Ass invasion
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I heard a noise, it jolted me awake, was that the back door opening? I sat bolt upright, next to me, the movement woke up my wife Krista. She sat up with me, the sheet fell to her waist, I could see her nudity in the dim glow of our nightlight. We had made hot, passionate love before falling asleep, and I reached around for my discarded pajama bottoms. I hopped out of bed, and pulled them on.

“Baby, what’s up?” she mumbled, her voice thick with sleep.

I whispered, “Thought I heard a noise downstairs. I’m going to check it out.”

That brought her mind into focus, and she hissed, “Oh god, you think somebody’s broken in? Maybe we should just call 911. Where’s your phone?”

I mentally kicked myself, as I said, “I left it on the dining room table.”

I went over to the closet, and rummaged around until I found my old Louisville Slugger. Just as I turned towards the door, it opened abruptly. I froze, as three large shapes filled the door.

The leader said “Good morning folks!”

That was unexpected, and we just gaped at them.

He chuckled, and said, “Thought we’d pay you a visit. After seeing your hot little wifey out in the backyard, ummm-ummmm, that tiny little bikini you were wearing baby, smokin’ hot.”

Krista saw their hot, eager eyes, fixed on her, nude from the waist up. She flushed, and quickly yanked the sheet back up.

The leader said to me, “Now, let’s not have any unpleasantness, you just bring that bat over to me, and I’ll take it. Any other weapons stashed around here?”

Knowing that I had no choice, I walked over, meekly handed over the bat, and said, “No sir, no other weapons, just this.”

He grinned and said, “Sir, that’s so formal. I’m John, behind me is Jeremy, and behind him is Carl. We are going to get to know each other very well. What are you names?”

I said, “My name’s Edd, and my wife is Krista.”

“Anyone else in the house?”

“No John, just us. Our daughter Christine is attending college.”

They advanced further, and another figure stepped in behind them. I stared, bemused by what was happening. A woman, who was powerfully built, at least 6 feet tall, stepped in behind them. She looked strong and intimidating, built broad and solid, she looked like she could hold her own against any man that tried to give her shit.

“Meet our lady, Saska.”

She grinned at us as she walked over to the bed. Reaching out, she whipped the sheet off the bed, leaving Krista naked. She shrank back as our captors surrounded her.

“Ever been triple fucked, baby?”

Krista could only shake her head in the No gesture. Her eyes grew wide with fear as they stripped off their clothes, and three hard, eager cocks rose up.

“Well baby, you’re in luck, we’ll be glad to initiate you.”

Saska grabbed me, and pushed me back into a chair.

“And you, Edd, are going to watch your wife get a triple gang-bang.”

I was held securely, I was going to watch my wife getting raped.

John pulled my wife out of bed, and all eyes traveled up and down her body, hot, eager eyes fixed on the view of Krista’s 34DD breasts, traveling down the flat plane of her stomach, and taking in the bare, well waxed pubic area, then turning her around, and taking in the view of her backside. Her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth. Their cocks were rock hard, eager to violate Krista’s body.

“Oh yeah baby. Yeah, you’ll do nicely. Umm, gonna be one hot fuck I bet.”

Climbing onto the bed, he pulled her down on top of him. She fought to get away, until he growled, “If you don’t do what we say, your hubby’s gonna get messed up real bad. Your choice, baby.”

I could see the surrender, as she stopped resisting.

“Yeah, that’s more like it, now straddle me baby, and let your hot little fuck-hole slide down my prick.”

My own prick started to rise, I couldn’t stop it, as I watched Krista reach down, take his cock, and hold it up. She closed her eyes, gritting her teeth as he nudged against her, she made a little noise as he slid between her lips as she sank down, then adjusting her legs, she made another noise as she went down all the way, impaling herself completely on 9 inches of rock hard cock.

“Oh yeah, nice, now, hold still baby.”

John reached up, and pulled her body down against his chest, her ass jutting up, as Jeremy took position between her legs. John pulled her cheeks apart as Jeremy spit onto the tight cherry of her asshole, then spit again into his palm, rubbing it over the head of his cock. Moving up behind her, he pressed the head of his cock to the tight rosette of her virgin asshole. Krista shrieked as she felt her ass being pried open, she was losing her anal cherry, and she shrieked again as his 8 inches wedged its way in, with a slow, grunting reaming, until his cock was buried to the balls. The two men began to slowly fuck her body. She moaned, the feeling of having both holes stuffed must have been like nothing she’d ever felt before. Her moans trailed off as they slowly fucked her, then I heard the unmistakable sounds of soft moans of pleasure, and my cock was now rock hard as I watched Krista beginning to rock back and forth, pushing her ass back against the cock reaming her asshole while she rose up and down, driving her gushing pussy up and down the cock plundering her other pink hole.

Krista lifted her head up, saw Carl’s hard cock waiting, and with no hesitation, she surrounded his cock with her hot, wet mouth, and swallowed him down.

Carl grunted, “Oh fuck, she’s got a sweet hot mouth, she sucks like a Hoover!”

The guys took their time, fucking my now submissively accepting wife. Their hands were all over Krista’s naked body, cupping her breasts, tweaking her nipples, as John’s cock tested the liquid depths of her pussy, Jeremy’s cock gave her virgin asshole its first cock, and Carl got a hot suck job from Krista’s tight lips.

I was turned on, and jealous, Jeremy had gotten his cock into Krista’s ass hole, and claimed her anal cherry. I wanted it to be me, I had been working up the nerve to see if Krista would let me take her ass, and now, well, that was a moot point.

Saska cooed, “Ummm, do you like seeing your wife getting fucked? Judging by the hard, big bulge, I’d say you do!”

No point in denying it, my cock was longer and harder than ever. The sight was burned into my memory.

For Krista, it was like a key fitting into a lock, and releasing desires and fantasies that had been hiding inside my wife’s body. She was now really into it, more that willing, sitting on top of John, riding his cock while Jeremy continued to drive his cock up her asshole, while her mouth went smoothly, wetly up and down Carl’s cock. She was moaning and grunting around the cock in her mouth as she was pumping her hips back and forth as John and Jeremy were pounding her cunt and asshole. She started cumming, cumming like crazy, and the loud grunts and growls of her rapists joined in as their cocks started to explode, cum being poured into every hole, as the three guys banged the hell out of my wife. I’d never seen Krista more sexually hungry, god, seeing the way she was taking it, all three holes being fucked like that, she had turned from rapist’s victim to a willing, horny, eager slut.

She was lifted up, and lay face up on the bed. Saska approached the bed, a hungry look in her eyes. Getting between the spread of Krista’s legs, she purred, “Ummm, now I’m going to suck out all that cum. You ever made it with another woman baby?”

I could see Krista nod eagerly, her face alive with her post coital glow. Another surprise, she had not told me any of her exploits before we met. Not that she had to tell me about them, but if she wanted to tell me about her having some hot wild sex with another women, that would have made my lust roar.

“Ever share a boyfriend, sucking out his load from a girlfriend’s pussy, while she did the same to you?”

Another nod, and Saska cooed, “Umm, I love women who know what they like.”

The room was filled with coos and moans of pleasure, as Saska applied her oral talents to Krista’s slick cum filled pussy. She licked, sucked, and slurped at the cream filled offering, wanting every drop.

Krista cooed, “Oh yes baby, lick me, lick it all up, make me cum!”

Krista’s breathing started to get choppy, as Saska concentrated on making Krista climax. It looked like Saska was well practicsed in the art of pussy licking, as she drove Krista towards that pinnacle.

“Yes, oh fuck, gonna, yes, yes YES!”

Krista’s shriek of pleasure filled the bedroom, and Saska’s face was covered with a rich serving of her juices, as she drove Krista over the top.

Saska grinned, looked at me, then towards our captors.

“I have a great idea, Krista, were you an anal virgin until Jeremy?”

Krista blushed, but she nodded, and Saska turned to me.

“Can I assume Edd, that you are still an anal virgin?”

I nodded, getting a sinking feeling.

“Well, we can’t have an anal virgin left, let’s take care of that!”

I stared, open mouthed, as she stripped naked, oh yeah, she was powerfully built, and she strapped on an eight inch dildo.

“Ok, while my 3 men ream out Krista’s asshole, I’m going to fuck away Edd’s cherry. Krista, assume the position and you Edd, over here!”

Seeing how I was outnumbered, I had no choice. I watched as Krista presented her ass for more butt fucking, and the sparkle in her eyes, and the smile, made it plain that now that she was no longer an anal virgin, she was looking forward to it.

On my hands and knees, Saska ordered me to grab my cheeks, and pull them apart, so my ass could be fucked. I felt a glob of lube being spread over my ass, then a finger wormed its way inside, spreading it around my never fucked walls. I felt the head her dildo poised at the entrance, as Jeremy poised his cock at Krista’s newly fucked asshole.

I heard Saska say “Now!”

I felt my asshole stretch, as Saska’s dildo pried me open. I grunted as she started to force me open, bit by bit, my asshole was stretched around the shaft, as she gave me a slow reaming. I heard an answering moan from Krista, I looked over, and watched as Krista’s ass was once again filled up. She gave out a softer moan, and shoved her ass back at Jeremy’s cock, eager to get it all in. As Jeremy bottomed out, Saska did the same, and my ass was filled with 8 inches of hard dildo.

My ass took the full stretch, aching at the penetration, as Saska pulled back, and slid in again. After the first few thrusts, the fucking rhythm became easier, and I felt my ass opening up to the plunges. I looked over at Krista, her face was a study in bliss, as she eagerly took Jeremy’s cock to the balls on every thrust.

The feel of my asshole being fucked started to feel better, and Saska reached around, my cock was harder than ever, and she started to stroke me, oh that felt even better. Watching Krista getting reamed out, the idea that both my wife and I were getting asshole fucked at the same time, drove me over the edge, my cock started to pulse wildly, and streams of cum shot out. I was cumming over and over, I heard Jeremy growl, “Oh fuck yeah, FUCK!” as he rammed his cock as deep as possible, pumping his load deep inside Krista’s ass hole.

John was ready, and as Jeremy slide his rod out, John took position, and with a hard, steady push, he buried his cock, Krista’s shriek was one of pleasure, I knew that sound, as his balls smacked against her pussy.

“Yes, oh yes, fuck my ass, cream me!”

Krista’s urging spurred John on, and he really started to ream Krista, his cock withdrawing almost all the way, then driving back in.

Saska grinned, and she led me around, and said, “Get a good look at your sweet wifey, what an anal sex slut she is.”

Holy fuck, I was inches from them, getting a porn video view as Krista was ass fucked. What a sight, John’s cock appearing then disappearing, that huge curving shaft splitting open Krista’s tight ass as he thrust his glistening tool in and out, the tight grip of Krista’s ass hole being spread open again and again by his plunging rod. I stared, open mouthed, as Krista reached between their legs, and started to massage his balls.

“Do it, cum for me, cum deep inside me, splatter my Hershey highway!”

John obliged, letting out a loud grunt of pleasure as buried himself one last time, and shot his load, letting out a loud growl of satisfaction as he filled up Krista’s ass hole. My cock was reviving quickly, and as Carl took over, and reamed out Krista’s ass hole, her shrieks and begging for more filled the bedroom. Watching my wife as an anal sex slut brought me up, I was rock hard, fuck it was hot.

Carl grunted, growled then added his own contribution as he exploded, his throbbing prick pumping a volley of cum deep inside. When her pulled out, I could see the thick anal cream pie overflowing, the spunk starting to drip down her thighs.

I was almost mesmerized by the sight, until Saska cooed, “Go ahead Edd, fuck your sweet wifey’s ass, you know you want to!”

As I scrambled into position, I guided my cock towards that target, nudging my cock against the tight pucker then driving in. I felt the acceptance of her asshole opening up, my cock being swallowed, the thick mixed cream-pie lubricating Krista’s tight hole perfectly. Krista’s loud cry of pleasure fired me up and I rammed in, my balls smacking against her well waxed pussy. Oh fuck, I was grunting with pleasure, my cock was in the midst of a smooth, tight, wet pleasure ride, the feel of those lubricated walls, the gripping tightness of Krista’s ass was fucking fantastic. I grabbed her hips and just powered in and out.

Krista babbled, “Fuck, so good, love it, fuck my ass sweetheart!”

Krista was eager for me to get as hot a fuck as possible, and she went after my cock eagerly. She was whimpering, rotating her ass around and around my cock as she pumped her hips back at me in a building wanton need, grinding her gripping ass walls over the length of my cock, hungry for every inch. Krista was getting a long, hard pleasure ride, her grunts, growls and squeals of pleasure filled the bedroom as I reamed her out.

Oh man, the feel of her tight ass around my cock, her moans and cries of pleasure as I pumped in and out, fucking her ass for the very first time in my life, was beyond superb. I’d never had my cock in such a tight hole, and I savored ever plunging bit, as I drilled her incredible ass. I finally felt the stirring in his balls, my nuts let go, and my grunts and growls mixed with her cries of pleasure, filling the bedroom as I burst deep inside, spurting a huge gush of cum, painting her bowels, joining the loads that had already hosed down her asshole, while she moaned and shook with repeated orgasms.

I heard Saska say, “Well, I think our work here is done!” as the bedroom door opened, and they left.

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