Even An Old Man Can Get Lucky
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I was sitting in my kitchen drinking a cup of coffee and cleaning my camera . I was really down and the rain outside didn’t help. I had just turned 78. I had lost my wife last year after a short battle with cancer. I missed her terribly. We had been married for almost 60 years. Little did I know my life was going to change.

I was thinking about selling our home since the reason for buying such a big home was gone. It was large because my wife had several sewing machines and needed the room. It was a pre-manufactured home with about 2,000 square feet. Due to our snoring, I lived in one end of the home in a small bedroom and she had lived in the other end in the master bedroom. Around the walls were pictures of my wife that I had taken when we were younger. Almost all were her in the nude. She was a great model and very beautiful.

I was getting up to get another cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. I don’t get visitors and even my daughters didn’t visit very often. I opened the door and there stood a beautiful young woman. She was about 5′ 4″ with long dark hair. She was wearing a halter top and I could see she had, although small, great tits. It took me several seconds to recognize she was my new next door neighbor. She and her husband had just recently moved in.

She said I’m Jennifer your next door neighbor. I said good morning and asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee. She said that would be great and followed me into the kitchen. I noticed her looking at all the nude photos of my wife. When we sat down I told her those were pictures of my late wife. She asked if I was a photographer and I said not a professional one. I now take general pictures, usually of flowers and sunsets. We talked for a little while about various subject. She finally said the reason she came over was to see if she could use my phone. They were trying get a phone of their own installed. I handed her my cell phone. I went to get us more coffee as I heard her talking. I heard her say that was more than they could afford. As I came back I could see tears in her eyes. As I handed her a tissue she said they were having financial problems. She got up to go and thanked me for the coffee. As I walked her out she stopped to look at my wife’s pictures. Before I could stop my mouth I said I had a lot more in my side of the house. She smiled and said she would like to see them sometime. She walked out and I had a view of the beautiful tight ass. I thought to myself that her husband was very lucky.

I have always loved the female form. There was just something special about the curve of their spine and buttocks. I have never been a big tits kind of guy. I like small, well formed tits. I spent the next hours thinking what a great model Jennifer would make and how I would pose her. It was a nice fantasy for the rest of the day.

A couple of days later the rain had cleared and the grass had gotten too high to ignore. I was dressed in shorts and headed for the door when the doorbell rang. It was Jennifer. She asked if I knew anything about lawn mowers. I said not much. She was crying and for some reason I just took her in my arms and gave her hug. She was surprised and resisted for a moment then just laid her head on my chest. I said some smoothing things and she finally calmed down. She said the landlord said if she didn’t have it cut by the end of the week the park would have it cut and charge $50 to her rent. We can’t afford that she said. I said let’s take a look at her lawn mower and that it was probably something easy to fix. It wasn’t. I pulled on the cord until I was give out. I said look since I had to cut my own yard I would just cut theirs. She said they couldn’t pay me and I said, really offhand, that we would work out payment. Believe it or not I was not thinking of anything sexual. That came later.

I took her lawn mover a small engine repair place and they wanted $200 to fix it. When I told Jennifer the tears started. Again, I hugged her, unfortunately I had a semi-erection which she felt through her shorts and she quickly pulled away. I was embarrassed and apologized. I could tell she was embarrassed too. I told her I would just continue to do her yard. She tried to talked me out of it, but she really didn’t try very hard. I didn’t mind since I needed the exercise.

The temperature kept climbing along with the humidity. I would see Jennifer outside in a skimpy bikini. Maybe I couldn’t get a full erection, but I came close every time I saw her laying out in the sun.

Few days later I was sleeping soundly after numerous trips to the bathroom to pee when the doorbell rang. I sleep nude so I grabbed a robe and went to the door. Of course there was Jennifer and as usual was bawling her eyes out. I told her to come in, meanwhile trying to keep my robe closed. She said their car would not start and asked if they could borrow my car. There are a lot of thing I will loan, but my car is not one. I said no. She said her husband needed to get to work. I said I would take him. I hadn’t noticed that my robe had opened, but she had and she turned red in the face. When I looked down my dick was poking out. I apologized and said I would get dress and for her husband to meet me by my car. She left and I got dressed. When I approached the car all he said was that he was going to be late if I didn’t hurry up. No thank you, nothing. Needless to say he was a jerk. When I let him out he said to pick him up at 4:30. I was beyond pissed.

When I got home Jennifer was waiting and asked me to look at their car. Like the lawn mower I know nothing about car repairs. It cranked but would not start. I knew I was running the battery down. Down the street was a guy who ran a wrecker service. I told Jennifer we should get him to tow the car to a automobile repair place not too far away. Of course she said they couldn’t afford it. I said I would pay for it. She protested but finally agreed. Later the repair place called her and quoted around $1200 dollars to fix what was broken. Jennifer almost collapsed when she got the quote. I told the shop to go ahead and do the repairs. She asked how they would ever pay me back. I said we would work something out.

I am not a saint or a very nice guy really. I love to look at girls of all ages. I like to photograph them in the nude. In my mind I was already trying to figure out a way to get Jennifer to pose nude for me. Since I couldn’t get a full erection I wasn’t thinking of fucking her.

She still owe me for 4 yard cuttings and now for the car repairs. When I picked her husband up that afternoon all he said was how soon would it get repaired? I took him to a from work for about a week before the car was fixed. Not once did he say thank you, Jennifer did, but not him.

I was out back photographing my flowers when I saw Jennifer come out and start sunbathing. She was wearing her skimpy bikini. I thought why not ask her to pose for me. I walked up to her laying there and thought just how beautiful she was. We talked for a few minutes, then asked her if she would pose for me. She said no immediately. I realized she thought I want nude poses (in my mind I said not yet). I told her I would like to have her pose in her bikini. Again she said no. I said a model gets $25 an hour for non-nude photos, and this would be a way to pay me back for what they owed. She finally said yes, I said she would have to sign a model’s release form. She asked what that was. I went in and printed out a copy. She read it and said she could not agree to allowing me exclusive rights to post her photos. We talked and I agreed to rewrite it so that she would have to approve rather or not I posted the photos anywhere. She signed and I recorded it with my cell phone.

She ask where we would take the photos and I said what about here in the yard as she was already in her bikini. We spent the next couple of hours taking various poses. It was getting too hot to shoot anymore so we quit. As she walked away I heard her say $50 down $1300 more to go. It was sad because her voice was so flat.

I know I should have been ashamed for taking advantage of her finances problems, but I wasn’t. Remember I did said I was not a nice guy. I wanted nude photos of her and I was going to keep trying.

For the next several days she posed in her bikini until there wasn’t any pose left that we hadn’t done. I got a bright idea and asked her what her sizes were. She said 35-24-35 and I laughed. How about foot and dress sizes? She looked confused, but gave them to me. I went online to Amazon prime and ordered a tight little black dress, high heels plus a really short micro-skirt. Just for the hell of it I ordered a see through teddy and several other pieces of sexy lingerie for the future.

We had worked the debit down to $1100. The items I had ordered arrived. I put them in a box (except the teddy and lingerie) and took it over to Jennifer’s house. She was puzzled as she opened the box. He eyes got very large when she saw the dress and high heels. I told her to put them on and I would meet her out back. She was a vision to behold. The dress was tight and showed off her body perfectly. She wobbled a little on the high heels and said it had been a while since she had worn any. We spent two hours with various poses. As we finished she said she would bring everything back. I said for her to keep it and maybe her husband would take her out somewhere she could wear them. She said that would be the fucking day. She was immediately red-faced as this was the first time she had ever cussed in front of me. I just laughed. I knew they were having marriage problem. The bedroom window in my wife’s room was only a few feet from their bedroom. I often heard them screaming at one another. I asked if she wanted to come over and see how her pictures were turning out after I processed them. She said she would come by later.

It was about 7 pm when she rang the doorbell. Again you could tell she had been crying. I asked what was wrong, but she wouldn’t tell me. Without thinking I took her back to my little studio, but I had forgotten that The walls were covered with my wife’s more intimate photos I had taken over the years. In one she had her legs spread and had pulled her pussy lips apart. In several others she had her sex toys buried inside her. She had a shit-eating grim in all her photos. As Jennifer walked in she put her hand to her face and turned red as a beet. I apologized and told her to not look at them, just look at her photos on the computer screen. I know she tried, but kept looking at my wife’s pictures. Finally she just said her pictures looked great, but that she had to go and ran out of the room.

I figured I had lost all chances of getting her to pose nude for me. I was surprised when she called the next day to ask how much does a nude model make. She could have just as easily looked it up on the internet as I could. A model posing for nude non-porn photos didn’t get much more than what she had been getting for her poses. I said I would pay $50 an hour. She said she would call me back later.

It wasn’t until the next day that she called that she would pose nude for me. She asked where would we take them? I said I would convert my wife’s master bedroom into a studio and we could do it there. I was excited my plans were beginning to work out. I spent the rest of the day rigging lights and putting special covers over the bed. I also got out a video camera I hadn’t used in years and refreshed myself as to how it worked. I had not asked Jennifer if I could take videos. I hoped she would agree. We had agreed to start the next day around 10 am. That night I heard her and her husband having a terrible fight.

I could hardly sleep that night. I kept picturing her nude body and my wife’s. I think I tried to masturbate about 10 times that night. Promptly at 10 AM Jennifer rang the doorbell. She was blushing already and was extremely nervous. I showed her where we would take the photos and the master bath where she could change and apply any makeup. She was so nervous that I knew it would not go well unless she relaxed. We went into the kitchen and I told her it wasn’t going to work. She was just too nervous. I said I had a suggestion. Did she like rum and coke? I said I would mix her a weak drink to get her to relax if she wanted me too. I hastily assured her that I wasn’t trying to get her drunk in order to take advantage of her. She reluctantly agree and I fixed her a slightly more than weak drink. We talked and I asked her if everything was going ok with her husband. That got her going. She said she knew he was cheating on her. She said he was going out for drinks with his friends more and more often. As she talked I fixed her a couple more drinks. She was soon tipsy and relaxed. I said let’s get started. She laughed and said lets.

When we went in I told her I would be taking still photos and a video. She just said ok. I took her into the bathroom and showed her the teddy and lingerie I had bought. She really liked the teddy. I said she could change and come out whenever she was ready. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful female as she was when she walked out of the bathroom. Her long dark her and perfect body were breath taking. I told her to get on bed. As she did so she stretched the teddy bottom apart I got a quick look at a bushy pussy. I was as hard as I could get. I had her do various poses then I told her to first take off the top teddy and after several shots told her to take everything off. I took a bunch of photos. It was going on two hours so I said we would wrap it for today and use the other lingerie in another shoot. As she got off the bed she glanced at my crotch. My erection was very apparent. She then shocked herself and me when she asked if I could still get hard at my age? I laughed and said only with the help of a little blue pill. She laughed all the way into the bathroom. We did 3 more two hour photo shoots before her period started. On the last shoot said asked me what I did with the videos? I said I usually masturbated watching them. She didn’t blush or laugh. As she left that day and reached up pulled my face down and kissed me. I was taken completely off guard.

The next week I heard another terrible fight between her and her husband. She rang the doorbell around 9 am. I was not expecting her since we had not scheduled any more shoots. Her eyes were puffy and red. I had seen my mother go through this too many times with my stepfather. After I had gotten us coffee I ask her why didn’t she divorce him? She really started crying then. I stood up and pulled her close and we hug for several minutes. Of course I had a semi-erection and I know she cold feel it but she didn’t pull away. Again that night they had another big fight. Later I heard her husband speed out of their parking space.

It wasn’t too much later that the doorbell rang and Jennifer came in. She wasn’t crying and asked if I would fix her a rum and coke. I fixed one for myself and we just set there for a few minutes. Finally she asked how much did they owe him. I said that I had lost count and why don’t we just say we were even. She said no she wanted to do one more photo shoot. I said that we had used all the lingerie I had bought. She looked me straight in the face and said what about the sex toys? It was a fantasy I had had but never thought it was possible. I asked her if she wanted to or to just get back at her husband. She said both. She said I know you want me and appreciate my body.

The bedroom was still set up for the shoots. I positioned my camera. She asked if the video camera was filming and I said no. She said turn it on she wanted everything on film. She didn’t bother to go into the bathroom and just stripped. I went to the nightstand and got out the toys. . These toys were large and looked like a dick complete with large balls. One was about 8 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. The other was almost 12 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. I told her my wife called them little boy and big boy. She asked if I had anything to lubricate them with. I looked in the nightstand and there was a tube of KY jelly. She said let’s start with little boy. She put a coating of jelly all over the head and some along the shaft. She handed it back to me as she spread her pussy lips and put a large amount in her pussy. She positioned little boy at the entrance to her pussy moved it around a little then slowly pushed it into her. I took a few minutes before she had the whole thing in her pussy. She started slowly moving it in and out. I was snapping pictures as fast as I could. She leaned back on the pillow and used one hand to move the toy and the other to first play with her nipples and then to play with her clit. The more she played the faster the toy moved in and out. It take too long before she was using both hands on the toy. Her hips were moving all about and thrusting up to meet the toy. I hear her moan as she buried it one last time in her pussy. She was having a major orgasm. All I could do was take pictures and watch. Finally her hands flopped to her sides. She asked me to remove the toy, but be slow. Now I had not been that close to a beautiful pussy in a long time. I couldn’t help but touch her pussy lips as I pulled the toy out. She shuddered when I touched her. She quietly said she wanted to lay there for a few minutes. I guess after about 10 minutes she said to get big boy. Again I watched her apply a large amount of the jelly to big boy and to her pussy. She positioned him at the entrance and started pushing in. She had to frequently stop to allow her pussy to expand to accept his size. Finally it was all in. She ask that I move it in and out but do it slowly. She was playing with her nipples and clit. After a few seconds she said faster. Then said faster and harder. It didn’t take long until her pussy clamped down on big boy and I could not move it at all. She was squirming all over the bed and moaning deeply. She had had another major orgasm. It was a couple of minutes before her pussy relaxed enough for me to pull it out. Her pussy was bright red and I knew was probably very sore. She asked if she could just lay there for awhile. I turned the equipment off and turned out the lights. It was about 45 minutes before she came out completely dressed. She said that she better be going. As I walked her to the door she again pulled my face down and kissed me. I notice she walked a little bowlegged out the door.

In the morning a few days later my phone rang and it was from Jennifer. She asked what I was doing and I said not much laughing. She then totally shocked me when she asked if I had any little blue pills. I said yes and she asked how long did it take for them to work. I had read the package and it said about 40 minutes. When I told her she was silent for a couple of seconds the just said take one. I went to the bathroom and tore open the package and took one. At almost exactly 40 minutes the doorbell rang. Jennifer came in wearing just a housecoat. I was wearing a robe with nothing underneath. Jennifer went straight to the master bedroom. As I followed her in she took off the housecoat. She was completely naked. I took off my robe and she could see I had a raging hard on. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply and then took each nipple in my mouth and gently bit down and sucked. She put her arms around my shoulder with a deep sigh that turned into moans. We moved to the bed and she laid on her back. I kept kissing her nipple and worked myself down to her pussy. I used my hands to open her pussy lips and started licking her clit. She tasted so sweet. I had not had my mouth on such a beautiful, sweet pussy in over 40 years. I was in heaven. Her moans because louder and she was squirming all over the bed. I was finger fucking her. Finally she had had enough foreplay and with a husky voice told me to fuck her brains out. I did my best. As my dick slid into that soft velvet hole it brought back so many memories. She was tight but had become very lubricated with her pussy juices. I didn’t last very long before I was shooting what little cum I could produce deep in her pussy. Thanks to the little blue I stayed hard for a long time. She was building towards her orgasm and when it came she was almost screaming. After her pussy stopped massaging my dick it started going limp. After a few minutes it slipped out completely and I rolled to the side. She laid still for a minutes, then spoke in a low voice that she had good news and bad news. She said good news was she had filed for divorce. I said that was great, and what was the bad news? She said that she was moving to Kansas to stay with her mother. I told her I was disappointed but wished her the best. As I was looking at her beautiful naked body she spread her legs out until I was looking straight into her pussy. I again started licking her clit and sometimes put my tongue in her pussy as far as I could. Soon she was thrusting her hips up and moaning after a few minutes her thighs clamped around my head and she went through another great orgasm. I licked her pussy juices. They were delicious.

She said she couldn’t take anymore and told me to stop. We made small talk and I told her I would miss her and her pussy very much. She laugh and said she would miss me too. She then got up and left. She came back the next day and gave me a goodbye kiss. I thought I was very lucky that I had met someone like her in my final years.

A few days later I saw an older woman start moving into Jennifer’s place. She looked about in her mid fifties with long dark hair. Her figure looked pretty good for someone her age. She waved and I waved back. Later that afternoon she came over to introduce herself. She was smiling looking at me funny. She said her name was Julie. I said glad to meet you. Her smile got even bigger and she said I’m Jennifer’s aunt and that Jennifer had told her all about me. She said ALL about me. Before I could say anything else, she said I hope you have a lot of those little blue pills as I was going to need that.

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