Admitting my secret to my girlfriend
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For about a year now I’ve progressively been getting thoughts of wanting to be a girl, or at least dressing like one, acting like one, pretending to be one. I thought it was strange at first but then it grew on me, until these became the only thoughts that could get me off. I wanted to be a little whore, someones little slut. I then started thinking about how I couldn’t ever let my girlfriend know about these things, or what she would do if she caught me dressing up; but strange thoughts still rushed into my mind. My girlfriend – I never thought about if maybe she would enjoy seeing me like this? What if she would like to dominate me and pretend she was the man for once and fuck a little slut? I started thinking about different situations of her dressing me up as a girl and fucking me, until these became the thoughts that got me off.

My girlfriend and I frequently get eachother off using hands or mouths about whenever we get the chance. One day she decided to make the move on my couch while we were laying down side by side. She began groping the crotch of my jeans until there was a rock hard bulge and my cock was screaming to break out of the tight leather belt. She unstrapped the belt and stuck her hand down the front of my jeans and began grabbing my balls, and rolling them around softly in her hand. I rolled over to my side so she was behind me, and she began thrusting into me (she knew that I liked this from before). She grabbed onto my hard dick and gripped onto it strongly.
“Uhn!” I moaned as she continued to hump me.
“You like this don’t you?”. She started stroking my cock slowly.
“I love it when you hump me like that”, I gasped.

She pulled down my pants with her feet and I pulled my shirt over my head. I was fully exposed. She continued to play with me.
“I kind of wish I could fuck you in the ass.”, she said nervously.
I was surprised at what she said, and happy at the same time as this was something I had slightly imagined her saying. It opened the perfect opportunity for me to tell her what’s really been turning me on lately.
“Really?!”, I said surprised.
“Yea.”, she answered simply.
I reached behind and pulled her into me making her thrust harder.
“I kind of wish you could, too”, I said with a shake in my voice.
“Really?”, she whispered.
“Yes, I would really want that”
“If I had a strap-on, I would soo fuck you.”
“This is really turning me on…”. My dick pulsated.
“Would you like it if I dressed like a girl?”, I asked.
“That would be really hot.”, she answered – surprisingly.

We had a long conversation while she humped my naked body and stroked my hard dick. I told her I’d really like to be her little slut and dress like a slutty little girl so she could fuck me with a strap-on. I told her I’d like if she dressed like a guy and we reversed roles. I’d suck her dick and lick her balls and then let her fuck me any way she’d like.

“You fucking slut!”, she whispered to me – cock in her hand.
“You little fucking whore!”
“Ohhh!”, I moaned.
I came more than I had ever come before.

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