New Years Neighbor
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It won’t be long now before my wife, Annmarie, and I will
gather with friends and neighbors to welcome in 1997. I’m sure
we’ll have a good time, but there’s no way this New Year Eve’s
will be better than last. I mean, what could possibly be better
than watching your honey get down and dirty with another guy? Any
man who’s experienced this thrill knows exactly what I mean.

Annmarie and I have been married five years, and I first
brought up the subject of her fucking another guy while I watched
about eighteen months ago. At first she was shocked, but then
slowly she warmed to the idea, perhaps coming to realize that
after years of marital fidelity it might be fun to suck and fuck
someone other than yours truly I kept nudging her along until
finally we reached the point where we were talking about the who,
when and where of it all, my wife having decided that she was
ready to take the plunge.

My joy was short-lived, however, because our search for a hot
bedmate for Annmarie quickly proved frustrating. In my fantasies
it was always this nameless, faceless stud with a giant cock who
fucked my wife silly as I stood nearby jerking off feverishly.
The reality was something else altogether. I wasn’t about to put
an ad in the paper, nor was I keen on Annmarie’s suggestion that
she fuck my long-time buddy and business partner, Ernie, who she
said always made her pussy warm and wet. Every time we came close
to agreeing on a stud, we wound up having to dismiss him for one
reason or another. Like I said, it was frustrating.

And then, in August of last year, Al moved into the
neighborhood, three houses down from ours, to be exact. Divorced
and delighted to be, in his words, “free and on the prowl again,”
Al’s lean, hard frame, rugged good looks and sexy smile made an
immediate impression on Annmarie, who soon started campaigning for
him to be her lover. (My once conservative wife was turning into
a lusty wench before my eyes!) While acknowledging his physical
attributes, I needed to get to know him better before making a
decision. Was he trustworthy? Would he be discreet? As eager as
I was to watch Annmarie get soundly screwed by another man, I sure
as hell didn’t want the stud chosen blabbing about it to the whole

To get into Al’s head, I courted his friendship. He
responded enthusiastically, and soon we were talking sports, home
repairs and just generally enjoying each other’s company. We made
sure to invite him whenever we barbecued on the patio. The more
time I spent with Al, the more convinced I became that he was our
man. He was a genuinely nice guy who could be trusted, in addition
to being, as my wife put it, “delicious to took at.”

All that remained was to tell Al about our idea, and his part
in it, but time flew by, and before we could set anything in
motion it was New Year’s Eve. At around nine o’clock we started
making the rounds, visiting neighbors who had earlier informed us
that they were having “open house” that year. Annmarie and I
joined in the merrymaking, funny hats and all, dancing to loud
music and sipping champagne in each house we visited.

Who knows if it was fate that found us partying at Al’s house
around eleven fifteen that night. There were hugs and kisses all
around, with Al giving Annmarie an especially tight squeeze, or so
I thought anyway. She, in turn, seemed reluctant to break the
clinch. I could feel my cock stir as for the hundredth time I
pictured the two of them together, fucking up a storm.

It was about a half-hour to midnight when my wife plopped
down into the couch next to me and whispered in my ear that she
intended to start the new year with a bang. “Al’s upstairs in his
bedroom waiting for us,” she said breathlessly. “I told him
everything and he’s even more excited than I hoped he’d be. God,
my panties are drenched!”

Although my cock was already tenting my slacks, I told
Annmarie that we couldn’t possibly do this now, on New Year’s Eve,
with a houseful of people. She laughed and said, “You don’t
really think they’ll miss us, do you? Besides, the bedroom door
will be locked. So, do you want to watch your wife get screwed
silly or not?”

Minutes later. I was sitting in a comfortable chair in Al’s
bedroom, cock in hand, watching my pretty wife hotly sucking our
newest neighbor and good friend. Entering the bedroom we had
found Al stark naked and in bed, idly stroking his swelling penis.
An awkward few moments followed as Al and I looked at each other,
but then I grinned and he relaxed immediately, giving me the
thumbs-up sign as Annmarie began removing her clothes. And now,
with Al still prone on the bed, my hot wife was gobbling his cock
with sluttish delight, almost choking in her determination to take
the shaft down her throat.

I loved the way she burrowed into Al’s crotch, her head
scrunched between his thighs as she swabbed his balls with her
tongue. She had positioned herself so I could see it all, and at
one point, when she looked over at me with half of Al’s hard cock
in her mouth and winked. I almost lost it right then. Managing
to regain control, I watched as she resumed slobbering over our
hand some neighbor’s genitals.

Soon Al insisted on returning the favor, and I was treated to
the wonderful sight of Annmarie flat on her back, legs spread
wide, with her lover’s face plastered against her soaked pussy.
Whatever he might have lacked in skill (my wife was constantly
directing the action with either hands or words) he made up for
with enthusiasm. And it was nice to see him wet a finger in my
wife’s juicy cunt and then carefully work it into her puckered
anus while he continued to lap up her honey like a kitten does

I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer as my cock
was achingly hard and throbbing incessantly. Fearful of coming
too soon, I stroked it ever so carefully as I watched my wife
straddle our new neighbor and with a drawn – out sigh of delight
sink down on his spike of flesh. She started bouncing up and
down, squeezing her breasts as she rode Al’s cock with wild

All of a sudden I heard the people downstairs start to count
down the seconds to midnight. They were so loud that for a second
I thought they had all gathered outside the bedroom door. Ten. . .
nine. . . eight. . .

Annmarie heard them too and flashed me a smile of utter
depravity. Seven . . . six . . . five . . . four. At the count of
three my wife threw her head back and started shrieking like a
banshee. Three . . . two . . . one. Happy New Year!

Downstairs the crowd was going wild and, I thought,
unknowingly cheering the intense orgasm that my wife had managed
to achieve right at the stroke of midnight. It was all too much
and I simply let go, my whole body stiffening in the chair as my
throbbing cock started spurting like crazy. Al, caught up in all
this craziness, suddenly announced that he was ready to shoot.
Hearing this, my wife sprang off his cock and grabbed hold of it,
positioning herself on the bed so that she was facing me. Still
coming, I watched my seemingly dazed wife point Al’s cock at her
face as the first bolt of creamy semen flew from it, hitting her
nose. This show was for me, I knew-the icing on the cake, as it
were. The come kept spitting from Al’s cock onto Annmarie’s face.
She kept rubbing it in, smearing the semen around, and I kept
coming, spilling what seemed like a pint of my cream into the
handkerchief I had somehow managed to wrest from my pants pocket.

By the time it was all over I was slumped in the chair,
thoroughly drained. Al, flat on his back, appeared to have passed
out. Through blurry eyes I saw my wife give me the happiest of

“Happy New Year, honey,” she said.

“Happy New Year, baby,” I responded weakly, thinking that my
wife and I had just welcomed in a new year in the absolute best
way possible.

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