’t seem
to dislike it either,” I added rather disingenuously.

“I did,” she answered in a rather matter of a fact
way, “who knows, maybe we can do it again sometime!”

Eventually she made me go home; I had great difficulty
getting to sleep, constantly playing with my cock and reliving
the evening just gone.

# # #

The next morning being a Saturday, I didn’t have to
get up early and was not very amused when the phone rang a
little before 8.00 a.m. My annoyance however, was somewhat
tempered when I realised it was Kelly. She was her usual
direct self. “Get the coffee on, my relief will be arriving
here shortly to take over, and I’ll be round in fifteen

I jumped out of bed, hastily tidying the worst of my
bachelor clutter. I put on the coffee and rushed into the
bathroom to have a quick shower. I had just about dried
myself when the doorbell rang, so slipping on a dressing gown
I opened the door and there she was, bright and breezy as

“God,” she said, “I feel hot and sticky, you wouldn’t
mind if I had a quick shower – you can lend me towel, can’t
you?” I nodded, gave her the towel she asked for, and she
disappeared into the bathroom. I straightened the bedroom and
attended to the coffee, and was still in my dressing gown when
she reappeared. She was still wet, with the towel wrapped
around her in a most provocative manner. Why is it that a
girl dressed only in a towel is so erotic?

She looked me up and down, “You haven’t got dressed
then?” she queried.

“I was getting the coffee ready,” I responded. I
poured the coffee, and we sat together on the sofa. She
still only had on the towel, and the thought occurred to me
that had she been sitting opposite me, I would have been able
to see all the way under it. As it was, I had to content
myself with the delectable view of a large expanse of thigh.
Not something that I found exactly objectionable! I then
became aware that she was looking at my thigh, which had
become revealed as my dressing gown draped open slightly.

“What have you got on underneath?” she wanted to
know. Not waiting for a reply, and before I had any chance of
reacting, her hand had slipped under my dressing gown and
pulled it aside exposing my semi-erect cock. “Well that looks
as though it could be got ready for action,” she announced. I
glanced down and I could see it growing by the second. This
reaction was not lost on Kelly either. What I knew was that I
wanted her. I had had enough of her teasing and the night
before had only served to increase my desire.

Pulling her to me, I closed my mouth over hers in a
long and violent kiss. My hand slipped round her back and
gently pulled the towel from her. I eased myself slightly
away from her so I could see her now exposed body. Yes, her
breasts weren’t especially big, but they did have good-sized
brown aureolas with dark, chocolate-coloured nipples, which
seemed to be already hardening slightly.

With my dressing gown gaping open, I grasped one
breast, and, kissing her neck, licked my way down until my
mouth reached the other. My tongue swirled around the nipple
and I raked it with my teeth until it was as firm as the tip
of my little finger. As I tried to take the whole of her
breast into my mouth, she seemed to let out a sort of sob.
She tasted slightly of having just showered, but that made her
taste and smell all the more fresh and desirable.

My fingers squeezed the other nipple, and that too
became hard under my touch. I had by now become rock hard,
and Kelly’s hand was now wandering up my exposed thigh,
finally reaching my cock and sending rivers of thrills flowing
through me. My hand intentionally strayed to her upper thigh,
and now there was nothing between my fingers and her love
nest. I ran my fingers along her crack and I could feel the
lubrication increasing as her own excitement heightened. Not
needing to be as cautious as the previous evening, I slid
three fingers inside her first time. I started slowly
pumping, and she was doing the same to me.

I now knew that she wanted it as much as I did.
Thinking that this might turn into a full session, I decided
that the bed would be more comfortable. I reluctantly removed
my fingers and scooping her up in my arms I carried her into
the bedroom and then lowered her onto the queen-sized bed.
Now I had a much better opportunity to have a good look at her
body. I liked what I saw, a lean body with enough flesh to
provide a smooth, trim shape from her shoulders, down over her
breasts, rib cage, waist, over a slightly rounded stomach to a
tangle of dark pubic hair.

She lay there with legs slightly parted, and I knew
that what I wanted was to be between them. I wanted to feel
her soft thighs on my cheeks, I wanted to taste her love
juices, but I had no intention of rushing things. This was
going to be a time to savour at leisure, not one to be
hurried, and I lay down on the bed beside her.

Her hand rested delicately on her mound, just like in
Titian’s ‘Venus’, and placing my hand over hers I steered it
between her legs, and with her middle finger under mine,
directed it to her pussy. I pressed it rhythmically and made
her go through the motions of masturbating herself. She knew
full well what I was up to, and smiled audibly. She continued
to co-operate for a while before pulling her hand away, and
putting her hand over mine reversed our roles. Once she felt
me take over from where she had left off, she placed her wet
fingers on my lips, inviting me to lick them. I needed no
persuading, and I accepted the offer lasciviously. Tasting
her love juices only served to heighten my own desire, and
sucking each of her fingers in turn, like miniature pricks,
was something I found indecently sensuous.

Her hand had found its way back to my cock and
turning to look at her I realised that she was watching it as
she pulled back the foreskin with each lazy stroke. It was
obvious that she was enjoying the visual stimuli as much as I

Swivelling at right angles to her, I tongued my way
lower, over her breasts, feasting on her dark nipples, down
over her ribcage, over her belly, stopping briefly at her
navel, until at last I arrived at her mound. I ran my tongue
through her pubic hair, and grasping her hips, moved her round
so that the lower part of her legs were draped over the edge
of the bed. By now I was kneeling on the floor beside her.
I positioned myself between her parted legs, each of my arms
wrapped round the underside of her raised knees. My lips
fluttered soft kisses down on the inside of her thighs, each
one higher than the last. As my nose brushed her engorged
labia, I raised myself slightly so I could reach her pubic
triangle again. This time I took a couple of hairs between my
lips and tugged them. By now she was quietly moaning and then
I felt her hand on the back of my head, pushing me inexorably
down between her legs. Delighting in the feel of those
heavenly soft thighs on each side of my face, I began running
my tongue up and down the middle of her very wet slit. For
the moment I wanted to avoid her love button. My aim was to
try to arouse her, to screaming pitch if I could. Judging by
the effect I seemed to be having on her, I appeared to be
achieving some success. Her moaning increased and she began
writhing around.

Disengaging one arm, I slid it up between her legs
and sunk my fingers deep inside her, simultaneously using my
tongue on the upper part of her labia. I tried to keep away
from her clit, but my own impatience and excitement were
proving to be too much, and I began circling the little nub.
I could feel, rather than hear her breathing rate increase,
and I could no longer resist the temptation. I started to
brush that love button with the side of my tongue. It only
took the minimum of contact to trigger her climax and she
began thrashing about and forcing my face between her clamped

Using my other hand I had been slowly rubbing
myself. Her orgasm almost sent me over the top, and I only
just managing to control myself by prolonged squeezing the
base of my shaft. I had no wish to come just yet as, amongst
other things, I was longing to sink my prick deep inside her.
I crawled up the bed alongside her and she never hesitated to
kiss my face, drenched with her own juices. She seems to want
to taste them, though I thought it was hardly likely to be the
first time, as presumably she would have done it in one of her
Sapphic relationships.

Holding her close, I rolled onto my back with her on
top of me. She raised her head slightly and looked lovingly
down at me. She was balancing herself by spreading her legs
on each side of me. I began thrusting with my hips, my erect
prick brushing her pussy. Reaching underneath her and taking
hold of my prick, I tried to enter her – it was going to be
our first time – but I was finding penetration from this
position difficult. If nothing else it was further
inflaming her, and realising that I was not going to succeed
unaided, she positioned herself with a knee on each side of my
hips in the woman-on-top position.

I had contrived to get her in this upright position.
The view I had was exactly what I wanted, her straddling me,
legs parted, mound protruding, labia just visible and slicked
with juices. All this just inches from my face, and
immediately below, my prick standing vertically. She was
beginning to enjoy the superior position, and she threw me a
quick smile as if to say, “I’m in charge now”. She might
like to think it, but I had contrived the position so that we
could both revel in the visual thrill of looking at each other
making out.

Bending her head down, she looked at my vertical
erection and said, “I’m going to fuck your brains out.”
Taking hold of my prick she positioned herself immediately
above and lowered herself so that the bulbous head was just in
contact with her pussy lips. She brushed it several times
along the length of her slit, before very slowly sinking onto
it. I felt the foreskin being peeled back down the shaft as
she gradually enveloped my full length. All the while her
eyes, like mine, never left the narrowing gap between our two

As this new wave of sensuousness overwhelmed me, I
closed my eyes to permit my mind to luxuriate in the
sensations in my prick. With one hand I grasped her hip, and
with the other I reached up to her breast and nipple. By now
she had started thrusting, slowly at first but gaining
momentum. I was using my hand on her hip to give advance
warning of her rhythm so I could maintain perfect
synchronisation. But as she speeded up I could feel my sap
rising, and before it reached the point of no return, I again
had to apply the squeeze to the base of my cock. In doing
this, on each thrust my knuckle came in contact with her slit
and I realised that she was grinding it on to her love button.
This did not last long as after a few moments I began to hear
the now familiar moaning and the quickening breathing,
followed by gasping. Then the shriek, her vaginal muscles
clamping rigidly around my cock, her body stiffening and her
head thrown back as another orgasm overtook her.

Her body gradually relaxed and her body subsided; she
leant forward to drop a soft kiss on my lips. Partially
returning to her previous position, she began a slow thrusting
again, onto my still hard prick. But I had other ideas.
Slipping both arms above my head, I narrowed my body and began
to slip between her legs, up past my waist, then my chest
until I had her in the perfect position with her knees on
either side of my head. This was what I had been building up
to. Her labia were positioned directly above my mouth. She
was looking down at me in the full knowledge and expectation
of what I was about to do to her. She leaned forward and
rested her forearms on the bedhead, so she could both control
her movements and see better. Even as she lowered her pussy
onto my mouth, I was able to look up at her and see the top
half of her body with her breasts dangling. I reached up to
caress one of them, to roll the nipple, but of course most of
my attention was on the wet pussy closing over my mouth. My
tongue began to probe, found the entrance and began thrust in
and out, tongue fucking her. By lifting my eyes I could see
she was watching my tongue and mouth with rapt attention. It
confirmed to me that to her the visual was almost as important
as the physical. I continued with my tongue until it ached,
her pussy crushed onto my mouth.

As I started to realise that I would not be able to
keep it up for much longer, I contrived to push my mouth
forward so my tongue could reach her clit. I slid my tongue
along the valley and sure enough, there it was, the small but
unmistakable nubbin. As before, I gently swirled the tip of my
tongue around its hardened end; I began to feel her shudder.
I increased the tempo and added to its actions by brushing and
flicking across the protruding tip. There was barely time to
take in what I was doing when the now inexorable signs began
to appear. I worked my tongue harder and harder, increasing
the pressure. My reward was swift in coming. Her lower
body erupted into convulsions, smashing onto my mouth, then
becoming totally rigid, followed by jerk after jerk combined
with suppressed cries and shrieks.

Slowly she slid her body down, still partially on top
of me, until her face was over mine and she proceeded to kiss
all around my mouth still wet from her juices. Separating our
two bodies slightly, she reached down to my still fully erect
prick and started slowly pumping its neglected shaft.

“Oh Pee J, that was fantastic,” she wheezed, “Do you
want to come now?” she asked. I nodded. “Oh Pee J, fuck me
again. “Do me from behind, no one’s ever fucked me that way
before.” It was my favourite position; I wanted to do it
that way anyway, so I was really up for it.

On her hands and knees she positioned herself on the
edge of the bed, ankles over the side, legs parted and waiting
for me. I took in the swollen, red pussy lips in front of my
prick, brushed it up and down the slit a few times and fed it
into her expectant honeypot. As I pressed it home, my balls
and thighs coming into contact with her cool cheeks, I
wondered as she had already come violently several times,
whether she would be able to come again so quickly. I knew
that I would soon find out, especially as by now I was so pent
up that I also knew that I would come very quickly myself.
I revelled in the sight of my shaft, glistening with her
juices entering and withdrawing. Soon I threw myself into
wholehearted pumping. I reached around her thigh until I
found her pubes and then her clit. I was trying to make her
come one more time. My fingers danced rapidly, and my
thrusting rate increased. Her hips jabbed back at an ever-
increasing speed. My fingers fluttered faster and faster. I
felt her tremble, but this time she did not stop her
thrusting. I slammed harder and harder into her. Short,
sharp, staccato cries echoed round the room as her new climax
erupted. This was now too much for me and pushed me into
that rapturous abyss of orgasm. For a fraction of second
everything went black as the tidal wave of pleasure
exquisitely burst the dam that had been held back for so long.
It thundered along its narrow channel from the remote depths
of my being, culminating in one monumental eruption of
sensation, and exploded deep inside her.

For some moments neither of us was able to move.
Eventually my shrinking member slipped out of her, and rolling
over on the bed, she pulled me to her. Her hand was already
on my now flaccid prick, which she caressed lovingly,
carefully pulling the foreskin back over the very sensitive
head. She seemed totally uninhibited, touching and apparently
relishing our intermixed love juices.

It may have been the first time, but I was going to
make sure it was not going to be the last!

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