Sleepwalking can be a problem
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Keeping with schedule, Kendra and Mark made love as
soon as he returned home from work. The newly engaged
couple eagerly leapt into each others arms, despite a
brewing dinner that needed tending. Mark couldn’t help it,
he had been plagued with a severe erection the entire drive
home. He had to be with is love. Ever since she agreed to
be his wife a month prior, he couldn’t go more than a few
hours without making love to her.

The morning was guaranteed. Mark’s morning hard-on
quickly sought relief in the gorgeous, olive-skinned woman
sleeping next to him. Add to that the arrival from work,
and another fucking before bedtime, and the couple made
love an average of three times a day. Weekends were
sometimes higher. With this being a Friday, Mark was
looking forward to curling up with Kendra for hours on end
and loving her to his last ounce of passion.

Depending on how tired they were, Mark and Kendra
often slept naked in each others arms. But this night, they
were awake a good half-hour or so after finishing their
love-making, so both had put something back on. For Mark,
it was a pair of boxers. Kendra put on an enhancing pair of
panties and a nightshirt hat barely covered her waist. They
drifted off to sleep…

Mark was used to their bodies working apart form one
another during the course of the night. So when he
subconsciously realized her warm, sexy body wasn’t making
direct contact, his mind found nothing unusual. But when
his middle-of-the-night hard-on asked him to relieve some
of the pressure by slightly humping her ass, he realized
Kendra was gone.

He looked out into the room, unable to see anything at
first. The outside lights allowed him to begin to focus on
the slight images before him. He made out the desk, the
desk chair, and the wicker chair next to the bed. And

She was standing next to the chair, and he realized
she was moving her arm up and down. Mark sat up, and
clicked on the light next to the bed. She was rubbing the
phone between her legs!


Kendra didn’t answer. She continued rubbing the phone
vigorously against her silk panties and the cunt they
covered. Her eyes were glazed, and apparently unfocused.

“Honey?” mark said again as he reached for her.

Kendra started moving. She walked to the bedroom door,
which was left open, and moved past it. She was
sleepwalking! Mark laughed to himself as he realized she
must be rather horny to be making it with the phone! As far
as he knew, Kendra never masturbated. She refused to even
discuss the subject.

He got out of bed and wen after her. He was careful,
not wishing to wake her. He had heard you weren’t supposed
to for some reason, and didn’t want to give her a heart-
attack. He managed to take slight hold of her arm, and
guide her back to the bed. She hesitated, then climbed
under the sheets. Mark clicked off the lights, and kissed
Kendra on the lips. She stirred underneath him.

“Mmm. Hi, honey. Do you want to make love?”

“Do I ever!”

Mark slid his hand under her nightshirt and began
rubbing her breasts.

“Ooh, Mark, I’m all tingly. How’d I get so horny?’

“Must be sleeping in the same bed with me.” He kissed
her again, sliding her panties down underneath the covers
as he did. Kendra kicked them free, and embraced her
fiancee as he mounted her. The weekend was off to a good

Mark had been pretty sleepy when he first noticed
Kendra was missing, and barely remembered the incident the
next morning. The couple lounged around the house, ate
lunch with friends, and had sex a couple of times. The
incident was gone, forgotten.

But when night rolled around once again, and Mark
happened to wake up and find Kendra gone, the memory
returned. “Again?” he muttered to himself. Actually, it was
kind of fun! He sat up in the bed, and strained to make out
the details in the darkness. Mark pretty much figured she
was in the bathroom. She couldn’t be sleepwalking again.
But the place was dead quiet, and no light trickled from
underneath the bathroom door.

Mark got out of bed, curious but not really concerned.
He adjusted the stiff cock in his boxers, hoping Kendra
would be up for a middle-of-the-night fucking. He walked
down the dark hallway, still seeing no signs of her. Now he
was starting to get concerned. Where was she?

He entered the living room, struggling to make his way
in the dark. He wouldn’t let his mind develop the thought
that she might have left him. She was here… somewhere.

He still couldn’t see very well, but his ears finally
gave him an answer. He heard a slight rubbing sound. It was
rhythmic and continuous, and coming from the window. Mark
found the hallway light switch, and clicked it on. The
reflected light from the hallway spilled into the room,
illuminating Kendra’s pert little ass humping the lamppost.
Her nightshirt lifted up and down with her rubbing motions,
exposing her cheeks and the thin line of panty that
separated them.

Mark started smiling, but wasn’t sue what to say. He
walked up to his beloved, and noticed her eyes were
transfixed in front of her. It dawned on him… she was

Mark stepped back and watched. He heard you shouldn’t
wake sleepwalkers, and who would want to when she was doing
this?? Kendra’s legs were locked around the lamppost, her
hips sliding her crotch up and down the length. Her hands
held the shaft lightly. The lampshade pressed and bent
against the forms of her breasts.

Mark slipped his hand in his pants as he watched his
fiancee’ stimulate herself. Her panties had become
transparent from her sopping pussy, but her face showed no
sign of arousal or consciousness.

Mark’s boxers dropped to the floor as he furiously
jerked his cock. The wonder at her actions disappeared at
his growing lust. The only objects he had ever seen against
his wife’s pussy were his penis and her panties. He became
mesmerized by the gold post hugged so tightly against her
by her legs. The gliding of her cunt up and down the length
suggested more of a ticklish feeling than a pounding,
filling thrust inside her. Her hips bounced so lightly with
her strokes down the pole, a movement he had never seen her
perform before. He wanted that bounce on his cock. He
wanted that oblivious attention to his own shaft.

He carefully moved closer. He didn’t want to wake her,
especially now. He wasn’t concerned about scaring her, he
was concerned about losing his chance for this kind of sex
with his bride-to-be.

He maneuvered his arm near the lamp post and allowed
Kendra’s fingers to close around it. Once her hands were
free, he slowly pulled the post from her humping hips and
locked legs. Her cunt seemed to push out, searching for the
lost stimulation. Mark drew her against his body, bringing
her crotch against his own hard shaft.

Kendra resumed her humping motions, but now with her
arms around mark. She rubbed herself up and down on his
throbbing cock as eagerly and as unknowingly as she had
with the lamp post.

Mark began breathing loudly. He wanted to moan, but
feared the sound would wake her. He wanted to push the tip
of his penis into her, but felt that was a sure way to snap
her out of the trance. So he stood there, naked from the
wait down, and let his wife move herself up and down his
cock. The silken panties offered a smooth, sensual touch.
He wondered if it was enough from him to launch his sperm
between them.

The motion became maddening, and he knew her had to
enter her. T hell with waking her up! He had to fuck his
fiancee! He gripped his penis in his hand, and worked it
past the thin, humping bit of fabric that guarded her moist

“Uhh..” her first sounds. It was a soft moan. A quiet
response to the pleasure her body was knowing. Kendra’s
humping continued, but adjusted to bring Mark’s penis into
her. Mark didn’t have to move. Kendra repeatedly thrust
herself onto him as the two embraced in standing ecstasy

Mark felt a different and intense orgasm spring from
his body. He came into his beloved Kendra as their two
bodies melded in a late-night fuck. She still wasn’t
conscious! Mark picked her up, and carried her back to the

“I was doing what???”

“You were masturbating with the lamp post.” Kendra’s
face turned beet red as she sat across from Mark the next
morning. The word `masturbation’ was enough to make her
very uncomfortable. To suggest she actually did it was
absolutely mortifying. Kendra was simple in her sexual
attitudes. She always called it “love-making” never
“fucking” or any of the other many phrases used to mean
sexual intercourse.

“Do you remember?”

“You’re making it up!”

“I’m, not, you were rubbing yourself on the lamp

Kendra had been sitting across from her husband
dressed only in the bra and panties she had been wearing
all night. She had removed the nightshirt and replaced it
with a robe, which she now closed in retribution. “How dare
you say that!” She turned away in shame.

“It’s no big deal, honey. You’re body wanted it.
granted, I wish you woke me up, but you weren’t in a normal
mind. It’s just as well, I enjoyed watching you.”

“I think you dreamt the whole thing!”

“I can’t believe you have no memory! You don’t
remember fucking me?”

“Mark!” Kendra whined. “Must you use language like
that? Must you reduce our acts of love to something so

“So you do remember!”

Kendra was about to respond, when they heard a knock
at the door. Mark got about, smiling at the horrified
Kendra, and went to answer it.

“Alan! Hey, come in. We’re just sitting down to
breakfast. Want some cereal?” Mark motioned for his long-
time friend to enter. The two had met in school, and had
remained good friends ever since.

“Morning, Kendra.”

“Good morning, Alan.” Kendra pulled her robe a little
tighter. A few moments earlier, and her breasts would have
been mostly bared. She tied the robe shut, glaring at Mark
as she did, and poured some cereal into her bowl.

Mark grabbed a bowl for Alan from the cupboard.
“Kendra is a little mad at me this morning. I caught her
sleepwalking last night, and she thinks I’m making it up.”

“Mark!” Kendra whined.

Mark mouthed “Don’t worry” as Alan reached for the
cereal box. He wasn’t going to say what she was doing
during her sleepwalk, so Kendra relaxed a bit.

“Sleepwalking, eh? Did you wake her up?”

“Nah, they say your not supposed to. I found her in
the family room. She doesn’t remember a bit of it.”

“Must be some kind of stress or something. I don’t
know, what causes sleepwalking?”

“Who knows?”

Alan looked towards Kendra. “Have you ever sleepwalked

“Not that I know of.”

“Must be the wedding. You’ve put the girl under too
much stress, my man!” They all laughed with the comment.

Kendra loosened up as the morning progressed. Alan
left after an hour, and Kendra became apologetic.

“I’m sorry for snapping at you this morning.” She
kissed Mark’s cheek as she spoke.

“So, you admit to masturbating with the lamp post?”

“Of course not. I don’t remember even dreaming. It was
simply a fantasy in your mind.”

“I swear it wasn’t!”

Kendra pressed her finger to his lips. “Shhhh. I like
that you fantasize about me. Now… what was I doing in
this dream of yours?” She dropped her robe to the floor.

Mark eyed the gorgeous, sexy body in front of him.
God, he loved the blend of her skin with those dainty white
panties. Her breasts heaved with anticipation. Mark knew
last night was real, but had no problem in making it real

When bedtime came again Mark didn’t give a thought to
Kendra’s previous night adventure. He crawled into bed,
made love to her, then quickly fell into a pleasant sleep.

Two nights, two sleepwalks. Mark wondered if a trend
was forming. Then he wondered if she had done this before,
and he had missed it! That would suck! He had to know if
she did this often, or at least if she would do it again.
Kendra was a very deep sleeper, perhaps that’s what allowed
her to sleepwalk in the first place. As she prepared for
bed that night, Mark set his watch alarm. It was a fairly
quiet sound, and probably wouldn’t wake her. But he
wouldn’t have any problem responding to it.

They went to sleep. As planned, the alarm woke up Mark
a few hours later. He felt for his sleeping wife-to-be. His
hand mushed into the softness of a breast. He gently
stroked her prized anatomy, then rest the alarm. A little
later, he awoke again. Kendra was still sleeping
beautifully next to him. One more time, he thought, then
drifted back to sleep.

The alarm went off for the third time. The soft
beeping awoke him, and he quickly moved his hands to locate
the body next to him.

It wasn’t there.

Mark sprang out of bed, wondering what sort of action
his wife was performing now. he was half-excited, and half-
concerned. What was making her get up in the middle of the
night and find something to stimulate her cunt? Was he man
enough for her? Was she faking her ecstasy?

He hurriedly checked the bathrooms. No Kendra. He
stormed down the hallway and into the living room. He
flicked the light switch. No Kendra. Now he was starting to
feel more fear than excitement.

Where was she?

He was about to start searching the closets when he
felt a slightly chilly draft spill across his legs. The
doorwall was open! The night sounds poured into the room.
He moved quickly to the open glass, noting the sound of
sprinklers as he did.

Kendra was outside. She was standing off in the
distance, on the public area of grass between the
buildings. Water sprayed into a fine mist around her face
and shoulders. But it was a steady, bursting stream that
shot out of the sprinkler and against her soaked panties.
There she was, standing bare-breasted over a sprinkler that
turned its spray onto her, past her, and then back across
her in a quick motion.

The force of the sprinkler looked powerful, and Kendra
was slightly hunched as she received the impact of the
spray against her cunt. The water splashed up her body, and
large droplets fell from her hardened nipples to the
ground. She wasn’t as motionless as she had been before.
She now played slowly with her breasts, spreading the
flowing water across her chest and stimulating her nipples
as the hard throb of the water splashed against her pussy.
The sound of the interrupted spray seemed to perfectly
capture the concept of dousing silk panties. A rippling
sound… a sweet, silky rippling sound that was more
enticing than the sound of the water against her skin.

Mark quickly realized his wife was in plain view for
all to see. She was dressed only in panties, and those were
so completely soaked and battered they looked like the
water would rip them off at any second. He heard a soft
moan make it through the crash of the water. If anyone was
awake and looking out their window, they would see Mark’s
fiancee’s naked body enjoying a heightened sexual arousal.

But, oh God was it hot! Mark once again felt a
swelling in his pants. It was as if an entirely different
side of his wife-to-be lived in her unconscious mind. A
sexy, thrilling, fuck-me-hard type of personality that he
wanted to surface. She was so gorgeous, so sexy… if she
only fully utilized that power in their normal love-making!

Mark didn’t see any lights or staring eyes. As far as
he could tell, everyone in the complex was nestled in their
beds and fast asleep. Too bad for them. They were missing
an image of beauty that Mark couldn’t imagine being
surpassed. Those glinting, dripping dopiest on her legs.
The second skin of transparent white clinging to her
buttocks. Her poised, yearning body desperate to be
satisfied and filled with manhood. Mark dropped his shorts
and pulled off his shirt. He let his penis flop naturally
as he walked over to Kendra. He stood behind her, and
slowly let his body press against her backside. His
nakedness meeting hers… his lust intertwining with her

He moved his hands onto the wet silk. Her skin was so
smooth and soft. The dampened panties felt heavier as he
slid them down Kendra’s legs. Her fresh, dripping pussy
continued to receive the splash of the sprinkler as it
moved across her body. Some of the spray made it to Mark’s
face and dripped into his mouth. He drank the blessed water
and began licking the moisture from her bare legs.

He wanted to fuck her in the stream, but knew the
intense shot of the water wouldn’t do his groin any favors.
He pulled Kendra down to the ground, and turned her towards
him. The sprinkler now shot into her back with a low thud.
He still received the misty spray that splashed over her
shoulders. Steady streams of water ran down her chest. Mark
moved his mouth to her right nipple, sucking the soft pink
and tasting the sweetened water.

Her body chilled him slightly as it dripped onto him.
He moved her to his lap, eager for his cock to find the
pleasant warmth inside her. He buried his face between her
breasts, nuzzling the tender flesh and the water that ran
down his cheeks. He lowered her onto his penis, and loved
her slowly as he caressed his love and the water caressed
them both. Kendra didn’t moan, but her breath suffered
short interruptions with his slow, methodic thrusts. He
continued to suck at her breasts, which now easily popped
out of his mouth as he bounced her on him. He pecked at
them, sometimes waiting for a large drop to from on the
nipple before taking it into his mouth.

He wondered quickly if anyone had come to their window
since the fucking started. He didn’t care. He was making
love to his future wife, and nothing else mattered.

“Oh, Kendra, oh baby…” he came inside her, filling
her already wet cunt with his sperm. He moved her body up
and down, enjoying the slurping sounds his entered penis
made in her pussy… enjoying the sight of fresh, clear
water running down her stomach, onto his shaft, and onto
the ground beneath them. He allowed her body bend
backwards, causing his penis to slip out of her cunt. The
spray shot into his chest as it moved in its semi-circle.
He admired Kendra’s wonderful frame beneath him, and
watched as the water mixed with his sperm and carried it
into the earth.

God he loved her.

If only she could be awake. if only she could feel
this complete bliss and incredible love while she was
conscious. Mark didn’t let himself get discouraged. If her
subconscious was calling for it, eventually it would
surface. Eventually, her deepest yearnings would come
forward and her true sexuality would be known. Nothing
could stop that.

Mark carried his future bride back into the apartment,
her dripping wet panties laying softly over her breasts.

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