Suzi’s Erotic Odyssey
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Over the next few days, Suzi was a busy woman. She found
an attractive guy at a singles’ bar and charmed him, before
they both headed to a hotel room for some privacy – and sex.
She also went back to the highway diner and seduced another
trucker, her third thus far. The insatiable slut added to
her ever-growing list of conquests when she had sex with a
delivery man. The man had brought a sealed package to her
apartment and asked her to sign for it. Suzi did, but then
she turned up the heat and fucked the lucky guy.
Despite all of this sexual activity, the young woman
could not get the image of Kathy and Tim – the couple she
met in the forest – out of her mind. Every single time she
would concentrate on Tim and remember what he felt like,
Suzi would start to get goosebumps and erotic chills all
over her body. Tim had a very big cock and knew how to use
it, and that excited Suzi. The knowledge that Kathy and Tim
ran a swinger’s club made Suzi all the more excited.

10. Suzi’s Erotic Odyssey – The House Call

It was the early afternoon on a Sunday as Suzi sat in her
apartment, wasting the day away. She had been thinking
about Kathy and Tim constantly throughout the weekend, and
finally decided, out of the blue, that it was time to go and
pay them a visit at their house.
The married couple had given her their address and phone
number, and Suzi debated whether or not she should call them
first. “No,” she decided. “I’ll just surprise them!”
The slut fixed her hair and make-up, and then was out the
door and headed to her car in the parking lot. A short time
later, she was driving in her vehicle, en route for her new
friends’ home. Suzi knew where their street was.
She had dressed rather casually on this day, but still
looked beautiful in her outfit. The gorgeous blonde wore a
pair of skimpy pink shorts, made of cotton, and a white
t-shirt with a big red heart design on the front. A pair of
white sneakers and matching socks were her footwear.

Suzi arrived at the address, double-checked it, then got
out of her vehicle after parking it on the street. Tim and
Kathy lived in a nice house, Suzi thought. It was a good
size and two stories in height. The house was brown and the
front lawn was green and neat, looking very well-taken care
of. Two cars were in the driveway. Suzi figured that one
belonged to Kathy, and the other to Tim.
Purse in hand, Suzi strolled up to the front door and
rang the bell. There was no answer at first, so she rang
the bell again and knocked twice on the door. Noises were
heard from inside, and soon the door opened.
“SUZI!” Tim immediately exclaimed, his eyes bugged out
and staring at the young beauty before him. He definitely
did not expect to have her show up at his doorstep today.
Suzi smiled and giggled softly. “Ooooh, hi Tim.” She
shook her head and coyly added, “You look very different in
actual clothing.” Another giggle escaped from her lips.
Tim looked down and noticed that he was wearing a gray
shirt and jeans. He laughed while thinking back to the
forest, when Suzi came across both he and his wife as they
were completely nude.
“So do you,” he grinned.
Suzi laughed again. “Sorry to show up unexpected, but I
had the urge to come over and surprise you and Kathy.”
Tim hesitated before saying, “Uhh, Kathy is not here.
She went over to the mall, to go shopping.”
The young woman pointed to the pair of cars which were in
the driveway. “There’s two cars here. If Kathy is gone,
who is here with you? You said you two lived alone.”
“Actually, my friend Jack is here,” he replied. “He
comes over every Sunday to watch pro football with me.”
Tim had a friend at his house? He may be Tim’s friend,
but he would be a stranger to Suzi. She smiled at the mere
thought. “Is Jack part of your swinger’s club?”
“Uhh, yes,” Tim replied.
Suzi’s grin became much wider. “Do you think he would
like to fuck me? I’ll be more than happy to take both you
and Jack on, at the same time. Up for it?”
Tim’s eyes bugged out at her again. This woman was
simply incredible! Only a true SLUT would come over without
being invited, and make such a lewd, nasty proposal!
Suzi waited for a response, but did not get one. The man
was too flabbergasted to speak. So, she added, “Football.
What would you rather do, Tim? Would you rather watch a
bunch of big, overpaid guys grab and tackle each other?
Or…” she smiled, “would you rather grab and tackle ME?”
“Oh my…” Tim choked, an erection quickly forming in his
jeans. “Uhh… let me go get Jack first. I’m sure he will
be very interested to meet you.” The man turned and ran off
like a bullet, toward the living room.
Suzi smiled on the front porch, knowing that not only was
she about to conquer another stranger, but that she was also
the queen tease and nymphomaniac of all Seattle.

Seconds later, a gruff-looking, dark-haired man suddenly
appeared at the front door, having run from the living room.
Suzi looked at him up and down, then gave a big smile.
Tim appeared almost immediately thereafter, also having
run to the door. “Jack, this is Suzi. Suzi, Jack.”
The 35-year-old stranger smiled at the blonde sweetheart
standing before him. “My…” he said, eyeing her fantastic
body. “Tim told me all about you this morning, about how he
met you in the forest along with his wife. But damn… his
words did not do you any justice. You’re even sexier than
he said you were. You’re a princess!”
Suzi giggled and looked at him. “I know.”
“Is it true, honey?” the man said. “Are you really the
nasty, insatiable slut that Tim described you as?”
Suzi paused, then slowly nodded her head. “All true.”
“I’d like to get to know you better,” Jack told her,
extending his hand outward. Suzi took it, and then was
gently pulled into the house.
“I’ll turn off the TV,” Tim said, very excited. “Jack,
you take her up to my bedroom. I’ll be there in a second.”

Suzi and Jack ran up the staircase which led to the main
bedroom. Once there, Jack was surprised at the woman’s
aggressiveness. She immediately dropped to her knees, and
started unbuttoning his trousers and sliding them downward.
The man gasped in lust as Suzi ripped both his pants and
briefs down and off, just after getting rid of his socks.
The slut licked her lips at the sight of his impressive
erection, which was about 9 inches in length and very thick
in diameter. She then reached out and placed both hands
upon the base of his cock, and encircled it with her sleek
fingers. Jack moaned at her warm, gentle touch.
Suzi opened her mouth and slipped the man’s cock between
her moist, red lips. She took half of him inside and then
closed her lips around his thick tool, while tightening her
grip on its base with both hands. Slowly, she began to move
her head back and forth, in a continual motion.
Tim ran up the steps and stopped in his tracks at the
doorway, mesmorized by the blonde on her knees as she gave
his best friend an expert blowjob. Jack looked over at Tim
and moaned, then offered a lustful expression – conveying
the powerful feelings which Suzi’s mouth was giving him.
Tim watched Suzi intently as she worked on Jack’s cock,
while whisking his own clothes off in the process. Tim got
rid of his shirt and jeans, followed by his briefs, then
went over to the bed and started masturbating at the sight
just before him. Tim strongly pumped his own cock with his
right hand, knowing he would soon get a turn with Suzi.
Jack had never received a blowjob so good. He was sure
of that. Not only was her technique excellant, but Suzi
also displayed great hunger and enthusiasm the entire time.
Never before had he experienced a woman who offered so much
emotion and desire when sucking a man’s cock. Jack could
easily tell that Suzi enjoyed this just as much as he did.
No longer being able to contain himself, Jack screamed in
ecstasy as his cock shot off in Suzi’s mouth. The slut
locked her lips around his shaft, and busily swallowed and
guzzled down his entire load.
She slowly moved her mouth away, but gave Jack’s cock a
sweeping lick to put an exclaimation mark on her oral work.

Still on her knees, Suzi looked over at Tim, and moaned.
His cock was fully erect, and it stuck straight up in the
air as he busily pumped and whacked away at it.
Quickly, Suzi stood and slipped her shorts and G-string
down. Then she scurried over to Tim, who was on the bed,
and straddled him. Extremely horny, Suzi lowered her pussy
to his stiff cock. Tim helped her, grabbing her hips and
pulling her down as well.
“OOOOOH!” the slut screamed in lust, as Tim’s rock-hard
shaft slid up into the hot, moist folds of her tight pussy.
The man kept his strong hands on her ass, and made her start
to bounce up and down upon his powerful erection.
Suzi wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulders, and
continued to scream in passion. She buried the side of her
face against his shoulder – knowing that the trip over here
today was well worth it.
Tim mauled her ass with his hands and fingers as he moved
her up and down, his cock already slick and gooey – thanks
to the juices in Suzi’s boiling pussy. In return, the slut
mashed her large breasts against Tim’s chest, although she
still had the t-shirt on, and a bra underneath.
“FUCK ME HARDER!” Suzi screamed against Tim’s shoulder.
Meanwhile, Jack watched from the floor in absolute, utter
amazement. He could not wait to get his hands on that hot,
vociferous young beauty. His cock was hard yet again – he
especially wanted to invade her pussy, as Tim currently was.
Tim wrapped his arms around Suzi’s back and picked her
up, then turned her around and laid her down upon the bed.
He quickly mounted her in the missionary position, and
resumed thrusting his cock in and out of her sweet pussy.
Suzi kept screaming at him. She was very vocal when it
came to sex – especially when the action was rough.
Tim had changed positions because he wanted to shoot his
cum into her pussy. He thought it would be much easier to
do so with Suzi underneath him, instead of on top of him.
Tim growled as his cock exploded in her, filling and
flooding her pussy with creamy, gooey fuck juice. Suzi
cried out in lust and closed her eyes tightly, her head
furiously rocking from side to side.
Tim collapsed on top of her and breathed in heavy gasps,
satisfied – for the moment. Suzi embraced him, and then
placed her lips close to his ear and whispered, “I brought
some K-Y Jelly with me in my purse – lubricant – so you can
fuck me in the ass.”
Tim stirred and moaned on top of her, her statement
registering in his chaotic, lust-crazed mind.
“Care if I sample her, Tim?” came Jack’s voice.
Both Suzi and Tim looked behind them, at Jack. He stood
at the foot of the bed, his cock hard and erect.
“Have a blast with her,” Tim smiled.

Suzi wiggled out from underneath Tim’s body and then
strolled over to Jack. Rested and prepared, Jack reached
out and stroked her breasts through the t-shirt and bra
underneath. Suzi closed her eyes and moaned at his touch,
but then quickly whisked the t-shirt up and over her head.
Jack immediately hugged her to him, and undid the clasp
which held her bra together in back. It fell to the floor
and except for her shoes and socks, Suzi was now nude too.
“Damn…” Jack moaned as he cupped and squeezed her
plump, 36d-sized breasts – amazed at how spectacular and
divine they looked, and felt. They were firm and shaped
like huge melons, and there was absolutely no sag in them.
Her nipples were very large and rounded, with each thick
tip in the center protruding out about a half-inch.
Suzi giggled as she looked down and watched the man paw
and grope her breasts. Then, she looked back up at him.
“Hey…” came her teasing voice, “this is better than some
boring football game. Wouldn’t you agree?”
“Damn right I agree!” Jack gasped, lost in passion.
The slut moaned as Jack bent completely at the waist and
closely inspected her moist pussy with his face and eyes. A
shudder of excitement went through her as she felt his hot
breath on both her clit and pussy.
“Oooooh…” she cooed, as his tongue darted out and
swiped her damp clit.

“Hey Jack…” came Tim’s voice. Suzi and Jack looked at
Tim, who now stood beside the bed. “You know how Kathy
sometimes likes to have both her ass and pussy fucked at the
same time, by two different men?”
“Yeah,” he smiled, the thought going through his mind.
“This little slut here – Suzi – she likes it too.” The
blonde smiled at his words, and then noticed a tube of anal
lubricant in his hand. “Tell you what, Jack. You take her
down to the floor and fuck her pussy, and I’ll fuck her ass
from behind. Sound good?”
“You bet!” Jack exclaimed.
“Is that my lubricant?” Suzi asked, knowing it wasn’t.
Tim walked over and gave her a kiss on the lips. “No
baby, it’s not yours. But my wife and I have a ton of this
stuff.” He held the tube up. It was called Astro-Glide.
“Is that as good as K-Y Jelly?” Suzi asked. “I mean, I
don’t want my ass to hurt for the rest of the week.”
Tim laughed at her nasty, but sincere question. “We have
never experienced any problems with it.” He paused and then
asked, “How many times have you had anal sex?”
Suzi smiled. She had backdoor sex countless times in the
past. “I don’t know, exactly,” came her reply. “But one of
my boyfriends calls me ‘ButtSlut Suzi’.” She grinned wider
at him. “Maybe that will give you a general idea.”
“I’m going to enjoy this!” Tim exclaimed.

Suzi squealed in delight as Jack pulled her down to the
carpeted floor with him. Jack got onto his back and then
held Suzi as she positioned herself over his stiff cock.
Suzi looked back at Tim and moaned as she watched him slide
the anal lubricant over his fingers. Her face whipped back
around and looked down at Jack as he pulled her hips down,
his stiff erection sliding up into her damp, hungry pussy.
Once lodged in her pussy, Jack reached up and grabbed
Suzi’s shoulders, then pulled her down to him for a heated
mouth-to-mouth kiss. Seated on his cock and leaning over
completely, her breasts touching Jack’s chest, Suzi’s round
ass was upturned and pointing right in the direction of Tim.
The blonde shrieked in delight as she felt three fingers
on her tight anus, rubbing and smearing lubricant over it.
Tim put more of the gel on his forefinger, coating it, and
then slid it directly into Suzi’s tight rosebud. She gasped
and her body jerked beneath him, and then he pulled out. A
few more helpings of lubricant in, on and around her anus…
and Tim was ready for invasion.
Though Jack kept her upper body against his with his
strong embrace, Suzi managed to wiggle around, and bounce up
and down upon his hard cock. The sight was very erotic to
Tim, as he could look down and easily see Jack’s stiff prick
lodged in her pussy, its outer lips clutching him tightly.
Tim got onto his knees and moved up behind Suzi. With
both hands, he reached out and grabbed each side of her
shapely ass. After holding that position for awhile, he
fisted his cock with one hand, and then very slowly, pushed
it inside her puckered rosebud.
Tim placed his hand on her hip again, and squinted his
eyes in both pleasure and pain. He thought her pussy was
tight… but her anus was a million times more tight!
“FUCK!” Suzi screamed, breaking off the kiss with Jack.
She now had the pleasure of two cocks filling her – one in
her pussy, and the other in her ass. Now if there was a
third man, so she could have a hard cock to suck on too…

Tim gasped for breath once he finally had his cock all
the way in her anus, his balls touching her ass. That was
the deepest penetration he could provide, and it simply felt
fantastic to both he and Suzi.
Jack tried to latch onto Suzi’s mouth for another kiss,
but her face was now rocking from side to side in a furious
manner. He couldn’t seem to catch her mouth and kiss it.
Suzi suddenly buried her face against Jack’s shoulder and
screamed very loudly when Tim began a gentle thrusting into
her anus. He gripped her ass firmly and held it with both
hands, still amazed at how tight she felt to him.
Overcome with lust himself, Tim slowly but steadily
increased the speed of his thrusts. He had his head back
and eyes closed, simply luxuriating in the feel of this
hot, insatiable nymphomaniac beneath him.
Jack, meanwhile, gently pumped his hips upward, pushing
his cock further into Suzi’s pussy. The slut, on the other
hand, still had her face buried upon Jack’s broad shoulder,
screaming out in passion. She LOVED getting double-fucked.
Tim breathed in short, quick gasps as he was soon filling
Suzi’s anus with deep, powerful thrusts. He looked down and
watched his cock slide in and out of her rosebud, his hands
tightly gripping her hips, while pounding her for all he was
worth. Jack had finally caught Suzi’s mouth, and was
kissing her flush on it. But Suzi still screamed in lust,
now against his forceful, yet passionate kiss.

“TIM!” erupted a startled, shocked voice.

Tim, Jack and Suzi all stopped their actions and looked
up, only to find Tim’s wife – Kathy – standing at the door.
The brunette dropped both shopping bags as she stared at
the sight before her. Jack was on the floor, his cock
lodged up in Suzi’s pussy as she lay against his chest. Tim
was behind Suzi, his cock buried up to his balls in her ass.
“Hi honey,” Tim gasped, looking at his wife. “Honey, we
couldn’t help it. You remember Suzi, from the forest?”
Kathy nodded her head, still shocked at this scene.
Tim gasped again, Suzi’s anus clutching his cock like an
unforgiving vice. “Honey… Suzi came over here today, and
said she wanted to have sex with me and Jack… You know
neither of us could refuse that…”
Kathy still stared at the three people before her for a
few seconds, then she loosened up and a smile came to her
face. “I told you boys not to get into any trouble when I
left for the mall!” she joked, laughing. “I get home, and
I find you two fucking this… this…”
“Slut?” Suzi grinned, her expression tight, due to the
two cocks which were inside her.
“Yes, slut!” Kathy laughed. She wasn’t sure whether or
not the blonde would like being called a slut. Apparently,
Kathy thought, she did not mind. Kathy smiled and added,
“What about the football game on TV? You’re missing it!”
“We couldn’t give a damn about the football game!” Jack
exclaimed, in lust. “Not with this little sweetheart here!”
“Join us, honey,” Tim said to his wife.
The gorgeous brunette smiled once again, then unbuttoned
her blouse and took it off. Suzi screamed in lust as Tim
pulled back and then thrusted deep into her anus again.
Kathy quickly took her pearl necklace and gold ear-rings
off, placing them on the nearby dresser. She unzipped her
knee-length skirt in back and let it fall to the floor, then
stepped out of her high-heels. In a flash, her panties and
bra were both off, tossed onto the floor.
Tim was pounding Suzi again, using brute strength to sink
his way in and out of her puckered anus. Jack’s hands were
now mauling and cupping her breasts, as she still screamed,
voicing her approval for what the two men were doing to her.

Kathy wasn’t bisexual, but knew that Suzi was beautiful.
Suzi had a spectacular body and a model’s face, Kathy said
to herself. But at the same time, the 31-year-old brunette
thought she matched up favorably with the younger woman.
Kathy’s body was just as firm as Suzi’s and although not
as shapely as her counterpart, Kathy considered herself more
athletic-looking. Suzi was voluptuous. Kathy had the face
of an angel and the smile to match, and many people who did
not know any better thought she was close to 25 – not 31.
In short, Kathy considered Suzi to have the look of a
typical ‘beach blonde’. Kathy thought of her own appearance
as more of the ‘All-American girl’ genre.

She smiled at the sight of Suzi, watching the slut get
double-fucked by both men. Kathy didn’t want to intrude on
Suzi’s moment, so she decided to wait for it to end.
Tim kept churning his prick in and out of Suzi’s ass,
gripping her hips as hard as he possibly could. Jack still
had his hands on her breasts, savagely mauling them, as his
cock simply engulfed her soaked pussy.
“GONNA CUM!” Tim suddenly screamed.
“Cum in my ass!” Suzi begged him. “IN MY ASS! AAAAASS!”
Tim obliged, burying his cock all the way in her anus and
then filling it with hot, sticky sperm. He moaned and
gasped against her, still tightly holding her hips, his fuck
cream shooting deep into her bowels at a continual rate.
“AAAAAAAASS!” the slut screamed, experiencing an orgasm
herself. She could feel Tim’s cum as it flooded her ass.
Tim grunted and finally pulled out of her. He fell onto
the floor and watched as some of his sperm trickled out of
Suzi’s anus, falling in thick drops upon the carpeted floor.
Tim was a professional carpet cleaner by trade, so he had no
problem with the floor being messed up like this.

Now that he had her for himself, Jack made Suzi sit up on
his burning cock. The blonde placed both hands upon his
muscled chest and used it for support, then started to
bounce and flop around, his cock filling her soaked pussy.
Tim went off to the restroom to wash up and catch a
breather, while Kathy sat on the floor and watched her
swinger friend Jack have his way with Suzi.
Jack reached up and still mauled her breasts as Suzi rode
his cock for all it was worth. She bounced up and down on
it, like she was on top of a bucking, wild bull. The blonde
had been thoroughly and completely fucked already – but
still wanted more. She wanted a LOT more.
Jack screamed and growled when his cock erupted in the
slut’s hot pussy. His sperm shot deep up into her, and both
individuals screamed as Suzi experienced an orgasm of her
own – another one. She lost her balance and fell sideways
to the floor, covered with hot perspiration.
Suzi rolled onto her side and brought a hand down to her
pussy, then stroked it with her fingers.

Kathy, meanwhile, immediately went to Jack once Suzi left
him, and started to suck and lick the sperm from his cock
and balls. She was on her knees hunched over him, her mouth
and tongue working furiously to get him clean – and dry.
The warm and gooey juice tasted wonderful to her.
Kathy gasped and then squealed as she felt a hard cock
from behind. Tim was back, and was now behind her – pushing
his full prick into her pussy, in the doggie-style position.
With renewed vigor, Tim fucked his wife real hard, as she
continued to suck and clean the cum from Jack’s cock.
Meanwhile, Suzi watched off to the side – waiting for the
hot encounter to finish. She was all set to fuck – again.

Suzi stayed at Kathy and Tim’s house for eight hours that
day, until 10:00pm at night. She continued to sexually
devour Tim and Jack – along with Kathy’s help – for the
remainder of the afternoon.
Jack had to leave at 5:00pm, to go home to his wife. His
wife was obviously in Kathy and Tim’s swinger club as well,
and Jack could not wait to go home and divulge all the hot
and juicy details of what happened today.
After Jack left, Suzi and Kathy both turned their full
attention upon Tim. Much like in the forest, both women
fucked the lucky guy until he was almost unconscience.
Suzi wanted to spend the night with her new friends, but
Tim and Kathy didn’t think that would be a good idea. They
had to work tomorrow – Monday – and had to get up early in
the morning. They told Suzi that she was welcome to spend
the night on a Friday or Saturday, but not any other day.
The married couple was also surprised when Suzi said that
she did not need a shower. Her entire body was caked in
dry cum, and her long blonde hair was all messy and gooey,
stuck together in thick clumps.
Suzi just put her clothes on without a shower, saying
she liked the feel of dry cum on her body. “I’ll take a
shower later, after I get home,” she told them.
Instead of a good-bye kiss, the nymphomaniac gave Tim a
good-bye blowjob at the front door, as the grandfather clock
struck 10:00pm. Tim pulled his prick out of Suzi’s mouth,
and shot his sperm all over her face and hair, giving her
another helping of cum. The slut laughed in delight, on
her knees, as the juice trickled down onto her t-shirt.
“I hope to see you next weekend,” Tim said, as he watched
the young lady slowly rise to her feet in front of him.
“Oh… I’ll be here,” she promised, just before turning
and exiting the house via the front door.

Kathy snuggled up to her husband and grasped his cock, as
both of them watched Suzi walk out to her car. “You like
her, don’t you?” the brunette smiled at him.
“No!” Tim mockingly exclaimed, joking. “She’s horrible!”
He paused and said, “Yes, I like her. She’s fantastic.”
“Someone with her sex drive…” Kathy grinned, “would be
real useful during the upcoming orgy we have planned for our
swinger’s club, next month. Think she would like it?”
“Are you kidding?” Tim laughed. “This is the same woman
who not only fucked me countless times in the forest,
without even knowing me… but also came over here today and
fucked me again, along with my best friend – who she did not
know, either. Yes – Suzi would LOVE the orgy. Why, she
said that eight guys once gang-banged her at the same time.”
“EIGHT?” Kathy exclaimed, her passions flickering at the
thought. “Maybe she could introduce her boyfriends to me.”
Tim smiled and looked at his wife. “You’re nothing but a
naughty little slut!”
“Does that mean I get a spanking?” Kathy grinned, hoping.
“Aren’t naughty little sluts supposed to be spanked?”
“Yes they are,” Tim said lustily, grabbing her arm and
taking her to the bedroom.

Suzi went home and stripped off her clothes, and stayed
nude – her skin caked in cum – for more than three hours.
She masturbated with her dildo, remembering all the events
from the day gone by. And she brought herself several more
orgasms that evening, fucking herself madly with the dildo.
A little past 1:00am, Suzi finally decided to call it a
night. She took a quick shower – finally – and then went
straight to bed, collapsing in it.
“There are more people to fuck,” she told herself, just
before dozing off to sleep – with a hand between her thighs.

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