Dealing With A Bastard
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I had spent the night at Mary’s house, which was a
luxury I really enjoyed. Her two sons were at her
parents’ house, allowing us freedom this weekend. We had
fucked loudly and wildly all night and now were enjoying
being in the den naked.

Mary is thirty-one, with a small (five one, 100 pounds)
but delightful body, medium length black hair, a happy,
warm smile, and, brown eyes that sparkle and express all
her emotions. She was a hot, active, squealing woman in
bed… if she was rested, which is sometimes difficult
since she has two sons and a job. More importantly, she
was a warm, loving woman who really cared a lot for me.
I cared equally for her, a fact she questioned sometimes
although it was very true.

Last night had been magnificent as it is so often with
Mary. Some women moan, some scream. Mary squeaks: tight
little sounds emitted in the rhythm of our fucking.
Then, as she floated in her afterglow, I slipped her
down to take my cock in her mouth. Slurping happily, she
watched my face until I filled her mouth. She swallowed
eagerly and let me harden there before we fucked again.

Now, she was on the floor, kneeling naked between my
legs with a soft, narrow, leather collar around her neck
and a coffee mug in her hands, sipping quietly as she
watched me like a hawk. She loves to play master-slave:
she is a natural submissive. I do not mean she is a pain

She loves her man to dominate her, particularly in bed.
I, of course, take great care to dominate without ever
humiliating her, to dominate in the way she loves the
most. Her enjoyment of our sex is as important to me as
my own enjoyment, although I would never admit that to
her. Her breasts showed the signs of our love making
with the hickey, the mottled texture where they had been
roughly squeezed. My cum and her juice was dried on her


The hair on the back of my neck stood up. The way she
said it made me feel like a trap was being set with me
as its prey.

“Yes, baby?”

“Am I as good in bed as Debbie?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“A legitimate one. After all, you’re fucking both of us
and she is my best friend.”

Hurray! She finally admitted she was sharing me with her
best friend. They both had known it but they both
refused to acknowledge it in my presence, as if not
talking about it made it go away.

“I love and enjoy both of you immensely. I could not
possibility select one of you over the other.”

“Aren’t you even going to deny you are sleeping with
both of us? Oh, don’t answer that. Debbie and I discuss
you all the time. We both think you are magnificent. We
both love you, you know. We love the sex but it is more
than that. We love you.”

“I know and I love each of you,” I said as I kissed her

“We know that. Debbie says no man has ever treated her
with such love and kindness. I feel the same way. You
are better to our children than their own fathers.” She
raised up to be kissed again and her hands wandered over
my body, finally resting on my cock which she
manipulated until he began to rise.

“You are a remarkable man, even if sometimes…”

“Sometimes what?”

“Sometimes, Jack, well, you can be a bastard, you know.”

“I am a man. You are women. I demand of you knowing you
love it… love giving to me.”

“True. I do love it.” She sighed loudly. “Jack… how
does Yvonne Winters compare to us?”

Her eyes were two big, chocolate, lasers burning into

“No wonder you are a good poker player. I could not see
any reaction.”

“I have never lied to you, Mary.”

“So, don’t start now. Look, Jack, I am not trying to
trap you. We know about Yvonne. And, we object.”

I had happily noticed her constant use of the plural
pronoun. She was thinking of herself and Debbie as a
team, one and indivisible. I liked that. But, what I
said was “Why?”

“Debbie and I are happy… well, yes, happy, is the
right word… we are happy to share you… but, only
share you with each other. Yvonne wants you all to
herself. It scares us. We don’t want to lose you.”

“You are not going to lose me!”

She squirmed into my lap, legs spread across mine so her
pussy was idly rubbing against my crotch, making my cock
rise to the occasion. She knew exactly what she was

“Please, stop seeing her. For me. For us.”

We kissed hard, my hands all over her tight little body.
She was ready for me, but, she was always ready for me.
That is one of the things I really liked about her. But,
this time, as we cuddled, I could see her worry. Yvonne
was a weight on her she wanted to exorcize before
“something” happened, something that would be, in her
mind, terrible.

Mary and Debbie were both thirty-one, both divorced and
with two kids each. Both were sweet, fun and attractive.
And, they were best friends. They could trust each other
not to try to snap me up. Yvonne was only twenty-four
and had worked as an exotic dancer.

I knew Mary and Debbie would be intimidated by her DDD
tits and flaring ass. And, Yvonne did not have children
which single mothers see as a severe handicap in the
man-catching wars. They thought Yvonne was busting her
ass to get me roped and tied.

“Another thing, neither Debbie or I have anyone but you.
With AIDS and all, it scares us you screwing around.”

When I said nothing, she give me a nasty look, jumped up
and ran into the bathroom. I joined her in the shower.
She was cool at first, but Mary can never deny me for
long. We fucked as she wrapped her legs around my waist
and I bounced her off the shower stall wall.

After the shower, she toweled off quickly and threw a
robe over herself, which surprised me until I saw Debbie
was in the den going through CDs, looking for her
favorite. We had not been quiet in the shower. I guessed
Debbie had heard us. I was naked, which was a first…
the first time I had been naked in front of both of
them. Neither acted embarrassed but the tension was very

“Good morning, Jack,” Debbie said sweetly, eyeing my
cock and, then, giving her friend a hard glance. I
noticed a quick, little quiver as she thought about sex.
She raised her head to be kissed as I came over to her.
As I bent over her, I made sure my cock dropped right in
her face. She gave me a knowing, slutty look before
closing her eyes as I kissed her. I kissed her long and

When I stood my cock, standing at half mast, hung near
her face. “Give your friend a good morning kiss,
Debbie,” I said softly but firmly. This was a major step
for us. While they knew I was having sex with both of
them, neither had done anything sexual with me in the
presence of the other. I had grabbed a boob or swatted
an ass when the other was there but that allowed them to
act shy and giggly.

Debbie looked at me for a long time, her eyes flitting
back and forth to Mary, who was standing still as a
statue, frozen by the game she was observing. Debbie
slowly reached for my cock, wrapping her fingers around
him. She leaned forward to kiss him gently on the head.
“Good morning, friend,” she whispered before realeasing
him and sitting back.

You could feel the tension slowly leave the room. Mary
plopped down by Debbie and the whispers started. I sat
down and watched them. Debbie was five inches taller and
weighed twenty-five pounds more than Mary. She was
blonde to Mary’s brunette, blue eyed to Mary’s brown.
While Mary’s body felt tight and small, Debbie had a
full, lush, earth mother feel to her, bigger everywhere
but particularly her breasts. She, too, was an excellent
lover when she was not harried.

Thinking I could over hear, they asked me to go in the
bedroom. I was sleepy anyway, so I volunteered for a
nap. I was dozing when the bed moved as Debbie and Mary
got on each side of me.

“Jack?” I grunted.

“Let’s make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?”

“You know. A deal… a deal that eliminates Yvonne or
other women from our lives.”

“She is not in your life. She is in my life.”

Mary swatted me across the stomach with the flat of her
hand. “Honestly, Jack! You are the greatest guy in the
world and I do love you… but, you are such a bastard,
sometimes! We want Yvonne gone from the picture! You
know she is driving us nuts!”

Yes, I knew. That is what I wanted. I sat up, wanting to
look them in the eye.

“What kind of deal?”

They looked at each other as the tension grew.

“Tell me, ladies, what do you want?”

“We want you to give up Yvonne…”

“…and any other girl friends except us.”

I hoped my expression did not change. This was a major
step I had been working on for several months. My goal
was to get both of them to openly and honestly accept
they were both my lovers… the women (rather than
woman) in my life. Now, they both had accepted I would
sleep with both of them. But, I knew to press.

“Alright, let us say I do. What do I get in return?”


“Us how?”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re playing games here. If you want to make a deal,
bring something to the table.”

Debbie started to sweat a little, the beads fine on her
chin. Mary was staring at her.

“Let’s start with honesty. I knew you two have slept


“You told him!!”

“No, I did not. It must have been…”

“How did you know?”

“I guessed. You just confirmed it.”

“You bastard, you tricked us!”

“Yes. Now, let’s be honest with each other for a

“Alright, we started as lovers when we were sophomores
but we have not made love to each other since we started
to date you.”


“Well, it’s true!”

“Honesty, ladies.”

“Okay, honesty. What do you want, Jack?”

“I want everything! Everything, ladies. Total surrender,
which, to be honest, you both enjoy very much. I want
two very loyal and loving little women, my own personal
sluts. I agree you two will be the only women in my
life: I will never date anyone else again… as long as
you keep our agreement.” They both were fighting back
grins, their eyes bright and shiny in happiness.

“I will be the only man in both your lives… no dates,
computer or otherwise. Just me.” This was not much of a
giveaway for them. Neither was dating anyone but me,
except for a rare, friendly drink after work.

“The sex will be wild and delicious, ladies, whenever
and however I want. I do expect a lot of energy and

I got no verbal response, but, their body language told
me I had a deal. I sweetened the offer because they were
what I really wanted and I did not want to let them get

“I will go further. I will sell my house and buy one of
those luxury duplexes going up. Each of you can move in
one unit and live next door to each other. We will be
one big, happy family, a family with one husband and two
wives… two submissive, hot, slutty, wives, so to

“By everything, you mean?”

“Oh, for Pete’s sake, Debbie, even I can figure that
out! I agree, Jack. I will do it. I love you! And, Jack,
I know you love me and I know you love Debbie. You
really are a special man…even if you are a bastard

“Me, too. Everything. And, I love you, too.”

“I love you, Mary. I love you, Debbie. I love each of
you… equally! I really do. I pray you believe that
because it is true.”

I waited for the touching moment to pass. Debbie was
grinning like a Cheshire cat. Mary was smiling, with a
single tear slipping down her right cheek.

“Now, Ladies, undress.”

Once they mentally accepted the deal, neither of them
hesitated. Debbie raced to shed her clothes as Mary
dropped her robe to watch her friend. I took their hands
and pulled them down beside me.

“Is this your first threesome?” I asked looking at Mary.
She smiled shyly and nodded “yes”. I looked at Debbie.
She was beet red. “Debbie?” Mary said. Her lower lip
quivered and she started to cloud up. I pulled her
tight, kissing her. “It’s okay, baby. Tell me about it.”

“Jack, I am not a slut! I like being your slut when it
is just us, the three of us… but, I mean… oh, Carl
(her ex-husband) shared me with a friend, more than
once. I did not like it. You are right about me… I
want to belong to my man. Just to my man. I…”

I kissed her to silence her. “That is all behind you. I
will never share you with another man.” The red, and the
anxiety, drained from her face. “Oh, Jack,” she
whispered. Mary reached across to stroke her friend’s
head in caring support.

Slowly, with apprehension, giggles, and the gradual
loosening of inhibitions, the three of us explored,
learned and enjoyed each other. Intentionally, it was
quite a while before I penetrated either of them. By
then, they both were totally at ease and ready. I
enjoyed two hot, loving, squealing women, one riding my
mouth, the other my cock. Then, I rested as they enjoyed
each other with abandon. Again, I pleasured them. I
heartily recommend it to all of you who have not tried
it. It was everything I had dreamed of.

As the three of us lay together exhausted from our
activities and happy with our new arrangement, we
talked. They were bubbling with excitement about the
three of us, the new housing we would have, being a big,
happy family, so to speak.

I was surprised at their quick and amenable planning of
all the requirements of living as they lay naked on each
side of me. I almost felt the odd man out. Each was
propped on an elbow as they carried on an animated
discussion over me.

Finally, I wrapped an arm tightly around each of them,
holding them against me.

“One more bit of honesty, ladies. Yvonne and I have
never been lovers; I never even kissed her. I hired her
to make the two of you jealous, to force you to come to
this conclusion: the conclusion the three of us should
be one. I would not trade either of you for two of her.
I really do love both of you.”

“God, what a bastard!” Mary said with a grin, love in
her voice and eyes.

“Yeah, but he is our bastard. One hundred percent ours.”

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