Kat the a swinging housewife
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INTERVIEWER: Tell us some background information
about you, what you do for a living, where you grew
up, if you are married or single, your interests,
hobbies, etc.

I am a dancer, and a student at UCLA. By
definition, I am also a slut, and happy to be one.
I have been married to a wonderful guy for 3 years
who not only enjoys my behavior and attitudes but
he supports them. He allowed me to find the slut
inside me and now that I have; there is no going
back to the person I was.

INTERVIEWER: When and how did you REALLY start
getting into sex and start becoming more liberated?
Tell us about this, please.

KATHY: My husband Darrel had been trying to get me
to swing for some time but I had put him off. I
wasn’t sure if that was what I wanted. Up until I
met Darrel I had been a virgin and with my strict
family background and upbringing I had never even
given such a thing any thought. Frankly it scared

But after his constant nagging I finally I said yes
and we went to a couples and singles party. I was
nervous as hell, but I did notice a group of
attractive young men and was intrigued by their
attention to me. I was approached by one of them
(the cutest) and we chatted a while; my husband
left us alone for a bit and I took the opportunity
to dance and kiss this handsome stranger. His
friends wanted to dance too and cut in. I was
curious as to where my husband was and a little
nervous that he might be mad at me for flirting so

I later found out he had been watching me he whole

I was getting really hot from all the attention and
the drinks that they kept bringing me. The next
thing I knew, I was in a room with 5 handsome guys
and they had their hands all over me. I would kiss
one then the next, and then the next. My clothes
disappeared; one thing lead to another and I ended
up pulling a train.

I couldn’t believe that it was happening to me. I
couldn’t believe that I was letting these men fuck
me over and over again. I was cumming like never
before and I loved it. From that night on I knew
that I was a total slut and that my life was in for
some big changes.

After that sex party I started really wanting to
sleep around I told Darrel this and he loved the
idea. I started to date not only people I knew from
work but his friends and even his brother.

INTERVIEWER: How would you describe your sexual
lifestyle and activities now?

KATHY: I now find it so easy to pick up men for
casual sex. I am a dancer and I have a nice firm
body and I love to show it off. I love going out
with my husband dressed like a slut on the prowl.
We usually go to nightclubs and bars where I can
pick up a man or men and take them home for some
real fun. I have found out that I am multi-orgasmic
and love to fuck all night. We usually have a chair
at the end of
the bed so hubby can watch me do what I love best.
Or Darrel will join us in a threesome. He likes
both boys and girls.

INTERVIEWER: What especially turns you on and
drives you wild?

KATHY: Group sex and picking up unsuspecting men at
bars. I love to play with older men. It’s a shame
who older women ignore their husband’s needs. Older
men are so grateful when I let them fuck me. I’ve
developed quite a following.

INTERVIEWER: Tell us about your spouse and his
view, participation in all this.

KATHY: I take pride in being a slut because I
really enjoy it and my husband loves the slutty
girl I have become. As I’ve said he will join in
when he really wants too, but he likes to watch me
doing it with either men or woman.

INTERVIEWER: What are some of the wildest, most
daring, most unusual, sluttiest sexual things you
have done? Please elaborate.

KATHY: My husband’s brother was over at our house
for a weekend and he wanted to play a game on the
computer. I told him to go ahead. My husband was at
his office. Well my brother in law got into our
picture stash and I caught him looking at me in
some rather nasty pictures giving head to men that
where obviously not my husband. He complimented me
nervously — I don’t know what happened, but I
asked him if he wanted to make a picture or two
with me. And wow we had a great time and his cock
is bigger than Darrel’s.

Another time Darrel and I took a ride up to the top
of the Empire Sate Building when we were in New
York and Darrel stood behind me and fingered me to
orgasm twice while we traveled up in a full car.

I also like to give Darrel blowjobs while he drives
around. We have a CB radio and you should hear the
truckers talking away as they slowly drive by and
watch me doing it to Darrel. That little trick has
even gotten me a threesome at a truck stop outside
of LA once.

INTERVIEWER: Is there something you would like to
try but have not done it yet? Please explain.

KATHY: I want to be gang-banged by a bunch of well-
hung black men. I am creaming at the thought. I
can’t wait to live this one out. I also would like
to fuck every race of man, you know, Chinese,
American Indian, Mexican, etc. I would like to have
every type of man there is.

INTERVIEWER: In your sluttiest and horniest moment,
how do you picture yourself, sexually?

KATHY: A total cum slut for a group of men. My
biggest turn on is fucking a strange man in front
of strangers.

INTERVIEWER: What advice can you give to women
thinking about entering into your lifestyle?

KATHY: That depends on whether or not the woman has
a slut in her waiting to cum out. Some women are
uptight or conservative or just plain don’t like
sex, and those will look down on my lifestyle. I
can live with that, I have even seduced a couple of
them. But for woman who really want to do it, she
needs to be bold and adventurous and not afraid of
what others think. She has to have no hang-up with
her sexuality and has to be comfortable doing what
she wants, no matter who knows, whether she sleeps
with her husband’s handsome (and well hung brother)
or is caught on her wedding day with the best man
(also nicely hung).

The bottom line: Any woman wanting to join a
swingers group will have to be willing to give
herself freely and not hold anything back. Yes,
giving a man sex is a gift, but getting good sex
back is also a gift.

INTERVIEWER: Have you ever cheated on your spouse?
Please explain.

KATHY: Well, yes many times, but I have permission
to do so. I think I’ve cheated (that means that
Darrel didn’t know until afterwards) about 20 times
or so in the past year. Usually I just let men
seduce me thinking that they are cuckolding my
husband. If they only knew that I shared everything
about them with him afterwards, (Even their sperm
in some cases) they’d blush.

INTERVIEWER: Does size REALLY matter?

KATHY: I am really crazy for big cocks.

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