Taking Care of Business
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My story took place while I was at a business tour,
giving seminars for my company last summer.

I had been on the road for nearly three weeks and the
closest thing to sex I had had was a date with my
fingers during a hot telephone call with my husband
back home.

I had never been away from Bill this long before, and
I looked forward to our nightly phone calls to cheer
me up. We had been married for close to eight years
and in that time one learns to tell via subtle nuances
in your partner’s voice, just how well things are
going. In this case Bill could see right through me
and realized that I was not doing as fine as I pre-
tended to be. He had tried several times to get some
time off so he could join me for what we fondly termed
“a quickie rendezvous”, but it was not meant to be.

I still had another four weeks to go and began dreading
the thought of being without him for so long, that I
would often break down and cry before hanging up the

He said that he couldn’t sleep sometimes worrying about
how miserable I was and promised to come up with some-
way to brighten my trip somehow. Little did I know to
what extent he would go in order to insure my happiness.

On one such telephone call, many of which lasted for
hours on end, Bill suggested something that nearly made
me fall out of bed!

He told me that if it would help me pass the time we
were apart, that he would agree to my being with other
men as long as I told him everything that happened.

I couldn’t believe my ears … and told him I had no
interest in being with anyone else but him, and that
I could wait if need be.

But he continued telling me that he would feel better
knowing that I wasn’t sitting in a hotel room crying
night after night. He went on to assure me that our
love was strong enough to allow for such a thing, and
insisted that I at least consider it.

I know some women would call that a dream come true
but I was genuinely disinterested. I love my husband
and he is the only man I will ever love, so the idea
seemed ludicrous. Nonetheless he urged me to give it
a try for his piece of mind, so I gave him the standard
female uncommitted response and said “maybe”.

I’m only 28 years old and by most standards, my appear-
ance would be considered above average, and I’ve always
had my share men hitting on me. So it wasn’t the fear
of rejection that kept me from agreeing … it was more
the fear of breaking some hidden bond between Bill and
I. I felt that our relationship was somehow dependent
on being able to say I had never been with any other
man since we had met.

At any rate I decided to sleep on it and leave any
serious pondering until the next day. After I hung up
the phone I poured myself a warm bath and settled in
for another two-finger tango to satisfy my more urgent

I pushed in for some soft music from the hotel switch-
board, lit a few complimentary candles that were on a
table in the room and slid beneath the bubbles to for-
get everything for a while.

I closed my eyes and thought of Bill and how wonderful
he made me feel when he was inside of me, and soon my
fingers had found there way to that spot between my

Somehow I couldn’t forget Bill’s suggestion, and maybe
it was the candlelight or the effect of my efforts on
myself, but gradually his proposal no didn’t seem all
that strange after all.

I mean most women in my shoes may have had a brief
affair after 8 years of marriage, but not me… So
maybe I deserved a little treat? After all it had been
Bill’s suggestion.

I increased the speed of my fingers over the nub of my
clitoris as I tried to imagine what it would be like
to have another man inside of me. I tried to imagine
what it would be like with a stranger, and I must say
the thought began to excite me in a way I could never
have imagined; I actually had two shuddering orgasms
as I lay soaking in the bath.

The next day my schedule was booked solid and I re-
turned to my room exhausted, and only able to find the
energy for our phone call. I explained to Bill that I
had thought about his suggestion and if he still wanted
me to, I would be willing to try.

He again shocked me by telling me that not only did he
want me to, but that he would actually find it arousing
to hear about my adventure.

I was tingling inside in an odd way … thinking that
my being with another man would somehow affect Bill
like that. I asked him to explain what exactly would
turn him on.

While he spoke he told me to lye flat on my back, close
my eyes and touch myself. I eagerly obeyed, and listen-
ed to him as he conjured up potential scenes he would
enjoy hearing about. This was so new and yet so fasci-
nating that I told him to keep talking, and he could
tell by my heavy breathing that I was enjoying it.

It wasn’t long before he heard the familiar moans as I
climaxed, and knew that at least for one night I would
retire satisfied.


The following day I finished early in the afternoon
and had that night and the whole next morning before
another onslaught of scheduled events. So by the end
of the day my thoughts were already churning with the
excitement of the nights possibilities.

I hurried out of the convention center and into a
waiting cab that sped me off to my hotel. My heart was
racing and I began feeling the moisture welling between
my thighs. I felt like a whore getting ready for a
night of searching out tricks … and I loved it!

My excitement increased so rapidly that I even began
fantasizing about the taxi driver, and unsuccessfully
tried to slip my hand under my skirt to tend to my

Once at the hotel I quickly paid the driver and he
flashed me a curious smile that added to my excitement,
and I turned and hurried toward the elevator.

Any woman who doesn’t know the feeling of having their
husband allow them this freedom is missing the treat
of a lifetime. Never had I imagined being this aroused
in public! It seemed as though every man now took on a
sensuous ardor as I viewed them through newly liberated
eyes, knowing that I could, without guilt, allow them
to enter my most private of areas at anytime I so de-

I entered the elevator and stood toward the back amidst
the others that crowded in. I wondered if anyone could
sense my animalistic nature … seething just below
the surface.

I stood behind a young couple who continued trading
shushed comments about their dinner plans and my heart
beat harder to think that I surely had enough talent
to lure this man between my thighs, with him even
thinking about wifey.

The elevator continued to climb as various people de-
parted on the many floors that lay below mine, and I
bit my lip hoping it would hurry and reach my floor.

The scent of the various male colognes permeated the
elevator and I imagined a group of men laying down
side by side, their erections bobbing in the air as I
took in their scents like I was smelling flowers along
a path.

I imagined climbing from one to the other like a bum-
blebee, carrying away a small deposit from each, deep
in my womb.

A hot wave moved across my face and I was brought back
to the present, as the elevator again stopped a few
floors below mine. The space around me had cleared
somewhat and I noticed a man to the left of me looking
at my legs.

I pretended not to notice he was there but pulled my
skirt up slightly pretending to scratch my leg. He
coughed and after I dropped my skirt back down turned
away nervously as I smiled to myself thinking how
dreadfully cruel I was.

I spend the next few hours getting ready. I bathed
quickly avoiding the temptation to slide my hand be-
tween my thighs and satisfy myself. After attending
to my hair, which thank God seemed to manage itself,
I dressed slowly, paying close attention to perfuming
those parts that I was sure would be receiving special
attention tonight.

I put on a bit more makeup than usual, but without
over doing it, and when I was sure that I was as pretty
as I felt, I removed my wedding bands and placed them
thoughtfully in a small case inside my overnight bag.

I thought of Bill and how much I loved him for allowing
me to explore this side of my being, and how I was
going to make him very pleased that he had awaken this
feeling in me.

I bit my lip as I thought of calling that feeling, “the
slut within me”. At any rate I’m sure his mind would be
swirling and his penis would be rock hard when I failed
to call this evening.

One more quick look and out the door I went, heading
toward the elevator, I could sense myself moistening
with each step.

I took the elevator to the hotel lobby and decided to
start my little escapade at one of the several lounges
that were located inside the hotel. One had a dance
club atmosphere, and the others looked quiet and for-
mal. Not being much of a dancer, I chose the most
intimate looking of the later, and entered feeling the
eyes of its patrons upon me.

I took my place at an empty stool before the bar,
ordered a drink and cast a casual glance around the
place. There were plenty of men and a few women, none
of whom I recognized as anyone on my seminar tour. I
preferred that since I didn’t want anything that hap-
pened tonight following me home after my trip was over.
I had already decided not to involve anyone I might
potentially have contact with again.

This all added to the excitement, I had never had sex
with anyone that I hadn’t known, so the prospect of
opening myself to a complete stranger was a foreign
and tantalizing vision for me to savor.

I hadn’t taken more than a few sips of my drink before
a man who appeared to be in his mid forties approached
me. He asked me if I was waiting for someone.

I told him no, and flashing a quick smile, I explained
that I was just winding down. He stood next to me
through some idle introductory questions, telling me
his name, (Which was ironically “Bill”) before asking
if I cared to have some company.

I told him that that would be nice and he quickly slid
onto the stool beside me, switching into that casual
“gee I’m really interested in your job” mode of con-
versation that so many men still think fools us women.

I was impressed by the acting anyway, and could feel
his tension as his eyes strained to refrain from drop-
ping to my cleavage. I kept twisting my necklace as he
spoke so he would have an excuse to glance down pre-
tending he was noticing my movements. But I knew that
his eyes went further down to the crease that my
breasts created.

It was also an opportunity for me to display my empty
ring finger to encourage his advances.

We continued talking for a while before another man
who entered the lounge joined him. He was introduced
as Cal and they explained their corporate affiliations,
and how they were in town for a sales presentation.
Neither needed to sell me on anything as I felt my legs
shiver in sexual arousal but I remained coy and inno-
cently played along, enjoying the warmth of both their

After a bit I excused myself to go the restroom, giving
them an opportunity to talk shop… But I knew they
would be watching my every move until I disappeared
behind the pink door of the ladies room.

I powdered and perfumed and fidgeted with my dress be-
fore returning to find that they had now taken places
on either side of my stool. I slid between them warmed
by their presence surrounding me.

As the night wore on we all began to get a little tipsy
and loose, and the topic eventual led to likes and
dislikes and from there easily slid to the topic of

They both were getting rather bold starting with an
occasional touch on the shoulder and eventually taking
turns placing their hands around my waist during bursts
of laughter.

Bill excused himself and went to the restroom, while
Cal’s arm remained around my waist. As soon as he had
disappeared Cal’s hand slid down to rest on the small
of my back and began rubbing me there as he told me
how attractive I was.

I was beginning to melt, and my loss of control must
have been evident. So I decided throw caution to the
wind and grabbed Cal’s hand … placing it on my breast
and steering his forefinger in tiny circles over my
hard nipple that was poking against the material of my

We stared into each other’s eyes and leaned over. I
parted my lips and let his tongue find its way into my
mouth, where they met and danced with each other,
lightly, before I pulled back and smiled.

“We better behave ourselves,” I said teasingly. “We
wouldn’t want to make Bill feel left out, now would

He began to speak, but I hushed him as Bill rounded
the corner and walked toward us.

I sensed Cal’s impatience and loved it, and I continued
our conversation right where it had been interrupted my
Bill’s departure.

Cal shifted and straightened beside me, and I knew he
must be getting a hard-on. He removed his arm from
around waist and Bill quickly replaced it with his own.
He was making some point about some topic that I had
missed, because my mind was spinning in excitement
having noticed a growing bulge in his pants.

I pretended to laugh at his point, perhaps hamming it
up a bit too much, but nonetheless leaving my hand
resting on his knee, and “accidentally” brushing
against his “bulge” on its way down.

The night continued on with the three of us growing
more bold with each drink, and soon I was blatantly
taking turns rubbing each of their growths “acciden-
tally” as the other watched.

They too had taken to trading even more daring free-
doms, at one point when the conversation turned to
breasts they both jokingly gave my breasts a friendly

I was so enthralled by my new found suitors that I
hadn’t notice the time passing, I noticed that we were
the only customers left in the lounge. The bartender
whose attention was turned to a movie playing on the
television behind the bar wasn’t paying much attention
to us by then.

I excused myself and slipped into the bathroom and
into a stall, I slid my nylons down, then my lace
panties and sat on the toilet feeling the dampness of
my swollen pussy cool in the air-conditioned air of
the restroom.

I peed and dabbed myself dry but as I started to get
dressed again a devilish idea crossed my mind … I
decided to leave my nylons off … on my return, both
men immediately realized what I had done. Their eyes
sparkled when I sat back down and it wasn’t five
minutes before both of them were aware that I had also
returned panti-less.

It was Cal who first had the nerve to slide his hand
from my knee — slowly upward — until his fingers
found my warm pubic mound.

I smiled and glanced at Bill who stared at the sight
of Cal’s hand moving under my skirt. He looked up to
meet my eyes in astonishment.

“Your friend seems to know what he wants…” I
chuckled, and blinking, I asked, “Do you?” I leaned
toward him and we kissed deeply while Cal’s fingers
found their way between my hot folds and ran their
way up and down them.

“I most certainly do!” he replied as we parted our

I slid my arm around Cal and said, “Well then why don’t
you grab a bottle of wine and meet us upstairs in about
… oh fifteen minutes?” My voice quivered from ner-
vousness. I glanced up at Cal who now removed his hand
from under my skirt and had grabbed his overcoat from
the stool beside him.

The men smiled at each other as I recited the room
number to Bill then I realized the irony of what I had
said …”2469″ … my grin grew even wider and I grab-
bed Cal’s hand and tugged him away.

“I’ll be there!” said Bill, still befuddled and sport-
ing a raging lump, which he attempted to conceal by
buttoning his suit coat.

I dragged Cal to the elevator with me, trading girlish
glances with his manly gaze until the door slid open
and we entered.

Once inside our lips met again and his hand slid down
behind me and hiked up my dress. He ran his strong hand
over my bare bottom and then around to the front zero-
ing in on the warmth of my bush.

I arched back and into the wall and let his fingers
slip into me. I was in ecstasy at the feeling of this
strange man’s fingers in me. I could easily have
allowed myself to cum as his thumb pressed against my
clit and his other fingers circled the edge of my

Fortunately we soon reached my floor and the feeling
was prolonged as we straightened up and waited for the
door to open. The hall before us was vacant and we
stepped off the elevator onto the plush carpet. Cal
continued to grope my breast. As we walked toward my
room we stopped several times to probe each other’s

Cal’s hands slid below my dress and moved up to my
waist pulling me into him. Delirious with new found
passion I just closed my eyes … they continued up
and as though under a spell I raised my arms and
allowed him to continue upwards removing my dress

I had never felt such a rush of total abandon … as I
stood there in the hallway naked except for my necklace
and high heels.

I felt his eyes feast on my body as I turned and snug-
gled my bare bottom up to the bulge that was now
becoming noticeably moist in his pants.

He kissed my neck from behind and kneaded my breasts
as my mind spun at the sheer newness of the experience.
I arched back creating a space between us that allowed
my hand to slide behind and after a little … fumbling
I undid his zipper and slid my hand inside reemerging
with his stiffened penis in my hand.

I pressed back again and its hardness fit itself into
the crack of my butt so nicely. I wiggled and moaned
then grabbed his hand again and tugged him further down
the hall.

What a sight we would have been if anyone had come into
the hall at that moment. Me stripped naked, and him
following behind like a pull toy, cock waving up and
down with each step.

When we finally rounded the corner that led to my room
he had already begun dripping clear fluid in a long
string onto the hall carpet. I stood in front of my
room and teasingly bent down to find the key in my
pocket purse.

I had to grab the wall and drop the purse when I felt
his hand on my back and I leaned against the door and
spread my legs as he guided his cock up and down until
it popped into my warm wetness from behind.

I moaned loudly as he fucked me gently at first …
then the pace quickened to a slight frenzy as I pushed
back from the door to meet his thrusts.

After a few moments I gasped, begging him to let me to
unlock the door. We paused for a moment and his cock
withdrew. I fumbled with the keys and the door creaked
open just as the elevator sounded and we heard the
familiar slide of its doors as they opened.

We quickly pushed our way in and without even closing
the door tumbled onto the bed where his weight pressed
my downward against the flowered bed spread. I stay
there, the palms of my hands flat against the bed, as
he stood up and unbuckled his pants and stepped out of
them. In another moment he had mounted me again, his
erect cock penetrating my pussy as I hiked my bottom
up to greet it.

I clenched my eyes shut and my fists gripped the bed
spread as he rocked my body ferociously with each
thrust driving his thick cock deeper and deeper into
me until I felt he would split me in two.

I am not typically a “moaner” or a “screamer” but the
violence and passion of his force caused short bursts
of air to escape my lungs causing me to whimper loudly.

My husband is a relatively gentle man and so I was
completely overwhelmed by Cal’s animal brutality, how
different it was from what my tight little cunt had
grown accustomed to.

I gripped the bed tighter and our motions grew to a
frenzied pitch as our bodies thrashed forward and back
slamming together. My head reeled and I wondered how
long I could take it before my bottom became bruised
from the delightfully violent pounding it was taking.

I felt something press down on the bed before me and
snapped my eyes open to find myself staring at yet
another thick fluid laden penis dancing to the rhythm
of a mans fist just before my face. I cast a tortured
look up and saw Bill’s grimacing face as he rapidly
jerked back and forth up and down his shaft.

“Ohhhh God yes! uhhhhh yesssss!!” I cried. This caused
him to open his eyes and see that my mouth was open and
inviting him to move his member my way.

My lips replaced his hand as they slid over the length
of his erect cock as I rocked back and forth to the
rhythm of Cal’s attack.

Bill’s hands gripped the back of my head and forced
his length to the back of my throat with each forward
rock, and I felt that surely the bed would collapse
before long.

Soon a loud high pitched groan came rippling out of
Cal and I felt myself being pumped full of his silky
jism. His cock thickened with each load he gushed
forth into me, and I can honestly say its the first
time I could truly feel the heat of a mans sperm as
it filled my tender interior.

I released Bills cock and dropped my head to the bed
again as I felt the last of Cal’s pressure swell the
walls of my pussy and like an electric shock, an
orgasm welled within me as a barely audible squeal
issued from my mouth against the bed.

I took a deep breath and heard the men talking. With
my bottom still exposed to the open hotel room door
I lay there motionless except for the heaving of my
chest as I breathed raggedly. The two men spoke
briefly to each other and I felt soon Cal pressing his
lips against mine and telling me to have a wonderful
evening, then with a smile he faded and I heard the
door close.

“Are you ready for another ride?” Bill’s voice pierced
the silence.

I could only utter the word “Please!” and immediately
his manly cock was searching out the entrance to my
already full cum-chamber. He slid the tip of his cock
up then down and it found its mark forcing air out in
a quick blurt. He sank every inch into me, and after
several thrusts it became apparent that my cunt was
too slick and swollen from Call to really cause much
friction. So I reached down and scooped up some of
Cal’s remains that had drooled upon the bed and reached
behind me to smear it over my puckered anus.

“Try there” I said. “Mmmmm I know you’ll like that…”
I let out a drowsy giggle and felt Bill pull out of my
pussy and guide the tip of his slime covered cock up to
meet my coated back door.

He gently pressed the head into me and I let out a
sharp whine as he popped into me. I spread my knees
further and pressed back into him easing his length
inside. Once he was completely buried in me he took
over and within minutes was ramming my bottom nearly
as violently as Cal had violated my cunt.

My back arched and I met his thrusts with mine, forc-
ing his cock to drive inward to its full length each
time. Although I enjoy it, I never orgasm as a result
anal sex so I brought my hand up and began rubbing my
clit vigorously and felt one quickly approaching, but
held back until I knew Bill was ready.

Maybe it was my need to feel the next orgasm tear
through me so badly, but it seemed as though Bill
churned inside of my ass forever. Eventually I was
rewarded and my orgasm was flowed to completion along
with that of Bills hot spunk as it made its pulsating
way deep into my rectum.

Afterwards we both lay on the bed panting and Bill’s
softening tool slithered gently out of me until my
rectum pinched and released it, allowing it rest limply
in my moistened crack.

I felt his kiss on the back of my neck and heard him
explain his reasons for having to leave, ‘as though I
had wanted him to stay,’ I chuckled to myself.

We said our good-byes and I walked him to the door
kissing him long and hard before closing it behind
him. I returned to the bed and sit upright at the
headboard. I pulled my knees up and spread them and
let my fingers find there way down to the milky mess
below. I darted my fingers in and out of both slippery
orifices eventually kneading my clit until I exploded
once again with the thought of my two lovers fresh in
my mind.

With a trembling hand I picked up the telephone re-
ceiver and my finger glistened as I pressed out my
home phone number to call the only man I would ever
truly love…

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