Teddy Bears picnic
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I lay on our honeymoon bed, still tied but now only by one wrist and one ankle,
whilst my new husband recovered from our exhausting sex marathon. After he had
fucked me so royally, he had released my left side and allowed me to turn and
had then laid down behind me, spoon fashion. He had slipped one arm under my
head and had cupped my right breast in his hand, his other arm over my body to
cup my cunt in his other hand. His semi erect prick nestled nicely between my
ass cheeks. He had then fallen asleep. I lay awake considering what had
happened to me and my reactions to it all.

I was amazed that I, conventional person that I thought myself to be, had
enjoyed this kinky sex with my new husband. Not just enjoyed but had found
myself aroused beyond anything I had previously experienced. Even now my body
still tingled with the after shocks of my excitement. I could so easily now
unfasten the tie around my wrist to release myself, but I found I had no
inclination to do so. Even the discomfort of not being able to move freely was
a turn on. I remembered how turned on I had been by the mention of clit, nipple
and tongue piercings. I began to imagine what I would look like with rings in
my clit and nipples. I couldn’t imagine a ring in my tongue but I guessed that
a stud similar to my ear studs might be nice. I imagined sucking Ted off with
a stud in my tongue. I bet he would enjoy the extra sensations that would give
him. The more I thought about this subject, the more I wanted to do it.

Eventually, of course, I drifted off to sleep.


I was dreaming. I dreamed I was in the office, surrounded by all my
associates. They were all staring at me. I looked down. I was naked. I was
also sporting nipple rings joined by a gold chain. From the centre of this
chain a second chain dropped down my body to pass through a ring in my belly
button and from there to a ring in my clit. My pubic area was naked of hair
and my sex was clear to their view. I was standing with my legs spread apart.
Around my ankles were straps which were joined by a metal rod, keeping my legs
apart. A second rod ran from the centre of this spreader bar and up to a end in
a rubber dildo which was buried in my cunt. I looked up to see that my arms
were pulled apart above my head. Around my wrists were straps similar to those
around my ankles and they were joined together with a bar too. This bar was
suspended from a hook in the ceiling. There was someone behind me, a man. He
was close into my body. I could feel his prick nestling between my ass cheeks.
I looked down again. His hands were cupping my breasts. My nipples were
hard, my clit tingled, my body was fully roused and I could feel a hard prick
nudging between my legs and into my sopping wet cunt.

I woke to the reality. I lay on my side, Ted was spoon fashion behind me, his
hands cupping my breasts, his thumbs thrumming at my nipples. His prick was
indeed deep in my cunt from behind. My hand wrist and ankle were still secured
as they had been when I had fallen asleep. I found myself falling into rhythm
with his slow, deep thrusts into the satin depths of my body. As he pushed
into me I pushed my pelvis down to assist his penetration; when he pulled
himself back I strained my cunt muscles to hold him tight and thus increase my
pleasure. He whispered obscenities in my ear which seamed to increase my state
of arousal because of my previous innocence. I twisted my head in an attempt
to kiss him. He co-operated and soon our tongues were mimicking his movements
in my lower body. My whole body tingled with expectation. I felt like crying
with my excitement, it was so wonderfully delicious. We fucked like this for
what seemed to be an eternity before we both came explosively. Afterwards he
released me so that we could shower and prepare for the day ahead.

When I came out of the shower it was to find that he had laid out my clothes
for the day. He had chosen a matching bra and brief set made from a very soft,
satiny material. The bra was designed to give support without leaving any
outline under tight evening wear. (Except for my nipples, should they become
erect.) The brief’s were high cut at the thigh, with a tight V shape at the
front, and a thong back. He had selected self grip stockings that had a shiny
finish. All these were a virginal white that I had specially chosen to reflect
my new bride status. The dress he had chosen was of Chinese cut, a pale blue,
very tight with a high collar. It clung to me like a second skin. The skirt
came down to my ankles but was slit on one side right up to the top of my
thigh. I had thought it very sexy when I had seen it in the shop, a mixture of
conformity with whorish overtones. Seeing it on me in the long dressing
mirror, I was convinced that it was far to blatantly sexy to be worn during the
day. It was very much a “take me to bed” dress. Thank God that I had taken
such great pains with my exercise regime so that I would look my best for the
wedding. It was paying off in spades with this dress. He had finished the
selection with a pair of low heeled black slipper shoes and an arm band for my
upper arm which was a golden snake which wound around my arm three times. The
snake was sucking his own tail.

“This is to remind you that you are my cock sucking slave” he told me as he put
it in place. I smiled shyly at him. Though I had never sucked cock before
last night, I had enjoyed it enormously, but I was still shocked at my own
ready subservience and eager obedience to him.

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