Alleyway Encounter
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I saw him at the 7-11. I had walked over from
the dorm to take a break from studying. He was about
17 or so. He was wearing shopworn, used, old jeans
that hugged his tight butt and legs. His basket was
clearly visible, hanging loosely in the denim. The
jeans and his work boots had stains in spots, evidence
of “honest work”. His white T-shirt hugged him like
a second skin, outlining his cut pecs. Dirty blond
hair poked out from under his baseball cap.

He turned from the cooler and suddenly I was
staring into his ice-blue eyes. He grunted and pushed
past me. I abruptly realized I was holding my breath
and let it go with whisper. Shaking my head in wonder
I finished my purchase and headed out of the store.

I headed down the street toward my dorm building
walking quietly in the dark. I’d gone a couple of
blocks when I heard someone loudly say, “Hey, kid!” I
looked around and realized it was coming from behind
me. It was him, the guy from the 7-11.

He jogged up behind me and grabbed my arm,
propelling me in front of him. He moved fast forcing
me into the next alley. His grip tightened and we
didn’t slow until we were at the end of the alley
beside a big green dumpster.

He yanked my hands over my head and shoved my
back against the wall. A lone streetlight at the head
of the alley cast an eerie glow. He reached for my
wallet with his free hand and flipped it open.
“Mitchell, huh?” He said, looking at my license. He
used his fingers to fish out my cash, dropping the
wallet, and stuffing the twenty dollar bill down his
front pocket.

“You’re a faggot, aren’t you?” he demanded.
I looked at him wide-eyed. He grabbed my throat and
knocked my head back. “Answer!”

I was mesmerized and terrified. I nodded dumbly.
“Yea, I knew you were when I caught you checking out my
ass.” He came closer, putting his lips near my ear,
his voice lowering dangerously. “Wanna suck my dick,
don’t you, homo?” He ground his bulge against my leg,
forcing his thigh between my legs, pushing it against
my crotch.

He leaned into me, his chest pressing against
me. My dick stiffened against him. He smiled wickedly.
“Yea, your lucky day, fag.” He shoved me to the ground.
“Get down there.” He pushed his crotch into my face,
rubbing it around my mouth. I could smell his sweat
through his jeans. I could feel his hard dick. My
breathing grew shallow and rapid. My cock was straining
at my jeans. I stared up at him, towering over me,

His zipper made a ripping noise as he lowered
it. He reached in and pulled out his cock. It slapped
against my cheek, rubbing against me. “Suck my
cock …” He held it’s eight inches in front of my
face, pushing the throbbing head against my lips. I
dropped my jaw and he slid it in my mouth.

“Yeah … open wide.” He said, pushing the
whole length inside my mouth. I gagged slightly as it
pressed against the back of my windpipe. “Yea.” He
pushed it in further, then pulled it out almost all
the way. Then he rammed it in again. He leaned against
me, putting his palms against the wall for leverage.
He started pumping his hips in and out. “Uh.” He
grunted. “I’m fuckin your face. You like your nose
pinned in my thick dick fur, huh?” He looked down at
me. He pushed his cock all the way so that my face was
pressed against his belly, looking down at me.

He started pumping again. I tightened my lips
around his rod, moaning slightly, saliva dripping
around his meat. “Yea, stick that thing in your mouth.
Pound it in your face, my bone goin’ in and out of your
mouth.” His dick started to get hotter. I could taste
him. He shoved it in hard, pounding my throat. I
tried to milk his cock with my mouth. I could taste
him dripping.

“Yea, you love it, don’t you. Yea.” He moaned,
looking above. I reached around and grabbed his butt,
feeling how firm and tight his ass was. I pulled him
toward me, pushing his cock further into my throat.
“Un!” He growled, sweat dripping off his nose. “I’m
fuckin’ your mouth like a cheap whore’s pussy.” He
jammed his cock in and out of my throat. I sucked hard
on it, my cheeks caving in. I ran my hands up and down
his butt, feeling his legs.

“Oh yea!” He growled. “I’m gonna pour my load
in your mouth.” His pistoning quickened, banging my
head against the wall. Saliva drooled out of my mouth
as I moaned. My dick was rock hard in my pants. I
felt wetness at the tip of his dick.

He pumped his dick into the back of throat.
“Un! Un! Un!” He grunted with each thrust. He
stiffened and I felt his cock throb against my tongue.
“I’m cumin’ in your mouth faggot! Drink it!” He
yelled. He shook and I felt his cum shoot down my
throat, forcing me to swallow fast.

He groaned and let his dick slip between my
lips. It flopped out and slapped wetly against my
face, twitching. It left a line of spit and cum on my
cheek. I sucked the tip into my mouth, holding it in
my hand. I licked up and down the length.

I stared up at him, lusting for this kid who’d
just fucked my face. I kept my hold on his cock.
“Yea … I’m your faggot … make me take it.” I
pleaded. I sucked his cock into my mouth and then let
him pull it out. My breath was coming in short gasps.
“Use me. Shoot that load. Let me swallow it.”

He put his hand around the base of his dick and
slapped his meat in my face. He put his other hand on
my forehead and shoved his cock back into my mouth.
“Suck that dick faggot … lick my balls … I’m gonna
fuck your tight ass next!” I suctioned hard on his
cock, wanting him to stay stiff. “You’re a good little

I moaned when he pulled it out. He slapped it
against my face again. “Oh man … yea … push me
down make me clean your dick.” I begged as he tapped
the tip against my lips. His baseball cap was at a wild
angle. His face was pointed down at me, silhouetted by
the streetlight, hiding his features. Sweat dripped
off of his nose and landed on my face.

Abruptly, he jabbed all eight inches into my
mouth forcing its full length in. “Yea.” He said, his
voice low and husky. “I’m grindin’ my dick down your
throat.” He put his hands on the back of my head and
started pumping his dick in hard and fast. “Un.
Fuckin’ that mouth real good.” He shifted his weight
slightly and grabbed my hair. He jerked my head back
and forth, pounding my face into his pubic hair, his
balls slapping my chin.

He pulled his cock out and tightened his grip
on my hair, shaking my head from left to right. “You’re
lovin’ it fag! Little whore!” He said. He jerked my
head back, his dick bobbing in front of me. I opened
my lower jaw, wanting to taste it again. His hand
slapped against my face. “Aren’t you?!”

I moaned. “Yea, I want it … I’m begging for
it … slap my face with it … make me plead for it.”

He yanked on my hair again. He dragged me up
to a standing position. “Turn around faggot … spread
your legs.” He rolled me against the wall until my
face and stomach were pressed against the bricks. He
pulled my arms over my head, pushing my palms against
the building. I heard his top button pop as he opened
his jeans He reached around and yanked at my top but-
ton. He shoved my jeans down below my hips. He yanked
on the back of my briefs, pulling them down roughly.
My dick jumped over the waistband as it passed, twitch-
ing against the wall.

He put his hand against the back of my head and
pushed my face into the building. I felt him press his
body in contact with me. His hard-on pressed against
my butt. “Spread your legs … get that ass ready.”
He ordered. He put his boots against my feet and
kicked them apart. I was whimpering with anticipation
and fear. I wanted it bad. I wanted to feel it. I
spread, raising my butt for a better angle.

“Yea.” He growled, his breath hot in my ear.
He rubbed his dick, slick with spit up and down my
crack. He pushed the knob up against my ass. “I’m
stickin’ my 8 inch cock in your tight ass.” I felt
him push it in slightly.

The pain hit almost immediately as he forced it
in. “Yea … Yea! I can feel it … Wait please wait
a second just let me relax.” He was as hard as iron,
pushing his cock inside my ass. It shoved up against
my sphincter. I inhaled sharply at the pain.

“FUCK NO!” He said and knocked my head into the
wall. “Shut up and take it … I’m pushin’ it all the
way in!” I felt him lean against me with all his
weight. His cock forced it’s way past like a metal
pole, impaling me, ripping me open. “Ooohhh baby it
feels good in there.” He moaned.

“Uh ahhh!” I yelled. “Oh Jesus. I can feel
you push it all the way in … wait please wait just
wait a second.” I begged. He ignored me and pulled
his dick out, shoving it back in hard. “Un! Un!”
I gasped as he jerked it in and out, burning my ass
from the shear force of his eight inch rod sliding
inside me.

He pulled his dick out so that the tip was up
against my asshole. I breathed with relief. “Now gimme
that hot ass.” He ordered. “Push back on my cock …
fuck my cock faggot.”

I slumped against the wall in relief. “Wait,
please.” I begged. “Give me a second.” I pressed my
body against the cool brick, trying to catch my breath.

He stepped to my side so fast I didn’t quite see
him. His fist slammed against my kidney, just hard
enough to get my attention. “You better, or I’ll fuck
you till you bleed!” He jerked me back around so he
was behind me again and jammed his cock inside my ass
for good measure, pumping it in and out a few times,
making me yelp. He yanked it out again and moved back
a step.

“Uh yes sir! I’ll fuck your cock sir!” I bent
a bit at the waist and looked back, bracing myself
against the building. I pushed back until I felt the
pressure build against my ass.

He put his hand around his cock and shoved it
inside. I pushed toward him, feeling his dick go all
the way in. I tightened my stomach muscles and
sphincter, feeling his rod pull out. I did it again.
Then again. “Faster bitch … fuck it real good …
make me cum.” I bent some more and started pushing
back as fast as I could.

All at once, He pulled me against him, burying
his cock to the hilt. I hissed all of the air out of
my lungs as I felt it jab inside me. He held onto my
waist, leaning his chest against my bent over form.
He kicked my feet, collapsing me. He held onto me,
keeping me impaled on his long cock. He made me drop
to my hands and knees, facing down the alleyway.

He reached up and yanked my head back by my
hair, forcing me to look up at the alley light, riding
me like a horse. He shook my head back and forth. He
kept up his pace, pushing his hard dick in and out.
“I’m fuckin you like you want it fag.” He said heavily
between breaths.

“Yes sir yes sir.” I moaned. I pushed back,
feeling his dick slice in and out. “I can feel how hard
you are.” He jabbed his cock in harder, moving faster.
“Yea use me … I’m a fag … I wanna get fucked hard
by you.”

“It’s hard and thick.” He said. His cock
jabbed forward, buried to the hilt. He rubbed his hair
against my butt. “I’m strechin’ your tight ass, I’m
gonna make you sit on it next slut!”

“Yea.” I moaned. His balls slapped against my
ass. My whole body jerked with the force of each
thrust. He yanked my hair again, shaking my head.
“Make me beg for your cock.”

His fucking got faster. His cock was going in
and out in quick bursts. His breathing was ragged.
“In gonna use your faggot ass as a cum dumpster!” He
said, pulling back on my hair. He pulled out fast and
jabbed it all the way in, punching his cock all the way
in, again and again. “I’m gonna keep you beggin’ for

“Uh uh uh! Fuck me!” I yelled. I was crying,
tears starting to run down my face. “It hurts but I
want it … I want you to use me.” I pushed my ass
against him, tightening my muscles.

“Oooohh yeah! That’s good!” He moaned, his
balls slapping my cheeks. He heard me whimpering and
shook my head hard, ripping on my hair. “Stop cryin’
and take it like a man!” He reached over and knocked
my arms out from under me. I dropped onto the
pavement, he shoved my face into the ground, my butt
in the air. He braced himself on his legs and held
himself up propping himself up with his arms, arching
his body. I could feel his dick slamming in and out of
my stretched ass.

My face was jammed into the pavement. I moaned
softly. “Make me beg.” My own cock was rock hard by
now. It was jumping and twitching from my ass getting

“I’m pumpin’ you real good.” He grunted. His
abdomen made slapping noises against my cheeks. He
slammed his cock in and out. “You good for nothin’
fag … I’m gonna’ cum!!!!”

He was tearing me apart. “I’m splitting open.”
I yelled, my face jerking against the ground. “I need
it hard! Teach this queer how to serve a man!!” I
pushed up against him, helping him get in deeper.

His rod was sliding in and out fast and smooth
now. “Oh yeah baby….shove that ass up on my dick!”
He ordered. I was milking his cock with my ass,
squeezing it. He slapped my ass. “Yeah … I’m
cummmin’! Oh yeah baby … shit!”

“Shoot your load in my faggot ass … pump that
dick in!” He kept pistoning and groaning, finally
collapsing on top of me. I moaned and yelled as my
own cock jerked. My load shot out and splashed against
the pavement.

He pulled out, kneeling behind me. “It’s run-
nin’ out your ass.” He said, sliding his cock between
my cheeks, smearing them with cum. “You’re a good
little faggot … can I fuck you again sometime?” He
flipped me over onto my back. My dick was jumping up
against my stomach, dripping cum.

“Faggots need to get fucked.” I said to him.
I looked at his boy face, his great body. My jaw
dropped open, staring at his still hard, dripping dick.

His ice-blue eyes drilled into mine. “Do it …
suck it again … suck it longer this time.” I got up
on all fours and crawled toward him. I opened my mouth
and pushed forward. His cock slid in. I sucked it all
the way into my throat, savoring the taste, burying my
face in his wiry hair again. “You faggots love dick
don’t you? Gotta have it every day!” He said.

I let his cock slip out. I held it in my hand,
wet with my spit. “Yes sir.” I said. I lapped at his
rod. I ran my tongue over it, cleaning all the cum
off. I loved the musty taste.

“You’d go crazy if you didn’t have my dick
wouldn’t you cocksucker?” He said, watching me. I
sucked his cock into my mouth again.

I let it slip out, jacking it with my hand,
“Uh uh. Yes sir … I’m just hear for your dick. He
leaned back against the wall, yanking my face down on
his dick. “I’ll make it hard again.” I moaned to him.

“It’s already hard! Keep suckin sissy!” He
pushed on the back of my head, forcing his cock into
my throat. He yanked my mouth off his dick suddenly.
His hand slapped my face with a crack. “YEAH … I’M
ME CUM DOWN YOUR NASTY THROAT.” He jerked my face down
by my hair. He started pumping my head up and down.
His cock jammed into my windpipe. I relaxed my throat
muscles and he forced his cock farther down. “Bet you
had lots of dick down that throat … right fag!”

I moaned. “Yes sir … choke me with it … I
can suck your dick… teach me how … make me learn
what it’s like with a man.” He pulled me down hard
again, burying my nose in his hair, his balls against
my lips. I slipped up and down, working my jaw, getting
his dick hard and slick with saliva.

“I’m gettin’ close.” He groaned. I grabbed his
pole and started jacking it at the same time I slid my
mouth up and down his eight inches. “Oh yeah, make me
cum faggot … taste that hot cum in your mouth!” He

He yanked my head up and down on his fuckstick.
He pounded my face into his hair. I wanted it, I could
taste it. I needed his manjuice. “It’s lodged down
your throat! I’m pourin’ cum into it!” He yelled.
His palm started slapping sharply against the back of
my head. “Oh yea … slap you faggot … fags gotta
learn to suck.” He jerked hard on my hair, jambing
his cockhead farther down my throat than before. “I’m

His dick started to spasm, jerking against my
mouth. Just as quickly, he jerked my mouth off his
dick by my hair. He gripped his hard-on and pointed
it, shooting cum on my face and in my hair. The smell
of his semen overwhelmed me. I opened my mouth, taking
some shots on my tongue. I had cum dripping on my face
drying in my hair. It was leaking out of my sore ass
from his big tool.

He let out a deep breath, pushing me away. He
stood up, stretching. He looked beautiful in the dim
light. He bent down and pulled his shorts, boxers I
noticed now, and his jeans up. He pulled the zipper,
looking down at me. He buttoned them. “Yeah baby …
you’re a good cocksucker. I’m gonna make you suck my
dick every night … rape your ass too!”

I pushed myself to my knees, my pants a mess
around my thighs. “Yes sir … Thank you sir.” Cum
dripped down my face. “I hope that next time when you
force me on my knees that you bring some of your
friends with you.”

He stepped forward real fast. His hand smacked
my face hard, smearing cum. “Fuck no!…You’re just
for me faggot … Don’t forget it!” He wiped his palm
roughly on my shirt. “I’ll kick your faggot ass if you
suck any other cock from now on! I mean it!”

“Yes sir.” I said. Looking at his beautiful
face. “I’ll only suck your cock.”

“Good … see ya tomorrow night.” He started to
walk out of the alley. He stopped and turned back to
look at me. “Be good fag.” He walked away again. He
started laughing, shaking his head. “Gotta go … my
girlfriend’s coming … thanks faggot … great little

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