A husband likes it when his wife shows herself off to strangers
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Sometimes my husband and I like to play a game we call,
“I Dare You.” It all started innocently enough. We were
at an amusement park, and Chad dared me to go on the
big roller coaster. I did it, and then dared him to go
on this scary free-fall ride. He wouldn’t do it, and I
said instead he’d have to do anything I wanted in the
bedroom that night when we got home. He agreed, and I
made him eat me for an hour. It was great.

After that day, we decided to keep playing, “I Dare
You,” and always with the same rules. The person who
wouldn’t take the dare had to do whatever the other
person wanted in the bedroom for an hour. One day when
I lost, Chad said he wanted to extend the repayment
activities to outside the bedroom. He had me dress in a
real thin blouse, with no bra, and made me go to a mall
on the other side of town with him, exposing my
practically bare tits to everybody who wanted to look
at me.

Little did he know I’d been showing my body off to
people in public for the last couple of years. I had no
idea Chad was interested in this sort of thing, and it
thrilled me to do it for him. To be able to share my
exhibitionistic tendencies with my husband was a real
turn-on, and when we got back to the car, Chad fingered
me to orgasm right there in the parking lot.

The next time Chad dared me to do something I purposely
didn’t do it, just so I’d lose the dare. Chad told me
to put on a short tennis skirt, and a loose tank top,
with no bra. He also gave me a pair of very naughty
panties he’d ordered for me from a mail order
catalogue, and made me wear them. They were white see
through, and my pubic hair was clearly visible beneath
the thin material, along with the slit and folds of my
cunt. Then we went back to the mall across town again.

Inside the mall, Chad told me to go to this athletic
shoe store and try on shoes alone. He said he would
follow me in and watch. He told me to let the clerk see
my pussy, and when I did I got so wet I could smell my
essence, and so could the clerk, I’m sure. The poor kid
got so flustered looking up my skirt his cock got hard.
I felt sorry for him, especially when I “accidentally”
touched his dick with my toes. He looked up at me,
startled, and I just smiled at him and said, “Oh, gee,
sorry.” Then I giggled. His face turned beet red, and I
bet he jacked off as soon as we left the store.

We walked all through the mall, and the tank top I was
wearing was so loose my tits were visible through the
sides of the armholes. Chad told me he could even see
my nipples through the thin top, and by the time we
left I told Chad my panties were so wet it felt like
I’d peed in them.

“Do it,” he said, when we got to the car.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Pee in your panties. Right here, Annie. Right out here
in the open.”

For a moment I was shocked, but then I got the
strangest feeling, and I did it. I actually stood there
and pissed, feeling it running down my legs and into my
shoes. As Chad watched me his cock started growing.
When I finished, Chad told me to get into the car, and
I did.

“Take them off and give them to me,” he said, his eyes
had a nasty look. He was unzipping his pants, and he
took his cock out. It was real hard, and jism was
starting to drip out the end of it. I slid the wet
panties down over my feet and gave them to Chad, as he
requested, wondering what he was going to do with them.

“Now suck me. Blow me, right here,” he said, and while
I watched, he slowly brought the panties to his mouth
and started sucking them.

“Oh Chad,” I groaned, fingering my pussy as I went down
on him. I put his dick in my mouth and licked the jizz
off the end of it. As usual, it was sweet, warm and
slippery, just the way I like it. I couldn’t get the
thought of Chad sucking my piss soaked panties out of
my mind, and almost immediately Chad began coming in my
mouth, filling it with his thick honey-cum.

I took his cock out and let some of it spray on my
face, which Chad loves, then moved up next to him and
kissed him. He licked the cum off my cheeks and lips,
then sponged my face off with my wet panties.

“Taste them,” he said, his voice trembling with lust. I
did, sucking deeply on the wispy underwear, tasting the
acrid almost bittersweet taste of my pee mingled with
the sweetness of Chad’s cum.

“Oh FUCK!” I cried out, fingering myself furiously as
another powerful orgasm blasted through my body. “What
a delicious kick. What made you think of doing
something like this?” I asked, and Chad just grinned at
me and said we were just getting started.

Later that week, I lost another dare, and Chad told me
he wanted to include a couple of friends of his in our
game. When I asked who, he told me Ben and Lenny, two
members of Chad’s bowling team. Both of them are in
their early fifties, much older than Chad and I. I’m
only 28, Chad’s 35, and we’re both in excellent
condition. Ben and Lenny are a little paunchy, and
neither one is very good looking.

The poor bastards are both married to fat, plain
looking women. Still, they are rather sexy. I mean, the
hungry way they always look at me when I go watch Chad
bowl is a turn-on sometimes. To see that much
admiration and desire in a couple of old geeks is a
compliment. I wondered what Chad wanted me to do for,
or with, them, and in a way I was getting excited just
thinking about it.

After bowling, Chad invited Lenny and Ben to come home
with us. When we got there, he asked me to go change
into something sexy while he got beers for the guys and
himself. I asked him how sexy, and he just grinned at
me and said, “So Lenny and Ben can see everything,
baby. Your tits, your cunt, and your ass, okay? Then
they’re going to fuck you.”

My pussy was tingling so much when I got to the bedroom
I had to touch it. Immediately I had an orgasm, which
only made me hornier. I went to my panty dresser and
got out a very sheer, sexy negligee and put it on. It
was pale lavender, with lots of lace, cut low in front
and very short, so short it didn’t cover my pussy. Then
I put on a pair of matching panties, with a big slit in
front, so I could get fucked right through them without
taking them off. I also put on a pair of elastic
nylons, pulling them up over my thighs. I looked at
myself in the mirror, and admired the slutty vision I
saw there.

I considered myself a picture of erotic sensuality. My
large tits were straining against the thin fabric of
the nighty, with my areolas and nipples clearly
visible. My pussy was wet, and also clearly visible,
and the panties were so narrow my cunt hair stuck out
around the edges of the bikini underwear.

Thrilled to be able to expose myself like this to
someone other than Chad, I walked back into the living
room to greet my audience. Chad had turned down all the
lights, and lit several candles around the room,
creating a sexy atmosphere. A sensual SADE CD was
playing on the stereo, and when I walked into the room
the men all just gasped.

“Holy fuck!” Lenny said. “She’s a fucking goddess.”

“Oh baby, you can say that again,” Ben echoed.

Basking in the attention of these horny old men, I
asked Chad what he wanted me to do next.

“Dance for us,” he said. “Play with yourself for us.
Let these guys see how wet your pussy gets when you’re

I began to let my body sway, to and fro, in time with
the sexy music. Casually I began to caress my tits,
fingering the nipples between my thumb and forefinger.
I smiled at Lenny and Ben as I danced over directly in
front of them. I was really getting hot now, and as I
moved my hands down my body toward my cunt, I told them
to take their cocks out.

“W-what did she say?” Ben stammered.

“She said to take your cocks out, like this,” Chad
said, unzipping, pulling his erect cock out, fondling
it in front of the men.

“Really?” Lenny asked, unbelieving.

“Then she’ll want you to fuck her, if you want, won’t
you baby,” Chad said.

“Yes. Do it,” I breathed, sliding a finger inside my
pussy through the slit in the panties I was wearing.

The men took their cocks out and started jacking off
for me. Ben was uncircumcised, and I noticed how much
more foreskin he had than Lenny or Chad. Suddenly I
wanted to see what it would feel like in my mouth, so I
dropped to my knees in front of him and simply started
sucking his cock before he could say a thing.

“Ohhhh fuck,” he groaned, as I pressed the tip of my
tongue all around the head of his cock, sucking on the
foreskin, nibbling on it, chewing it like some kind of
sexy gum.

“Unbelievable,” Lenny gasped, and I heard Chad tell him
to get behind me and fuck me.

“Really?” Lenny said, and Chad said yeah, that I loved

“You don’t have to ask me twice,” he said, and I saw
him unbuckle his pants and take them off. He was
wearing old man’s boxer shorts, and he pulled them off,
too, revealing a flabby belly and thick, hard cock. His
balls were swollen and tight, and when he moved behind
me I reached back and pulled the edge of my panties
aside so he could stick his dick in my pussy.

“Hmmmmm!” I hummed, my mouth full of Ben’s cock as
Lenny slid his dick inside me. It felt good, different
than Chad’s, thicker, but not as long. A different
sensation, and I liked it, especially since I was doing
it in front of my husband and Ben.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum,” Ben groaned, and I reached up
beneath his balls and slid a finger behind them, over
his anus, rubbing it. It was all sweaty, and it didn’t
take much for me to push my finger up inside his
asshole. That was all it took. He grunted, his cock
jerked, and suddenly it was filling my mouth with
thick, juicy spurts of hot cum. I sucked the cum into
my mouth without swallowing, and when my mouth was full
I pulled away, letting him splat a few more bursts on
my face.

I turned so Chad and Lenny could see me, and began
pushing the cum out of my mouth with my tongue, letting
it run down my chin to my neck. It felt so sexy, I
wanted more. I pulled away from Lenny, forcing him to
remove his cock from my cunt. Then I turned around and
crawled beneath his cock.

“Cum on my face,” I said. “Do it all over me. Make me
feel like a nasty slut!”

“Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh!” Lenny groaned, and his cock started
spurting all over me. He shot one burst into my hair,
and it ran down over my forehead. Most of it landed on
my cheeks, until I stuck my tongue way out. Then he
leaned over and dumped a huge load of cum all over my
outstretched tongue.

Chad was jerking off like crazy, and I crawled over to
him and took his cock inside my mouth, letting him feel
the hot, mushy load of cum there that Ben and Lenny had
given me.

“Oh baby, I love you,” he moaned, and then he, too, was
pumping cum inside my mouth. Again I waited until I had
a mouthful, then pulled back and let him shoot off the
rest of it all over my face. When he was finished, I
crawled up his body and began French kissing him,
pushing the cum from the men into Chad’s mouth.

“Eat it,” I hissed, spitting inside his mouth. “Eat all
that nice, rich cream, baby. Suck my tongue, like it
was a cock. You’d like to do that, wouldn’t you. You’d
like to suck a hot cock and have it cum in your mouth
like I just did, wouldn’t you.”

“Yes!” he hissed, and I was startled. I’d just been
saying that shit to tease him. Now he was admitting
he’d like to suck a cock. Amazing. I thought about it
as I continued to push cum into his mouth, and I
decided I’d like to see him do it. Suddenly I got an

“Ben, you didn’t get a chance to fuck me, did you.
Wouldn’t you like to?” I asked, flopping down onto the
couch, spreading my legs for him.

“Fuck yeah, I’d like to,” he said.

“Then let Chad suck your cock until it gets hard so you
can fuck me.”

Ben looked at Chad, and Chad looked at me. I told him
to do it, to suck Ben’s dick and get it hard for me so
it could fuck me. Chad turned to Ben, then dropped in
front of him, and began doing it. My husband was
actually sucking a cock, right there in front of me.

Ben groaned, and when he was hard, Chad grasped the
cock he’d been sucking and brought it over to me,
inserting it inside my pussy. Then he lay down next to
me, and I had Lenny come over and give us his cock,
which Chad and I both began sucking, together, until it
got hard. When I felt Lenny was ready to come, I took
his cock and held it against Chad’s lips, jerking on it
until it started spurting. some of the cum landed on my
lips, and I sucked it into my mouth, savoring the
taste, but most of it landed on Chad.

“Open your mouth. Taste it,” I said, my voice husky,
consumed with lust. Chad did it, and I jerked on
Lenny’s cock until it was spurting more cum, directly
into Chad’s mouth. It was a fucking hot scene,
especially when Ben started coming. He filled my cunt
with jism, and when he was through I made Chad go down
on me and eat that, too. It was the hottest fucking day
and night of my life, and I intend to repeat it,

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