Tammy’s Pony (Bi Sex, Bestiality-woman/pony)
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“How are my folks treating you, Tammy?” Priscilla asked over the phone.
The young girl was sprawled out on the bed, the phone propped against
her ear. “Your parents are real nice,” Tammy replied. A hint of unhappiness
revealed itself in the girl’s voice. She was sitting at the bedroom
window, looking at the street below. The city traffic and people
bothered her. She wished she were back home on the farm in her own
room. “Your parents are great, too, Tammy,” Priscilla said happily, cutting
into Tammy’s homesick thoughts. “The exchange program that my school
set up is really terrific!” She was bubbling with joy. “I wish I could
stay here on your farm all summer.” She squirmed on her belly. The
tight jeans cutting into her crotch sent a tremor through her virgin
pussy. “I’m glad it’s just for two weeks, Priscilla. I can’t get used to all
the noise of the city,” Tammy Hudson said. She closed her eyes, thought
about Beauty, her golden pony. It was going to be a lonely two weeks.
“Have you ridden Beauty yet?” “I will today,” Priscilla bubbled. “Your father is going to show him to
me later. Hey, Tammy, have you met any boys yet?” “I haven’t been out of your house since I got here yesterday.”
Priscilla Kirkland rolled on her back, keeping the phone to her ear.
Her hand gradually combed her body, touched her small budding breasts.
She giggled, “Wait until you meet the boys in the neighborhood. They’re
always trying to feel you up.” Tammy was shocked. “You don’t let them, do you?” “Of course not. I’m a virgin, but it gets me hot when they try.” Her
virgin pussy began to seep as her mind wandered. Tammy laughed to herself, thinking of Beauty again and when she had
lost her virginity. “You don’t need boys to get hot and have fun,”
Tammy said in a mysterious tone. She thought of Beauty’s long pony-
cock, and she wished she were back on the farm. “What do you mean you don’t need boys?” Priscilla asked, slightly
confused. “Maybe you’ll find out before you have to come back to the city.” Tammy
paused, her ears straining. “Your mother’s calling me, Priscilla. I
have to hang up.” “Tell them I’ll call and say hello tonight. See ya.” Priscilla hung up. Once the telephone was back in its cradle, the young virgin was able to
use both hands on her small tits. She closed her eyes and sighed. “Oh,
this must be what she means,” Priscilla said. Her virgin pussy pulsed. Her fingers quickly unsnapped the jeans. With
a swift move, her panties went with her jeans as she pushed them down
her thighs. “Mmmm!” Her trembling fingers touched the brown silky hair of her virgin cunt.
Warm pussy juice greeted her fingers. Her big brown eyes widened. Warm
fuck cream coated her swirling fingertips. Her free hand worked the buttons of her blouse open while the other
hand was busy stroking her pussy mound. Her trembling hand slipped
inside the bra and cupped a firm tit. The youth sprawled on the bed writhing in innocent passion. One hand
was on a bare tit, the other on her bare pussy. Soft brown eyes turned
glassy. Rippling tremors skipped lightly over her tingling flesh. “Ohhh … Mmmnnn …” Her innocent features froze into a mask of child-
lust. Her frantic fingers stroked her virgin pussy and hard button
clit. Pussy juice flowed from her virgin cunt. Thrashing on the bed,
her soft bare ass rubbed the bedspread. Eyelids fluttered. Lips parted, soft sighs rushed out. The kneading
fingers on her tit grew more demanding. Her nipples hardened. The hand on her cunt moved with urgency. Her clit stiffened–gorged
with blood. “I’m … I’m … Going …” She was panting heavily. “I’m
… Going … To …” “Are you in there, Priscilla?” Ben Hudson called from the other side of
the locked bedroom door. Priscilla wrenched in spasms. She gasped. Her hands came suddenly away
from her overheated body. “Y … Yes, Mr. Hudson …” Tammy’s father grinned broadly. “I got a surprise for you, Priscilla.”
His voice rose as he talked through the door. Trembling, Priscilla yanked her panties and jeans back up and quickly
snapped and zipped them. “Wait a minute … I’ll be right there,” she
was in a mixture of excitement and frenzied frustration. She heaved a
sigh when her blouse was finally buttoned. She slipped out of bed, fixed her shoulder-length brown hair, and went
to the door. Passion still gleamed in her big brown eyes. Ben took the child’s hand, beaming. “C’mon, the surprise is out in the
barn.” “Beauty?!” she squealed, anxious to see Tammy’s beautiful pony. “Yes,” Ben said, enjoying the child’s delight. Overjoyed with the prospect of seeing Tammy’s pony, Priscilla half
dragged Ben across the backyard to the small barn. “C’mon, Mr. Hudson,
c’mon!” The tall man laughed, holding on to Priscilla’s hand as she led him
into the cool shade of the barn. “There he is.” Priscilla dropped Ben’s hand and ran to the pony’s stall. “Oh, Mr.
Hudson! He’s beautiful! Beautiful!” Ben stood back a few feet, smiling at the child. She was stroking
Beauty’s thick blonde mane. “Tammy thinks he is, too.” He laughed. “I
hope you don’t spend as much time with Beauty as Tammy does. There’s a
lot more to the farm than her pony. Tammy seems to be with him all the
time.” Priscilla gave Ben Hudson a big smile. “Oh no,” she said emphatically.
With loving caresses, she stroked Beauty’s golden coat. “I want to see
and do everything on the farm while I’m here.” “I’m glad to hear that,” he said. “Would you like to take him for a
ride?” “Can I really!” “You know how to ride?” he asked cautiously. “Yes, Mr. Hudson. My father says I’m very good.” Priscilla stepped out
of the way so Mr. Hudson could saddle the pony. “Be careful,” he said. Holding the reins, he walked Beauty out into the
morning sunshine. He patted the leather saddle, then gave Priscilla the
reins. “Be back in time for lunch.” Quickly, Priscilla mounted the pony. “I will,” she promised. “If you follow that dirt path down to the trees, there’s a nice stream.
Beauty likes to stop there for a drink.” She nodded vigorously, anxious to be on her way. With a gentle nudge of
her heels, she urged the pony forward. “C’mon, boy.” She made a
clucking sound, and they were off. Ben watched the happy teenager ride off. When she was beyond the field
and skirting the grove of trees, he went inside the house. He hoped his
daughter, Tammy, was as happy in the city as Priscilla was here in the
country. Bouncing in the saddle, Priscilla enjoyed the friction against her
jean-clad crotch. Having been deprived of an orgasm earlier, her cunt
and clit were ultra-sensitive. Each gentle slap against the hard saddle
made her tremble, made her pussy seep, her clit throb. “I’m creaming
myself,” she gasped, her words being carried off in a gentle breeze. The stream was up ahead, and she tugged gently on Beauty’s reins.
“Easy, boy, easy,” she soothed, sensing the pony’s excitement. She
slowed him down. At the brook, Priscilla climbed off the pony’s back. “Oh, Shit!” Her legs trembled, and she leaned against Beauty for
support while he drank at the flowing stream of crystal clear water.
The horny teenager rubbed her slender body against the pony’s golden-
colored coat. “God, I’m so hot, Beauty!” The ride, with its friction on
her pussy and coupled with her interrupted sex play, had the young
virgin boiling with passion. Water dribbling off his snout, Beauty snorted. He tossed his head in
the air, then twisted to look at her. He snorted again and nudged
Priscilla in the side. “Ohhhh!” she squealed. “You got me all wet.” She stepped back abruptly.
She glanced down at herself. Her blouse was wet, and she could see her
bra through the wet material. A shiver raced down her spine. Her
nipples stiffened. Beauty whinnied, then nudged her again playfully like he always did
with Tammy. Trembling with passion, Priscilla was caught off balance.
She stumbled and fell. “Eeeewww!” Beauty pawed the soft earth and gently nudged his muzzle between
Priscilla’s outstretched legs. He tossed his head in the air again, his
golden blond mane swishing. The contact against her cunt was
electrifying. Priscilla sat up. “Beauty, what did you do to me?” Repeating the erotic action, Beauty nestled his snout between her legs
again. This time, he didn’t take his snout away. Shaken, Priscilla scrambled away from his nuzzling head. “Oooo, you’re
worse than the boys I know,” she giggled, watching the pony’s head bob.
She stood, her face flushed red. Her eyes quickly scanned the wooded
area. Her face brightened. The place was secluded, affording her the
privacy her desires needed. “Maybe you want to see my titties like the boys at home do?” she
giggled impishly. She fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. Dizzy
with lust, she felt light-headed. Exposing herself to an animal was
thrilling, had her creaming. “Now, don’t tell your friends,” she said
to the pony jokingly. Tremulous sighs escaped her mouth. She draped her blouse over a low
branch. Her bra quickly followed. Bare from the waist up, she jutted out her small budding tits. The
plump mounds jiggled with each ragged breath she took. The nipples
stood erect, hard with excitement. The warm summer breeze caressed her,
and the creamy flesh became dotted with goose bumps. She staggered over to the pony. “Look at my titties, Beauty. See how
big they’re getting?” She squeezed them together, making them appear
larger, more plump. Beauty raised his head to look at her. His rubbery lips quivered with a
snorting sound. He shook his head as he stepped forward. His wet
slobbering lips touched the sizzling flesh of Priscilla’s small
titties. She reeled, her head spinning. “Oh, God, your lips are so soft and
wet.” Her legs were shaking. She stroked his head and rubbed her tits
into his drooling mouth. “Beauty,” she sighed shakily, watching the
pony slobber his warm drool over her tittie meat. Her nipples were ripe
and hard. Her face lit up. “Maybe this is what Tammy meant.” Chapter 2
She stepped back, glanced down at her tits. They were soaked with pony
spit and flushed pink from his nuzzling. Her plump tits felt swollen
and heavy. “Do you lick Tammy’s tits, Beauty?” she asked him. At hearing his name, Beauty waved his head in the air as if to answer.
He brought his slobbering lips back to the creamy flesh of tittie meat.
She tasted sweet, just like Tammy. His rubbery lips gnawed gently. “Ah … ahhh … ahhh! Don’t bite me,” she gasped heatedly. Warm cunt
juice saturated the crotch of her bikini panties as she stood in front
of the pony. Her knees trembled. Head in the clouds, she backed away from the hungry pony. Her passion
had made her bold, reckless. With a carefree air, she took off her
panties and jeans. She stood totally naked. She staggered back to the pony, wrapped her arms around his thick neck
and hugged him. Then passion took over. “Un, un, un!” Moaning deliriously, she rubbed and squeezed her tits
against his golden coat. Her tits scraped back and forth against the
prickling hair. Needle-sharp hairs tortured her delicate skin. Drunk with passionate lust, Priscilla slipped a bare foot into the
stirrup and hefted herself up into the saddle. Naked and horny, she sat
quaking astride the pony’s back. “Oooo, Beauty!” she gasped, swaying in the saddle. “Ohhhh, shit.” Hot
buttery pussy cream oozed from her virgin cunt and soaked the smooth
leather saddle. “Oooo, God!” The golden pony pawed the earth. His tail, thick and long, swished back
and forth. Soft neighs came from his mouth. His animal instincts picked
up the child’s passion. Priscilla rocked on the pony’s back. Her overheated pussy pulsed. Warm
juicy cunt cream flooded the virgin channel of her hole. She felt
light-headed, dizzy. Beauty tossed his head in the air. His golden mane swished over his
thick-muscled neck. He whinnied, snorted, his rubbery lips quivering.
The air around them reeked with sex. Priscilla grabbed the saddle horn, held it tight. “Unnn!” Brown eyes
turned glassy. “Ooo, Beauty!” She slid her pussy back and forth in the
saddle, greasing the sleek leather with hot sticky cream. “Ooooo!” Her small firm tits jiggled. Her nipples, swollen with blood and rosy
pink, throbbed. She squirmed in the saddle. It was getting harder and
harder to keep her balance. “Ohhh, shit! Beauty! Don’t move!” The pony, agitated by the child’s squeals and her passion, began to
step back and forth. His head snapped around, his wet sticky lips
brushing against the smooth flesh of Priscilla’s knees. His balls,
heavy with thick pony jizz, swayed between his powerful hind legs. He
snorted. “Ahhhh!” She shook, released the saddle horn, and leaned forward.
Gripping the pony around his neck, she rubbed her swollen clit into the
hardness of the horn. Lights flashed behind her fluttering eyes. “Don’t
move! Don’t move!” Beauty obeyed. He calmed down, stopped pawing the earth. His balls
rumbled and the tip of his huge cock peeked from the sheath. He bucked
with one quick snap of his head. “Aghhhh!” Priscilla screamed, almost falling off the pony’s back. She
held him tighter. Her hips moved from side to side. Her ass cheeks
jerked back and forth. Warm cream continued to flow from her virgin
hole. “Oooo,” she sighed, floating on a cloud of passion. “No wonder Tammy
misses the farm.” She was overwhelmed with passion. “I never would have
left.” She squeezed Beauty’s neck. Her cunt squished on the saddle. The sounds reached her ears. She
leaned forward as far as possible. “Does Tammy do this?” A lewd giggle escaped her mouth. She sat up again
in the saddle, tall, her back straight, her tits jutting out proudly. Panting, she brought her trembling body momentarily under control. She
stared glassy-eyed across the stream. Being naked out in the open and
sitting on a pony overwhelmed the child. It was unbelievable, but true.
It blew her young mind. Using her hands, she caressed her own sizzling tittie meat. Tender
strokes, light touches. Her hands became more urgent, more demanding.
Kneading fingers dug into the pulpy flesh. Everything started to spin. She fell forward again and grabbed hold of
Beauty’s thick golden mane. “I’m gonna ride you. Cream your saddle.” The pony snorted as if he understood the child’s delirium. His tail
slapped over his rump, and he shook his head. Priscilla moaned. “Ooooh, shit!” Holding his mane in her tight grasp,
the horny teenager slammed her clit into the saddle horn. Lights
exploded behind her glazed brown eyes. She blinked rapidly, an orgasm
building deep in her virgin cunt. “Oooo, pony boy. I’m gonna cum. Holy
Christ!” The realization of what she had said hit her like a ton of bricks. Her
mouth opened, but nothing came out. Her hips moved faster. Pussy juice flowed faster. Her cunt muscles, untested and
inexperienced, pulsed against her empty canal. Oozing fuck cream
greased her untouched hole. With her thighs fused to the beast’s sides, her cunt flush against the
smooth leather saddle, and her clit banging into the hard horn,
Priscilla’s virgin pussy exploded like never before. “I’m cumming!” she
squealed, her shrill excited voice filtering through the trees. “I’m
cumming!” Beauty sensed the child’s passion. He whinnied, swished his head back
and forth. His agitated noises blended with the child’s squeals of joy.
His tail flashed over his rump, and he began to paw the earth again. This time Priscilla was too involved with her orgasm to know or to
care. She bucked on his back, clung to his mane. Her tits bounced. Her
brown hair swished over her bare back as her head snapped from side to
side. Brown eyes stared up, through the trees. Everything was spinning. “Ahhh! I’m creaming! Creaming!” She rode the frenzied pony as if he
were a bucking horse at the rodeo, with hard jerking forward thrusts.
“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Virgin pussy cum gushed from her exploding cunt hole. Her tits felt as
if they too would burst. Recklessly, she rode the pony. “Ahhhh!” Shuddering spasms attacked her body. She swayed, fell forward,
gripped the pony’s neck. “Beauty! Beauty!” she squealed, holding on for dear life. “Oooo,
Beauty!” She slammed her clit into the hard leather horn. Explosions rumbled in
her virgin cunt. Her pussy-lips slid effortlessly along the smooth
greased saddle. Ass cheeks jiggled with each reckless jab of her hips. The pony was responding to the child’s screams and the passion that
surrounded them. His huge cock poked its head from its sheath. He gave
a high shrill whinny. He stepped back and forth, snapping his head from
side to side. Priscilla almost fell. The animal’s agitation and her own wild
abandonment had almost toppled her from the pony’s back. “Ohhh!” Her
eyes rolled, dilated. Her cunt mashed over and over again into the
leather horn. Her head snapped back. Everything turned fuzzy, gray. “Ohhh … noooo!”
Dizzy, her cunt still pulsing in orgasm, she began to slip off the
pony’s back. Wild-eyed, she grabbed the horn. She slipped from the pony’s back like
hot melted butter. On a soft blanket of grass, she writhed in agonizing bliss. She
skittered down from the dizzy heights her orgasm had taken her to.
Goose bumps dotted her smooth tingling flesh. “Ooo, Beauty,” she moaned. Still on her back, she blinked the golden
pony into focus. She pulled herself up into a sitting position. Heart
beats thumped in her heaving chest. She looked around. It was like a
dream, a fantastic dream. A sensuous smile adorned her face. Beauty lowered his head and nibbled his lips over her glowing tittie
flesh. He snorted. The scent of her wet cunt flared his nostrils. He
bent his long neck lower and tried to attack her pussy. “Nooo!” Priscilla squealed, scrambling away from the animal. “No,
more!” She giggled, crawled away and stood. “Ohh, God, you’re horny.” She grabbed her clothes, dressed quickly. “Now we’d better get back.” She looked at the saddle. It was soaked
with pussy juice. “Oh shit!” Priscilla pulled her blouse out of her
jeans, wiped the saddle with it, then tucked it back inside. “Next
time, I won’t use a saddle.” She climbed back on the pony. Tremors rippled through her pussy as she
headed back to the farmhouse. Chapter 3
Ellen and Ben Hudson smiled benignly at Priscilla who was wolfing down
her lunch. “Riding Beauty sure gave you an appetite, didn’t it, Priscilla?” Mrs.
Hudson said. She was tall, blonde, and blue-eyed an older version of
her teenage daughter, Tammy. Priscilla glanced up sheepishly. Her cheeks were flushed pink. Her
brown eyes sparkled. “Yes, it did, Mrs. Hudson.” She swallowed the rest
her food. “It’s so beautiful around here. Much nicer than the city.” Ben wrapped an arm around his wife and looked at Priscilla. “Ellen and
I are going into town this afternoon. Would you like to join us?” Priscilla’s heart leaped into her throat. A chance to be with Beauty
again, alone. She swallowed hard, thinking about the possibilities.
“Thank you, Mr. Hudson, but I’d rather stay here on the farm and
explore. Would you mind?” “Not at all,” Ellen said. “We’re glad you like it here.” “Yes, I do!” Priscilla bubbled. Her mind was on the golden pony and
nothing else. “While we’re gone, you can take Beauty out for another ride if you
like,” Ellen suggested. At the mention of Beauty, Priscilla’s cheeks burned. “Oh no, I think
I’ll just walk around and explore on my own,” she lied. Ben pushed himself from the table. “Good. You don’t want to spend all
your time with the pony. There’s a lot to see here in the country.”
Ben’s eyes shifted to his wife. “Ellen, I’ll go get the pickup.” He
turned for the door. “I’ll be right there, honey, as soon as I clear away the dishes,” Ellen
called back. Priscilla stood at the screen door waving good-bye at Mr.
and Mrs. Hudson pulling away in their Pickup. She waited until they
were out of sight. Her heart skipped wildly, thinking about the
afternoon with Beauty. “Here I come, Beauty,” she muttered softly to herself. She ran down the
back steps, the screen door slamming shut behind her. Long strides
brought her quickly to the barn. “Beauty, I got something for you.” She giggled, closed and locked the barn door. She didn’t want the
Hudsons’ coming home unexpectedly and catching her naked with Tammy’s
pony. She went to the pony’s stall. “Oh boy, are we going to have fun!” She
stroked his bare back. “Lots and lots of fun.” The pony nudged her, acknowledged her presence with his cold nose. The
thick blonde tail swished back and forth across his rump. He was happy
to see his new friend. Her insides quaking, Priscilla led the pony out of his stall. She
stared into his sorrowful-looking brown eyes. “Do you want to lick my
tits again, pretty pony? I know lots of boys in the city who would.”
She giggled devilishly. She petted the side of his head. Beauty nuzzled his nose at Priscilla playfully, knocking the teenager
into a pile of hay. His cold wet nose went between her outstretched
legs. Snorting, he rubbed her virgin crotch. Nervously, Priscilla laughed. She was a little frightened and a lot
excited. “Ohhhh, Beauty! Do you do this to Tammy?” She rolled away from his persistent muzzle and scrambled to her feet.
Strands of hay clung to her shirt and hair. “You’ll get me soon enough, you horny prick.” With loving strokes, she caressed his bare back. The muscles rippled
underneath the pony’s sleek coat. She shivered excitedly, sensing the
power in the beautiful animal. “Ohhhh,” she cooed dreamily. “It’s going to be better cumming on your
bare back than in the saddle.” The prickling sensation of his rough
coat against her naked tits came rushing back to her. It sent tremors
down her spine. Priscilla backed away from the golden pony. Her wide innocent brown
eyes looked to the barn door to make sure it was locked. She felt safer
here than at the stream. The assured privacy gave her a sense of
freedom. “I’m so hot,” she moaned. She stood in front of the pony. Her hands
trembled. “I’m going to strip for you, Beauty.” Hot rippling tremors warmed the spongy depths of her virgin twat. She
slipped off her blouse, her brown eyes glassy with desire. Beauty
stepped close to the child, nudged her, then whinnied. The barn reeked
of the child’s sex. Beauty sensed it, became anxious, expectant. He was
used to it. Tammy, his young mistress, had done it many times. “Not yet,” she giggled, backing away. “Wait until I’m naked.” Priscilla slipped her bra off, laid it over the side of the stall with
her blouse. She cupped her budding mounds in her hands. Her knees
shook, and she stopped playing with herself for a moment. “God!” she gasped. She plopped back in the hay and eased her jeans
down, then kicked them off. Her heart was beating wildly. “Ooo, I wish
you were a boy.” She stood on wobbly legs. Beauty wasn’t going to be put off. He used his head, pressed it against
her belly. His nose was cold and flared. A snort came from his rubbery
lips as the erotic scent of Priscilla’s turned-on cunt burned into his
brain. Priscilla danced away. Wanton and burning with passion, she came around
to his side. Her flesh tingled as she rubbed her tits into his flank.
“Oooo, God, will I cream your back!” Beauty twisted his head, nibbling his smooth slobbering lips against
her sizzling flesh. His balls swelled, loaded with cum. Like his
mistress, he too was frustrated. He bumped the child, his thick cock
protruding from his sheath. Quickly, she skimmed off her panties. She pranced around the barn,
totally naked. She exhibited herself in front of the animal. “I’d like to see Tammy do this for us both,” she sighed. The idea made
her pussy cream. She walked by Beauty, took his thick tail and rubbed
it through her crotch, wetting it with pussy juice. Beauty turned abruptly and bumped his head against her. His rubbery
lips found the child’s tits. Wet slobber drooled from his mouth. “Oooo, Beauty, your mouth is great. Oooo!” She leaned against the
stall, reveling in the horny pony’s warm saliva. Beauty nuzzled his cold nose between the teenager’s small, perfectly
shaped tits. Her whimpering sighs were arousing him. His bloated cock
peeked out, growing larger each minute. Priscilla was reeling. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” She squirmed, her brown eyes
glowing with fire. “Let me get on your back.” She twisted away. Pony spit covered her tits. The small nipples were
swollen, sore. The tips were painfully hard. Free of his fantastic lips, Priscilla grabbed his thick mane and hauled
herself up on the pony’s back. Hot spasms attacked her pussy and she
almost fell off. With the horny child on his back, Beauty calmed down. He backed slowly
away from the stall as Priscilla squirmed on his back. “Ohhhh, Christ!” Priscilla cried. She held his mane in her tight grasp.
Her thighs were clenched tight against his flanks. “I’m creaming!
Creaming!” The golden pony stopped in the middle of the small barn. He allowed the
child on his back to do as she wished. He was trained. Tammy did this
every chance she could get. Priscilla twisted her hips. Lights flashed behind her eyes. It was
exquisite. Better than with the saddle. She humped, her heels digging
into Beauty’s flanks. With reckless abandonment, the horny teenager ground her virgin pussy
into the pony’s back. Tits bouncing, head snapping from side to side,
she drenched his golden coat in a deluge of warm milky pussy-cream.
“Oooo! Beauty! I’m gonna …” The words remained trapped in her throat. Long tormenting humps dragged her pussy over his coarse hair. Tiny
needles pricked the swollen lips of her cunt and the exposed bloated
tip of her blood-engorged clit. She was delirious. She bucked on him, her brown eyes disappearing into her skull. She
ground her clit into his coat. Lightning bolts of pleasure ripped
through her cunt hole. Falling forward, she gripped the pony around the neck. Her tits mashed
into his neck. Warm fuck juices seeped from her pussy. Gliding back,
she fused her naked body to the animal. “Mmmm,” she hummed, glassy-eyed and crazed with lust. “Ohhh, shit,
Beauty.” She hugged him tightly with her legs, swaying precariously on
his back. “Oooo!” Beauty pawed the earth. The child’s squeals, like those of his young
mistress, were making him nervous. He tossed his head back. Priscilla
screamed. He snorted, backed up, then moved forward. A loud neigh came
from his mouth. Priscilla was out of her head. She jabbed her cunt into his sleek coat.
Her eyelids fluttered. Spasms ripped through her cunt. Her nipples,
swollen and sore, scraped against his coat. “I’m gonna cum!” It was even more fantastic than before. Wild jolts
shot through her virgin cunt. “I’m cumming! Cumming!” Priscilla mashed her clit into Beauty’s back. Her hips jerked. Hot
oozing pussy cum flowed over the animal’s back. Beauty jerked, his head flipping up as Priscilla’s heels slammed into
his flank. He whinnied. She screamed. One violent explosive orgasm ripped through her cunt. She fell from the
pony’s back, ending up in the hay. Panting, she blinked the spinning
barn into focus. Priscilla writhed in the soft hay. She was trapped at the peak, unable
to get off. “No, no, no,” she whimpered in her delirium. “Oooo, nooo!” Beauty came over to the moaning teenager. He nuzzled his lips over her
face affectionately. Warm drool coated her skin. “Nnnnn,” she moaned, crazed with lust. She gasped, then opened her
mouth. Beauty’s thick tongue found the child’s throat. He soaked her in sticky
spit. His rubbery lips kept the dazed excited teenager swirling at the
summit. Wet lips and an urgent tongue swept Priscilla’s neck, then
dined on the searing hot tittie meat of her flushed nubile body. “Oooo, Beauty!” The crazed teenager twisted in the hay. Some of the hay
pricked her ass, stabbed between her thighs, hitting her cunt and clit.
“Oooo, Christ! I’ve died and gone to heaven!” With the pony feasting on her tits and upper body, Priscilla drifted
from one pleasurable moment to the next. Dreamy smiles and glazed eyes
were aimed at the beast. Lovingly she stroked his forehead, scratched him. Her hips rotated, the
hay torturing her cunt and ass. “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhh!” Beauty, used to the ranting cries of his mistress, continued to lick
and nibble diligently on Priscilla’s sizzling hot body. He soaked the
flushed skin of her tits, moved down, nibbled on her rib cage, then her
belly. He tossed his head up and whinnied. “Don’t stop!” Priscilla cried. She was frantic, afraid he was done,
“Nooo! Lick me! Lick me!” She thrashed in the hay, a hot bubbling package of naked dynamite. She
reached for him, eyes wide, mouth open. She arched her back, twisted. Beauty had no intention of stopping. Having acquired a taste for pussy
over the last two years, Beauty was ready to dine on the succulent meat
between Priscilla’s thighs. He gobbled at the child’s thrashing hips as
if he knew that the longer he tormented the squealing girl, the more
pleasure she would receive. “Ooo, yessss!” she screamed. Her voice echoed in the small barn. His
warm spit ignited flames deep in her virgin pussy. “Unnnn, Beauty!”
Upward thrusts smacked her belly into his muzzle. Beauty caught the heavenly scent of Priscilla’s pussy. He gave the
child a soft rumbling, his lips quivering against her cunt. He buried
his blunt snout between her outstretched legs. Priscilla’s mind came unglued. “Ahhhh! Ohhhh!” She went into wild
contortions. She jammed hard, ground her virgin cunt against the soft
lips and hard teeth of the hungry pony. Beauty tossed his head high, then quickly brought it back to the
delicious meat of Priscilla’s pussy. He gobbled, snorting as warm fuck
cream gushed into his flared nostrils and into his large mouth. Quick
bangs against her cunt with his head had Priscilla screaming in
pleasure. “Ayieeee!” Priscilla was overwhelmed. Passion wreaked havoc on her
virgin body. Nothing had prepared her for this. The animal’s lips,
tongue and hard teeth were driving her crazy. One twist in her crazed
state threw her over on her stomach. Sanity was gone, lust reigned. She squirmed in the hay, gasping for
air. Moans escaped from her dribbling mouth. The surprised pony feasted on the jiggling meat of her ass. Loud
slurping noises blended with Priscilla’s whimpering cries. He nuzzled
his lips between the cheeks of her ass. “Oooo, Christ!” She squirmed in the hay. With her tits and belly
soaked, the hay stuck to her. “Unnn! Unnnn!” She was hysterical, out of
her mind. Beauty jammed his snout into Priscilla’s ass. His tongue dragged over
the wrinkled crack of her asshole. Warm spit drenched her ass. He
snorted, nibbled with his lips. “Aghhhh!” She jammed back, smacking her ass into the pony’s face.
“Ohhhh!” Thrashing in the pile of hay, Priscilla kicked her feet up and down.
Wild screams filled the barn. Beauty enjoyed the child’s body. His chomping lips feasted between her
ass checks. Warm spit drooled from his noisy mouth, soaked her tight
wrinkled ass crack. His greedy lips and tongue chewed her ass, the
scent of her pussy making him snort in agitation. “Ohhh!” Priscilla squealed, dragging herself up on her hands and knees. Hot flashes tormented her body. She rocked in the hay. Her small
swollen tits ached. Everything seemed distorted, out of focus. She turned her head, strained to see the pony as he slopped his lips
and tongue through her parted thighs. “Chew me! Chew me!” She shoved
back, ground her ass into the beast’s hard snout. “Ahhhh!” The golden pony chewed. He shook his head. His rubbery lips and frantic
tongue made Priscilla shriek in joy. His cock was growing huge, almost
fully exposed from its sheath. Priscilla’s elbows buckled. She crashed back into the hay. She uttered
a shrill scream, a gasp of delight as she twisted onto her back. “Oooo!
Eat me! Eat my pussy!” The words were out before she realized their meaning. She lifted her
head, saw the pony between her legs. Beauty jammed his hard snout into the child’s pussy. His tongue dined
between the puffy folds of her virgin cunt. Warm buttery fuck cream
greeted him. He slopped it up, treating the cunt juice as a delicacy. Priscilla went wild. She humped, slammed her cunt into his rubbery
lips. Her hands raked her sweaty, hay-strewn flesh. Her nipples felt as
if they would burst. “Eat me, sucker! Oooo, eat my pussy!” Hay jabbed her ass cheeks, and between her crack. It added to her
pleasure. Legs spread wide, she slashed her pussy against the gobbling
mouth of the golden pony. Beauty’s thick tongue forced the puffy folds of her virgin pussy apart.
He met the barrier of her cherry. Snorting, his lips found another
pleasure–her clit. With her clit caught between the pony’s slobbering lips, Priscilla went
crazy. She clamped her thighs together, capturing the pony’s head. With
him a prisoner, she mangled her pussy against his hard teeth. “Yesss,
Beauty! Chew me! Oooo!” Beauty chewed voraciously. His lips held her clit. He jerked his head.
The friction on Priscilla’s sex button was devastating. Hot fuck-cream
and loud screams made him horny, frenzied. His long cock throbbed,
completely exposed now in anticipation. Tammy his mistress had always
taken care of him. Delirious, Priscilla became swept up in her first truly fantastic
orgasm. Her own fingers, the ride earlier in the saddle, were nothing
compared to the next few minutes. She soared. “I’m cumming!” It overwhelmed her. “I’m cumming!” Her pleasure filled
the barn. The high-pitched shrills made the pony’s ears flick, made his muscles
ripple under the sleek golden coat. He chomped on her clit, gushing
pussy cum drenching him. Snorts kept his nostrils clear. His prick
throbbed. His balls, heavy with jizz, ached. He shook his head,
Priscilla’s slim teenage body holding tight, going with his every
frantic move. She rode his muzzle as if it were a saddle. Twisting, she ground her
clit into his teeth, Her brown eyes rolled, stared blankly at the
spinning ceiling. Her hands clawed tender tittie meat. “I’m cumming!
Ohhh, Beauty!” Priscilla’s face was contorted in lust. Spittle dribbled from the
corners of her gasping mouth. She fixed a dazed stare on the animal
between her thighs. Beauty, used to the noise, used to the hacking against his lips and
teeth, continued to chomp and delight the howling child with his
nibbling lips and slapping tongue. His golden mane slashed over her
viselike thighs, caressing her sensitive flesh. He wedged tight against
her pussy, cum still gushing over him. Wildly and with no concern about herself or her pussy, Priscilla
whacked her cunt into the animal’s muzzle. Her clit pulsed. Hot cum
flooded her empty pussy hole. Muscles, deprived of cockmeat, beat
jealously against the tight narrow canal of her virgin cunt. The end was in sight. She hammered her body mercilessly at the beast.
The animal accepted it. One climax after another bombarded her young
virgin body. “Oh! Beauty! I can’t … stop!” Shrill gasps and lunging
thrusts followed. She surrendered to the tremendous power of her fabulous orgasms. Head
reeling under the intensity of her orgasms, she grayed out. Drifting in
and out of consciousness as the animal devoured her cunt, Priscilla
squirmed, blinking herself out of the gray fuzzy world she kept
floating into. Under the impact of Priscilla’s climax, Beauty lifted his head, lips
still fused to her pussy. He took the crazed child with him. He twisted
his thick-muscled neck. Priscilla went for the ride. Cum flooded his
nose, his mouth. He tossed his head again. Weak, Priscilla lost her grip. She flipped, rolled over. “Ayyieee!” She
rolled to a stop. Each muscle in her body collapsed at the same moment. She lay gasping
for air, a naked rag doll covered with hay. She tried focusing, found
Beauty with her glassy eyes. “Oooo,” she moaned in a daze. She saw his cock and gasped. Blinking, she didn’t believe her own eyes.
She fainted for a moment. Opening her eyes, she crawled over and grabbed her clothes. She glanced
at the pony as she strained each muscle in an attempt to get dressed. Beauty, frustrated and horny, was in his stall pawing the earth in
frenzied agitation. He lifted his head and gave a loud angry whinny,
his golden mane flying. Priscilla gasped, staggered to the barn door. Hay scraped under her
clothes against her flesh. She stared back at Beauty. She was a little
frightened. Innocence kept her from understanding the animal’s problem. She threw open the door and stepped out into the bright afternoon
sunshine. She turned around, looked in the barn. It was like coming out
of a dream. She stumbled to the farmhouse. “Jesus, I gotta get clean before they
come home.” She giggled weakly and went inside. Chapter 4
Later that night, Priscilla sat curled up in a chair. Her eyes were
trained on the television, but her ears were tuned to Ben. He was
talking to his daughter, Tammy, on the phone. Priscilla couldn’t wait until it was her turn to talk with Tammy. She
fidgeted impatiently in the living room chair, unable to concentrate on
the TV show. “I’m through,” Ben said to Priscilla. “You can talk to her now.” Priscilla leaped out of the chair. “Can I take it upstairs in the
bedroom?” She wanted privacy. The things she was planning to say, she
didn’t want Tammy’s parents to hear. “Sure,” laughed Ben, “why not?” “Thanks, Mr. Hudson.” Priscilla scampered upstairs to the bedroom.
Panting, she grabbed the extension. “You can hang up now, Mr. Hudson. I
got it,” she said to Ben over the phone. Ben chuckled to himself, then hung up. He turned to his wife. “I’ll bet
they spend the rest of the night talking on the phone.” Ellen smiled. “Yeah, about boys.” Ben shook his head. “I’m glad Priscilla’s father is paying for this
phone call,” he said with obvious relief. When Priscilla heard the click, she heaved a sigh. “Are my parents
around, Tammy?” “No, they went out. Your mother said to call in the morning.” “Good. We can talk. I’m up in your room. Where are you?” Tammy yawned. Boredom and frustrated passion were gnawing at her mind
and body. “I’m up in your bed … naked.” “Whew,” Priscilla whooshed. With what she wanted to tell Tammy, being
naked sounded exciting. “Hold on a minute … I’m going to take off my
clothes, too.” Tammy’s mood instantly brightened. She waited for Priscilla to return
to the line, gently stroking her silky blonde pussy hair. A dreamy
smile played at her mouth. She wondered if Priscilla had discovered any
of Beauty’s unique talents. “I’m back,” Priscilla panted, her excitement growing. She lay on her
back, her legs spread, her fingers gently moved up and down her lithe
naked body. “I’m naked too, Tammy.” Tammy slipped her fingers into her moist cunt. No cherry skin barred
her way. Beauty had taken care of that months ago. “Have you been
riding Beauty?” Tammy asked wistfully, thinking of how much she missed
him. Priscilla gave a dirty giggle. “I’ve been doing more than that.” “Tell me about it,” Tammy said. Her mood brightened even more. Priscilla’s voice lowered to a conspiratorial tone. “This morning down
by the stream I rode him naked and creamed all over the saddle.” “Is that all?” Tammy said with disappointment. She brought her fingers
out of her cunt. Casually, she snatched up the warm fuck juices with
her tongue. “While your parents were in town this afternoon I was in the barn with
Beauty …” She let the sentence hang, hoping to change Tammy’s
apparent disinterest. “I hope you did more than just sit naked in the saddle?” Doing that was
old hat to the little farm girl. Tammy had done those things when she
was a kid. “I did a lot more than that,” Priscilla bragged. “Beauty licked my tits
and my pussy, and I came all over his mouth.” The young virgin
shuddered from the memory. Tammy’s interest had been piqued only slightly. “Did you see Beauty’s
cock?” she asked, wishing his prick were between her legs at this very
moment. The image of Beauty’s cock flashed through Priscilla’s mind. “Yes,” she
gasped, “it was so big! I feel like I dreamt it.” “Did you play with it?” Tammy’s pussy was drooling a gooey cream. The
phone nestled against her neck, her hands were free to caress her plump
tits as she spoke. “Oh no!” Priscilla exclaimed. “Oh shit,” Tammy spat, “my poor pony!” The innocence in Priscilla’s voice showed through. “What do you mean?” “Never mind,” Tammy replied. Depressed, Tammy didn’t want to talk
anymore. “I gotta hang up, Priscilla. Don’t forget to call your parents
tomorrow.” Without waiting for a reply, Tammy hung up, leaving a
bewildered Priscilla holding a dead phone. “Damn, damn, damn,” Tammy muttered angrily. She squirmed naked on the
bed. Her hands roamed her sizzling hot flesh. “Why did I ever agree to
come to the city!” Three fingers gouged into her wet steamy pussy.
“Unnnn … I wish my fingers were your cock, Beauty,” she squealed.
“Shit, I want your nice hard pony-cock.” Tammy stroked her pussy. Warm cunt juice flowed over her caressing
fingers. Her ripe teenage hips rotated. Her softly curved ass cheeks
rubbed against the sheet. “Shit,” she gasped. One hand mauled a plump tit. The swollen nipple
burned against her palm. “I need your cock, Beauty.” Blue eyes turned glassy. She flicked her tongue out over her lips. She
hummed, pretending Beauty’s cock was caressing her lips. She opened her mouth, imagined his hard pony-prick entering her throat.
Sticky cream gushed from her cunt. The muscles in her pussy responded to her wandering mind. Spongy walls,
oozing cream, beat a steady tattoo against the empty channel of her hot
pussy. “Oooo, let me cum,” she whimpered. “I gotta cum!” Tammy twisted, frustrated, desperate. It had been ages since the horny
child had had to resort to her fingers. Beauty, his fantastic lips and
even more fantastic cock, had served her needs completely. Now, she was
alone. The beautiful child, her blonde hair strewn about the pillow and her
flushed face, twisted in agony. “Oooo, Beauty. Your cock! Nice hard
cock!” The teenager was delirious. She fucked three fingers into her pulsing
pussy. Hot cushiony muscles grabbed hungrily at her fucking fingers. Tammy released her jiggling tits. They were red from the rough
treatment she had given them. She brought her hand down, then curled
her fingers through the silky strands of her sparse blonde pussy hair. With one hand she fucked her stiff fingers in and out of her bubbling
cunt. With her other hand she manhandled the bloated clit poking out of
its sheath. “Unnnn! Christ! I need … need you, Beauty!” Hot gasping breaths escaped from her mouth. Pussy juice flowed. Her
tits floundered. Her fingers worked frantically on her hole and clit. Tammy closed her eyes tightly, recalling a perfect image of Beauty’s
gorgeous cock. Spasms attacked her cunt in a jealous rage and milked
her fingers. She began to shake. Her orgasm was coming closer. Her long legs, slim, curved sensuously, began to slap up and down on
the bed. Her blue eyes gazed at the ceiling. In her excited state, a
vision of Beauty’s cock and balls was there to greet her. “Oooo!
Beauty. Cum in my mouth … my pussy … all over me!” The child was caught up in her whirlwind passion. Her frenzied fingers
mangled her clit, gouged the spongy pulsing walls of her pussy. “Cock! Cock! Cock!” she chanted, crazed with lust. “Oooo! I need my
pussy filled.” Tammy thrashed and writhed on the bed. Her hot flesh tingled, became
dotted with goose bumps. Her face contorted in bliss. Her tits flopped
and her nipples swelled painfully, the tips hard. Her gaze was glued to the vision of Beauty and his magnificent cock on
the ceiling. A naked Priscilla became part of that image. Her head
snapped from side to side. Her body was trembling. The image of Priscilla was the catalyst. Tammy struggled to the peak.
Her pussy exploded. “I’m … cumming! God, I’m cumming!” Deep in her scalding cunt, tremors raced out of control. Her legs
slammed up and down. Her hips gyrated frantically. Blood surged through her veins, gorged her clit. Hot cum gushed from
the pulsating walls of her cunt. It drenched her fingers, flowed out of
her pussy hole, down the cheeks of her jiggling ass. She pinched her
clit hard. “Ayyyieee!” Tammy humped her fucking fingers. The image on the ceiling faded,
became sharp, then faded again. She wriggled uncontrollably on the bed. A jolt rocked her. “Ooo … shit!” Her body seemed to freeze in midair.
She shook, then collapsed back on the bed. “Shit! Shit!” she cursed, trembling in bitter frustration. She rolled
over onto her belly and pounded the pillow. “I’m going home tomorrow,”
she vowed. “I can’t stand it without Beauty.” With her decision made, her mood changed. “Maybe I’ll have a little fun with Priscilla, too,” she said. She
closed her eyes and tried to sleep. At last, after what seemed like
hours, sleep came. Chapter 5
Priscilla stirred. The sound of a car and its blaring horn woke her.
She scrambled out of bed and staggered to the window, forgetting for
the moment about her nudity. She peeked out through the curtains. “Daddy!” she cried, recognizing
her father’s car. Dressed in a flash, she ran downstairs to greet him. Suddenly, she
realized she didn’t know why he was here. “Your father’s outside with Ben,” Mrs. Hudson said as Priscilla came
dashing into the kitchen. Priscilla froze in her tracks, her eyes fixed on Tammy. “What are you
doing here? You’re supposed to be at my house?” Her heart sank. If
Tammy was here she would have to leave. That was the last thing she
wanted. “I got homesick.” Her blue eyes sparkled. She noticed the panic on
Priscilla’s face and knew why it was there. “Why don’t you go out and
say hello to your father. We’ll talk later.” Priscilla felt choked. She nodded and went after her father on the back
porch. “Prissy!” Doug said, spotting his daughter emerging from the house. Priscilla went into his arms. “Daddy! Daddy!” After they hugged, Doug looked at his daughter at arm’s length. “I can
only stay a minute. Do you want to come home with me?” he asked. Priscilla wriggled out of his grasp. Her brown eyes darted from her
father’s face to Ben’s, then back to her father’s. “Do I have to?” She
searched her father’s face for an answer. “It’s up to Ben,” Doug said. “With his daughter home, he might not have
enough room.” Pleading brown eyes turned to Ben. “Can I stay, Mr. Hudson? Can I?” Ben gave the child a wide friendly grin. “Sure, Priscilla, we have
plenty of room. You can either sleep with Tammy, or have your own
room.” “Oh, thank you, Mr. Hudson,” Priscilla beamed happily. Holding her
father’s hand, she walked him to the car. She kissed his cheek once he
was behind the wheel. “You be good, Prissy,” Doug reminded. “Call your mother this
afternoon.” “I will, Daddy.” Priscilla kissed him again, then stood watching him
drive away. Priscilla joined Tammy inside, and, after breakfast, they went up to
Tammy’s room. The two teenagers were silent. Each looked at the other. Last night’s
conversation over the phone was uppermost in each of their minds.
Having met only once before the exchange program, the two children were
naturally shy towards each other. Talking over the phone was one thing,
but in person … Tammy, the bolder of the two and the more experienced, gave Priscilla a
quick smile and broke the silence. “I wasn’t homesick. I just hate to
be away from Beauty.” Priscilla’s face reddened. “I know what you mean.” Her nipples were
stiffening behind her bra. Fuck juice, warm and sticky, began to grease
the virgin lining of her pussy. Tammy plopped on the bed. Again, she smiled at Priscilla. “Last night,
the things you told me got me hot. It made me want Beauty’s cock.” “What do you do with Beauty’s cock?” Priscilla had wanted to ask her
last night, but Tammy had hung up. “Ohhh, lots of things, Priscilla.” Tammy felt older than the innocent-
looking city girl. “Living on a farm, you get to know about sex early.” Priscilla giggled nervously. “You can learn about sex in the city, too,
Tammy. If you let the boys play with you, like they want to all the
time.” “Yeah, but with my pony I don’t have to worry about my reputation.”
Tammy studied Priscilla. Her blazing blue eyes settled on her new
friend’s small pulpy tits which strained against the blouse. The innocent city girl shivered under the blatant stare of the little
farm girl. “I’m not as big as you on top,” Priscilla said. Tammy fiddled with the buttons of her shirt. “Maybe you would be, if
Beauty had been licking your tits for two years.” Tammy opened three
buttons, exposed her creamy skin. Priscilla sucked in her breath sharply. “Christ, two years!” Tammy giggled dirtily. “Beauty was slobbering on my tits and pussy
before I had my period,” she bragged. “I’ve been playing with his cock
just as long.” She kept to herself about when she lost her cherry to
Beauty. She planned on telling Priscilla that later. “God.” Awed by Tammy’s revelations, Priscilla could only stare. Tammy’s
fingers hypnotized her as they continued to unbutton the rest of her
plaid shirt. Tammy slipped the shirt off. Plump ripe tittie meat spilled from the
lacy confines of her white bra. “Why don’t you take your blouse off,
too, Priscilla?” “I will, if you tell me all about Beauty’s cock,” Priscilla said.
Already her fingers were fumbling with the buttons. Before Tammy could
speak, Priscilla had her blouse off. “Your bra, too,” Tammy giggled, flipping hers to the floor. The blonde
farm girl cupped the pliant globes of her tits and jiggled them. Priscilla’s breath caught in her throat, and she followed suit. Her
small fleshy mounds were soon exposed to Tammy’s horny gaze. She heaved
a sigh, her nipples swelling with blood. “You ever do this with a girl before?” Tammy asked. She was kneading
her own tits. The large round sensitive nipples were erect, swollen. “No, I’ve never done this before,” Priscilla said breathlessly. She
watched Tammy fondle her large ripe tits. “Have you ever done it with
another girl?” Tammy giggled devilishly. “No, but last night when I decided to come
back home, I thought about doing it with you.” The shy city girl couldn’t keep her gaze off Tammy’s tits. Her breath
came in short ragged little pickets of rushed air. “Tell me all about
Beauty’s cock.” “I will, after I see your pussy,” Tammy said. To help Priscilla along,
Tammy skimmed off her own tight jeans. Priscilla’s innocent brown eyes popped. Her mouth dried up. She gawked
at the moist crotch of Tammy’s panties. Tammy kept her legs spread wide, enjoying the city girl’s steady gaze.
Her hand rubbed over her juicy crotch. “Are you as wet and juicy as I
am, Priscilla?” Priscilla’s frantic fingers unsnapped her jeans, pulled down her
zipper. Her gaze was still locked on the farm girl’s wet panty-crotch.
She pushed her jeans down, wriggled her legs. Her pants dropped to her
ankles. Blue eyes wide, Tammy ogled Priscilla’s beautiful body. “Take off your
panties,” Tammy said huskily. Priscilla hooked her thumbs into her tight cotton panties, pushed them
down her slim hips. They also dropped to her ankles. Falling back into
a chair, she kicked both jeans and panties off her feet. “Mmmmm,” Tammy hummed, studying Priscilla’s brown patch of cunt hair
with open admiration. “You got a lot more pussy hair than I do. My
blonde pussy hair makes me look like I’m practically bald.” Bubbling froth oozed from Priscilla’s virgin cunt. Glazed innocent eyes
leered openly at the near-naked girl on the bed. “Take off your
panties, too.” She was dying to see Tammy’s blonde pussy. A hot little laugh escaped Tammy’s mouth. She skimmed her panties off,
tossed them at Priscilla. She threw her legs apart. “See, I told you. I
look like I don’t have any pussy hair at all.” Dazed with passion, Priscilla ogled the silky blonde hair that adorned
Tammy’s pussy. Her mouth watered. Her eyes were trained on the pink
slit and wet puffy cunt-lips. “God, I’m hot, Tammy.” “Me too. C’mon over on the bed and I’ll tell you about Beauty’s cock.” Self-consciously, Priscilla climbed on the bed beside Tammy. “I’m dying
to hear every word.” “His cock is long … and thick,” Tammy explained. Talking about
Beauty’s cock made her pussy and inner thighs sticky with cunt juice. Priscilla drooled over the image Tammy’s words created in her mind. “I
saw his cock once, but I thought I was dreaming. Did you touch his
prick, Tammy?” “I do everything with his prick,” the farm girl bragged. “When I wrap
my fingers around it, it throbs against the palm of my hand. It feels
like hot steel.” “Oh shit,” Priscilla gasped. Her wide brown eyes sparkled with passion.
“You really jerk him off, Tammy?” “All the time. I play with his nuts too. They’re always full of nice
hot thick pony-cum.” Priscilla gushed a sigh. “Have you ever seen his cum? What does it look
like?” the virgin girl asked wondrously. “I see it every time I jerk him off,” Tammy said. “It’s white, thick
and sticky, and warm.” Jutting out her tits proudly, Tammy displayed them to her awed friend.
Her big tits billowed. “That’s how I got my tits so big. I rub his cum-
cream all over me. Maybe I’ll rub some on you, and your tits will get
bigger.” Priscilla didn’t know whether to believe her or not. Her tongue flicked
nervously over her lips to keep them moist. Tammy noticed the disbelief in her friend’s sparkling brown eyes. “I do
something else with his cock, too.” “What? What?” Priscilla wanted to hear it. Even though it might not be
true, it was getting her hot as hell. “Gimme your tongue, and I’ll show you.” The innocent little girl was caught off guard by the erotic suggestion.
It intrigued her, made her cunt seep. Priscilla leaned forward, her
lips slightly parted, her pink tongue extended. Tammy sucked vigorously on the girl’s offered tongue. After a few
seconds, she popped her mouth off. “Mmmmm.” Quizzically, Priscilla gazed at her friend. “You suck his tongue?” She didn’t understand. “Don’t be a shit, Priscilla.” Tammy was amazed at the girl’s naivete.
“I suck his cock dummy.”
“I’m not that stupid. You don’t suck his cock.” She was still quaking
from the contact of Tammy’s mouth on hers. “I’ll prove it to you later,” Tammy promised. She reeled under the same
reaction to their kiss. “You wanna kiss again? This time you can suck
my tongue and pretend it’s Beauty’s cock.” It staggered the young innocent’s imagination. A dreamy expression
adorned her face as she leaned back on the bed waiting for Tammy.
“Gimme your tongue, Tammy, and I’ll suck it.” Even though she had been fucking her pony for two years and sucking his
cock, Tammy trembled nervously on her way down to kiss Priscilla. Her
mouth opened. The two horny teenagers melted into each other’s embrace. Tits pressed
against tits. Bellies crushed. Long legs sought the heated wetness of
the other’s pussy. Arms snaked around slim backs. Lips locked. Tammy plunged her tongue into her friend’s eager mouth. She pressed a
smooth thigh between Priscilla’s legs, the knee digging into her
friend’s pussy. Tammy’s own pussy was being treated to the same
delight. Priscilla sucked wildly on the invading tongue. She felt the hot juice
from Tammy’s pussy drenching her thigh. Whimpering gurgles escaped
between mouths. Tammy came out of Priscilla’s arms, panting. Her body was on fire. “I
never knew kissing a girl could be so much fun,” Tammy said. Priscilla nodded in agreement. “Neither did I.” Wantonly, Tammy touched one of Priscilla’s small firm tits. “Would you
like me to suck it, Priscilla?” “Oh yes!” The innocent city girl was ecstatic. The feel of Tammy’s hand
on her tit felt like fire on her chest. Tammy wriggled close, sucked one of her friend’s swollen nipples into
her eager mouth. Sucking, she stroked Priscilla’s beautiful body, her
hand gliding up and down the smooth-silky skin. “Mmmm,” she purred,
taking her mouth away for a moment. “You’re so soft, Priscilla.” Priscilla sighed, combed her fingers through Tammy’s thick blonde hair.
“Suck my tits, Tammy. Don’t stop!” The contact had been fabulous. Hot
tremors raced up and down her spine. Tammy sighed, blue eyes glowing like twin bonfires. “Do you believe me
about Beauty?” “Yes,” Priscilla sighed, squirming on her back. “Suck me!” She touched
Tammy’s large fleshy tits. “God, they’re so big!” Tammy dangled her jiggling tits over Priscilla’s flushed and excited
face. “Lick mine first.” She shook her shoulders. Tittie meat slapped
over Priscilla’s face. Voraciously, Priscilla gobbled at Tammy’s large pulpy tits. She sucked
hard, gnawed on one swollen nipple. Dizzy with desire, she grabbed one
of Tammy’s jiggling tits, mauled it and sucked the other one at the
same time. “Ooooo, Priscilla! Oooo, shit!” Tammy was trembling. Priscilla’s mouth
was fantastic. Priscilla heard, delighting in the compliment. She reddened one large
tit with her hands, then turned her attention to the other one. She
kneaded one and sucked the other, soaking the pink glowing flesh in
spit. Tammy backed away from the greedy hands and mouth of her new friend.
She held her own tits, cradling them in her hands. Both were soaked.
Both were glowing pink from rough handling. “God, Priscilla. You really suck great.” Tammy rocked back on her bare
ass. “Beauty is gonna really love having you suck his prick.” “Stop teasing me,” Priscilla moaned. “Let me suck you some more.” She
licked her lips, dizzy with passion. She reached for Tammy’s large
creamy tits. “Gimme!” “I’m not teasing,” Tammy said, a little annoyed. Her passion quelled
her annoyance immediately. Later she would prove it to her. “If you
want my tits you have to say ‘I believe’.” Priscilla stared at Tammy’s magnificent tits wet with her own spit. She
wanted Tammy’s tits and would have agreed to anything. “I believe,” she
said. “Say you’ll suck his cock.” Tammy smiled slyly. “Say it.” “I’ll suck his cock. I’ll jerk him off. Anything.” In her innocence,
she believed it was only a game, a game to turn them both on. “Will you lick his balls, too?” In a way it was a game to Tammy, too.
Talking about Beauty and his cock made her crazy for sex. Blue dazzling
eyes searched Priscilla’s face. She read the same passion. It was going
to be fun later out in the barn. “I’ll lick his balls and drink his cum, too,” Priscilla giggled lewdly.
“I’ll rub it all over my tits and make them big.” She squeezed her
small plump tits. “Now let me suck you.” Tammy went to Priscilla’s hungry mouth and rubbed her tits over her
face. “You’re gonna be so happy sucking Beauty’s dick.” Priscilla was too busy feasting on Tammy’s tits to respond. She worked
her lips over each globe, each nipple. She buried her face between her
fleshy tits, licking and sucking as Tammy hung them over her face. “Jesus,” Tammy gasped, rolling away from Priscilla’s mouth. “Getting
sucked like that is fabulous! Beauty can’t suck!” “He sure can lick and chew though,” Priscilla moaned. She writhed on
her back. Her face was covered with spit. “Now me, Tammy. Suck my
tits.” Tammy obliged. She brought her mouth to Priscilla’s swollen nipple. She
sucked hard, treating the virgin to the same pleasure she had just
received. She sucked, then chewed, then sucked again, only harder. “Oooo! Yeahhh!” She held Tammy’s head tight against her tits. “Oooo!
Unnnnn!” Tammy struggled out of Priscilla’s grasp. “Shit, you trying to
suffocate me?” She caught her breath and pinched Priscilla’s nipples
hard. “Owwww!” She slapped Tammy’s hand. “Owww, that hurt!” She rubbed her
small tits and whimpered. Tammy was hungry to taste the rest of Priscilla’s body. “You want me to
lick the rest of you?” Tammy’s hungry gaze drifted to the patch of
curly brown pussy hair hiding Priscilla’s virgin pussy. Priscilla was beside herself with joy. She hadn’t expected anything
like this. “My pussy too?” she asked hopefully, remembering Beauty’s
rubbery lips and tongue on her virgin cunt. “Of course,” Tammy moaned. “I’ll eat you just like Beauty did.” Priscilla whimpered, writhing in expectant pleasure. “Suck too, okay?”
Her words were laced with lustful hope. “I’ll gobble up your cunt and make you cream.” Tammy’s head was
reeling. “You can do it to me next.” “Okay,” Priscilla promised. She skimmed her hands down her body and
clawed the puffy folds of her virgin hole. “I’m all wet and juicy.” “I’ll get you wetter with my mouth.” Tammy chewed her way down
Priscilla’s sizzling hot body. The pungent aroma of pussy burned into
her brain. “I hope you taste as good as me,” she giggled. “I always
lick juice from my fingers.” Priscilla was overwhelmed with Tammy’s revelations. Until she had come
to the farm, the boldest she had been was to get herself to cum
occasionally in bed. “Lick me and find out.” Tammy climbed over Priscilla’s body, tits shaking, insides churning.
Tasting her own pussy juice was one thing, tasting someone else was a
mind-blower. “I’m creaming just thinking about sucking you, Priscilla.” “So am I,” Priscilla panted in a hoarse whisper. Her hips wriggled.
“Lick me, Tammy. Stop talking about it.” Tammy felt a sudden surge of power over her new friend. She touched
Priscilla’s cunt, tickled one finger through the puffy lips, and
brought her juice-stained finger out. Tammy leaned over. “Lick it!” Priscilla, a slave to the lust raging in her virgin body, gobbled
Tammy’s finger into her mouth. She sucked her own pussy-cream off
Tammy’s finger. The taste was exquisite. “Mmmmm,” she hummed after
Tammy pulled her finger out of her mouth. “If you taste that good, I’ll
suck you all day.” Tammy giggled. “You’ll be too busy sucking Beauty later.” She stroked
her fingers through Priscilla’s pussy again. This time she sucked off
the warm sticky fuck cream. “Mmmm, you are delicious.” “Then eat me,” Priscilla moaned, twitching as Tammy fondled her cunt.
“Eat me!” Tammy was done teasing her friend. She eased herself down between
Priscilla’s long slender legs. Her mouth was inches from the pink
virgin pussy. Juice, white and filmy, covered the cunt slit. Brown
pussy hair was matted with fuck juice. “I get so hot looking at it.”
Sucking Priscilla was going to be a lot different than when she sucked
her pony. Priscilla went into spasm. She twisted her hips, humped her ass up and
down. “Shit, Tammy,” she moaned. “Eat me.” She was begging now. Tammy’s
mouth was so close. “Please!” Tammy licked her tongue over Priscilla’s juice-stained thighs. “Mmmm,
you’re so delicious.” Priscilla remained still, her legs spread, her eyes fixed on the
ceiling. Her small tits rose and fell with each gasping breath. She
waited for the first touch of Tammy’s mouth against her pussy. She began to shake. Tammy was only licking her legs and belly. “My
pussy! My pussy!” She was losing control. Tammy brought her head out from between Priscilla’s legs. “Shhh. You
don’t want my mom to come in, do you?” “Then you better eat my cunt,” Priscilla threatened, “or I’ll scream my
fuckin’ head off.” Tammy laughed, knowing Priscilla was lying. “Okay,” she snickered. She
bit her teeth into Priscilla’s thigh. Again and again, she repeated the
action. Priscilla cried out, yet was forced to keep her voice low. “Owww!
Owwww! Are you crazy?” “Yesss,” Tammy hissed, now ready to dine on the virgin pussymeat
between Priscilla’s long thrashing legs. She welded her mouth to
Priscilla’s cunt. Hot fuck juice greeted her. Priscilla went berserk. She writhed in bliss, ground her cunt into
Tammy’s mouth. “Unnn! Unnn!” She bit her lip to keep from screaming. Tammy sucked, gathered the folds of Priscilla’s virgin pussy into her
mouth. Warm cunt-cream bathed her face. She filled her mouth with the
delicious-tasting pussymeat. Sticky pussy juice flowed down her chin
and neck. “Oooo, Tammy! Tammy!” Priscilla gasped huskily, keeping her voice low.
“Oooo! Oooo!” Getting sucked was fabulous. “It feels like you’re
sucking out my insides.” Tammy heard and sucked harder, reveling in the whimpering sobs her
hungry mouth was causing. She kept her face tight against Priscilla’s
cunt. She chewed the puffy folds. Priscilla’s whimpering sobs grew
louder. “Ahhhhhh!” Priscilla arched her back, neck strained, eyes bulging.
“Ooooo! You’re chewing me!” She was finding it difficult to keep her
voice low. Tammy chewed harder. Juice flowed faster. Cuntmeat slammed into her
face. She brought her hands under Priscilla’s rotating ass. Her nails
clawed the soft tender ass cheeks. Priscilla went wild. She humped, twisted, thrashed on the bed. Her long
legs stretched wider, giving Tammy more room to chew and suck. She
turned her hands into fists. Her face twisted in bliss as her eyes
rolled loosely in their sockets. “Ooooo, Christ! Ooooh!” With her teeth chewing sadistically on the folds of Priscilla’s pussy,
Tammy mauled Priscilla’s ass cheeks with her fingers and nails. She
squeezed hard, scratched. Gurgling sounds came from her throat as warm
cunt juice flowed into her mouth. Priscilla twisted in joy. Having her cunt sucked made her crazy. The
sucking pressure, reached deep inside her, churned her stomach, even
made her nipples ache. She opened her fists, mangled her own tits with
her frantic fingers. “Ooo! Tammy! Tammy!” Her voice was growing louder.
She didn’t care. Neither did Tammy. She was as hot as her friend. Sucking cunt was
almost as much fun as sucking her pony’s cock. She couldn’t wait until
Priscilla creamed so she could compare the two cums. “Yeahhhh!” Priscilla sighed. Her ass thumped up and down, mashing
Tammy’s clawing fingers into the bed, causing Tammy’s nails to gouge
into her ass cheeks. “Owwww!” The stinging pain blended with the
pleasure. “Eat me!” Tammy found Priscilla’s hard blood-filled clit. She sucked hard, almost
tearing the clit from Priscilla’s jerking body. She mangled it between
her lips. Sucking hard again, she snapped her head, the hard purple sex
button popping from her lips. “Again! Again!” Priscilla screamed, forgetting where she was. She
jammed her pussy into Tammy’s face, soaked her in cunt juice, mashed
her lips to her twat. “Again!” It was a shrieking howl. Tammy found Priscilla’s clit again. She sucked it into her mouth, held
it with her teeth. This time she wasn’t going to lose it. With
Priscilla’s clit firm between her teeth, she whipped her tongue over
the tiny nip. Hot tremors rumbled through Priscilla’s virgin pussy. She shuddered and
found it impossible to stop shaking. “Ahhh! Ahhhh!” She stared up at
the ceiling, watched it spin. It was all so unreal, yet so wonderfully
fantastic. “Oooo! Suck me! Bite! Bite!” Tammy chomped with feverish joy. She sucked, chewed, lashed her tongue.
The triple combination was devastating. Priscilla’s mouth opened wide. She beat her fists into the bed. She
humped, twisted, ground her cunt into Tammy’s face. Each twisting turn
brought her closer to cumming. Priscilla’s eyelids fluttered. Tammy’s
teeth took her the rest of the way. Tammy threw herself mindlessly into chewing her friend’s pussy. She
sensed in the frantic moves that Priscilla was going to cum. Hard
sucks. Whipping lashes with her tongue. Sharp bites. “I’m cumming!” Priscilla screamed, her shrill voice bouncing off the
bedroom walls. “I’m cumming!” An orgasm ripped through her cunt, leaving a fiery path of destruction
in its wake. “I’m Cumming!” The virgin teenager seemed to lift completely off the
bed, thrash in midair, then crash back, whimpering like a baby. Tammy kept her mouth glued to Priscilla’s exploding cunt. Her teeth
were clamped tight on her friend’s hard pulsing clit. Sudsy cunt juice
washed over her face, soaking her in its warmth. It flooded her mouth,
her nose, and her neck. Priscilla grabbed a pillow, slammed it to her face and screamed. The
shrill cry was muffled. She humped. “Bite me! Bite! More!” She twisted
her hips, jamming her clit into Tammy’s teeth. She twisted her clit
hard, turning it into a raw piece of pulp.

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