Hypno woman
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Time was his home. Home was his time. To enjoy, to know, to
experience everything that ever was and ever will be. Centuries past and
future were his present always, for there was never a past or future for
him. He was the time-traveller, experiencing, intervening in, guiding the
present of millions as he became a part of their moments of now. Age knew
him not, for he knew not age or its heritage, its inheritance belonging to
others, but never to him. Never to him. The loneliness of forever moments
of now knew him not, for he was never lonely, never alone unless he chose
to be, content in his future always arriving at his feet in the
ever-present moments of now.

Boredom knew him not, for he was never bored. With the chosen
entertainment of any century that had been, any century that was to be, his
enjoyment never waned, never tired, never rested. And of his origin
century he knew not, for he was no longer a part of his birthplace. His
home was the ever-present, always existing stars of mankind. In them and
through them he travelled always, seeking, searching, experiencing, living,
loving, knowing, learning all and sundry that was to be known, that existed
for his pleasure, for his purpose. The infinity of time immemorial was
open to him always, for through and within that eternal portal did he make
and leave his mark often. And when he was done he was gone. None knew he
had ever left, but all knew he had been. For they and their lives had been
touched forever more by, the time-traveller.

Mankind was small in number by comparison to other centuries, living in
groups in caves in the mountains or by the sea in small clans. Food was
always scarce, danger was always near and threatening, loved ones died
often in many painful ways, sometimes through sickness, sometimes through
not enough food in the case of the very young or the very old, sometimes by
the large animals they, too, would feast upon when the opportunity
presented itself. And sometimes they died at any age by the hands of those
who would come amongst their midst while they slept or were not watchful
enough. They would fight and they would kill some of the invaders, and
some of them would always die. It was a savage century, a brutal time in
the history of man, a primitive, primeval place of darkness between men and
women. He chose this time to grace his presence, and into this time did
his presence go forth in earnest once again to those who lived within it,
to see what this time could offer him by way of learning, by way of
entertainment, by way of loving, by way pf his divine purpose.

* *

Marla hid trembling in terror as the large prehistoric beast passed by
quickly, the ground thundering with each giant step forward the creature
took. The ground upon which she stood shook and moved frighteningly. The
noise was deafening. She pressed herself flat against the large boulder,
recalling only that she was supposed to do that. Marla had become
separated from the foragers as they gathered the day’s fruits and fodder.
They would think she was dead, the others of her tribe, and simply go on as
if she had never existed. Her eyes misted painfully. Gathering flowers in
the wild had always been exciting and fun, so beautiful, so many colours;
when placed in her long, matted golden locks she would gaze for hours at
her reflection in the pools of water or in the river when they washed their
bodies. She became lost in thoughts of her sure and certain end, crunched
in the jaws of the beast or trodden on beneath its thundering legs.

Gradually she became aware of the silence. Marla felt her awareness
dragged slowly back to the rock she faced, pressed tightly against, her
chest and thighs attempting to merge with the density of sheer granite
eventually relaxing and moving back to see of the beast, but it was gone;
of it there was not one single sign. She breathed deeply, thinking nothing
of the threat to her existence now, now that it had passed. Her thoughts
quickly returned to normal. She had to find the others. She turned and
ran at full speed in the direction of her tribe’s cave, only one thought
foremost in her mind – to get home, as fast as her legs could carry her.

* * He had watched her plight, and had then watched her run. His
thoughts took him to head her off, to meet her when she could not see
around the next corner, the next tree, the next fork in the scattered leaf
track through the dense forest. Then he was there, waiting.

Marla raced through the dense underbrush, thin leaves whipping her face
and arms as she tore through them, her terror now a thing of the past. She
just wanted to get home as fast as her powerful thighs could take her
fleetingly across the carpeted leafy forest floor. She rounded a bend,
past tall trees that drank of the sky itself, her ankles pumping up and
down, springing her forward at a very fast pace, propelling her onwards
towards the safety of her cave and the men-protectors of her tribe. She
did not have a man yet, being not twenty sets of seasons old, but soon she
would. Soon would come the choosing. Then, she, too, would be protected
by her own man, with he who had looked on her often as she had bathed her
body in the river or the pools when he believed she had not seen. He, the
tall one with the fire in his eyes for her. Yes. She had seen him, many
times, watching, always watching.

Marla would never know what happened next. One minute she had been
racing as fast as her legs could carry her, the next instant she hit the
ground, flat on her back with a thud that knocked the living breath from
her body. She lay there in extreme and excruciating pain, gasping for air,
stunned and confused, her eyes glazed, her mind dazed and numb.

Then she saw him and her eyes cleared, focussing instantly, widening
like the pools at the river’s edge. She tried to scream, but could not
draw breath for she had none within her body upon which to draw. Her lungs
burned, aching for cool air while he stood looking down at her, eyes cold
and cruel, a tall man of muscular frame. Strange furs of darkened colour,
his shape and form easily seen as her terrified gaze swept quickly up and
down his height. Her pulse raced and pounded in her temples as the air
returned slowly to her body its full alertness. Her heart hammered inside
her ribs.

Marla tried to move, but could not, held fast to the ground by some
invisible force, trapping her there before him, at his mercy, vulnerable.
She prepared to meet her ancestors for he surely was the most feared
invader she had ever seen. She would not survive to gather any more
flowers. The tears formed quickly and streamed from her eyes, running down
her cheeks, washing swathes through the dirt and dust on her face to leave
whitened trails of their historic journey from the lids of her eyes.

He moved over to where she lay ambushed within the strength of his
mental hypnotic gaze and knelt beside her trembling form, knowing she could
not move or run, yet was fully alert in every way. He knelt beside her,
staring down into her terrified eyes and face; could see her chest heaving
in terror as her mouth opened and closed trying to scream, yet could not.
He laid his arm about her neck and kissed her full on her open mouth with a
passionate tongue-kiss, while she stared open-eyed at him the whole time.
Then he stood and stripped off his clothes while she watched, still
wide-eyed. Then he removed the thick animal fur from her paralysed body
and stood gazing down at her and the furry nest of blonde wisp matting her
open thighs.

With a sense of stirring in his groin he was aware of her soft flesh,
her smooth skin, pale of colour except for the dirt around her feet and
ankles. He had not been sure of the formation of mankind in this time, but
now he relaxed, inside and out. He reached down once again, and, with his
strong arms, lifted and carried the terrorised young woman, her body
quivering, into the forest and away from the beaten track where he laid her
gently down onto a thick soft bed of forest floor.

He looked at her and he saw. She was an exceedingly little woman,
perfectly apportioned, like a little doll, with a tawney surface that cast
a natural essence unblended with the choice fragrance and greases of
centuries to come. An active musk of the forest arose from her damp brush
and from her armpits. There was something supremely native about this
woman, and he had grown bored of late with the women who bestowed upon
their own bodies. He was strangely affected by her and he moved against

Marla lay frozen against her will, trapped and terrorised beyond words
she could ever have formed in her primitive brain. She swallowed, trying
to control her breathing. Her heavy hair was hot against the back of her
neck and shoulders. Her buttocks clenched and unclenched in fear and her
bladder had emptied quickly. Her nipples extended, engorged and hardened,
as did that precious core between her thighs that she played with when
alone at night or in the safety of the forest, away from prying eyes. It
pulsed and throbbed between the folded lips of the now-trembling junction
of her creamy thighs.

He pressed her against the forest floor, cupping her breast, kissing her
mouth, sucking her nipples painfully, rousingly, torching her lower belly
and loins in a way she had never experienced before in her life. Her mind
and senses screamed in confusion, acting independently of her conscious
thoughts while her body took on a mind all of its own, far beyond her
control as she responded unconsciously, frightened beyond belief.

This young woman seemed to be like an angelic animal, struggling and
strongly silent from the jaws of death, as if quite used to being in such a
crisis. There was a pattern to the cringing and shaking of her skin when
he fell upon her in his lust of the moment, feeling instantly with modest
penetration only there was no assessed way in which she trembled her hips
against his thighs, clasped tightly in the hollow of her saddle. Just a
few kisses on her exceedingly small mouth, coupled with a small measure of
finger-play were enough to arouse a series of erratic seizures radiating
from her pulsating internal mystery, creasing her body with desires that
are commonly the consequence of a male’s burning expulsion.

One after another, in quick continuance, a number of animalistic
exclamations exploded from her lips as the surges of delirium breached and
bubbled along her flesh. She was so defenceless and carnal to his very
least movements that he was greatly flattered and affected. He even felt
afraid to hilt her with his colossal sword, as if dreading he might kill
her with it, and so for a time, withdrew from between her milky liquid

For a good while he was content to enjoy her clasping and scraping at
his skin, simply as a result of letting his fingertips tickle the perimeter
of the delicate starfish between her buttocks. He strengthened his
thoughts. Then it was she, easing below his knee, smearing his leg with
her dewy sap, bending round and lowering her head to his considerable

Marla sucked the soft pulpy tip of it, so large that her cherry lips
could hardly fit over, while he parted her firm bottom with his palms and
let his fingers play, both with her starfish as well as the fluttering
drizzling thread beneath it. Then he prised her legs wide apart, and,
forcing them back so that her saddle was fully assailable he cradled his
chest against her soft legs. Her heart pounded and her pulsed throbbed
throughout her body as its stretching began in earnest.

He saw the fur grew thinly about the unwrinkled slit of her moist purse,
and, as he lifted himself into position he snatched a cutting glance at the
two firm mounds folding firmly inwards against each other. As she placed
her tiny hands on his buttocks he reached down with one hand, and, parting
the swelling mounds with two fingers, introduced the head of his enormous
member into the tight opening, as close and as small as her lips.

She was a maiden. He smiled with previous knowing. Nature had awarded
her with such a cramped wrapper it actually hurt him as his broad organ
fathomed it. He moved it to the right and to the left, swallowing the pain
deeply into his own throat as he plunged and reared, causing her body to
thrash with each stroke. He stretched the sheath which clung to his shaft
as firmly as his own skin while she threw her legs about his waist, giving
short, rasping animalistic cries, undisguised by any complexity. Her
narrow case clasped and sucked on his organ. Like a water-pump it drew the
burning fluid from his firm testicles up the fibrous drains of his organ,
swelling hard along the lower surfaces of her velvet burrow. Then at last
the frosty fluid spilled in forceful jets, swelling her fleshy thimble that
ended her pulsing, quivering canal, each gush causing a piercing howl from
her lips and the sinking of her teeth deep into his muscular chest.

After resting for only seconds he wasted no more preliminaries and
sprang himself inside her hot wet slit wildly, losing her grip in the
process. Savagely he spread her legs, throwing them open like an animal
about to be feasted upon by its predator. He forced her thighs back so
that her protruding orifice was pressed against his chest, streaking it
with her woman’s wetness. As she locked her hands about his neck
unconsciously and unknowingly the fear shined brilliantly in her wide round

Trying to escape the terrors and fears Marla bucked and heaved beneath
him, but to no avail. He jerked upwards, tore her centre open roughly with
his hands and thrust his organ deep into her meaty moistness again and
again and again. He hammered against her loins, her cradle, wild grunts
burst forth from her foaming lips as the animal victory cries of the
conqueror erupted from his own.

Marla sank her teeth deep into his shoulder as she was lashed with such
brutality and lust, the like of which she had never experienced nor
imagined could possibly be. She gouged his back with her claws, drawing
blood in her own heat and rising passion and raw animal lust. When his
hands clawed at her breasts, drawing blood from her torn nipples she
lowered her fingers from his sliced shoulders in defeat.

They rocked and tossed amongst the leafy forest floor so violently the
ground seemed to move beneath her twisting and rolling buttocks. The earth
shuddered beneath his violence and her own now unsolicited and tumultuous
responses until at last the searing liquid of his violence again surged up
the plunging stem hilting inside her heaving and bucking junction, bursting
from the swollen head, spattering her insides with a million tiny beads of
fire and brimstone, sending her into death-like convulsions within her own
deafening screams.

* * * Many, many times, and in many, many ways throughout that long
afternoon did he enjoy and empty of himself deeply inside her tight
confines, flooding her until she seeped copiously with the frosty white
nectar of his unborn. Her own passion had been unleashed as many times at
the peak of her wild cries of rapture from enforced sheer raw lust. Her
strength of her passing peaks and moments astonished him greatly, and with
the spending of his passion for mankind’s future time and time again did he
draw from her deepest loins the milk and nectar of her own unknown
motherhood in repeated and relentless never-before-experienced lust and
unbridled passion.

Over and over did she scream and shriek her joy, her pain, and her
hitherto unknown ecstasy until she finally moaned the loss of her life’s
fading energy, drinking him finally and lastly with her centre, draining
him dry, extracting from him fully and completely his last drop of wine.
He sensed it when it came and he knew and made ready one last time,
exploding and emptying, filling her channel to overflowing once again,
until finally he lay breathless over her, blanketing her shimmering breasts
and neck with appreciative burning kisses.

Marla lay quiet beneath him in their aftermath in wide-eyed wonder at
this sensual giant who had enlarged her pleasure to its utmost. He parted
from her slowly and fully as she moaned his leaving of her still-tight
chamber as night was falling. And then he was gone from her as quickly as
he had come, leaving her lying alive, but lifeless on the soft carpet of
leaves, her legs spread wide, her apex seeping of its blended mix of
honey-dewed nectar and ageless wine, star-eagled, her eyes wide and staring
at the soft approach of the coming night sky through the leafy breaks in
the forest-green roof.

He knew her mind was closed in perfect contentment, but only for the
moment. Her breasts shimmered in the glistening sweat of that which had
taken her mind, body and senses by storm. He had simply gone, having
intervened yet again, as was his right and decreed destiny to hopefully
leave his mark on the future breeding quality, stock, and intelligence of
mankind and their generations unending to come, enlivening the mental and
physical spark that would bring them eventually from the caves, or at
least, help them to survive while still living in them. It was time once
again to move on, to another time, another century, and to another woman’s
warm and waiting nest.

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