Ariel and Maia by Ajax
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“AH, AH-AH-AH, mm, FUCK,” Ariel gasped as I pounded my dick into her
from behind. I had her skinny little body bent over the top of the living
room sofa, her thick auburn hair hanging down around her head. We were
both fourteen, with no adults around that one summer afternoon.

Her jean shorts and tiny white panties puddled down around her bare feet
and long legs. My hands felt up her little tits under her little pink
halter-top, then pulled back to rest on Ari’s naked hips.

“Ohmyfuckingod, Matt,” Ariel exclaimed as I shot my pearly load inside
her. She slapped her hands on the leather seats of the sofa as she came.
As I unloaded inside her, I stared over her and out the giant picture
windows of her family’s palatial home overlooking Lake Michigan.

“FUUUCK, babe,” I moaned. I was admiring Ariel’s sweet backside as I
jizzed in her, but I was imagining cumming in the pussy of her
thirteen-year old sister, Maia. Why? Maia had bigger tits and wide hips,
a Marilyn Monroe compared to Ariel’s lithe body type. Plus, Maia had been
flirting with me hard starting two weeks earlier. Weak but wishful
thinking, right?

I pulled out of Ariel after a final pump of cum. I leaned over her,
catching my breath. My now-softening dick hung low, our combined juices
dripping down and off it, onto her right inside thigh.

Suddenly, I felt something pushing aside my right leg. Then, a warm
wetness engulfing my rod. I looked down and saw Maia sucking my dick. She
slurped on my sperm and her sister’s juices.

“You little whore, didn’t take you long!” Ariel laughed as she tumbled
forward over the sofa, to get out of her sister’s way. Maia had full
access to me now. Maia had the wide hazel eyes of her sister, and the same
auburn hair. Maia’s hairdo was a modified pageboy, anime-style. Super
long in front, super short in back. It all fell away from her face as she
stared up at me, sucking me. Her fat tits jiggled just out of my reach.

“You knew?” I gasped at Ariel. She just giggled and leaned back on the
sofa, working my jizz out of her tight hole with one finger.

My cock got so damn hard. “Been watching you,” Maia managed between
slurps. “I need it.”

“Need it all?” I groaned. Maia stopped sucking on me. She looked up at
me with her big brown eyes and nodded. Then, she turned around and bent
over the back of the sofa, like her sister had earlier.

“Mmm, you’ll love it, ” Ariel whispered loudly to her sis. Ari worked
her clit hard as she stared at us longingly.

I pushed my rod into to Maia’s tight little twat slowly. “OhhhFUCK,
ohmigodohmigod,” Maia exclaimed. I needed to feel her big tits, so I
leaned over her and grabbed on tight while I pistoned in and out of her.

“OHHhhFUCK, sis,” Ariel yelled as she came with a furious flurry of her
hand on her vag. “I wanna taste your cum,” she moaned.

Did she mean me or Maia? I couldn’t tell; I was busy enjoying the feel
of Maia’s little nipples and her tight, wet snatch. It encouraged me,
though. I pumped faster; after a couple of minutes, I jizzed inside my
girlfriend’s little sister.

“Ahhhh, I feel it,” Maia gasped. Her legs shook as she came. I
reluctantly pulled my hands away from her firm little boobs to brace myself
on the back of the sofa.

After Maia finished, she crawled over the top of the sofa and straddled
her sister’s face. Ariel grabbed her sister’s buttcheeks and pulled her
close to lap up our sex juices. All I could do was watch. I wiped the
sweat off my brow and rubbed my wet cock as I watched the sisters go to
town on each other. I realized this wasn’t the first time for them. I
hoped I could be a part of this, at least for the rest of the summer.

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