My Summerschool Teacher
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I was the biggest dork in school. Always made fun of and bullied just for being different and everyone knows different is unacceptable in school. I attended summer school even though I got good grades because it helped graduating come quicker.

Well my junior year we got a new summer school teacher in – Ms. B. Never actually got her real name. But let me get to the beginning and how it all started before I get to the sex cause foreplay to me is just as important as the thrusting.

First off let me say she was one of the best teachers I have ever had and not just a piece of ass. To this day I can still remember some of the phrases she spoke aloud in class about life and other things in general. I still to this day cannot explain it – why I never had trouble recalling any of the things she said or how she explained history which I hate with a passion rivaled by a fat kids love for twinkies. Actually its most likely because she taught with something I think most teachers lose, namely common sense. All her answers and questions just fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so that to me I had no trouble recalling any of what was said in the classroom.

I even recall the conversation we had that led up to my situation:

“Dave, why don’t you take notes?”

“Cause I don’t need to.”

“Everyone needs to take notes because there is so much information.”

“No really I don’t need to I couldn’t forget what you say even if I tried.”

At this I got a big ‘ooooooohhhhhh’ call from the class and just want to point out that it was not sexual in any way my comment. I had meant it in an instructor-student way and that is the truth on my life I swear.


“Ok class enough. So if I gave you last weeks homework assignment you could answer the questions correctly right now?”

“Probably. I might miss one or two but how many would you give me Mrs.-”

“Its Ms thank you I am not married or seeing anyone.”

So I do the assignments and nothing happens. I figure I failed miserably even though I was sure I had gotten all the answers right. Finally finals come and its time for school to be almost over.

She hands me a separate test than the rest of the class and says begin – I blew through the test in like 15 mins and it was suppose to take like 1 1/2 hrs or something like that…

When I approach she asks if I have a question to which I reply No I am finished. Thought you said it was gonna be hard.

She grades it right then while I am sitting there. The bell rings and people are looking at me all funny. “Dave stay after class I need to see you.”

‘oh someones in trouble oooohhhh’ so I am thinking great what coudl I have possibly screwed up I knew all my answers were right.

So the students leave and school is done for the day and she comes and sits on the edge of my desk. So there Ms. B sat on the edge of her desk.

She had on a dark red blouse with buttons on the front that only went about halfway down. There was a nice ‘V’ in the front that gave a good view and I noticed she was wearing a black skirt that went down to a little bit above her knees. Now I am 5′ 10″ and I think she is about 5′ 8″ so our height ratio was like perfect.

She had on jet black stockings not panty hose I remember and cute little black heels. And while she was speaking to me she undid the pony tail that held up her hair and let it cascade down her shoulders. Her hair was this color you would get on a beautiful evening during a sunset – sort of the red color a sky gets when its “Red sky at night is a sailors delight.” It was the first time I had seen her with her hair let down since she keeps it either in a ponytail or clipped back to appear more professional.

Amazingly I felt calmer when she let down her hair and was not on edge. She made it seem like a more informal setting with just one action. She asked me to approach her desk and as I got to the front she pulled out my final exam.

“You know to make sure you weren’t cheating I typed your exam up personally. I must say I am impressed. You don’t take notes and yet you got a perfect score – not one answer wrong! How did you do it?”

“I told you Ms. B I just remember what you say. The way you teach is like nobody I ever had before. You just make sense – the way you pose the questions and answers are to the point and I like that about you.”

“So you like me? Is that it?”

“no-no-n-n-no that nnot wwhaat I meantt to say ma’am” i started to stutter and got all nervous. To my surprise she smiled a little

“You are too cute – are you blushing?”

Indeed I was. I had never even spoken with or much less kissed a girl for this long before and not even flirted. I was very sheltered and a little bit anxious to leave at this point.

Seeming to read my mind she walked over to the door and closed it and locked it. Then she pulled closed the blinds that were over the window in effect creating a little bit of privacy for both of us.

She walked back over to me and grabbed the strap of my backpack and placed it onto the floor. Then she did 2 things – she placed her hand on my cheek and leaned in close enough that I could smell her hair and feel the her nose blowing on my neck and said “I like you too. Ever since you told me how great a job I was doing teaching your classmates. Nobody ever thanks teachers even though they put up with so much shit. So I want to give you a thank you.”

“Your welco-” I never got to finish. She pressed her ruby lips to mine and kissed me in one swift motion. I could feel her hands going under my shirt and roaming over my back, setting a fire in my soul. Her breasts rubbed against me as she grinded my chest with hers. I could feel her nipples stabbing my chest and at the same time could feel my erection growing inside my jeans.

She broke the kiss seemingly angry with me “Why aren’t you kissing me back? Don’t you know how?”

“Um actually” I replied blushing again “No. I don’t”

She seemed taken aback and then sort of giggled and said “I like that about you. You are honest and dont try to lie. Just try to match what my lips are doing to yours and we will go from there.”

She started again and I guess I musta done something right cause I heard her moan a little bit in her throat. Then when she stuck her tongue into my mouth I followed suit and we tasted each other for what seemed like forever.
I dont know how long her other hand had worked its way to the bulge in my pants and was rubbing me through my jean fabric. This caused me to moan a little bit and thrust my hips towards her hand. She ran her hands up the front of my shirt and dug her nails in a bit – playing with my nipples as she kissed my abdomen and undid my zipper with her teeth. She withdrew my pulsing cock and I almost came when she licked my shaft from balls to head. She followed this by placing the head into her mouth and engulfing me.

I remember thinking I was in heaven as her lips formed a suction around me and she slid back and forth along my length, lubing me with her saliva and playing with my balls and shaft at once. It took about 30 seconds for me to start losing control “Oh Ms. B” I groaned aloud and she stated “Dont blow it yet!” She picked up her pace and I was like ‘How am I not suppose to blow my wad!’

I remember the feeling as I came from my first blowjob – bliss. Just everything seemed to melt away and nothing else in the world mattered. Then she sucked the cum from my shaft and I experienced it all over again as I unloaded twice into her mouth and came again.

She swallowed it all and didnt miss a drop.

As she stood up she was smiling like a devil at me and tried to speak something about now I would have a story for my friends and I kept thinking to myself – thats it? What a rip. I was still hard.

As she turned to walk away, I caught sight of her ass swaying in her skirt and grabbed her from behind and – remembering how good it felt when she played with my nipples – stuck my hands into the ‘v’ of her sweater to cup her melons. I heard a raspy moan that sounded similar to what I had done moments before and knew she was as aroused as me.

I sucked on the only thing I could get at from behind her – her earlobe. She went wild and bucked her lovely ass back against my groin. I kept one hand on her nipple and used the other to push her forwards onto her desk and thrust roughly against her backside – I was going on instinct at this point just doing what felt natural. My animal instincts were making it hard to control myself – and I almost did. I am not going to lie that I wanted to make my teacher cause glass to shatter with the force of my dick. I wanted her to be my personal slave…but that was not who I was.

Thus when I rolled her over to take her, I saw reflected in her eyes an emotion that caused me to stop – fear. She was scared of me. I stopped and backed up, allowing her to stand.

“I – I am sorry…I don’t know what came over me…can you forgive me?”

She is leaning back against her desk for a minute, pondering the question…suddenly she jumps onto her heels and slaps me across the face. Hard!

I stood there in shock not really believing I had just been slapped by a woman for the first time. Even the burning sensation I had on my face didn’t really quite sink in.

I looked at her sadly for a moment, put my dick back in my jeans and zipped up and was on my way out the door when I felt her hand on my shoulder.

“So you don’t like it rough, thats ok with me…”

I turned around and she had hiked her skirt up to reveal her black panties. I had never seen underwear like hers before and so I got down to have a closer look. She refused to wait for me to take the reins and shoved my head into her crotch. She pulled aside her panties and I saw a grown woman’s pussy for the first time – she was bare. Not just shaved with little bumps but bare and smooth.

“I just got waxed yesterday. I hope you like it.”

“You mean to say you planned this?” I asked incredulously.

“Are you complaining?” she asked?

Then she said the next sentence that still rings in my ear to this day, “I want you to suck and fuck me until I cant think straight.”

She pushed my head into her pussy and I began to slurp her juices out of her swollen snatch. She bucked into my face and kept grinding so that eventually I had her lay down on top of her desk once more and she spread her legs for me. I trailed my tongue up to her nipples which she had freed and when I asked to suck on them she said “You fucking better!” I thrust my prick into her dripping love hole while I gorged myself on her delicious buds.

Her body seemed the most beautiful thing to me I had ever exeperienced. Even the sweat on her collarbone tasted good. I remember us locking together and her wrapping her legs around my waist – gripping me like she was drowning and I was her rescuer – while I pumped away at her womanhood.

She moaned aloud as I thrusted harder and harder upon her bidding driving her closer to her climax. This time I was able to let myself gain more control over my orgasm and was able to hold out for quite some time.

When she yelled “Harder! Fuck me harder!” I flipped her over back onto her stomach and plunged balls deep into her from behind. I kept going oblivious to my surroundings in some sort of trance as I watched every time I thrust home her ass get a shockwave from the force of me.

My hands were everywhere trying to find somewhere to grip. I had them on her hips, gripping one of her tits in a death grip, then finally I decided one hand was best on her thigh and my other worked her into a frenzy because I found out quickly in this face down ass up position that she liked to be spanked.

The first time my hand palmed one of her luscious ass cheeks, she almost came right there.

“Oh fuck yeah, spank my ass. I fucking love it. Harder”

I sent her over the edge when I thrusted a few more times in rapid succession and open palmed her so hard I split my hand open and saw blood on my hand.

She practically screamed at the top of her lungs and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as we came simultaneously. Exhausted, I collapsed on top of her back and sensuosly rubbed her breasts with my hands, making her moan all the more. I looked at the clock and it had been about 3 hrs since school had closed and it dawned on me “Um yeah people probably heard that. I should go.”

As I dressed she gave me my final exam and on the last page wrote a number at the very bottom of it with a caption that said “Dave, You were a pleasure to have in class. Please let me know if you ever need help with something that seems too big for you to handle. Call me in a few years so we can catch up.”

Maybe someday I will take her up on that offer.

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