Tease, A Lesson In Understanding
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We had been out at the pool all day, enjoying the sun and margaritas. I
loved to visit him, he always had something new planned for me. I never
knew what was going to happen when I went over to AJ’s house.

He was on the phone with someone, who I couldn’t tell you. He was
turned away from me and quite frankly, I could not have cared less. I
stepped towards the pool, the clear blue water rippled in the light
breeze. I stood before the water, nude except for the sunglasses that
hid my eyes from the brilliant sun. My nipples hardened as I lowered
myself into the water up to my shoulders. I leaned back in the water and
watched my breasts as they bobbed in the water. No gravity here, I
liked that.

After he was finished talking on the phone, AJ dove into the pool. That
shit! He knew I hated to be splashed. He came up to me under water,
surfacing in front of me. When I saw his smile and laughing eyes I just
couldn’t help but forgive him. He ran his hands up from my waist to my
neck and pulled me close to kiss me. I felt his tongue press against my
lips, parting them. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him close to
me. I could feel his cock growing hard against my stomach. He ran his
hands down my back to cup my ass, holding me close to him. The kiss
was wonderful, I loved to make out with him. He responded well to my
subtle body language and always knew what I wanted next. I was really
starting to get into it when he pulled away, releasing me. I watched as
he swam away from me, loving that nice, tan, firm ass of his. But hey,
wait a minute… weren’t we having a bit of fun? Where was he going?
He stepped out of the pool and went into the house. I sat there, a bit
surprised that he had just walked away without a word. That was so
unlike him. It kind of made me mad to tell the truth. Fine, I thought, fuck

I went over to the steps and just sat and watched the sun as it made it’s
decent. The sky was a blazing red that night and the mountains glowed
under the intensity of the last rays. I reluctantly stepped out of the pool,
grabbed my towel and headed into the house. The sun and drinks had
drained me and I was looking forward to a nap. First, however I needed
a shower. I didn’t see AJ anywhere. Strange, he usually doesn’t just
disappear on me but I wasn’t too worried. I mean after all, it was his

I stepped into the shower, I loved his shower. It was huge. There were
six sides, three of which were glass. I turned on the water and stood
under the two streams of water coming from either direction. I closed my
eyes and let the warm water run over my head. I heard the door to the
bathroom open and the music from the stereo as it drifted in. I didn’t say
anything, AJ had joined me in the shower many times and I really
enjoyed the foreplay we had here. He made sure I was really, really
clean by the time we got out.

I didn’t even turn to look at him, I just leaned back onto his chest when I
felt his arms encircle me. He kissed my neck and while nibbling at the
tender flesh of my ears, whispered that he would like me to meet Dave.
I opened my eyes and pulled away from him, not sure if I had heard him
right. As I turned, I saw that there was indeed another person in the
shower with us. He smiled at me and extended his hand. I thought this
gesture was completely absurd since we were all completely nude and
in the shower. I just looked at him but the shock started to wear off and I
noticed how good looking Dave was. He had blond hair, thick and
slightly curly. His body was just as tanned as mine. I noticed that he
took just as much time at the gym with his lower body as he did with his
upper body. His legs were muscular and well defined. I really enjoyed
seeing a well proportioned man. He seemed quite excited as his cock
was nice and hard already. AJ was still standing behind me, he leaned
forward and asked me it I minded the company. I had never had a
threesome with AJ before but had recently admitted that I was interested
in trying it sometime. Now, I had no idea that he had taken me so

I turned to AJ and watched his eyes for a moment, trying to figure out
what he was thinking. His lips parted slowly as he smiled. I couldn’t
help but smile back. I felt Dave behind me, pressing up against my back
and my ass. I closed my eyes and let this new sensation sink in,
completely giving into the feel of their bodies pressing against me.

AJ whispered that he wanted to watch and then he kissed me and I
could feel his urgency and his excitement. I could not distinguish
between the two sets of hands that were now caressing every inch of my
body. I felt Dave as he pressed his cock into the crease of my ass,
moving up and down slowly. AJ had the soap in his hands now and I
watched as the creamy lather covered my breasts. He passed the soap
to Dave and I felt it slide down my back then between my thighs. When
he finished, Dave pushed the soap back to AJ. I felt like I had no control
over what was happening now. I simply gave into them, completely.
The pace of their eager hands and mouths were quickening and I was
held between them, not able to move even had I wanted to. This was
moving so quickly now. AJ grabbed my leg and lifted it up, holding it
close to his body. Dave’s hand was on my shoulder and I felt myself
being pushed toward AJ. I kissed AJ, sucking on his full lips. Dave
pressed his cock into me, slowly at first. I leaned my ass back into him,
allowing him to drive deeper into me, pushing my face against AJ’s
strong chest. Dave moved in and out of me with steady long strokes and
AJ began to rub my now sensitive clit with his talented fingers. He
brought his other hand up to my lips, letting me suck on his finger.

I opened my eyes and watched AJ, returning his passionate kisses. My
legs started to shake and as I heard Dave moaning, I knew he was also
close to coming. I felt the tightening in my stomach and pressed my
head back into Dave’s shoulder as waves of pleasure coursed through
my body. I felt Dave’s arms close around me then, holding me even
tighter to him. AJ moved away from me and I watched as he stroked his
hard cock never taking his eyes off me. Dave pulled out of me then and
came onto my bare ass.

I was completely drained and my legs betrayed me, barely holding me
up. The powerful orgasm that raced through my body had taken the last
ounce of energy that I had after spending the whole day in the sun,
drinking. I moved back under the spray of water and let it run down my
back. After I was clean, I stepped toward the door. AJ reached out and
pulled me close to him. He began to kiss and stroke me but I whispered
into his ear that I was spent and very tired. He stopped and looked at
me then, turning his head to one side.

“OK, it’s your call,” he said.

He opened the shower door and stepped out ahead of me. I followed
him, grabbed my towel and wrapped it around myself. He didn’t say
anything as he dried off, only stopping for a moment to hand Dave a
towel when he stepped out.

I went to the bedroom and slipped under the silky sheets of AJ’s king
size bed. The last thing I remember hearing was their boisterous
laughter before I drifted off to sleep .

I awoke to AJ’s hands on my shoulder. He was gently shaking me and
calling my name. I turned to him, taking his hand in mine. He pulled it
away and I opened my eyes to find him dressed, sitting on the edge of
the bed. I glanced over at the clock and saw that it was nearly 4 a.m.

“Coming to bed pretty late aren’t you babe?” I mumbled to him.

“Are you awake lover?”

“Yes,” I replied, sensing that something was different.

“Please get out of bed and come to the living room with me, now.”

I hesitated for just a moment before I slipped out of bed. The hallway
was dark and I wasn’t sure if he was following close behind me or not. I
wondered if Dave was still here and I turned to AJ to ask him.

“No, he went home about an hour ago.” He said as he moved to the
couch and sat down. I went to sit beside him but he stopped me.

“I want you to kneel down in front of me on the floor.”

The look in his eyes was what made me move to obey him. It was not
that it was a hostile look, not at all. It was simply commanding, I could
not resist it. I went down to my knees before him, watching him intently,
waiting. He leaned forward, closing the space between us and told me
to get down on my hands. Now I just thought he wanted to have some
fun. I figured I would go along with this and see where it led. He got up
off the couch and walked around behind me so that I could not see him.
He spoke so softly that I had a hard time hearing him. I turned to look at
him to ask him to repeat what he had just said when I felt the sting of his
hand on my bare ass. I pulled away from him, not sure how to react. I
was shocked. He leaned close to my ear and whispered that I needed to
be punished for what I had done. I couldn’t think, I could still feel the
lasting impression that his hand had made on my tender cheek.

“You were a very selfish and bad girl in the shower today lover. You
took all that we had to give you and only gave back to one. You walked
away from me in my own house.”

I now understood what this was about, he was upset that I had not
satisfied him after Dave and I were finished. My temper flared. How
dare he get mad at me? It was not my idea to invite his friend into the
shower with us. He sensed my mood and moved quickly onto me,
pressing me down onto the rug, holding me there with his weight. I
struggled to get out from under him.

“I want to hear you beg to be let up.”

I relaxed a bit then, considering what I would do next. I could feel his
cock through his jeans against the small of my back and he was hard.
This really turned me on. The pressure of his hands on my arms was
constant. I moved just a little then so that I could test his strength. He
held me firmly, increasing the pressure just a bit. I stopped again and
wondered if he knew that I was getting really turned on by this show of
strength and dominance.

“Tell me that you are sorry for not satisfying me. I want to hear you tell
me that you were wrong to leave me like that.”

“OK, I was wrong.”

“Is that all you have to say?”


With that, I felt his weight shift. He took both my wrists in one of his
powerful hands and rolled off of me. He spanked me again, two quick
slaps. Not enough to mark me, or hurt me, just enough to remind me
that he was serious.

“Now what do you have to say?”

“I was wrong, please let me make it up to you.”

With that he started to talk to me, telling me things that he knows I love
to hear.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” His free hand moved down to my ass as
he spoke, tracing the line between my slightly red cheeks. I felt his
finger as it grazed the outer lips of my pussy. I exhaled and moved to
encourage him to continue but he pulled his hand away.

“Did that feel good? Would you like me to put my finger inside you or
my tongue?”

“Yes, I want to feel you, yes both.”

“How bad do you want me? I want to hear you beg.” He put his hand
under my stomach and pulled me up so that my ass was in the air, never
letting go of my hands. He moved around behind me, pulling my arms
up in the air as he went. He directed my hands so that they were now
clasped behind my head.

“Don’t move your hands, I want them to stay right where they are. Do
you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

He got up then and brushed past me, stopping in front of me. He pulled
his shirt up over his head, letting it drop to the floor. I watched as he ran
his hands over his muscular chest. Slowly, he undid each button on his
jeans and they fell down with ease. He was not wearing anything else.

He sat down on the couch, completely naked. I wanted to be on his lap
right then – rubbing my clit on his swollen cock, pressing my breasts
against his chest.

“These are the rules so listen carefully. You are not to touch me, or
yourself. You are not to move your hands from where they are now. Do
you understand?”

I thought about this for a moment, deciding that this should be
interesting. “Yes, I promise that I will not move my hands from behind
my neck, or touch myself, or touch you.”

He brought his hand up to his mouth, tracing his finger over his lips,
parting them slightly and pushing his tongue out to lick the tip of his
finger. He took that finger and traced his left nipple, lingering there for a
moment then continued down to his stomach. I watched as he used his
other hand to stroke his balls and then take his hard shaft into his palm.
With a steady, slow pace he moved up and down. I looked up at his
face then and he was watching me intently.

“Are you wet for me?”


“My cock is nice and hard, my hand feels so good. Your nipples are
hard. Do you want to touch them? Uh uh, don’t — you know the rules.”

He continued to stroke himself, keeping a slow and even pace. His
other hand was tracing his erect nipples, first one then the other.

“I want you to lean back now, sit down on that pretty little ass of yours.”

I did as I was told but it was a hard since I was not supposed to move my
hands from behind my head. He got up and grabbed a few overstuffed
pillows off the couch and went around behind me. I felt the pillows as he
pushed them up against my back.

“Lean back onto the pillows.”

Again, I did as I was told thinking that being punished wasn’t so bad
after all. He walked around and sat back on the couch. I was a bit
confused then as I thought he was going to make himself comfortable on
the floor in front of me.

“Spread those legs lover, I want to see your pussy. Yes, good, now pull
your knees up a bit, oh yes I like that.”

With this he began to stroke himself again. He then instructed me to be
quiet and just listen.

“How would you like to feel my tongue on your smooth legs, running up
the inside of your creamy thighs, can you feel the heat of my breath as I
stop just short of your wet lips, my fingers pressing into you, opening
you, my tongue lightly touching your clit?”

I was getting very excited just listening to him and I began to move my
hips slightly, watching him as he spoke. I wanted to pull him down onto
me, run my fingers through his hair as I pushed his head down to my

He slid off the couch and got directly in front of me then, but didn’t touch
me. His breathing was coming faster now.

“Tell me what you want from me lover, what you would do to me right
now if you were given permission to move?

I quickly responded, “I would push you back against the couch, run my
tongue across your lips, down your neck to your nipples. Can you feel
my fingers pinching them? I would trace my way down your stomach
and take your cock into my mouth while I gently massaged your balls.
Do you want to feel my lips on you?”

He continued to stroke his cock, speeding up as I talked. I began to
move towards him then, planning on doing exactly what I had just told
him. He put his hand up and pointed back at the pillow, silently telling
me that I was not allowed to move. His breath was now coming faster
and I knew by the small sounds that were escaping from between his
lips that he was close to coming. He was on his knees, just inches out of
my reach. I wanted to touch him, so badly. He never took his eyes off
mine as he came and I could feel some of his hot seed on my stomach
but I couldn’t even touch myself! I wanted, no needed something,

He sat back and I could see the hint of a smile on his face. It hit me then
that he had never had any intention of touching me. He had been
teasing me and had never planned on satisfying me. What a shit. We
sat in silence for a few moments.

“I think you have learned your lesson now.”

He took my hand and stood up and I reluctantly allowed him to pull me
to my feet. We went back to the bedroom in silence. He got into bed
and pulled back the covers for me. After I was under the sheets I rolled
over onto my side and I felt him as he pressed his body against my back,
sliding his hand around my waist. I wanted to satisfy myself but I
understood what he needed me to understand and I would never make
that same mistake again. As I drifted off to sleep the last thing I heard
was him whispering, “Goodnight lover.”

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