Sandy invitation
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I felt the buzzing of the alarm hit my ears, so I punched it as rough as it woke me. I reached around, hands grasping around in the passing darkness; my hands gripped a slab of plastic, my finger tapping a button and proceeding to blind me. I really need to turn down the brightness of my phone before I nod off.

As soon as I wasn’t stricken blind, I found another text from my friend. He’s been singing his praises of this weird beach, I guess it supposed to be some kind of nude hangout or something? Whatever it was, it gave my friend enough of a reason to not shut the fuck up.

My friend may have been overselling it, but I’m curious as to what he’s seen, so with a text to him, it’s set, looks like I’m hitting the beach.

I pack a couple things as he sends me a text back, he can’t make it, but sends me the address of the spot and wishes me a fun time.

The wind soon is pushed through my window as I fly down an old roadway, luckily it seemed this place is pretty secluded, so whatever might be going on would at least stay private.

I saw it, the beach wasn’t all too big, but it seemed there were plenty of people regardless. From what I could make out from the road, I couldn’t see a pair of clothes in sight.

My car sputtered into the parking lot, digging inbetween two smaller cars before heading off to a slumbering quiet. I got out and looked towards the sand, a sign displaying “The pleasant sands” in old worn letters. Something was scribbled below it, but it was hard to make out from the car.

So I peeled away my bottoms, flinging the top and the rest of my clothes into the back of my car. I took a moment, just to look over myself; it was really strange just peeling away the layers in the broad public, but if people didn’t mind my dick swaying about, I couldn’t care less.

I grabbed my duffle full of beach supplies and headed out in my slippers, my curious eyes met the sign again “comforting warmth is abound here” it read. My slippers flopped away as I soon made it to the warm sands, luckily it was still early in the day, so I didn’t have to worry about the sand cooking my feet, yet.

My head rose to just.. hold still for a bit. What I neglected to see on the road was what the people on the beach were doing.

Many pairs just sat on beach towels, well deep between each other’s legs and howling like stray dogs; so this is why my friend wouldn’t shut his mouth.

I passed many pairs just moaning away and set up my towel and umbrella, setting down my items when I saw quite a gracious looking girl.

Round hips swayed as she walked, resting her fine legs on my towel. “So what brings you to the beach?” I just sat baffled “my uh.. friend told me about the beach, he wouldn’t shut up about it so I came to see what he was… going on.. about” my speech slowed as her hand just grasped my dick, as if it wasn’t already hard enough before.

“You’re quite a grizzled guy, I’m surprised I haven’t seen you here before.” I just see her lips descend as my cock just gets devoured. Her lips and tongue work the shaft, as her experience shows in how bad I want to just blow already.

“So what do you do when you’re not sucking guys off at a beach?” I felt her tongue just drool saliva on me as she works the shaft with her hand “An escort. I gotta make money, and damn does it pay.”

“Don’t suppose you expect me to pay then?” I shudder, her nimble fingers just toying with me at this point. “No, it’s my day off and so it’s on the house, but that doesn’t mean I won’t take donations.” Her lips descend it again, my entire cock just lodged in her throat.

I reach over to my bag, carefully pulling out a few twenties. I hand them to her as she gets off my cock “-thanks, and seeing as you’re so nice, lemme show you a feature of the beach.”

She put the twenties to hide between her breats, guiding my hand along the beach as we passed plenty of rowdy couples. We round the side of the beach to see a beautiful sight.

Plenty of women sit on their stomachs against a smooth short wall, asses nice and wide for plenty of the beach to see. “These beautiful women come here to show off their stuff, me included. Just walk up and find the one you want sugar.”

She pats my ass as she walks off. I walk along seeing all these women, and a couple men, sit along this length of wall. Some of them are looking back and waving to passerby, others are just biting their lips as they wait.

I get behind this very young woman, probably just barely 20 years old. Her blue eyes catch me, so I stop “so what would you be looking for?” I shakily ask. She parts her brunette hair out of the way “I said fuck it today, so of you wouldn’t mind, I would love you just to abuse my ass for me.”

I just sat baffled as she looked back over the wall, waiting for me to go. I just was crazed to think that this was happening, it was so hard to believe that I was about to ram this chick senseless. I spat on my cock, spread it over the shaft, and inserted myself into this tight woman.

“Only thing I want hun” I stopped “I need all the cum inside me, all I ask.” I shrugged, if she wants me to pump in her begging lips, what kind of man would I be if I said no?

It was time to do some work, so I put my hips forward, sliding deep inside her as she was already very slick, she must’ve been doing prep work of her own. I could see her body shudder underneath me, my flowing pace certainly peaking her interest.

“God you go deep, you stick your dick any further and it’ll be out of my mouth..” I gave her a deserving chuckle “-and you’re not bad either, you’d swear your lips have my dick in a chokehold.”

It was great hearing her laugh “-I’d prefer to say a vice grip baby” and she wasn’t wrong, her hot walls were fucking tight around me. I felt her breaths start to get heavier, my pants turning to growls. “Fuck… fuck.. god my husband couldn’t ever do this, not in a million years.”

“Mmn, I bet he could never get close. He doesn’t satisfy you like I do, does he?” She nodded no, I could barely see that her eyes were fully closed and loving this. Her tongue was hang out like a dog, happily panting away as I rammed her ass.

“Oh you treat me like a housewife, like a proper tool for you to fuck…” I felt a growl rise in my throat “you fucking bet I do, now cry out like a proper whore.”

I gave her a few strikes to the ass, her expression one of just passion as she gave me the cries I wanted.

I put in a few more thrusts, planting deep as I could with my last and filling her up as promised. Her entire back arched as she let out a sigh, my cream giving her everything she wanted.

“Fuck that’s the spot” she said; I pull out, cock still quite hard as cum ran down her leg. She gets up, stretching her back and giving a loud pop. “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for that, it’ll certainly be one to write home about.” She gives such a cute smile, I felt my dick nearly shoot off a second time.

“Yeah, certainly one I’ll remember” I give, chuckling at how fucking hard I still was. She looked down in awe, lightly touching the twitching beast “-and still after all of that.. we can go again if you’d like?”

I nodded, might as well make this a day to remember “wanna head over to my spot? I got some beers to share” her fists shot into the air “hell yeah! I would love a drink right now.”

We walk over and sit on the towel, her hands firmly grasped around a cold one as I got between her legs. She sat upright, and so even though it was a bit awkward, it went in all the same.

She held her drink high as I screwed between her legs, taking a sip out of the bottle between her precious moans. “So you let guys screw you every day of the week?” “Nah” she replied, “I just got out of a… rough marriage a few weeks ago… fuck a little higher.”

I did as she told me, gaining more friction against her soft hole “-thats it, so it took awhile to gain confidence again, I wasn’t ever sure another man would ever touch me..” I stopped dead in my tracks; her face had written on it one of sadness.

“You are one of the cutest things I have ever seen, of course men would love you” her smile was one to die for “really?”

I pounced on her lips, our tongues entangling for a smile while.

[B]”I mean every fucking word, now lemme show you how special”

She giggled as I my lips went down, meeting her tit and just lapping it up. “God yes, fuck.. just like that!” my thrusts returned with her cries for passion, now I had a new fire in my chest as I pounded away at this beautiful woman.

We fucked like the stray dogs of the streets, and it was beautiful. Her cries probably tore away many attentions of the beach patrons, as she made it known to the world how much she was loving this.

I gave a few more thrusts, howling like the dog I was, as I claimed her hole once again. Plenty of cum came dribbling out onto the blue towel, the streaks and dots like art on a canvas.

“Fuck, at this rate you’d swear we’re married” she gave “-more like on our honey moon!” her laugh was intoxicating as we were both bawling in each other’s arms in a mere few moments. Soon our laughs died out, letting room for my lips to be against hers again.

We parted, just staring at each other for what felt like the longest time.

With a smile like hers, it was no wonder how my cock refused to back down, so she had an idea. “Can we try something? I’ve always wanted to do it.. but-” I pushed my lips against hers again. “I’m up for anything, just say the word.”

She took my cock in her thin hands, putting the tip at her asshole “I have always wanted to, so can you give this to me?” to know that this would be a first for her, it only drove me to want it more. “You’ve got it” I slowly began to push in, letting her deep gasps and moans let me know when to go deeper or stop.

Soon the entire length sat inside, a ring holding me so tightly you’d swear it was a vice grip. She finished her beer and eased onto her back, the towel cluthing her as I let my body hang over her. “Now let it rip” she said.

Like a dog off its leash I began, pumping deep so she could feel every single part of the motions, as we both grew insane. Her cries were like music, my cock slapping her was the beat in our ryrhm; every not she gave like singing to my ears.

“God, please just take me, fill me up” “I’m going to pump you to the brim like it’s our honeymoon, don’t you worry” I growled. My pace was now getting us ever close to that final release, that final note on our song.

“Now sing for me, I wanna hear you love it when I finish you off” I could feel her shudder deep “yes baby… yes baby….. Yeah baby!” her hole grew hot, now it was time to strike.

She gave me my final note as with a final three slaps, I yelled how hard I was filling her. I could feel everything empty out of my system as I gave her..




We sat as messes on the towel, the fuck rug now stained completely with our juices. I pulled out, finally my cock had been defeated as it sat limp, soft and beaten. “T-thank you babe” she panted, having no breath to give.

“So how about a few more beers?” I told her, smile growing across her face.

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