Meek Mum
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When dad died my mother sort of went to pieces for the
next six months, I ended up doing everything around the
house on top of my school work and had it not been for
the insurance money I would have had to find a way to
earn money. As it was we were comfortably off, though by
no means wealthy, even so I had virtually no time to
call my own for the entire period.

Gradually the strain began to tell on me and it began to
show in my schoolwork, my grades started to fall and it
looked as though I would fail my ‘A’ levels. Much as I
loved my mother something had to be done about the whole
situation and one fateful Saturday I took matters in
hand and confronted mum.

Sitting in the living room facing my mother I could not
believe how much she had let herself go, once a lively,
attractive, vivacious woman, she was now dowdy and dull,
her hair was a mess and her face was pale. Quietly and
with great patience I talked to my mother, listlessly
she listened to what I said yet showed no sign that she

Slowly I became annoyed and began talking more and more
firmly until at last I lost my temper.

“Damn it mum,” I exploded, “go and make yourself
presentable, do something with your hair, put on some
nice clothes. Do something other than mope.”

“Yes Paul,” she said quietly and got out of her chair.

To say I was surprised at her compliance would be an
understatement, as she left the room I shook my head and
wondered just what it was that had finally got through
to her. Something dad had jokingly said came back to me,
he’d had a few drinks and had confided drunkenly that
‘your mother needs a firm hand son’, it had meant
nothing to me at the time, but now her reaction to my
angry order gave meaning to his words.

Perhaps if I was firm with my mother instead of kindly
she would respond more favourably, I decided to try it
and see what happened. Ten minutes later mum returned to
the living room, she looked like a different woman, her
hair was neat and tidy, her face was carefully made up
and her clothes were bright and even a little sexy, all
in all a vast improvement.

What I needed to do now was to put some of the old
sparkle back in her eyes and some spring in her stride,
I decided that a walk would be a good start, just
getting her out of the house had been impossible over
the past six months.

“We are going for a walk,” I said firmly.

“All right Paul,” she replied, “do I need a coat?”

Hiding my surprise I answered her question. “I don’t
think so, it seems quite warm out today,” I said with a

Making sure that I had my keys I followed mum out of the
house, locked the door then joined her on the pavement,
turning towards the nearby park I set off, mum moved
along at my side.

The sun was bright, the air fresh with a light little
breeze that kept us from getting too warm, even my
mother was finding it hard to be glum on such a bright
day and by the time we reached the park she had a tiny
smile on her lips. We entered the park and wandered
aimlessly around the paths that criss-crossed it, we saw
couples enjoying themselves, kids playing and dogs
running, in other words signs of happiness and they
infected my mother and broke down the barrier of her own

By the time we left the park mum was smiling almost
happily and on the walk home she seemed more alive than
she had been for ages.

“I’ll do dinner tonight,” mum said as we went through
our front gate.

I was surprised at the change in her, but overjoyed that
she had finally snapped out of her slump somewhat, I
agreed to her offer of course. Later that evening, our
meal consumed and the washing-up done, we sat in the
living room and mum started talking, it was as though a
floodgate had opened and I let her rattle on for as long
as she wanted, relieved that she had finally let loose
her feelings. An hour later mum smiled at me and sat
back in her chair.

“I’ve been a right pain in the arse for the past six
months haven’t I,” she said.

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far,” I grinned “but you have
been very trying.”

“I promise to behave myself from now on,” she said,
“you’ll be able to go out with your friends and have
some fun.”

I hadn’t the heart to tell her that the past six months
had cost me the few friends I’d had and as for girls,
well, they were a dream that I hoped one day to fulfill.
Smiling I agreed with her.

“I’m going to do the washing tomorrow.” mum announced
“In fact I’m going to take back all those ‘little’ jobs
that you’ve been doing and let you concentrate on your
school work and having fun.”

“You don’t have to do it all mum.” I laughed, “Let me
help at least a little.”

“Okay,” she laughed. “Now, why don’t you go off and meet
some friends for some fun.”

It was with dread that I heard her words, it meant that
I would have to go out, spend a couple of hours on my
own and come home pretending that I had enjoyed myself.
Something about me must have told my mother that there
was something wrong and now she was back to her old self
it didn’t take her long to figure out what that
something was.

“I’m sorry Paul,” she sighed unhappily “I’ve ruined your
life with my sulking haven’t I.”

“Not at all mum,” I smiled realising she had worked out
the true situation “if they had been proper friends they
would not have left me in the lurch so to speak. No, I
think I’m better off without them. Besides, you are more
important to me.”

“Thank you Paul.” Mum smiled, “I know, let’s go out
together, I can pass myself off as a young woman with
the right make-up and I’m sure we could have fun

“Okay,” I grinned, “you go and doll yourself up and I’ll
put on something respectable.”

“I won’t,” she grinned, “I want people to think you’ve
got yourself a sexy dolly bird.”

“I’ve already got that,” I laughed, “any improvement on
that will make people think you’re a right nympho.”

“Well that can’t hurt your image,” she laughed as she
flounced from the room.

I was happy to see mum back to normal, rude, crude and
so much fun to be with, nevertheless it would have been
nice if I could have gone out with a girlfriend, I might
have stood a chance of some fun at the end of the
evening, but I would make the most of things. Making my
way to my bedroom I took off my jeans and tee shirt,
looking in my wardrobe at the meagre collection of
clothes I tried to make up my mind what to wear, school
uniform was definitely out and the rest of my clothes
were jeans and tee shirts with one exception.

That exception was a pair of leather trousers, I had
bought them and so far hadn’t worn them, at the same
time I’d got the trousers I’d bought a pair of cowboy
style boots and a black silk type shirt, I changed into
this outfit and grabbed my leather bomber jacket. Going
back to the living room I waited for my mother to join
me, it was long wait, but when she finally appeared half
an hour later the wait was well worth it.

“Whee-hoo!” I whistled appreciatively, “you look

Fantastic indeed, whatever she had done with her make-up
had taken years off her, she’d done up her hair in a
style that had it draped to one side of her face and it
took a few more years away, to top it all off she had
changed into a dress that gave a new meaning to the word
‘mini’. The dress was cut both low and high, so low as
to show off a hell of a cleavage, so high as to reveal
that she was wearing stockings not tights and that was
while she was standing, what a sight it had to be when
she sat.

Had I not known it was my mother I could almost have
believed that she was a girl of near my own age, not
just a girl, but a beautiful, sexy girl and to my
surprise I found myself feeling horny. Mum blushed at my
words and it only made her seem all the more fanciable,
my fingers twitched with an urge to handle her.

“Thank you,” mum blushed deep crimson. “Do you like it?”

“Well it’s not a banana in my pocket,” I joked.

Mum laughed and looked me over, something in her eyes
told me that she liked what she saw, there was a twinkle
deep in her eyes that I had often seen when my father
was alive, it usually meant that they took an early
night. Shaking myself mentally for my thoughts I asked
the burning question.

“So where are we going?”

“Where would lads of your age normally take their bits
of stuff?” she asked.

“Pointers Disco,” I grinned, “if they thought they were
going to get lucky that night, but I don’t think you’d
want to go there.”

“And why not may I ask?” she grinned, “I may not be a
spring chicken, but I can keep up with you youngsters.
Or are you afraid that someone from school will see you
with your mother.”

“Mum,” I laughed “no-one from school would recognise you
in that get-up if they had a photo of you in their
hands. It’s just that, oh hell, why not if that’s what
you want.”

“I think so,” she grinned.

How the hell could I tell her that you only took a date
to Pointers if she was a sure bet, you went there to
show her off, to let the lads drool and to show them how
hot she was. There wasn’t a lot of dancing done, most of
the time was spent groping your date, snogging and
winking meaningfully at your mates,

So far I had never taken a girl there although I had
gone there alone and had seen some of the antics, the
more daring the ‘show’ the greater the prestige was the
rule. Mum had to know this and taking a deep breath I
tried to put my thoughts into words, she smiled and
nodded and I could see that she understood what I was
getting at, but it seemed that she didn’t mind one bit.

“Let’s see what happens shall we,” mum grinned. “And I
don’t suppose it would be a good idea to call me ‘mum’,
use my name.”

“Okay Candy,” I grinned “but don’t say I didn’t warn

“I can hear them now,” mum laughed “‘there goes Paul
with randy Candy, the lucky bugger’, they’ll be green.”

“You are incorrigible,” I laughed. “Come on, let’s go if
we are going.”

So we went, the disco wasn’t far from the house so we
walked, the night air was cool and my mother wandered
along with her small coat draped over her arm.

“The cold will make my nipples perk up,” she explained
with a saucy laugh “it will make them think you’ve been
getting me going.”

I was quickly learning that my mother had a dirty mind,
it was the first time I’d seen this side of her although
she had always laughed and joked about the topic of sex
this was something different, almost flirtatious.
Grinning at my own thoughts I took her arm in mine and
led the way to the disco, as we drew near the place, mum
took my arm and put it around her waist just below the
level of her boobs.

Putting her arm around me she let me take her into the
disco, we were barely through the door when I felt eyes
turning our way, to one side of the entrance I saw a
group of boys from my school, I knew them only by sight,
but they had a reputation with the girls.

Now their eyes were bulging as they stared at me and my
mother, but of course they didn’t know it was my mother,
they thought that I had brought a hot little number and
they were determined to poach her. No sooner had I gone
to the bar for some drinks than they moved in on her,
from the bar I watched them chatting her up and grinned,
as I returned with the drinks I heard part of their

“If you come along with us we can show you a better time
than that jerk,” one of them said cockily.

“I doubt that,” mum replied with a wry grin “Paul makes
me feel so hot that my cunt burns. Why should I go with
boys when I have a real man, I do whatever he wants, any
time, any place.”

The emphasise she had put on the word ‘man’ left them in
no doubt that I had something they didn’t, the gorgeous
bird in front of them for one thing, defeated and
spotting my return they retreated into the crowd.

“‘Real man’ indeed,” I laughed. “They will be watching
for a show to match your words, boy will they be

“You heard then,” she grinned.

“Just a part of it,” I answered with a smile. “Look
around Candy, this lot is nothing, to what that mob will
be expecting to see after that crack about time and

“And I suppose that if they don’t see it, you’ll get
ribbed,” mum grinned.

“Putting it mildly, yes,” I sighed as I thought of the
comments I’d be hearing on Monday morning.

“So let’s not disappoint them,” mum laughed, “let’s give
them a show to make their toes curl.”

It was a tempting idea, but the sort of thing she was
talking about was not the sort of thing mothers and sons
did together and I said so.

“But tonight I’m not your mother.” She laughed in reply,
“I’m a sexy baggage you control completely, at least
that’s how it’s supposed to seem, so let’s act the

“Okay,” I grinned after a moment of thought, “let’s act
it. So drink up and let’s ‘dance’.”

We drank up and put the glasses down on the nearest
table, putting my arm around my mother’s waist I steered
her towards the centre of action, the dance floor, as we
walked I saw the mob from my school watching us.
Grinning at my mother I let my hand slide up a little
until it was cupping her boob, she glanced at me,
glanced across the room where the mob were and looked
back at me.

She laughed and wriggled her boob against my hand, out
of the corner of my eye I saw the mob staring at us wide
eyed, their eyes followed us as we started dancing to
the slow beat Pointers always played. With my mother
pressed close to me I felt strangely excited, mentally
chiding myself I took a deep breath in an effort to
still my rising excitement.

“The mob’s watching,” mum whispered in my ear as she
pretended to nuzzle it “How about sliding your hands
down to my bum.”

Without replying I did as she asked, the feel of her
dress sliding against the palms of my hands adding to
the excitement I had been trying to still, then my hands
were on her buttocks, she pushed her backside against my
hands and I grinned at her. Still ‘nuzzling’ my ears my
mother watched the mob as we danced, she laughed quietly
in my ear.

“We’re getting them Paul,” she whispered laughingly, “a
little more and they’ll wet themselves. Give my bum a
squeeze when I say now.”

A few seconds later she whispered ‘now’ and I gave her
backside a good squeeze.

“Mmm,” she murmured, “you should have seen their faces.
Slip your hands under my dress, quickly, while your back
is to them.”

It felt strange sliding my hands onto her skimpy
panties, strange and nice, as we turned mum sighed then
giggled, daring a glance over her shoulder I saw the mob
watching us goggled eyed. I knew we were getting to them
and I knew how to blow their minds, there was no way to
warn my mother of it.

I decided to do it anyway and hoped she’d get the idea.
Slipping my hands into her panties I stroked her naked
backside, her flesh felt warm and soft under my hands,
despite the fact that I was supposed to be fooling the
mob from my school I felt a tingle of excitement as my
hands slid over her skin.

“Mmm, that’s it,” mum whispered in my ear “you’ve almost
got them. It just needs something more and they’ll cum
in their pants.”

Inside me something woke, it was a daring I never knew
that I had, thrilling at the thoughts that blossomed in
my mind I turned my head so that I was looking in my
mother’s eyes and leant my head towards her as though to
kiss her.

“Hitch your dress enough to show off your panties,” I
whispered with my lips almost on hers.

“You’d better make it really look as though we’re
kissing while I do it,” she whispered back.

Our lips could not have been closer together without
touching, gently I closed that minute gap, mum seemed to
melt against me, she wriggled and I felt the hem of her
dress rise on my wrists. Parting our lips I whispered to
her to lift it a bit more, she wriggle again and I felt
the material rise again.

“That’s fine,” I breathed, “I’m going to…”

“Don’t tell me, just do it,” she murmured. “My reaction
will be more natural that way.”

“Okay,” I grinned.

I turned us so that her back was to the boys from my
school, from under hooded eyelids I saw them gape at the
sight of my mother’s panties with my hands inside them,
suppressing a grin I pulled one of my hands free and
slid it to the gusset of the panties.

With a finger I pushed the damp material to one side,
which revealed my mother’s pussy lips to anyone in the
right position to see, the mob scrambled to get a better
view as I slipped a finger along her slit. The moist
warmth of her pussy sent a thrill through me and my
touches made my mother gasp.

“Should I stop?” I whispered.

“No,” she breathed. “I can see them in the mirror, one
of them has wet himself already.”

“Let’s finish them then,” I said.

Sliding my finger back along her slit I let it slip into
her hole to the knuckle, my mother gasped and shuddered;
over her shoulder I saw the mob cum in their pants at
the sight and decided that enough was enough. Removing
my finger I let my mother’s dress slide back into place,
put my arm around her waist and led her from the dance
floor, we claimed our coats and went out into the cool
night air.

“God their faces!” mum roared with laughter.

“They were a picture,” I laughed.

“Their eyes literally bulged when you stuck your finger
up my fanny,” mum laughed. “What a brilliant idea!”

Brilliant, maybe, maybe not. Exciting, definitely! I
could still feel the heat of her pussy on my finger and
the stickiness of her juices reminded me of the feel of
her. With difficulty I put the memory aside and looked
at my mother, she grinned, which reminded me that I
still had my arm around her waist, my hand on her boob.
As I went to move my hand my mother looked disappointed,
grinning I squeezed her tit, her eyes lit up and her
smile became wider.

“Do we have to go straight home?” mum asked. “I fancy a

Laughing I changed the direction we were walking, soon
we arrived at the park we had walked through earlier,
along the paths dim lights were widely spaced, shadows
ruled as we walked through the entrance. Above stars
twinkled in the clear night air, mum sighed, moved my
arm and pulled off her coat, pulling my arm back around
her she placed my hand back where it had been, on her

In silence we walked along one of the paths, gently I
squeezed her tit and her head turned face me, she smiled
and I stopped walking, turned her towards me, she moved
without resistance. Something electric seemed to pass
between us, raising both hands I closed them on my
mother’s boobs, her eyes went wide and her lips curved
even more, gently I squeezed her firm mounds, her
nipples pressing into my palms.

It was as though something inside me was continually
daring me to take things one step further, for a while I
played with mums boobs over her dress, pulling her to me
I put my hands behind her back and pulled the zip of the
dress half way down. Stepping back a little I reached
out and pulled the material down, my mother looked at me
with excited eyes as her dress slid down over her boobs,
down her arms and hung around her waist, her bra
contrasted sharply with the pale colour of her skin as I
gazed at her.

Reaching up I played with her boobs again, the silky
feel of her bra and the distinct outline of her nipples
arousing me even more, and mum sighed as I tweaked her
nipples through the material. I smiled at my mother,
prepared to reach behind her to open the clasp of the
bra, an idea came to me, and I acted on it without

“Take off your bra,” I whispered.

“Yes Paul,” my mother breathed.

Reaching behind her she undid the bra and slipped it
down her arms, with bated breath I stared at her naked
tits, reaching out I stroked their warm flesh and teased
her nipples. Mum gasped, her eyes half closing as I
squeezed her nipples, I was amazed that she did not stop
me, did not resist me in any way, stimulated by this I
became even more daring, even more in control of the

“Take off your panties,” I said quietly.

She reached under her dress and with a few wriggles
removed her panties, holding them out to me she smiled
almost shyly, yet in her eyes was a wild excitement that
drove me even further, taking the panties and the bra I
put them in my pockets.

“Now the dress,” I said.

Without hesitation she reached behind her and opened the
zip the rest of the way, the dress fell to the path and
she stepped out of it, bending down she picked it up and
handed it to me. We were near one of the lights and I
was able to see her body quite clearly, I passed my eyes
over her and memorised each curve in passing, my mother
stood still under my inspection only a slight tremble
betraying her excitement.

I saw goose-flesh rising on her skin as the seconds
passed and realised that she was getting cold standing
around, with her dress draped over one arm I passed the
other around her and drew her to me. Our lips met and
she hummed with enjoyment, it was the clearest green
light anyone could hope for, her earlier words to the
boys from my school came back to me as I parted our lips
‘whatever he wants, any time, any place’.

An urge to have her fulfill those words rose up in me as
I set us in motion along the path towards the gate, near
the gate I had her put on her coat, under it she was
naked except for a pair of stockings and they merely
accented her nudity. Walking slowly I took us home,
along the way we saw the mob from my school, they saw us
at the same time, grinning at them I watched them stop
and let us draw closer.

“Any time, any place,” I grinned, “whatever I want.”

They gaped at me and I decided to have one last laugh on

“Show them Candy,” I said.

My mother never faltered, opening her coat and holding
it wide she turned to face the boys, their jaws dropped
even further at the sight of her, I let them stare for a
couple of seconds then told my mother to close her coat.

Without another word I guided her on our way leaving the
boys speechless and creaming their pants for the second
time that night. As soon as we were out of sight and
earshot of them my mother laughed, I grinned at her and
opened my mouth to apologise for what I had made her do,
then it hit me that I had not made her do anything, all
I had done was instruct her, the decision to follow my
instruction had been hers.

It was a thrill to realise that my own mother was
willing to obey me, but how far would she really let me
go? I had the urge to test this to the limits as soon as
we were home, speeding up I hurried our arrival.

“Hang up your coat and go into the living room,” I said
as the door closed behind us.

She hung up her coat and I watched the erotic sway of
her backside as she went into the living room, draping
her dress, bra and panties over the coat rack I took off
my clothes, all except my underpants, before following
my mother into the living room.

As I entered the room she turned to face me, her eyes
widened at the sight of my near nudity, I saw her tongue
flick across her lips and wondered if it was nervousness
or excitement that made her do this, I would soon find

Crossing the room to the drinks table I poured us both a
good stiff drink, my mother took the glass I held out to
her and drained it in one swift gulp, smiling I took the
glass from her and put it on the table, sipping my drink
I looked at my mother in the full glare of the living
room light.

When my glass was empty I put it on the table and
crossed the room to the couch, my mother turned so that
she was constantly facing me, it was as though she was
waiting for my next command.

“You told me once,” I said quietly, “that one of the men
over the back was a peeping tom. Does he still live in
the same place and does he still peep?”

“Yes and yes,” she breathed.

“Which window in the house can he see most clearly?” I

“The patio window,” she breathed, “I saw him watching it
last night.”

Where I sat on the couch I couldn’t be seen through the
patio window, smiling I asked my mother to peek through
the curtains and see if she could spot him peeping.

“He’s there,” she breathed. “His telescope is turning
this way.”

“Open the curtains,” I said.

There was no hesitation in her movements, opening the
curtains fully she stood at the centre of the patio
window and gave a quiet commentary on the motion of the
man’s telescope.

“He’s seen me,” she breathed. “The telescope has stopped

“Give him a show,” I commanded, “bring yourself to a

“Yes Paul,” she responded as she began to move her hands
over her body.

I sat back and watched my mother masturbate in front of
the window, my cock slowly rising as she probed her
pussy and teased her nipples, by the time she had
climaxed I had an erection like none I’d had before. At
my command my mother closed the curtains and turned to
face me, I signalled her to come closer and as soon as I
could reach her I stretched out a hand and stroked her

“Open your legs,” I said. “Open them wide.”

She did as I instructed and her pussy was fully exposed
to my lustful gaze, I ran a finger over her pink flesh
until I reached her clit, gently I rubbed her clit and
mum groaned with pleasure. Before long she was gasping,
hers knees trembled, but she held her position as I
brought her to a climax by playing with her clit.

My mother was still shaking when I turned my attention
to her hole, slowly I slid two fingers into her; she bit
back a cry and thrust down onto my hand as another
climax ran through her. Watching her eyes for the first
sign of panic I finger fucked her until she had come
twice more, only then did I stand up and take off my
underpants, she looked down at my erection and her eyes

It was an amazing turn on to see my mother lusting after
my cock, it was even more amazing knowing that I was in
control of the situation, grinning I commanded her to
lie down and hold her legs to her shoulders, she assumed
the position without batting an eyelid. For a moment I
looked down at her exposed pussy then I knelt and moved
my tongue over the areas my fingers had so recently
been, her juices tasting like the finest wine as they
trickled onto my tongue, it wasn’t long before she was
gasping in climax.

Kneeling up I moved closer to her, her eyes were locked
on my cock as it drew nearer to her pussy, if she were
going to stop me now was the time, but my cock touched
her pussy without a protest from my mother. Made even
more daring by this I pressed my cock to her hole and
felt it slip into her, sighing my mother squirmed then,
at my order, remained still as I penetrated her slowly
so that I could savour every moment.

With long, even strokes I began to fuck my mother, in
her eyes I could see nothing but lust and subservience,
at the knowledge that she was totally under my control I
began to thrust harder and faster until at last I felt
the aching tension of my balls explode and my seed
flooded into her depths.

Beneath me my mother writhed as I came inside her, her
voice rising in a cry of wild abandon as she had another
orgasm, her eyes closed and her pussy clenched around my
cock, but she still held her legs at her shoulders as I
had instructed. After a few more thrusts I pulled my
glistening cock from her and had her lick it clean, the
thrill of watching and feeling her tongue on my flesh
sent a flush of ecstasy through me.

“Suck me off randy Candy,” I laughed.

She grinned up at me and took my cock in her mouth, the
sensation was stunning; with steady movements my mother
bobbed her head up and down, her lips and tongue sliding
on my erection as she sucked. Once again I felt the
explosion of my seed rising to erupt in a hot stream of
stickiness into her mouth, gulping my mother swallowed
the lot and continued to suck on me. Ordering her to
stop I had her sit beside me on the couch, putting an
arm around her shoulders I cuddled her to me.

“Why are you letting me do this mum?” I asked.

For the first time that evening she hesitated, she
looked down at the floor and replied in a low voice.
“Didn’t you like it?” she asked.

“I loved it,” I laughed. “But why did you do it?”

“Paul,” she replied raising her head to look me in the
eyes. “I have a need to be dominated if I want to get
any satisfaction out of sex. Before your father came
along I had any number of men friends, all of them gave
me what I needed for a while then became disgusted with
me and tossed me aside.

“Then your father came along, he had the opposite need,
he had to be dominant and it was love at first fuck.
Part of the reason that I withdrew so much after he died
was the knowledge that I was back to square one where
sex was concerned and I didn’t want to go through that
again. Tonight, on the dance floor, you seemed to take
over, it turned me on; I couldn’t do anything else but
submit to you.

“Later, in the park, you became even more dominant and I
became even more randy, when you had me show my body to
those boys I nearly climaxed. The reason the peeper is
always watching the patio window is that your father
would have me bring myself off for him from time to
time, the humiliation always made my orgasm immense and
tonight was no different.”

With a shock I realised that deep down inside I did feel
the need to dominate, I had obviously inherited this
trait from my father and now my own mother was ready to
obey my every whim because of it, my cock shot back to
full erection as a result of this thought. My mother
hadn’t finished though, in a quiet voice she continued.

“Shortly before he died your father brought home a girl
about your age,” mum sighed, “she was exactly like me,
she could only get off if she was totally dominated,
humiliated and used. I liked her, she liked me, together
we did everything your father told us to do, but then he
died. She’s in the same position I am in, either we
somehow find a man to dominate us or we end up being
used once and tossed aside. I’d like to bring her here
so you can dominate her as well.”

My cock, already poker stiff, somehow got even stiffer
at the idea of dominating two women at the same time.
Lifting my mother onto my cock, I fucked her as I gave
her my answer, “Tomorrow you’ll ask her to move in with
us,” I breathed in her ear, “tonight I want you to fuck
me in every position you know then bring yourself off in
front of the window again.”

“Yes Paul,” my mother sighed happily as she thrust down
on my cock.

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