Alisha Loves Parties
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A story about the drunken wife who is mauled by three
Sometime back I read a story on the net about how a
person took his wife to a friend’s house where she
didn’t know most of the people. There, he got his wife
drunk and then lifted her skirt to show her panties to
everyone. That story got me so worked up and horny
that I decided to replay that scene with my young and
sexy wife Alisha.

The opportunity came when a friend of mine from work
invited us to a party at his house. I decided that was
the perfect opportunity because Alisha didn’t know
anyone from my work and I knew that she would be in
the midst of total strangers.

Now Alisha loves parties and she was happy to be
invited to one. I told her to put on her short red
wrap-around skirt with her black skin hugging top. She
liked to look sexy and it was no trouble getting her
to dress provocatively. She even asked, “Honey, do you
want me to wear stockings or pantyhose on my legs”.

I thought about it for a second, then I said,
“Sweetie, I want you to go with nothing on your legs.
But go ahead and put those sexy panties that you
bought the other day, because your skirt is rather
short and revealing.”


Now my wife generally obeys me as far as dressing is
concerned. I allayed all her fears that she would feel
cold by saying that she would be traveling in a warmed
up car and she would not have to walk much to my
colleague’s house from where we park. Not knowing what
was in store for her, she agreed. Another reason why
she agreed was because I like to put my hand on her
naked thighs when I drive and she likes to dress
appropriately for that.

I also told her to put on a padded bra with pointed
tips under her blouse top. I took this picture while
she was still trying to find proper attire from her
clothes drawer. She had a black panty on while she is
searching for her clothes.

Once she came out of the room fully dressed, I
couldn’t believe how sexy and beautiful she was
looking. Her long white legs were totally naked all
the way up to mid-thighs. She had red skirt on, with
no hose, just soft bare skin for my pleasure. She had
black skin tight top clearly revealing the shape of
her melons jutting out of her chest. She had on a red
lipstick and red heels giving her the appearance of a
something between a slutty housewife and a whore. We
arrived at the party safely. Throughout the way, I
played with her naked thighs.

At the party, she quickly gulped one glass of wine
even before I had an opportunity to introduce her to
the host. With second glass of wine in hand, (and
first inside her stomach), I started to introduce her
to others. It was my pleasure to display her sexy body
to every male member in the party. It was like saying,
hey look what I got. You don’t own her, I do. Holding
her in my arms, I paraded Alisha in front of everyone.
I specially noticed three young, horny men ogling her
thighs trying to determine, if she has any hose on or
not and how far they can see under her skirt.

After the introductions, I made her sit in the middle
of the most luxurious sofa so that her body was pushed
back and her skirt rode up her thighs to expose her
thighs all the way up to her panties. Alisha clinched
her thighs together. She was aware of the fact that
her thighs and legs were on display for everyone in
the room to see and admire. I knew that the feeling of
men admiring her, turns her on and makes her wet
especially if good looking young studs are the

I sat next to her while chatting with my colleagues.
Somehow, I was not totally satisfied with the
situation because she failed to publicly display her
crotch and panties. So I gave her another drink. After
she gulped half glass, I pulled her to me and started
to kiss her. Her hot mouth responded immediately to my
probing tongue and she returned my kisses. I knew her
pussy was getting wet. Now, I pulled her more towards
me making sure that in the process she opens up her
legs. By this time, she was getting a little tipsy and
did not care that her legs opened up. She put one leg
up on the table giving everyone a clear view of her
crotch and her very small sheer black panties. Now my
wife if exposed can arouse the animal in a dead beat,
not to mention those three young horny studs that by
now clearly had an erection visible from their pants.
They were mesmerized by this immodest display of
Alisha’s naked legs and crotch. They were shamelessly
peeking at her pussy, covered with sheer panties only.

I got immediate erection and satisfaction that now
most men in the room were watching her, trying to
strip her naked with their eyes, guessing how this
foxy lady would look like without clothes on. I
decided this is enough. It was time for her to remove
her panties.

I whispered in her ear, “Alisha honey, you are wet.
You will ruin your panties, so I will have to take ’em
off now.” I am not sure that under half drunk state,
she fully understood me.

I lifted her from the sofa, she was so drunk by now
that she could barely stand up. I held her by arms and
took her to one of the bedrooms in the back. I made
her stand by the wall, spread her legs, and pulled her
panties down. She did put up some resistance but I did
not pay any attentions to her mumblings. I put her
panties in my pocket.

Now I brought her back to the party room. This time
she was totally naked under her small wrap-around
skirt. By this time, I was fully enjoying myself. One
more time I paraded her in front of everyone making
sure that every young male in the room had a good look
at all her charms.

Alisha was getting real drunk. I knew if I made her
sit on the sofa again, she would display clear weaver
shots to everyone across from her. I just was not
ready to cross the limits of decency by showing
everyone her naked pussy as there were older men and
ladies present in the room. I decided that it is
better to take her to somewhat secluded room.

I did find a room in the back. This room was small, I
guess used as a second sitting room. This room also
had a bar with drinks counter. But very few guests
were coming to this room to get drinks. The room had a
red love seat in a corner and a stereo radio. She
immediately started to play with the radio. In the
process, her round buttocks became fully exposed. I
took some pictures of her in this pose.

Then, I told Alisha to finish the wine glass quickly
and lay down on the love seat and relax.

She liked the idea and like a log, slumped on the love
seat. Her eyes half closed, her clothes in disarray
(specially her skirt). I lifted her legs and put ’em
on the sides of the love seat. This way her legs were
now higher than the rest of her beautiful body. Skirt
skidded all the way up her thighs to the junction of
her legs.

I looked at her in this condition. I got my camera out
of my pocket and took few pictures of her lying there.

Then, I rearranged her skirt to cover her legs to
maximum possible extent, which was not really much.
And left the room to join the group.


When I went back to the main room, those studs
immediately noticed that my sexy bombshell wife was
missing. Their eyes were searching for her. I was
chatting with the host for few minutes when I noticed
one stud was missing. I got a little puzzled and
decided to go back to the room where my wife was.

Sure enough, he was there, looking at her, admiring
her beauty and slowly sipping his drink. He saw me,
and immediately walked out of the room. Alisha was
still lying on the sofa except that now her one leg
was down on the floor while other still up on the sofa
thereby spreading her legs. The man had the decency to
at least not un-cover her totally. However, a portion
of her black pubic patch was now visible with strands
of hairs sticking out under the red skirt. Her slit
was also visible. I took some pictures from different
angles in various semi-nude positions.

Then I moved her leg back on the sofa and straighten
up her skirt. Now was the time to remove her bra.

I pulled her blouse up above her bra. I moved her to
the side and unhooked her bra. Suddenly her breasts
sprang into action. One thing I like about Alisha is
her nipples are always erect when exposed to cold air.
Her usually erect tits were totally standing up at
least 1″ above her firm round breasts and pointing
towards the ceiling.

Considering that there may be someone coming in to the
room any time, I took out my pocket knife and quickly
cut her bra straps, so that I could remove her bra
completely. While, I was pulling her bra away from her
body, she suddenly opened her eyes. She saw me and
said, “What are you doing?”

I said, “Sweetie pie, just relax it is only me.” I
replaced her blouse so as to cover her boobs. Her
erect nipples clearly visible through the thin
material of the blouse. Then I said “Honey, you
haven’t finished your drink.” I lifted her to upright
position and helped her gulp some more wine.

She took a sip, “Honey,” she asked, “Where were you
and why did you take off my panties? I had a horrible
dream that a bunch of men came in here, they opened my
legs and they touched my pussy.”

I replied, “Sweetie, no one came here. It must just be
a dream. Maybe you were dreaming of those young studs
at the party.”

She didn’t say anything.

I continued, “Just relax and enjoy the feeling. I took
off your panties so you because I’m turned on at how
great you look and knowing you�re your naked under
your dress make me crazy for you. I took off your bra
for the same reason. So just relax and let your hubby
enjoy his arousal.”

She appeared satisfied with my answer.

“Baby, let me check out your pussy,” I said as I
spread her legs and put my finger in her pussy. Sure
enough, it was totally wet. She was so wet that she
was oozing down her thighs. I said, “See sweetie,
you’re enjoying this party after all your pussy it all

I told her that I still need to take care of some
business and we need to stay about 1/2 hour more. I
suggested she stay in this room and enjoy her drink
while I go to the main room and discuss business. I
also told her to relax on the sofa, half close her
eyes and fantasize about having sex with some young

She smiled and said, “Okay honey.”

I was not sure what to do with her bra. For heck of
it, I left her red 34c bra on the floor for everyone
to see whosoever would come to the room.

When I left Alisha, her legs were back on the sofa
arm, her skirt flap, back on her legs (but not
fastened), skirt properly arranged, blouse a little
bit hiked up to show a peek of the bottom of her

Then I announced in a rather loud voice that I had to
go out for a smoke and I will be back in 20 minutes.
While I was leaving the room, I could not help
noticing those 3 men walking towards the back room
where my lovely wife was laying on the couch drunk and
helpless. Taking my sweet time, saying hello to
everyone, I went into the back room after a few
minutes I came back.

When I entered the room, 2 men were there. I came back
to check on her from time to time and found her in all
sorts of undress.

Next time, I noticed that someone had untied one knot
of her skirt causing one flap to hang loose on the
side, thereby partially exposing her pussy. I stayed
with the party for few minutes, and then again
announced that I have to go to the store to pick up a
pack of cigarettes and I will be back in 20 minutes.
When I left, I peeked back and sure enough, all three
studs were moving towards the back room where my
helpless wife was laying down, half-naked at the mercy
of the party guests.


I re-entered the party in less than 7 minutes. I did
not see any of those three guys and had a good idea
where they would be. Very slowly, I sneaked into the
back room. In an effort not to disturb the gentlemen
at work, Tiptoeing, I tried to listen to any sounds
from the room. Sure enough, there were clear sounds of
my wife moaning with pleasure.

Suddenly her voice stopped as if someone had gagged
her. I peeked into the room. What I saw gave me an
immediate hard-on. All 3 of them were at her. I could
see my wife’s naked body. Her skirt was fully open.
both skirt flaps were on the side exposing her pubic
area. Her black pussy hairs were sticking up in the

They had moved one of her legs to the floor and the
other one folded back so as to open and fully expose
her honey pot and even her wet pink slit. They had
moved her hands all the way north, and her blouse was
pulled up above her head hanging by her elbows. She
was lying totally naked in front of three strangers
and anyone else who would have bothered to go to the

One guy was sitting on the floor between her legs, he
was licking her pussy. I guess his licking was the
cause of the moaning that I heard. Second man was
standing by Alisha’s side. He had his hands full of my
wife’s firm breasts. I saw him squeeze her breasts and
twist her nipples. Third guy actually had climbed on
sofa so that his dick was in my wife’s mouth. His
penis was the gag that made her shut up.

While I was watching this, I had my pecker out and I
was stroking it fiercely and came in my hands. Luckily
I had napkins with me. The first guy was now licking
Alisha’s pussy with eyes closed. Second guy was now
moving his hands all over her body, feeling her
stomach, her navel, her belly and belly button. He
also grabbed her pubic hair and tried to pull them

Third guy was pumping hard in her mouth. Suddenly, he
made strange sounds like he was being sacrificed. I
knew he had just cum in my wife’s mouth. With her
mouth full of cum, her body being massaged, and her
pussy licked, I knew she would cum very soon. I
decided to wait and watch. Suddenly, I heard
suppressed voices from my wife. She was shamelessly
making the same sounds in front of these strangers
that she makes when she cum with me.

I decided it was time to stop them before they make a
common whore out of her. So, I walked back to the
party area, but immediately returned to the back room.
However, this time I was making footstep noises and
shouting, “Let me get a drink from the back room”
making sure the men with my wife would hear me.
Immediately, I saw all three of them rapidly coming
out of the room, trying to adjust their clothing. The
second guy still was holding his penis in his hands.

As, I entered the room, Alisha was lying on the sofa
the way they left her. fully naked wearing only the
smile of satisfaction on her face. I knew she had
enjoyed the escapade very much and she has cum
already. I kiss her on the lips and warm cum came in
my mouth. She smelled of cum all over. Her cunt juices
flowing out of her pussy, her breasts firmed up,
nipple still sticking straight up.

I said, “Sweetie, what on earth are you doing lying
here stark naked, in someone else’s house when a party
is going on in the other room?”

She opened her eyes, looked surprised and she said,
“I-I… was dreaming that I was getting fucked by
three young studs.”

“What is in your mouth?” I asked sternly.

She immediately swallowed the cum and said, “Nothing,
see!” She innocently opened her mouth and I could
still see cum in there.

I said, “Come on slut, get up, we’re going home.
Enough party for you for one night.”

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